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OpenStreetMap France invitations you to immerse your self within the coronary heart of the last French state in Bordeaux from 1 to 3 June 2018. We now have already revealed 2 articles by the top of 2018 and, as promised, right here is the third article, which incorporates the events organized on Saturday, June 2, grouped per room.


9:30 Papa, Daddy, how can we serve cards? (66). Loic Ortola, CTO, Jawg Maps, Loicortola We speak concerning the group all the time. Have you ever been to OSM for a long time, but you might not have a technical profile? Would you still like to perceive how the box server works? Would you like to shine more in society? Come participate in a dangerous train that may allow you to perceive all the secrets and techniques and challenges behind lovely cards! Tiling, pretreatment, meta-tiles, caches, vector signs: after this name, these terms not have any secrets and techniques for you! Video. = "Https:>

11:00 OSRM –
Advanced Usage (65) Frédéric Rodrigo, CTO, Mapotempo, frodrigo
Open Supply Routing Machine (OSRM) is a route planner that makes use of knowledge from the OSM strategy to be quick, at the expense of historical flexibility, nevertheless it has extra features, however it stays very quick and may be modified to meet different needs: feedback and experimentation with help for different velocity profiles, depending on context, comparable to options for motorway use, isochron counting, and even value sharing Video

14h00 Is there a regional language on the map: why and how? (2) An example of Breton Maël Reboux's map, OpenStreetMap Group e Brezhoneg,
Christian Ro geel, OpenStreetMap Group e Brezhoneg,
One yr in the past a gaggle of OSM publishers revealed an experimental model of "kar from Breton ", with tens of hundreds of names: br extra 850 surveyors have added through the years. The map has doubled the number of cultural communities and uses. Know-how is now mature and it's time to share it with everybody and encourage many workplaces and language associations to seize it.

14:30 Play the practice by collaborating in OpenStreetMap (42). Pierre Beyssac, Eriomem, Pierre
Introducing Rail Routing at OSM / OSRM at Profile
OSRM and route calculation. Displaying and reviewing the outcome. Quality management. Circulation speeds and course. Switches. Stations
Rows and Relationships

15:00 Collaborating Mapping and City Policy (10). Cyrille Giquello, socio-numeric agitator,, Cyrille37
Why and how can "city politics" actors seize the OpenStreetMap map? Associations, local and state authorities, youth and social providers can profit from participatory mapping and free instruments.

PAPY Amphi

9:30 AM OpenStreetMap Cartography Company in the Company (68)
Koffi Dodji Adjogble, Cartographer-Geographer and Contractor,
The situation of OpenStreetMap in several corporations. During this session, we’ll talk about how OpenStreetMap helps companies grow in all areas. Companies are relinquishing Google's
map to OpenStreetMap. Why?

10:00 Presentation of the OpenStreetMap Togo Group (70). Balémta Aimee Sama, OpenStreetMap
Presentation of OSM Togo Group from Start to At present and Its Improvement. The varied tasks, tasks and activities of the OSM group. The significance of the OSM map for the Togolese inhabitants

10:30 Presentation of OpenStreetMap in Senegal (71). Odette Aïda Mendy, scholar, ENSG,
Born, worked, organized group
OSM Senegal, but in addition
Improvement and improvement of Senegal's OpenStreetMap map. Video
11h30 Haiti: Check timeless knowledge? (37). François Xavier Lamure Tardieu, Cartographer, OSM Haiti, Xapitoun
This can be a survey of Haiti's primary knowledge, and particularly the disasters (the 2010 earthquake). some haven’t any cause to be, but who will not be in attendance (camps, hospitals …). In this case, it’s value analyzing what might be completed to overcome these difficulties (establishing a cleaning group, robots, requests from other national communities). Video

1200 OSM, open GIS and open knowledge animation units in southern French-speaking nations (Haiti and Africa) (24). Nicolas Chavent, EOF and LLG Challenge, Nicolas Chavent

The purpose of this presentation is to analyze the dynamics of OSM, free geography and open information in southern French-speaking nations (Haiti, West Africa and Central Africa) and describe OSM, open a help mechanism for geomatics and open knowledge supported by the La Francophon International Group, carried out by way of Les Libres Géographes, the Francophone OSM (EOF) undertaking. Native OSM groups that lead to the strengthening, strengthening and diversification of those dynamics. Video

14:00 Haitian OSM Group (48). François Xavier Lamure Tardieu, Cartographer
OSM Haiti, Xapitoun

Describes the OSM group and its numerous actors in Haiti; We’re going to make history of making totally different local groups before we take a look at the current state, including their problem in parsing themselves. Video

14h30 OpenStreetMap
Madagascar: Return to the ecosystem and mirror its contributions
in Madagascar (58). Part 2. Martin Noblecourt, Challenge Manager, CartONG, MarTintamarre

David-Pierre Guidicelli, Technical Assistant, Collaboration
Distributed New Aquitaine (France) – Itasy (Madagascar),

Fabrice Ramamonjy, Animator, OSM MG, Borisy [19659003] Virtually three years after the first coaching of the trainers of the OSM ecosystem in Antanananarivo, and on the island of the Indian Ocean, there are two local OSM communities in Dégo (Antsirana) and Antananarivo. with humanitarian, institutional and educational companions. Considering the overview and experience of the actors involved within the numerous tasks in Madagascar, the collaborative reflection aims to answer the next questions: What mechanisms promote a sustainable ecosystem and the group? ? What are group problems and perspectives, mapping? What are the priorities for creating OSM in Madagascar? Video

1600 OSM Niger Dynamics for GIS & Open Geomatics and OpenData in Niger and Sub-Saharan Africa (25). Samaila Alio Mainassara, Scholar, University of Niamey, Ilasolthah

This session consists of credit from the OSM Niger group since its institution in 2013 thus far; Creating contributions to digital mapping and OpenData in Niger and West Africa by means of consciousness elevating, animation. These actions embrace numerous training periods for the public and the private and non-private sectors, subject info gathering periods, organizing carton elements or creating mass knowledge. The goal is to promote the administration of risks and disasters in Niger and the world. ; As well as to creating info, we will discover out that sure tasks are being carried out with partners. In West Africa, we take part with the ProjeEOF Affiliation and different West African OSM communities in collaboration with OIF in capability building workshops, animation / sensitization, technical and organizational capability building at GIS. Geomatics, Free and OpenData

16h30 COHESION: Free GIS OSM for Geography of Malaria (Ivory Coast, 2018-2021) (14). Nicolas Chavent, The Free Geographers (LLG), Nicolas Chavent
COHESIoN is a analysis institute dealing with the socio-regional buildings of inequality carried out by the Institute: regional analysis and choice help. Improvement Cooperation (IRD) with the help of the National Agency for Analysis in Côte d'Ivoire, Bouaké Metropolis, 2018-2021. This venture brings together IRD and its Ivorian companions, Les Libres Géographes (LLG) and OSM-CI

. Geomic Element (OSM, QGIS, geOrchestra, Open Knowledge, Open Science), which is strongly targeted on creating scientific valorisation and native functionality. research, group of apply (OSM, free and opendata) and actors answerable for managing the town

1700 CarteInnov: OSM Cartography for Digital Innovation Actors (Haiti and Africa) 2016-2018 (6). Nicolas Chavent, The Free Geographers (LLG)

Conscious of the importance of the digital financial system as the primary lever for the development and progress of its member nations, OIF has believed that it’s up to the free geographers to perform co-operation and open cartography of French digital gamers

Started in 2016 in seven French-speaking West African Nation (Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo) Since 2017, CarteInnov has concerned seven different French-speaking nations in West Africa (Ghana, Guinea), Central Africa (Gabon, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo) and Chad) and the Caribbean (Haiti).

CarteInnov it stands out:
– its anchor in OpenStreetMap, open knowledge and free software solutions (MapContrib editor)
– its grounding is anchored via nationwide references, lively members of the OpenStreetMap group are nations that provide each local map feeding, schooling and challenge promotion

Room 001

9:30 Mapping options – Introducing multiple tasks and challenges interoperability (7). Half 2. Part three Sebastian Castro, Developer

From Natural Producers to Various Faculties and Bike Repair Workshops, many tasks are evolving to map out, typically contributing to what is grouped into the worldwide time period "alternatives". Cards are multiplying, databases, and never talking about power! The purpose is to current you with quite a lot of cartographic actors of options, in addition to partnership and interoperability tasks that animate us: reciprocity of knowledge, but in addition participation and visualization instruments, with the purpose of creating probably the most reliable and complete info obtainable to citizens.
The tasks introduced are Near Us (, CartO + (Map of the terrestrial saint, Cité, Communecter (communicating. Org), and the
options website (the Collegium collects knowledge from the same map).

11h30 Restoring Expertise: Making use of logistics optimization to street transport OSM (75). Christophe Brun, Founder, PapIT. Romain Weeger, Founder, Wexample

Feedback on the introduction of a logistics optimization program in visitors (A.Okay.A routing). Discussion about integrating OSM technologies with Google Maps APIs. Limiting Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding and choosing scallable open supply methods to generate, share, and share info wanted for geocoding. Use Google's Google Device Optimizer for Google Maps. Built-in integration into visitors logistics. Points of Land Era with IA, OpenAddresses Analyzes and Optimizes Calculation with IA. Video

Room 002

9:30 Cosmogony
: Thawing international tas-feuille of dominant contours (19). Adrien Matissart, Qwant Analysis. Noémie Lehuby, Qwant Analysis, nlehuby. The world is a posh place the place each nation has its personal administrative division (and its particular instances). Thanks to the Admin_level tag, which varies in importance from nation to country, OSM offers unified border formation around the globe. Nevertheless, the hierarchical administration for the mille-feu isn’t simply reconstructed, and a strong native information (or bac + 5 Wiki OSM) is required to determine how the town or municipality is mapped on this or that country. To unravel these issues and to ensure consistent geographic areas all over the world, the Qwant Maps staff works with the Cosmogony opensource software. Come see it and see how you can help grow it to make OSM easier to deploy!

10:00 Pic4Review
: A funny version of road footage (67). Adrien Pavie, Geomatics and Developer, PanierAvide. The growth of initiatives resembling Mapillary and OpenStreetCam has a variety of road footage on-line. These photographs are a superb supply of data that helps OpenStreetMap: it displays as a lot detail as it does on the sector. You should use these pictures in a fun method with Pic4Review. This software works on the same precept as HOT Duties Supervisor: choose a activity, then examine the pictures across the object and improve its description in OSM. There are numerous tasks: integrating open knowledge, correcting tag errors, adding new info to present objects. If you guess, you earn points or tokens, giving a playful dimension to participation. Through the efficiency, you will discover out how Pic4Review, diary activity, theme info creation and personal statistics desk are used

14:00 Geocodones
! (35). Christian Quest, that's it.
– Obtainable situations,
– its occasion deployment
– and a small tour underneath the Hood … [19659003] 15h00 Mapathons Dashboard : The Method To Improve The Work Of New Staff! (21). Joaquim Martin, Unbiased Developer / Volunteer CartONG, CartONG, jmart. As part of the Missing Maps undertaking, CartONG organizes cartoons all through France to create OSM knowledge from disaster areas in creating nations using satellite tv for pc imagery. The info then created might be used to create maps that may allow native authorities and humanitarian actors to act extra successfully within the event of a crisis. Because of the amount of knowledge created throughout these charts, the CartONG workforce needed to improve this info via the web dashboard. Volunteers and staff reached the duty and created this dashboard, which allows the amount and sort of knowledge created in real time in the cartel. By specifying a activity identifier in the start date, finish date, upstream server, and activity controller record, the dashboard retrieves, processes, and returns OSM knowledge created through the cartel to statistics. The prize listing congratulates probably the most lively assistant, step one before congratulating the perfect …! This session introduces the tactic, challenges and modifications to this software with members for potential modifications / new tasks with other tasks. , Assistant, Jungle Bus, PanierAvide Come and Take Control of Jungle Bus Instruments to Create a Transportation Plan:
– Use Jungle Bus App (Learners)
– Use Pictures to Improve OSM with Pic4review (Intermediate)
– Quality Info with Jungle Net and JOSM Tools and PT_assistant (Advanced)

Room 003

14h00 Educ & # 39; OSM: Collaborative Maps with Instructional Issues (29) Julie Picard, Professor of Geography, Bordeaux-ESPE: University, UMR 5319, Julie Photograph, Colin Giraud, Civic Service, liable for the Missing Maps undertaking animation, CartONG, Giraud Colin. The Communication proposes a nationwide curriculum on the institutional framework and, particularly, on "settling" (central half 3) to present multidisciplinary tasks which were carried out or might be carried out in courses using the OpenStreetMap software. The purpose is to strategy and (to) mirror on concrete pedagogical actions, combine collaborative cartography and combine totally different fields (geography, French, historical past, arithmetic, languages, artwork, moral and civic schooling, media schooling and science, schooling for sustainable improvement, and so on.). As well as to geography, can OSM actually constitute a help / software / resource? a pedagogy that promotes information of the world (near and / or far), its actors and models.