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Gov Hogan delivers 2019 state

State of Maryland

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 Governor Larry Hogan handed over the state's annual state

Right here's the entire text:

”My colleague Marylanders:

as soon as again humiliated this four-year bilateral co-operation and historic After the Progress Report on the Standing of Giant States

. Speaker, thank you for extending your courtesy so I might give this handle to the House Chamber.

President Miller, I can prove how exhausting the battle is, that you are dealing with, however I also know your power and never

I would like you to know that we all pray that you’ll come out of this stronger than ever.

I want to categorical my gratitude to all MEPs and to the Senate on each side of the hall, who joined us throughout these final four years to vary Maryland for the better.

Inauguration in 2015, I stated that "a policy shared by our nation does not need to share the state."

I promised to keep away from both the extremes of the political social gathering and as an alternative seek to discover a midfield the place we might all stand collectively. 19659002] I consider that it’s because we stored the promise that I will stand right here again at present at the start of another period.

We’ve got spent the final four years collectively to unravel our widespread drawback by accepting our shared duty to unravel they have demonstrated to other America that a shared government need not be a fragmented government.

President Kennedy once stated: "Let us not seek a Republican response or a democratic answer, but a correct answer." 19659002] As a younger man, I used to be proud to work for President Ronald Reagan, who stated: "There is no limit to how much you can do if you don't care who gets credit."

I promised 4 years in the past – and a collaborative surroundings the place the most effective concepts come to the top on their merits, regardless of the place they go. ”

It’s exactly this strange pragmatism that has led the best way forward.

We didn't demand Republican options or democratic solutions.

We’re in search of two-way, intelligent options that labored for the individuals of Maryland.

We discovered a approach to disagree without being uncomfortable. We stood aspect by aspect, our totally different viewpoint was clearly recognized, however we didn't block the trail.

We did our best to deliver our citizens' priorities forward of our present national obsession and try to make Maryland higher.

a results of these efforts, I am pleased to announce that our state standing has never been stronger, and that the individuals of Maryland are extra encouraging than ever in the path of the State.

promised to put extra individuals to work, grow the personal sector and switch our financial system around us – and we've finished precisely what we stated we did.

The first finances I put out eliminates virtually all the $ 5.1bn we get well from the structural deficit, and in the newest price range that I simply introduced to you, we now have managed to set the $ 1.3bn financial savings for our future wants.

In Annapolis we’ve worked collectively to transfer balanced budgets every year

Heck, they haven’t passed the price range in Washington since 1996!

We reduce taxes, fees, and costs of $ 1.2 billion, and put all the cash again into the pockets of the Maryland households struggling, retirees and small companies, and back into the growing financial system.

We removed the tangle of regulatory progress and paved the best way for historic economic progress and recruited job creation.

More businesses are open and extra individuals are working than ever earlier than

This success has enabled us to once once more present historic, record-breaking funding and absolutely fund different Maryland priorities.

19659002] It has also enabled us to offer extra tax breaks to the Marylanders who want it probably the most.

We use eight totally different legislative proposals, which give greater than half a billion dollars added value. tax breaks over the subsequent five years

Tax breaks that help pensioners I meet everywhere in the nation say: "I love Maryland and I don't want to leave my children and grandparents, but I can't

Tax incentives to help pay parental leave for working parents trying live as a reward for wages.

Tax incentives for graduates who have worked hard to give their qualifications, only

And tax breaks for mother-pop stores and small business owners who are the backbone of our economy and who are trying to keep employees in payroll and keep their doors open

Marylanders deserve a break for change.

Now that we have created such an incredible economic turning point in Maryland, we can reserve this responsible, targeted tax relief.

Let's do it right and give some of the money back to people

We also suggest tax incentives to revive some of our forgotten communities and make the state's 149 zone more competitive in nations.

And tax incentives to encourage the creation of thousands of jobs when they are most needed, as well as on-the-job training and the development of the workforce so that people get the skills they need.

Our Summary To Transfer "More Opportunities to Marylanders Regulation".

The previous governor said the state state address that Maryland had crumbling roads and bridges and some of the worst traffic jams in the nation.

Well, we finally decided to do something. the most important transport projects in every jurisdiction across our country – an unprecedented and historic investment in transport infrastructure, both in transit and on the roads.

Together with us and our neighbor, we finally got our own source of finance to save the Metro system.

For decades ignoring the problem of traffic congestion, we have made tremendous progress, but there is still much to be done

So we proposed the biggest P3 traffic reduction project in the world because Marylanders are sick and tired of countless hours

Together we have the opportunity to finally solve this a problem for them.

We seek to enact legislation that strengthened our position as a national and international leader in the fight against greenhouse gases

We expanded the climate change committee and implemented clean air standards that are stronger than 48 other states and almost twice as strong as the Paris treaty recommendations. 59002] Let's do this year with the "Clear Automobiles Act", and we support clean and renewable energy solutions and green energy jobs.

But ensuring that these solutions are affordable and reliable and that they create these jobs here

In the case of Chesapeake Bay, we decided to stop billions of dollars from the Bay Trust funds.

We financed all of Bay's recovery efforts for four years in a row and invested $ 5 billion

as Chairman of the Six-State Regional Commission, Chesapeake Executive Council, rose and led the fight to protect and restore Chesapeake Bay's federal funding.

And over the years, the problem is ignored, we are trying to act to resolve the sedquehanna river and the sediment, debris and pollution coming down the bay.

Maryland has made historical progress in Bay restoration, but we cannot – and should not – do it alone. I will continue to raise our upstream neighbors in Pennsylvania and New York to make a fair contribution to protecting this national treasure.

For the fifth year in a row, my budget has provided historical and record-breaking funding to our schools

. We have invested $ 32 billion in K-12 training.

Every school system in Maryland is once again seeing increased state investment.


Legislative funding models require Baltimore City $ 11 million less this year to fund K-12 training. And these formulas also require a reduction in the funding of other school systems, where registration has decreased.

The budget ignores these recommendations and completely restores this important funding.

More than half of the total capital budget goes to training. 19659002] And the casino lock that we have backed up offers more $ 4.4 billion more to our schools, most of which go directly to the classroom for critical issues such as teacher salaries, K-pre expansion, extended academic programming.

In Maryland, we are proud to have some of the best and most funded schools in America.

We will continue to make progress in upgrading and repairing older schools. Bypassing the Building Opportunities Fund, which also helps us to set record funding for school building

. In our local school systems, Marylanders demand more accountability.

It's not politics; It is about our children and their future – making sure every child in Maryland has the same opportunities to get world-class education no matter what they grow in the neighborhood.

This is the hope of every Maryland child

It's time to introduce "duty in schooling".

In November, the federal judges panel unanimously decided that the boundary lines of Maryland's sixth congressional district were unconstitutional and ordered new electoral lines to be created in the sixth area next month. can promise the citizens we represent. 19659002] This unanimous decision was a victory for those who value justice and balance in our political system

Our government has been trying to understand for the last three years

This is supported by the vast majority of all Marylanders.

Don't cover this piece of legislation again this year.

Listen to the will of the people of Maryland and finally bring this bill on the floor of both chambers to vote up or down.

We introduced the most extensive criminal reform in the generation.

Together, we have been working on breaking

But the end of these violent criminals takes a different approach.

We all broke into the story of Taylor Hayes, a 7-year-old second grader who lost his life when he was shot in the back seat of a Baltimore City car

. The crime scene tape and horrified to know that Taylor's 5-year-old sister, Amy, was the one who was shot in this accident that caught the gang crossing.

People in Baltimore are not feeling safe in their own neighborhoods, and

We launched an aggressive and co-ordinated wave to support urban police forces.

We sent 500 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. city ​​officials and made 1,900 arrests.

A few weeks ago, we announced a new comprehensive violent offense involving the opening of a Center for Joint Operations for Violent Crimes and a new strike involving more than 200 law enforcement agencies, 16 federal and state law enforcement personnel, as well as local partners in the city and surrounding jurisdictions. And other suggestions, including assisting the city in recruiting and adding officials to the community.

But all these efforts are not enough if we cannot keep these repeated violent offenders on the streets.

Sixty percent of those convicted of armed crimes in Baltimore City do not provide any serious prison and are released only to commit violent crimes again and again

This is absolutely impossible.

Help us bring transparency and accountability to the justice system by introducing the "Regulation on Legal Transparency", according to which the Maryland Criminal Sanctions Committee must monitor and publish information on convicted offenders.

Last year, inexplicably, we could not get

We talk about our communities back and save lives.

Enough enough.

It's time that we all can take a stand and finally and finally "Repeat firearms offenders."

Most of this violence is the result

I was the first American Governor to declare a state of emergency, and we are committed to $ 800 million to combat the heroin, opioid and substance abuse epidemic from all directions with a multi-faceted approach focused on prevention, training, care, denial Although we have been inclined to curve down because of the deaths of opioids and heroin overdoses, even more deadly medicine, fentanyl, infects and poison America.

Too many of us know about the damage caused by heroin and opioid dependence.

Under the surface, this crisis destroys life and breaks down families and communities.

This is a struggle to fight, but it takes us all – federal, state, county, municipal, and community leaders – working together with an approach of every size to save thousands of people.

When it comes to healthcare, Washington has failed, but Maryland

We launched what has been called "one of the nation's most aggressive efforts" to protect the insurance exchange from collapse.

We are a pioneer in total health care costs, which was the only one

Together we introduced important laws to stabilize individual markets and create an innovative reinsurance program for our state.

Thank you for your challenge and working together with us, Insurance rates rising 50 percent to achieve lower prices for the first time in a decade and protecting the coverage of hundreds of thousands of Marylanders.

Ladies and gentlemen, the problems we have had are still not easily repairable, but we have already faced and overcome more frightening challenges as individuals, the state, and the nation.

My experience over the past four years has blessed me with optimism, did not burden me

And I know from personal experience that hope – not fear – is the strongest feeling and the factor of the greatest achievements of mankind.

Although neutrality, dysfunction, and crosstalk have become more common on Washington's road here in Annapolis, we have chosen another way.

We have stood in that exhausted majority who are just sick and tired of all angry and disruptive politics.

What they really want is for their elected officials in both sides to end this culture of intolerance, intimidation and inactivity and just get to work and do things.

Four years ago, when I first spoke to you, I said that "no drawback is tough for us, honesty and braveness can’t be solved if we work together. ”

This stays true at the moment.

So, individuals's priorities are thought-about to be biased.

Let's Go Real

Turning to Maryland for the better and proceed to Washington, so that America can set an example for the world once more.


God continues to bless the good state of Maryland. ”

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