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A vision of current misery – nourishing confusion

There’s undoubtedly one thing, the cross of concepts, it can be dangerous at occasions. FoS wrote about telepathy.

I don't know, but there's one thing on Monday morning at 01:27. I imply, take the things we now have been discussing, then examine the emails in the sensationalist type of The Blaze, by which he announced that Omar made more "incredible" racial claims towards Trump and assume who – cling, here’s a Somali woman baby who doesn't There are not any achievements aside from Bigamy, who’s offending POTUS, one of the world's biggest achievements and…

… Nicely, what the hell is he doing with this little bint?

I Which means the comparative scale of achievements is fairly disproportionate, wouldn't you say? And he's apparently fed his line with some of DNC's deep state supporters – they will't beat the White Home on arrival, in order that they suck POTUS for a private slanging match.

When he did, the other three suck him

For what objective? Similar as sirens with Ulysses. And on a way more humble degree, your humble blog was absorbed by his then gf in Russia, where he turned to me in a automotive with a particularly unpleasant words-warfare and stated he needed to cease preventing a silly woman and stay over disobedient dishonest (or phrases for that objective). I had nothing to realize from being absorbed into the arguments of the little women in the long run.

She had a perspective, this woman.

Shortly yesterday and my pal who advised me how good wimmin is in know-how, abruptly came to the question: "What has ever been achieved for civilization?" What ipads, what nuclear fission, what world is he learning … and I feel first – how sexist, so I point out the proper to vote.

Narcissism, Something About Herself – How did Mate ask, choosing food from her tooth, stirring tea, did the whole feminazi factor reach humanity in its entirety?

So I feel of Hedy Lamarr: [19659002] The story of the Hollywood beauty Hedy Lamarr, which the invention helped to use Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. Hollywood actor Hedy Lamarr, “His Day Angelina Jolie,” was additionally an avid inventor and an individual who has superior in telecommunications know-how in the 1940s, which led to at this time's Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth units.21 November 2017

… and he performed Suffragette's spokesman, he definitely had ideas, however he realized them via an unknown man who put them into apply. Neither might have achieved it without another. However to insist that he alone attained what he had carried out was a revolutionist nation.

And again I ended and thought who, hanging around here, how the hell did I get absorbed into one other battle of wimmin's achievements? So I take a look at emails and guess what?

Yep, just Apollo's only this time – simply wimmin.

And I began to understand that here is actually provocative madness – it's all the time, lastly, returning to him, he. Why?

So I see doing The Spy Who Beloved Me among the steered bids in youtube, James Bond movie, and everybody commented on how this was achieved – the primary tanker inside the tanker, the island's completion from the ocean, and then they have been reduce to Barbara Bach and why he was interested in the part of Anya.

Guess what his considerations have been? Was it how fantastic the inventiveness of man was? Was it how open the trick was – British flag parachute jumps and the way did they have to attend for the best climate?

No, it was that Anya was such a robust lady as James Bond, oh yes, sir, nearly as good as she is. This was the sum of his considerations. How dangerous it is, how difficult it’s, how far it did within the position of the film in its really great work.

Reduce one other "how it was done", this time about Quantum of Solace and our Olga was requested what was

Yep, you’re proper, you guessed it – he beloved that his character was so robust within the film that he was capable of to face with James Bond and be his equal, nearly as good as James, he advised him so.

And I'm considering right here… who, isn't there something absurd right here, significantly?

Minimize how Cubby Broccoli was hopeless with cash and was in large debts for himself and his household, that they had closed him, the banks, he was in hassle – beloved the little Jewish pal who was hopeless with money, lol.

Nevertheless, the sub-management was that they have been nice at displaying a man's injustice. Then seeing what he by accident achieved… what individuals do… but with any lady out there There isn’t any slightest criticism of what he had not achieved. What was he model? Checked out his body?

Now I needed to go back to the trail that each one of this was, and like someone in the Donald Pantomime, I needed to shout, “Watch out, be careful! It's behind you! “Warns POTUS to not go on this street.

But no, the foolish boy is sucked in, his ego is wounded and Little Miss Grinner has gained… so Blaze would assume.

Lindsey Graham advised him a day earlier – a taller, POTUS, than a communist Somali Muslim refugee.

Okay, proper now, assume, I'd make an oi vey impression when the subsequent e mail is from Chuckles:

https: // buttons19659002] And at B & W, at 2:20 on Monday, that is

Mark Steyn returns and says:

] 4 many years later, Bruce Charlton, professor of theoretical drugs at Buckingham College, University of England, wrote that "the man's descent to the moon and returning them to life was the supreme achievement of human ability, the most difficult problem ever dealt with by humans. "

That's a good way to take a look at it: the political class introduced bofiins A very troublesome and particular drawback they usually solved it – after eight years

Charlton went on:

" Forty years in the past, we might do it – repeatedly – however Since then we’ve got not been to the moon, and I recommend that the actual cause we haven't been to the moon since 1972 is that we will't do it anymore. Individuals have lost their potential.

“In fact, the individuals are not not go to the moon simply because we didn't need to go to the moon anymore or they couldn't afford it, or something … that each one this is BS … I think that man's potential to succeed in his peak or plateau throughout 1965-75 – Apollo moon at the time of landing – and it has declined since then…

[I] is it onerous to even think about pulling America right into a moon mission? mera, who transmits real-time video of a young American who is standing in our dusty crater over our planet, blowing up his iPod Woman Gaga and Black-Eyed Peas, or any model of Sinatra and XX. The Basie band is.

These are probably the most sad statements which might be the well-known optimistic "happy warrior" Mark Steyn. I can't discover something America America or after America who compares them. However it doesn’t scale back their accuracy – or their highest significance – one.

But then he actually begins:

This feminist-socialist bitch has determined to infect the greatest technological achievement of historical past: no other country has even tried. It’s good that he is not here once I write this.

Yes, the three Apollo XI astronauts have been white males. White Christian Men. Like most people, whose technological sense and tireless efforts made it potential for Apollo XI to be attainable. At the moment, most American ladies have been more serious about non-STEM areas: marriage, youngsters, housekeeping, family care, roots and its position locally. Only a few went to science or engineering – elective.

Very few achieve this at present – once again. So why do the non-achievements bitch, respecting the greatest American achievement, reward a nation that was drastically impoverished and barely twenty years full of collapse?

Properly, perhaps as a result of he's a mealymouthed feminist-socialist bitch, it has no achievements with an unimaginable delusion of individuals who actually did something – and his relatively capable magazines – forcing him to guage their accomplishments.

Envy is the core of many uniquely identifiable illnesses that gained us after Apollo XI.

Again… who … I actually don't need to go to this path that my son needs to go, I am desperately making an attempt to defend ladies right here, I don't like this calculation of motherhood and the domestic financial system, as a result of it’s the feminazs who’re making an attempt to do it – the motherhood and the financial system of the home financial system. 19659002] We, males, have needed ladies to do what naturally occurs, when she does, we put her down?

No marvel a lady is all over the place, but in addition – it’s no marvel that a man has turn into an aroused and particularly a white male.

And our biggest supporters have been ladies – ladies of conservative values.

And your hobbyhorse is coming right here – males, ladies, have reached and everyone has to do the right job because of his position. They are interdependent, and I feel it is so mistaken to try to divorce from one other – as an alternative of comparing chalk and chalk as an alternative of celebrating how lime and cheese play their position in an awesome thriller?

Christianity was additionally used there, and I see dropped eyes and eyes turning to the ceiling there as I pencil.

Nevertheless it performed a task in human achievement and civilization – you really can't divorce and excise it. Plus I noticed the black day fall for the second day, which is true in Ferguson or Baltimore's victim circumstances … but what about Louis Armstrong, what about Ella Fitzgerald?

What about Ladysmith Black Mombazo?

Paul Simon's genius raises them to a different kingdom … but he additionally needed their rhythm and soul, some New York Jewish son not notably observed.

He makes a wise choice and retains fretless-bass with him – profitable I can say, and taking a look at their mutual interest – Simon and the band – can we see what we're driving?

Anatomically speaking, be sure your foot can say to your arm, say to the physique, say to the mind – hey, we're very important on this matter, referred to as human. However then the worm's tongue, the identical worm's tongue, has all the time been from the start, and the worm's tongue needs every part to frown. Not working in a symbiotic means with the other, however making an attempt to cross one other, getting extra drained than the others… and you recognize where this guff will inevitably lead… to assault, proper, divorce, hostility, stopping once we unite.

Take a look at the fragmentation of justice – by chance? Hardly any part of the design of opposing forces, all designed to stop progress and the last word darkish joke, call themselves "progressive." Progressive? Yeah? What have they ever constructed?

So they are making an attempt to deliver it to violence by breaking apart what really works – the whispering worm-tongue tries to break all of it – destroy, destroy, antifa.

gf again – keep above it, he stated, be extra noble, you haven’t any benefit to me. And he was proper. And so he played a key position no less than in my life. Even this message – I had my position, but it will never have been written if it hadn't been everyone's contribution.

That's the way it goes, individuals. Take pleasure in at 04.23. – I want slightly shuteye:

Now they're ruined by Bond by putting the black lady's key position.