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An open letter to President Salva Kiir about his invitation to oppose Juba

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South Sudanese President Salva Kiir spoke to Cuban group councilors in Cairo on 17 January 2019 in Cairo, Egypt (File / Submitted / Nyamilepedia)

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South -Sudan President Salva Kiir spoke to Cuban group councilors in Cairo on 17 January 2019 in Cairo, Egypt (File / Submitted / Nyamilepedia)

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South Sudanese President Salva Kiir spoke to South Sudanese Group Counselors in Cairo on January 17, 2019 in Cairo, Egypt (File / Submitted / Nyamilepedia)

April 21, 2019 (Nyamilepedia ) – The South Sudanese lecturer has written to President Salva Kiir Mayardite that he urged opposition leaders to return to the capital of Juba and put together for the formation of a unity government beneath the Revived Peace Treaty signed in September 2018.

Open Letter to the President of South Sudan
HE Salva Kiir Mayard
State Home (J1)
Juba, South Sudan

Date: April 20, 2019.

Reference: National Unity The formation of a transitional government is cautious

Mr President,

Your request to opposition events to meet Juba in order to set up a Transitional Authorities of Nationwide Unity (TGNU) on 12 Might 2019 in accordance with the Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA). is palpably obscure and lacks readability. For my part, the institution of the TGNU have to be considered preceded by the implementation of the safety arrangements underneath the settlement and never the opposite means spherical. Thus, it seems unlikely that the belief of peace would ever have occurred, because your government clearly lacks each willpower and the peaceful achievement of it within the nation. This cautious and measured statement is a deliberate try to forestall the recurrence of the newest episode of utmost violence in Juba in July 2016.

No one in South Sudan undoubtedly needs to endure another painful experience. The individuals of this young individuals have apparently endured the embarrassing pain of the final six years of the civil struggle. This is undoubtedly a fatal state of affairs due to the government's lack of anticipation within the nation.

Undoubtedly, your Jieng advisors are your dominant governments more typically than hostages since you are prepared and loved the tribal politics. In this respect, plainly peace in South Sudan is way from being the case, as a result of your authorities doesn’t have what it wants to end the protracted violence within the country. Likewise, you’ve gotten persistently said publicly that IGAD members have put you in peace that you are not going to sign. How would you and your authorities argue that you are interested within the present peace settlement?

Unfortunately, your authorities is presently exercising 10,000 tribal militias in Bahr El-Ghazal. This info has been verified by a former army officer who fears his life, is now hiding in the United Nations Protected Space in Wau. The question to you because the speaker of a country that’s in search of to establish a transitional authorities for national unity is: How might this exploitation match with the system of issues? This measure is completely incompatible with the spirit of peace within the country. You can’t proclaim peace and create a short lived government of national unity while getting ready for an ethnic conflict by educating your ethnic group with nice militia.

Mr President,

The federal government and the self-formed physique, generally known as the "Jieng elders", is a worrying improvement. This body had previously created controversial 28 states in 2015, and the primary objective was, among different issues, to set up and implement a land-admission policy accepted by your authorities. In reality, Presidential Decree No 36/2015 declared 28 states with out parliamentary procedures. The members of JCE have technically however informally come to the South of Precise Parliament.

At this point, it is important to observe that there isn’t any peace within the tunnel in mild or mild when there’s peace on the end of the tunnel within the nation, primarily because you and JCE aren’t thinking about getting one.

My trustworthy attraction to everyone seems to be that no single opposition group should play and appeal to Juba in the meanwhile. The JCE system you run, and just face a well-trained underground conspiracy, designed for the chilly blood assassinations and massacres of opposition members, because it occurred earlier. Likewise, I need to undoubtedly say that the return to the 2016 period of political theft and bloodbath undoubtedly referred to as for nervousness and the disintegration of South Sudan from its present standing as a single entity.

I would really like to remind you of all the disagreeable events within the July 2016 events in opposition teams in South Sudan to justify my claims. they move to Juba by mistakenly believing within the institution of TGNU

In July 2016, your JCE, by applying a mixture of subornation and puffery, was profitable in persuading the IGAD nations and different parties within the international group, together with TROIKA, to exert strain on SPLM-IO leader Dr Riek Machar to transfer to Juba in an attempt to type a so-called. Nationwide Transitional Authorities (TGNU). In the present day, each stakeholder is absolutely conscious of what has occurred on this assault. You’re in your auxiliary camp to make a weak homicide supply for Riek Machar's life in Juba in July 2016, and the one aim was to take away the former first vice chairman permanently, the best way to arrange controversial 28 states destined to land and non-Jieng. to subjugate ethnic teams within the larger Higher Nile and Bahr El-Ghazal areas.

You understand that you simply and JCE lost time to decide Riek Machar and accused him of making an attempt to install another coup. There were large differences when the government's army forces and the army strengths of SPLM-IO existed at the moment. While SPLM-IO Director Riek Machar was in Juba with solely about 1,300 troopers armed with mild weapons as body guards, you spawned a variety of South Sudanese military models and armed a wide range of qualitative battles with supplies, including battle tanks and a couple of helicopter plane.

Apart from, your government had strongly supported the armed forces from Uganda, who have since executed joint army operations towards the armed forces of the National Equatorial Protection Forces of the Central Equatorial State. It logically violates the federal government, arguing that SPLM-IO had accomplished a coup in Juba in 2016, with solely 1300 calmly armed guards. The story has turn out to be less marketable in the present day because it has come to the international group that Juba didn’t actually have a coup in 2016, however only the federal government's attempts to destroy and silently stop the voices of the opposition.

Now the repetition of history is seemingly imminent until all opposition parties opposed to your authorities do one thing to forestall its prevalence, and that may be a real strategy to peace, beginning with the introduction of the complete package deal of safety arrangements, as stipulated within the peace agreement.

Pressure-taking is primarily to be achieved, and competing armies are then drilled as one entity to type the core of a unified and non-tribal skilled army in South Sudan, and this essential process have to be completed earlier than the TGNU is shaped. The declare that TGNU ought to be shaped on Might 12, 2019, and then implement security preparations, is clearly imaginative, misleading and infinitely correct. Likewise, Juba's proposal that 700 troopers ought to be educated and distributed to the pari-passu, 350 of whom would shield the president and 350 the vice-chairman. This avowal sounds undoubtedly a straight rib from a shrinking circus since you realistically own the whole South Sudanese army and subsequently don't want bodyguards of 350 troopers.

Mr President,

Sadly, the government just isn’t actual peace, as has been shown on several events. It undoubtedly lacks the willpower and practicality of implementing and adapting peace in South Sudan, excluding the phrases I call the "parochial JCE approach", the place they take the nation to the Jieng tribe and put all non-Jieng fingers to

Your claim about it that there isn’t any cash to implement the peace agreement, particularly safety preparations, and that the international group ought to finance it, it is much less smart. This assertion is way from reality. The federal government has lately elevated the extent of oil production and subsequently creates tens of millions of dollars that could possibly be used to finance the peace settlement, but it’s certainly that you’re not ready to sacrifice JCE's fascist agenda for absolutely the subjugation of South Sudan on the altar.

At the moment, South Sudan is handled with an identical fictional story that the federal government i n Juba, comparable to what it was in 2016. Prior to the transfer of the SPLM-IO chairman to Juba, the government was violently claiming that the Bari group leaders round Jari had refused to grant land to the federal government to move the army around the Juba city inside 25 kilometers. This may even have been in accordance with the phrases of the safety arrangement. The system also claimed that it had no funds to implement the settlement and that it was mandatory to type a authorities before the demilitarization regime.

Everyone knows at present that these allegations have never been a will, as a result of the government was not all in favour of peace within the nation to worry devaluation and jeopardize the JCE tribal agenda, which has been counted in country-wide tribal domination.

Considering that you simply and JCE's residents demonstrated a obvious confidence in 2016, it is unnecessary that South Sudan's opposition teams give their collective physical safety and political destiny within the palms of JCE-dominated governance, which has been tightened to suppress and extinguish all the country Resistances?

The presence of overseas military and mercenaries in the Central Equatorial Yei Sector brings a dark future and challenges your authorities's claim that it’s prepared to create a peaceable environment to resolve the country's conflict. clarified in peaceful agreements. One can be tempted to query your authorities's sincerity in South Sudan, paradoxically; you write and practice ten thousand (10,000) tribal armies from Bahr El Ghazal.

What can be the position of such a livestock military in peaceful South Sudan? The current bloodbath of the civilian inhabitants in Wau does not present a wholesome path to peace, but you don’t want accountability for the hundreds of harmless civilians which were destroyed by the administration. Immediately, lots of of hundreds of displaced civilians remain in refugee camps in virtually all neighboring nations and, respectively, in UN businesses throughout South Sudan, hardly due to their physical safety, if you find yourself making a continually miserable glorification that requires peace and the formation of a transitional government of national unity. How are you going to reconcile these contradictory contradictions?

South Sudan should perceive that IGAD, TROIKA, UN and AU don’t magically give up peace in the country. These bodies are opportunistically prone and all the time seek their own pursuits while concealing the true peacemakers. If the South Sudanese doesn’t absolutely acknowledge their deficiencies utterly and quit their self-centered characters placed in ethnic teams, the nation can be completely blocked by bloody conflicts which may end up in disintegration. God forbid !!

I’m subsequently inclined to supply my humble advice to all as follows:

1 – Eliminate the JCE's tribe cluster and remove it from the fact that the primary impediment is eliminated, which can affect the complete peace settlement. Similarly, the delimitation of the bounds set on 1 January 1956 ought to be carried out, although JCE has its personal parallel agenda;

2 – So as to have genuine and truthful peace in southern Sudan, it is best to stick to the adverse policies of opportunistic overseas leaders as a result of they’ve been grounded to maintain the country of their bid for his or her pursuits

3 – It is best to refrain from publicly sharing political expression as standard it is topic;

four – You must reduce the temptation of tribal politics and tolerance (corruption)

5 – You must refrain from punishing secret homicide, as within the case of seeming weapons, to resolve political prison;

6 – You have got to stop the continual training of 10,000 tribes within the state of Bahr El-Ghazal. This abuse undoubtedly denies the spirit of peace within the country.

7 – The figure under exhibits the skeleton of political management of South Sudan, as discussed in part 2 above. Your authorities should rebuild it to mirror the true definition of South Sudan as an unbiased geopolitical entity

Thank you, Mr President.

Dr. Peter Lokarlo Ngrimwa (PhD)
Former lecturer,
Faculty of Economics (GSBL),
RMIT College
Emily MacPherson Building
13, 379-405 Russell Road,

] Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Copies to

1 – Ambassador Ismail Wais, Special Envoy for South Sudan

2 – HE Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic, and Addis Ababa, President of IGAD

] three – HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of Uganda, State Home, Entebbe

four – HE Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya, State Home, Nairobi

5 – Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Chairman and Commander at SPLM / A in opposition, [19659038] 6 – Basic Thomas Cirilo Swaka, Chief and President of National Civil Safety;

7- All Different Unarmed Opposition Political Events

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