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Chris Brown & False Rape – Onyx Truth

Chris Brown & False Rape - Onyx Truth

That is the rationale why we are shifting forward in 2019 and after the violence and # MeToo allegations, I see both the prosecutor and the accused as a direct liar until the indeniable proof is proven These individuals say the truth. And the rationale I do that is due to what occurs to Chris Brown.

So all you heard that Chris Brown was accused of raping a current and present state of data, he has not been charged, and he intends to pursue a case towards nainenä, who accused him incorrect, that I have 100 % help. I would like the lady to be locked in jail to face the attainable time she would have needed to face this false accusation, however unfortunately it does not appear to see how the judicial system appears to fall. Ladies can only miss the incorrect rape costs, and a person's fame and livelihood might be destroyed in some case, and once we discover that the accusations are false, it is possible that the lady who accused the dude will simply return to life typically regular. But then you definitely hear the femi nuts and the dudes of the moisture mafia come to be cheeky by saying something, "Only 2-10% of the rape accusations are false", which I discover somewhat fascinating. The rationale I find it fascinating is that statistics additionally present that less than 1% of rape leads to felony conviction. So there is a wrestle right here when the battle occurs: just one% of the accused rapists are convicted of rape. Because of this 99 of the 100 men charged with rape have not been convicted. Consider a lady and a gentleman. 99 of the 100 males accused of rape are usually not condemned, and once I say no, I converse of dudes who have been arrested and tried by a courtroom of justice, not dudes never arrested as a result of a lady by no means reported rape

So once I hear this 1 % of perception statistics, it tries to confuse, for my part, the not often point out of this statistic #MeToo, the poisonous masculinity, the rape and the robbery all of us reside in. about 2% to 10% of FALSE accusations that lead the general public to consider that 90-98% of rape costs are NOT FALSE. So, I assume what I'm making an attempt to determine, how are you going to lastly say that 2-10% of rape accusations are FALSE, while statistics also say that just one% of men are convicted of rape? It might seem that you’ve 90-98% of the accusations of TRUE violence, so it appears that evidently the rape condemnation price can be larger than simply 1%. Am I right here make sense or am I just utterly misplaced sauce, how this entire report rape culture developed? Once once more, statistics that love love say that 2-10% of rape accusations are FALSE, which believes that 90-98% of rape accusations are TRUE, however just one% of rape-accused males are literally convicted, ie 99 out of 100: The person charged with rape has NOT been convicted. So why are we presupposed to mechanically consider that the FALSE rape accusation stat is legitimate when the conviction statistics are so dangerous?

Before you say, "BEFORE THE WOMEN'S NEVER ROOF", listed here are some more statistics for you:

  • 31% of the alleged rape is reported to the police.
  • 5.7% of rape-accused men are ARRESTED.
  • 1.1% of rape instances from ARE are talked about in the prosecution office.
  • 0.7% (or 1%) of the accused rapists have been convicted.
  • zero.6% of these convicted rapists have been imprisoned.

Based on statistics, 31% of alleged rape is reported, 5.7% of rape accused males are arrested and 1.1% of those rape instances are transferred to the prosecution service. So my next query can be, where the hell this 2 – 10% false rape came from?

I’m advised that it began here.

This statistic seems to have come from reported rape numbers and unreported rape. But right here's the issue: 1) How are you going to truthfully say that only 2 to 10 % of them are mistaken when just one.1 % of reported rape makes it to the prosecutor's workplace? Thus, between 90% and 98% of the alleged TRUE violence, just one.1% of them make it to the prosecution authorities. The intention is that there’s adequate evidence to attempt the alleged rapist. And a couple of) if it is such numerous unreported rape, how are you going to actually prove rape first if it isn’t reported? I mean, if a man is justified in raping a lady and never telling you, you possibly can never show that rape happened from a technical and authorized perspective. So I don't even see how individuals might make unreported rape in these statistics to take care of a 2-10% FALSE rape statistic, which is consistently floating when individuals begin talking about individuals, as Chris Brown has been accused of misrepresenting them. 2–10%, which may critically deceive a person's life.

However I need to repeat the actual quick before I move if these numbers combine up with you:

Individuals love to emphasise that only 2 to 10% of all rape accusations are FALSE. Thus, 90-98% of rape accusations are assumed to be TRUE. But you must keep in mind that these individuals are elements in REPORTED Rape and UNREPORTED Rape. The first drawback is to cope with UNREPORTED rape. If a lady doesn’t announce rape, then the alleged rape has never occurred as a result of she can’t prove that it occurred technically or legally. There isn’t any proof to help his declare. So how do you add UNREPORTED rape to a 2-10% FALSE rape charge? Another drawback with 2-10% of FALSE oilseed rape needs to be dealt with in REPORTED rape. Once again, between 2 and 10% are claimed to be FALSE, which suggests 90-98% are thought-about TRUE, however solely 31% of REPORTED rape are reported. So these 90-98% of the alleged TRUE rape, only 31% have been reported. Of those 90–98% of the alleged TRUE rape, solely 5.7% of these alleged rapists are arrested. Of these 90–98% of the alleged TRUE rape, just one.1% of them are despatched to the Prosecutor's Office. And eventually, of those 90-98% of the alleged TRUE rape, just one% of them condemn the conviction.

Understand that these figures come instantly from the Washington Submit, not the occasional private blog I discovered. But of all these 90-98% of the alleged TRUE rape, which is supposed to happen, just one.1% of them sent to the prosecuting authority and 1% result in conviction, 99 out of 100 males haven’t been convicted of rape. Then again, why in hell do men feel ashamed of making an attempt to deliver up false rape claims, when the info clearly present that each one these REPORTED Rape claims are bs, that even the prosecutor can’t go to courtroom? [19659004] And this leads me again to Chris Brown, who’s wrongly accused. A boy named Maiysha Kai made a guide referred to as #MuteChrisBrown Too, because he's clearly committed to the trash. This lady continues to be talking about toxic masculinity, R. Kelly, the Gillette Razor, Chris Brown wins Rhianna 10 years in the past, after which she talks about being accused of violence.

t learn the article, this chick is more indignant with Chris Brown's "This Bitch Lyin" t-shirt than he’s in that Chris Brown was FALSELY accused of rape.

How sluggish are these femi-negroes who go right here when they are truthfully more harm than a man in his t-shirt, which truly represents a very right statement of his drawback as they’re in that nigga was wrongly accused and that he had any sort of shit for him and his profession? This can be a loopy shit that I am always speaking about because the knee grows with wild and unfastened social media. They have efficiently created this environment, no matter what the lady says, that individuals are anticipated to consider the whole lot that comes out of her mouth, little question, simply because she is a lady and we should mechanically assume that each one men simply worry every thing moves, though there isn’t a proof. Then, when the proof is given for the good thing about man, we should then find one more reason to overcome him by having the braveness to rejoice and rub it on individuals's face, that this chick truly lay. That is literally the world we reside in. However these similar female negroes need to rise to a high horse dispute and say that only 2 to 10% of all rape expenses are FALSE. Nonetheless, they exit of the best way to never mention the truth that just one.1% of REPORTED rape is actually prosecuting the prosecuting authority, which leads logically to the conclusion that a tough 99% of these stories may be really pure shit. However you haven't informed me that part of the story. You’re pressured to have males here working towards rape culture and inflicting toxic masculinity at all times, and ladies all over the place are literally afraid of men (especially black men) because they by no means know when Brotha can run for them. Coochie, the sort of video that has been the social media of the whole lady named Jasmine Eiland, who claimed she was raped in a nightclub in Atlanta when she saved herself on Fb, but by some means she managed to seek out her internal power. is 1999. But we’re anticipated to be mechanically raped just because he was within the digital camera whispering "help me". I don't know if he has been legally injured or not, because he holds his FB's stay feed mostly on his face and upper physique on a regular basis, forbidding me to actually discover if the dude actually broke him, so I can't sit 100% here and fake that I know he was raped and that he went again to the dance flooring to continue after his alleged rape after his celebration, will definitely not assist his case to persuade me that he was raped. So, as I stated in my opening ceremony, in terms of the accusations of violence, I don't consider the prosecutor or the accused earlier than giving concrete proof that one in every of these individuals is telling the truth. So far as I'm involved, till such evidence is produced, both are mendacity. As soon as once more, is the liar truly charged when only 5.7% of the reported dudes are arrested and just one.1% of those accused emperors are sent to the prosecutor's workplace in courtroom? Unfortunately, we do not have to ask these questions.

And: "WHAT SHOULD YOU OR OR SHOW YOUR WOMAN IN YOUR COMPANY, Do you believe them?!" Crowds. First, I don't have a daughter, so I'm not fearful concerning the viewpoint. Secondly, if somebody (man or lady) from my household stated they have been raped, then you’re rattling right because I’ll consider them first as a result of they’re MY FAMILY. The rest of you’re rising, no. I don’t consider in any of you before giving concrete evidence that you are telling the reality.

Anyway, go see the link the place all these statistics are listed, and everyone will help me understand why Social Media won’t ever need to speak about how just one.1% of these reported rape instances would even go to the Prosecutor's Office on the first rattling place, however we believed to be astronomically giant number of precise rape instances in comparison with FALSE

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