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Freezer Meal Ideas ~ Freezer Meal Menu Plan worth Four Months Meals

Freezer Meal Ideas ~ Freezer Meal Menu Plan worth Four Months Meals

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four months to freeze the meals

The Internet has tons of freezer cooking messages, but I have observed that the majority of them assumes that folks want only a fast dinners solely sometimes. This strategy undoubtedly helps, however autumn is so busy for me that I want time-saving meals every day.

So as an alternative of leaving a couple of meals for busy nights, I make Tonk freezer meal prep in the summer, so I don't should prepare dinner dinner or weekend breakfast from September to December. So it's about 120 for dinner and 40 for breakfast (often I’m going over nevertheless).

I perceive that sounds crazy, and it's a bit excessive, but the victory is large. When you have youngsters, the varsity season might be additionally a bit chaotic for you and the winter vacation season is often nuts for everyone. Wouldn't it’s nice when you didn't have to consider dinner during those notably busy spells? And wouldn't it’s great if the primary recent autumn day might begin with pumpkin monks and end with a comforting soup – however don't require a lot time, muddle and effort?

reasons for this strategy:

1. I work in schooling, so autumn is extremely busy, however summer time is far more versatile. Why not use downtime to get ahead? When meals are frozen, either my husband or I can simply get dinner on the table with minimal preparation and mess. I understand that not everybody has a summer time, however many individuals have a somewhat quieter yr.

2. I stay in the midst of nothing. The border for pizza supply is a few mile north of us. Grocery shops are also not close, so there isn’t a fast-track to us.

3. We don't have a food pantry. The only various to preserving food is to freeze it.

four. As I prepare dinner forward, I prepare dinner better. I'm more more likely to challenge additional veggies, for instance, for cooking, so our freezer meals end up being much nicer than what I might have collectively in a single night time of the week. And healthier dinners imply more healthy leftovers packed for lunch for work. I also stability richer products with healthier, meat-free foods, no meat, and so on., and having the primary course wholly or utterly ready provides me time to make selfmade bread and additional greens.

5. It's a good way to store seasonal products. I freeze our garlic in garlic butter and sesame noodle sauce, tomatoes in pizza and spaghetti sauce, peppers and onions in burrito filling, and so forth.

6. My husband loves soup. I might spend the autumn waiting for the boiling pot to boil, however I'd relatively accept the fact that the soup freezes rather well. I spend my time on autumn evenings, walking on the seashore and choosing up river glasses for handicraft.

My Strategy:

I will change this through the years relying on what else I do in the summertime. Typically I fill the freezer regularly throughout the summer time. This yr I found every thing in about three weeks by making 2 to three dinner recipes and 1 to 2 breakfast recipes a day (in between doing different issues).

Despite the fact that the timing modifications a bit, I all the time start by defrosting and cleaning the freezers and making an inventory of what I need to prepare dinner. I often purchase freezer elements individually from our common groceries just to maintain things organized. I often begin cooking by making a big batch of dried beans in a sluggish cooker as a result of they are the idea of so many meals. (Kidney beans and comparable beans can't be made in a sluggish cooker, so I purchase canned ones.)

Typically I make meals by doing all the same prep methods or elements first, but I often mix so I don't attempt to make four soups at a time and I can use totally different areas of the kitchen on the similar time.

Price range:
I work in freezer cooking on our annual finances, so I’ve reserved for giant groceries journeys through the summer time. Often getting ready food saves cash as a result of we aren’t depending on removing and we will purchase in bulk.

We additionally solely need a number of staples and produce items each week on the grocery retailer, so we don't purchase greater than we’d like, use every little thing we purchase, and our grocery payments are highly predictable. In the summer, cooking also reduces the price of many merchandise which are out of season. The entire value actually is dependent upon what you do and the way many individuals you eat.

To keep you from getting uninterested in freezer products, I freeze all kinds of meals and a total of 50-60 totally different. recipes. I exploit the following categories:

Soups and Hauto: My husband loves soup, so that is wide-ranging. We frequently make hen noodle soup, hamburger soup, corn nuts, lentil soup, quite a lot of chili, vegetable barley soup, potato sail soup, Maryland crab soup, and so on.

Meat and Proteins: flavored beans or meat to go over nachos, roast pork or hen immediately from the freezer, meatloaf, meatballs, black burgers, and so forth. [19659003] Bins: Consists of lasagne, porridge, tamale casserole or hen spaghetti casserole and so forth. sauces on these and gather the remaining as we eat them.

Fillings: This class consists of burrito fillings, quesadilla fillings, and so forth.

Serve Over Rice or Pasta: For this class, I make a sauce or prepare dinner, after which we put together recent rice, couscous or pasta and vegetables for serving. . So, Bolognese, sesame noodle sauce, purple beans and rice, curry, and so on.

Bread: I set this each few weeks in the course of the fall because it's huge and its freezer is shorter than different foods. We use the French bread recipe for some sandwiches, French bread pizza, French toast, garlic bread, and so forth. Honey oatmeal is a daily sandwich, and I make cinnamon toast with French cinnamon and apple butter. Every time I make a dinner roll, I double the recipe to freeze the batch the other night time. I also make pizza dough every couple of weeks.

Breakfast: We make oatmeal in the course of the week however combine it at the weekend. So along with about 120 dinners, I make 40-50 breakfasts. This consists of breads and biscuits (sliced ​​however not baked), donut, sausage shrimps or sauces, cooked bacon, muffin artwork, French toast and granola.

Based mostly on these categories, a typical Autumn Dinner Week seems to be like this:

Monday: hamburger and vegetable soup

  • Tuesday: corn and black bean quesadillas
  • Wednesday: ham bake pie
  • Thursday [Friday, July 29] Thursday [red] : oven-baked hen
  • Saturday: four Cheese Spaghetti-Squash Alfredo
  • Sunday: Blackburgers


Use baggage markings as labels on the freezer – sometimes one or two bins above. We’ve got two freezers, however I often solely want one shelf or two in our freezer. I try to use reusable containers, but I typically use ziplocks because I don't have the area to retailer too many reusable storage models for the remainder of the yr.

I'm making an attempt to use Ziplocks once more, however they have a tendency to blow up, so I'm working on testing the silicone luggage. I also have a small plastic storage compartment that I hold within the fridge to hold the whole lot that melts that day and to stop condensation or leaks.

To keep monitor of volumes and keep in mind where issues are in the freezer, I exploit an software referred to as Freezer. It lets you keep multiple freezers and totally different elements of each freezer (cabinets or dishes), so it goes nicely with the categories. I can maintain monitor of portions and take notes of cooking time or other components. It’s also possible to add footage of the merchandise, so I often add a screenshot of the recipe or take a fast shot.

Typically it may be overwhelming to choose from all meals, so we use the game display for "Meal Plan" for the week. I don't even joke. It has all the meals in the freezer and I put a ribbon over those we used. supplies or staples that we need to round our meals to the grocery listing.

Freezer Ideas:

Issues Must Be Cold Before Freezing and Thawing, Cooler Soups and Issues to Freeze Before Freezing and Freezing. switch them to acceptable containers.

I also freeze the onions on the cooker plates earlier than transferring them to containers or luggage. Soften gadgets in the fridge – often in a single day. In the event you overlook to defrost something, you’ll be able to velocity up the process by putting cold water in a closed (19659003) Soups and sauces may be thawed in a saucepan over low heat with somewhat additional water or broth, and a few gadgets can go straight from the freezer to the oven or stove. For smaller objects, I typically defrost in the microwave and cease heating on the stove.
Air is the enemy. Squeeze all the air out of the luggage or wrap the food nicely and place in the smallest container that still matches the item.

Adequate dose. Most fried recipes are enough for a 9 × 13 inch pan, so one recipe makes us two frozen meals. I pack soups understanding that we in all probability have bread and vegetables on the aspect, and I pack most meals for dinner and in addition for the subsequent day's lunch. Typically I freeze a couple of single portions for lunch if we don't have any leftovers to pack.

Don’t freeze something that you haven’t tried or usually are not wild in consuming.

You don't need to freeze. entire meal. If a part of the meal isn’t freezer pleasant, simply freeze the part that is. For instance, frozen shrimp casserole with out shrimps, hen noodle soup without noodles, and so on. You possibly can simply add these components when you’re ready to eat, which saves area, prices and helps you work with what’s in season. We love butternut squash, so I freeze the sauce in the summer so it's prepared when the butternut is within the fall.

Go to sorting. When you're freezing an enormous quantity of meals, you gained't need to get bored together with your freezer. I make lots of several types of meals and in addition keep in mind what we would like at totally different occasions: lovely orange and yellow corn nuts for Halloween, sluggish cooking meals for lazy Saturdays, Nachot on film night time, and so on.

Labels. I write instantly on Ziploc luggage on a Sharpie and use Painters' Tape on different containers (cheaper than freeze tape, obtainable in lots of colors, and designed to be sticky to moisture). Embrace the identify of the item, the date it was frozen, and any cooking directions.

Manage danger. Freezing a large amount of food means investing money and time. To regulate this danger, we use locks on freezer doorways (to ensure they lock properly), and we’ve got a generator if we lose energy, however I additionally never spend a lot cash that dropping the contents of freezer meals can be economically catastrophic.

A little bit of a weird factor that I frozen:

Pastry uncooked meat. I have one recipe that goes instantly into the oven and one which goes immediately underneath the broiler – no defrosting required.

Muffin, fast bread or donut dough (for baked donuts). Defrost in a refrigerator, pour into an appropriate container and bake as regular. The dough takes up much less area than the baked product. I typically add somewhat additional baking powder, however these merchandise sometimes bake simply as they do with out freezing.

Pastries or biscuits which are minimize however baked. Bake immediately from the oven with a couple of layers of parchment paper on the similar temperature, however for a bit of longer.

Granola, combined and chilled but not baked. Defrost within the refrigerator and bake as directed.

No-Bake Granola Bar. Retailer within the freezer, pack for lunch, and they’ll blend in with chewy perfection by lunch time.

Chilly salad dressings (hen salad, pasta salad, and so forth.). Stir the sauce with out components that did not freeze properly (like mayonnaise) and add them only after thawing. For our Tarragon hen salad recipe, I freeze recent tarragon in milk and yogurt as our tarragon grows, and add only mayo (and hen) after thawing.

cheese cake. This time I made mini-bake cheesecakes. They digest shortly and completely and are an ideal single dessert or lunch pack.

Cupcake dough. I often deliver cupcakes to the event early in the semester. They don’t seem to be straightforward to make at night time, so I combine the dough when I’ve time and freeze it in cupcake liners. I bake instantly from the freezer within the evening once I need them, cool and frosty.

Fried beans. Straightforward aspect to pulled pork (which also freezes).

Unripe and pop tarts. I exploit selfmade bread / pastries and fillers. Double-fried potatoes. In particular person potato skins or as a puddle.

Baptism and appetizers. I've had the great fortune to freeze spinach artichoke and crab cheese, most pastry appetizers, potstickers, meatballs, and so on.

Candy. Late fall I froze particular person present luggage of chocolate biscuit toffee, 5 minutes of ash, and so on. For the vacation season. They are able to go if someone stops by and I exploit others for work presents.

Apple Butter. Most spreads requiring preservation might be frozen. I can typically know these things, however we don't have much area to retailer them, so freezing works higher for me.

So this is how I handle four months of dinners, weekends and different extras in the freezer warehouse. If this type of thing makes you query my rationality, I get it utterly. Nevertheless, in case you are and have questions or need recipe concepts, just shout in the feedback and I will do my greatest to help!

~ Mel

Mavis aspect word … I feel all of us should go aspect by aspect with Mel as a result of HELLO, Mel, you're a rock star! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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