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Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVII – OWW

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVII Outcomes
July 7, 2019
Dallas, Texas (Gilley & # 39; s Dallas)
Outcomes: Josh Boutwell

The previous collision piece of your (not so) favorite has returned in actual time Impact's Slammiversary XVII's identify from Dallas, Texas. The same weekend in New Japan's G1 in the identical city just isn’t as much.

Slammiversary opens a pleasant video package deal that highlights the corporate's historical past and present events, after which we go straight to the ring.

X-Division Deadly 4-Method
TJP vs. Trey Miguel vs. Dave Crist vs. Willie Mack

This is TJP's first PPV match that just lately returned to Impac – from WWE earlier this yr in – and he had a scorching begin to his latest Impact return with a couple of pinfall wins over Ace Austin's affect.

After the cake, everybody, Jake Crist, eats Miguel and TJP's Double Superkick. The action then will get scorching and heavy when all 4 associates trade shocks. TJP hits the gorgeous headdress on the seashore, and then he throws Miguel into Mack and Miguel hits with him on his own. Trey makes his Fenix ​​impression on a set of strings that depart the ropes from the rotating fork.

TJP and Mack open in one ring when Mack gets better after the Samoan drop.

Jake takes Mack away and couples away from TJP when followers sing "you breastfeed" him. TJP makes his Spider-Man impression in ropes to avoid Jake after which wraps Jake into a crazy present until Willie comes after him simply to chop TJP. Then Trey comes with TJP's Diving Neckbreaker, inflicting TJP to DDT Mack whereas he nonetheless has a hook!

TJP locks Jake in Octopus after which locks Trey on hold, but eats consuming, however eats eating, hand Mack. TJP hangs on Mack ropes and then hits Springboard Dropkick. Jake hits TJP on the floor after which Mack dives into him. Jake hits Tope Go well with DDT at Mack! Miguel units up a dive, but Jake avoids him. Trey descends to his ft after which hits 619 before joining the ring and diving for all of the crazy Springboard Tower!

Trey rolls TJP ring, but Mack rises from above simply to cut Trey. Trey goes to Superplex, but Dave solely comes with TJP. TJP raises Trey up on his shoulders, but then Jake throws each into Mack. Trey ensures them solely to TJP so he can seize him and lock him up on a Mexican surfboard.

Jake covers TJP in the midst of this, however Mack is flying away from any Diving Foot Stomp in a crazy place!

Mack goes to Powerbomb at TJP, but he blocks it and hits Spinning Back Kick only for Mack to run him on the shoulder block. Trey dropkicks Willie on the top after which again as Nail Manager for Jake. Jake then near Powerslams Trey's corner.

Jake kicks the TJP head repeatedly after which the DVD's Willie Mack close to a different that TJP breaks down. TJP and Jake trade photographs till TJP will get a better Tony Share sequence followed by Backdrop Driver.

TJP grabs Jake & # 39; s foot as he leaves after which locks into Kneebar. Prime's dives on Meteora with TJP! Trey goes back to the highest, however eats the Enzigur Jake, followed by Tremendous Cutter! Mack will fly away with any Frog Splash to Jake!

Winner: by way of Mack pinfall (Frog Splash)

Josh Matthews mentions LAX by dropping tag headlines to North in Bash Brewery on Friday.

Melissa Santos tries to interview the North backstage, however Josh Alexander takes the microphone out of her they usually get pissed by saying that it was "surprising." Ethan Page says they did exactly what they stated they have been doing. Alexander says that they began Slammiversary as an Impact Tag Champs they usually also go on straps.

Impact World Tag Group Championships
North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Web page) (c) vs. LAX (Ortiz & Santana) w / Kostas vs. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

Like Just mentioned on the Friday night time the lax titles named LAX and Josh Matthews as soon as once more mention that LAX is preventing when Konna isn’t on their aspect. This has been happening with LAX over the past two years. Rascalz has been nice to run late, and on Friday had their very own triple menace, where Wentz drew Trey Miguel to take Wentz and Dezmond into this match.

Ringtone, but then attacks behind LAX. The LAX couples now left The Rascalz ring, but once they rupture them into ropes, Rascalz dives by means of ropes on the stereo Tope Suicidas north!

LAX sets up a dive, but Rascalz comes in and descends. LAX cuts them off and hits a loopy double workforce shifting in Dez and Wentz. Santana hits the Mafia pot at Wentz and then at Curler Cutter Xavier. Then Alexander comes and grabs to Wentz and throws him at Ortiz before the large Sidewalk Slam is crushed and then goes straight to Ankle Lock!

The page keeps the LAX annoying, but Dez can bounce on Alexander's back chair earlier than consuming from Superkick. Wentz rolls via the ankle lock by sending Alexander to the aspect. Then, on the aspect, Wentz flies to the aspect earlier than Rascalz kills Alexander when he has an interface with a fungus Stomp from Wentz.

LAX returned to a greater double workforce in the north, but once they go to the pin page, stay above the LAX! Dez then kills the page in the corner of the Leaping Enzigur. Dez goes up, but Alexander cuts him off after which hits Spanish! The page hits the Swanton Bomb, however Dez leaves

Santana dives out of Ortiz's back at the Rolling Senton on the aspect nook! LAX hits Double Flip Slam in Alexander and go to Driveby on Page, but Alexander cuts it off. Nevertheless, Ortiz will succeed on the Powerbomb page as a result of it’s close.

Santana seems to be injured from the surface. Ortiz rolls near Alexander when EMTs come down. North locations Ortiz out with a double staff to maneuver to another shut, but Wentz breaks it. Wentz tries to battle them both out, however then Dez flies over any rope above Somersault Dropkick ramp to The North! They hit Ortiz in the Assisted Capturing Star Press, but then Page Powerbombs on prime of Dez Wentz!

The Winners and the STILL Tag Champs: Northern via Pinfall

Rascalz comes and helps Santana upward calling for medical buddies to attempt to stroll. It has been reported a number of months ago that LAX contracts got here out so we will in all probability assume they gained't come again.

Rascalz comes and helps Santana up, as a result of he asked docs to attempt him out on the best way. It has been reported a couple of months ago that LAX contracts got here out so we will in all probability assume they gained't come back.

Sami Callihan cuts promo backstage and complains about "keyboard warriors" who are indignant together with her attacking lady, and then she says she threatens to cease if her match tonight wasn't within the Primary Occasion.

First Blood Match
Killer Kross vs. "Lone Wolf" Eddie Edwards

All of this started with Kross's stealing Eddie's kendo stick, however obtained pretty robust fairly fast. I can't even keep in mind the final time that Impact had First Blood Match, perhaps early TNA like 2005 or 2006

Kross reveals the priest's collar and his face is painted in black and white with an enormous black & quot; X & # 39 ;. on his brow. Virtually instantly Eddie sends Kross to the floor and then dives with a suicide dive.

Eddie grabs a metal chair, however Kross grabs her into the throat after which strikes her on the tire apron in a strictly crushing place. I say sick because the sound Eddie did when he hit, was pretty loopy.

Kross rolls to Eddy's ring and then runs straight to Bell-to-Stomach Suplex from Eddie. Kross returns to his ft and hits his own. They both don’t promote the suplexes and fake they’re within the Tokyo dome whenever you substitute the suplexes and strikes.

Kross retreates to the ground and Eddie goes to a different dive simply to eat a face with metal chairs when Kross throws it on her! The decide will verify Eddie, but he isn’t yet open. Kross Gutwrench Bombs Eddie out of the entrance to the chair!

Kross tries to beat Eddie on the chair again, but Eddie moves out of the best way and then throws another chair at her by sending her chair to her face. Eddie tries to beat Kross once more, but Kross snatches it and throws it away. Eddie deserves a kick after which hits the very dark Thunder Thunder. Then Eddie just begins punching Kross repeatedly making an attempt to open her.

Kross hits a couple of kicks on Eddee and then puts some forearms in Smashes earlier than Hip Tossing Eddie's turntables. Kross teases Eddie together with her cane earlier than throwing it on the ground and throwing Eddie again on the turntables.

Kross raises Eddy after which rises with him and tries the German Suplex Eddie on the ramp, but Eddie fights him out and kicks Kross and robs him of the upper rope. Eddie beats Boston's knee aspect!

Eddie grabs his kenny Kennyy and rotates it, however Kross ducks and locks in the Kross Jacket. Eddie hits Kross repeatedly with Kenny when she keeps her software after which sends Kross to the floor. Kross retains on the present once they hit the ground, but Eddie rolls over after which hits the Tiger driver on the floor!

Because they both roll back into the ring, Eddie hits the other aspect of Boston's knee. and then the third Boston knee. Eddie tells Kenny she is sorry and she or he loves her earlier than breaking it and then stabs Kross till she leaks.

Winner: Eddie by making a Kross leak

RVD cuts a reasonably terrible promo match with Moses Backstage. He doesn't take a look at TOO stoned, so I feel it's a victory.

"The Lord. Impact Wrestling “Moose vs.“ Mr. Pay-Per-View ”by Rob Van Dam

That is RVD's first match in PPV when he returned to Impact. Moose attacks RVD as he climbs into the ring and ignites him with some clips.

RVD goes to Rolling Thunder, however Moose slips to the ground to not simply eat Slingshot Somersault Plancha from RVD to the top of the rope flooring. RVD performs in the crowd and pays for it when Moose kills him by bicycle!

Moose tries Powerbomb on the floor, however RVD hits hurricane. The RVD then dives into the apron for an additional Somersault Plancha on Moses' flooring. The RVD is again in the ring rim of the Moose collection, which is followed by the horrible Spinning Heel Kick.

RVD establishes one other, but eats consuming and then delayed Dropkick. Moose strangles in RVD ropes and then Vertical Suplex. Moose throws RVD back on the ground and robs the gang

RVD rolls again into the ring and Moose robs the RVD and works within the corner. Moose rusts the RVD to the handles repeatedly and continues to destroy the RVD. Moose pulls RVD on a carpet where followers attempt to rally RVD.

RVD fights off deer, but then eats a large bicycle pot. The moose goes another, however this time within the background of RVD Moose up the ramp!

Moose rolls back into the ring, but eats the RVD clothes line and then robs RVDs in the eyes as RVD boats. Moose strikes the rope, however eats Spinning Heel Kick! The RVD follows the Cut up Legged Moon Sault for the near-term

RVD with one other spinning corner in the corner, and then rises from above simply to eat a drop of Moose! Moose hits Super Go To Hell (Sitout Choke Bomb) off! 1..2… NO RVD Starts!

The RVD and Moose Shift strike once they reach their ft after which trade high quality counters before Moose Spikes RVD on DDT! The deer pinch their legs after which climb the highest of Frog Splash, however the RVD rolls out of the best way and hits DDT to get close.

RVD sets up something, however Moose pulls him in front of him. RVD pulls off the referee and Moose pushes him down! Moose rolls on the ground and grabs the chair, but the referee pulls it off. Moose nourishes the decide and grabs the chair, but RVD then hits Van Daminator by sending a chair to Moose's face! RVD will get brief, however Moose acquired his foot at the bottom.

The RVD drop arm retains the charging stick within the chair after which jumps over to the five-star Frog Splash, however the deer strikes and the RVD descends! Moose hits No Jackhammer Needed Spear!

Winner: Moose By means of Pinfall (No Jackhammer Wanted)

James Mitchell Introduces Monsters Ball

Impact Knockouts Championship
Monsters Ball Match
“La Wera Loca” Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. “The Havok Death Machine “Jessika Havok vs.” The Demon Murderer ”Rosemary vs.“ The Undead Bride ”Su Yung

All 4 of these ladies have held the Knockouts title with Taya, apparently the current champion. That is the primary Knockouts Monsters Ball Match because Rosemary encountered Jade (Mia Yim) in 2017 and is just fourth in Impact / TNA history with Knockouts.

Havok couples off Taya when Rosemary and Yung couple off. Rosemary locks Yung in Upside Down at one corner when Taya puts boots on Havok. Then Taya beats a horrible operating knee to Yung earlier than throwing Havok into Yung.

All 4 ladies go to the floor and take the theft because it appears that evidently Havok and Yung try to work collectively right here. Taya tries to staple with the Havok stapler, however she cuts her off. Rosemary puts the chair in the corner after which hits the Hawaii rubbish. Rosemary turns around and will get garments above Yung.

Taya puts the boots on Yung and steals her back! Taya pulls out an 8 × 10 bra and stitches it on Yung's face because she stated she needed to make her look good! Havok comes in and kills Taya together with his back after which hangs him in the nook and kneels with him repeatedly before he lifts him to the chair!

Havok hits Samoa Joe Facewash within the Taya corner, but then eats a missile kick from Rosemary. Rosemary Havok, who has a cookie sheet repeatedly, however Yung hits him with a dog collar that Rosemary delivered to the ring. Yung puts a collar round her and Rosemary's neck to tie them collectively.

Yung then uses reversing hatches again to Rosemary's head scissors in a nook chair. Taya pulls out the ladder and closes it to Yung and Rosemary when Mitchell pulls the canine collar out of Yung.

Havok tries to Chokeslam Taya, but Taya hits the great Bodyscissors. Taya creates a Havok on a ladder and rises from the top simply to Yung's fork and cling him on the Voi tree. Yung gets up, but Rosemary cuts her off and goes to Superplex, but then Taya raises up and the Germans suppress Rosemary off by sending each Rosemary and Yung from the fall to the ladder when Havok threw it away!

but he ignores him and Havok crashes into a previously set chair. Rosemary then Spears Taya out of anything! Rosemary pulls out the cover and pours them on the carpet!

Rosemary is making an attempt on Purple Profitable tables, however Taya blocks it and then hits the German Suplex, however she avoids the talents. Taya then Curb Stomps Rosemary face first to throat!

Yung tries to get Rosemary, who spits Havok and then Yung rings to spray Havok, however he deserves and mists Mitchell! Havok and Yung then set each other at Mandible Claw concurrently! Havok shakes Yung's turnstiles

Taya and Rosemary battle one another towards the apron and then Rosemary tries to take away German Suplex Tay from the apron by way of the desk, but Taya blocks it after which hits Uranage Suplex by means of Rosemary via the table! 19659002] Yung places Mandible Clawin again in Hawaii after which pulls him up, however Havok Tremendous Hautakivet Yung hits the peaks! Taya throws a chair on Havok's face as he went to the stud after which nip the Yung to maintain his head in absolute warfare!

Winner & STILL Knockouts Champ: Taya Pinfall

Impact X Divisions
“Long Night” Wealthy Swann (c) vs. “Mayor of SlamTown” Johnny Impact w / John E. Bravo

Swann Starts the match with a simple chain rigidity and gets a better Johnny that causes Impact to go to flooring timeout. Swann and Impact accelerate issues and take turns towards one another and switch to one another in a cool sequence till Johnny retreates to the floor again.

They go on to the trading venues and counters until Swann captures the impact by rotating the scissors and splash. Bravo collects all of the tires that have been on the tire and throws them on Impact, which then pours them on the carpet so the referee can eliminate them, so Impact can get an affordable shot. deceive him by means of an upper rope, followed by an accident strike, which sends Swann right down to the floor.

Impact closes the Swann to the physique and rolls him again into the ring and ignites him in a collection of kicks which are confined outdoors the rotating cycling. Impact throws Swann again on the ground after which grabs the X-Division title, which makes the decide confused when Bravo brings boots to Swann.

Impact hits the ring spot in Hangman's collar near one after which places him on the Cobra change. Swann fights off the Impact, however again the blow over him on the floor. Swann returns with the Leaping Enzig on the Apron adopted by Rolling Spike DDT!

Swann climbs up, however Johnny comes up with him on Spanish flight, but Swann blocks it and throws Johnny from above. Swann hits a collection of kicks followed by a flywheel at Phoenix Splash close to you!

Swann leaves the charge effect and then hits the loopy Torillon off Impact on the ground! Swann rolls again into the ring and hits the large flying elbow close to a different!

Impact sweeps Impact's legs and then connects to the Shining Wizard, followed by Johnny's Edge! Impact puts the boots on Swan and then tries Neckbreaker, but Swann closes it simply to eat one other bag from Impact.

The effect goes to Springboard Spear but eats Swann within the air! Swann zippers Impact uphill, but Impact fights off and then goes to Spanish flight. Swann cuts him off and swings a number of photographs up till both men fall right down to the ground.

Both Impact and Swann handle to get again into the ring simply as the decide was ready to stop 10-Cro. Impact raises Swann uphill, and this time it joins the Spanish flight! Impact raises Swann's leg in a single operating motion and connects to a permanent Spanish flight, however Swann continues to be operating two more!

Bravo tries to get out of Swann, but Swann dives up from Somersault Plancha! The effect then goes to their very own dive, however Swann drives him and the Impact eats the ground.

The ring returns to Handspring Cutter, but Impact catches him halfway via Catastrophe Kick and Starship Pain! 1… 2… NO No Swann fires! Swann returns to a collection of nasty assaults limited to Handspring Cutter, adopted by one other! Swann gets up and hits Phoenix Splash! 1… 2… 3!

Winner and STILL X-Division Champ: By way of Swann's Pinfall (Phoenix Splash)

Impact Competition
“F & # 39; N” Brian Cage (c) vs. Michael Elgin

This is Cage & # 39's first protection of the world because it gained it in April at Insurrection, when she suffered fairly a considerable back damage. These two hosses gather in the midst of the ring, with some nasty assaults.

Cage and Elgin just gained the loving hell of each of the first minutes till Cage runs into Elgin's nook and places her with a collection of garments. The cage rushes to Elg within the opposite corner and hits the operating knee, adopted by the elbow and then the sidewalk slam! Elgin rolls on the floor and Cage follows Somersault Plancha on prime of Elgin on the ground!

Cage rolls Elgin again into the ring and goes to the DVD, however Elgin blocks it and drops the Tornado clothesline to the other Dragon Suplex! Elgin beats some VICIOUS Operating Lariats within the corner and raises the Cage up. Elgin hits the Leaping Enzig and then rises with Cage and hits the large Superplex shut by!

Because Cage hit the carpet, he instantly grabbed it and started shouting to sell the previous back damage. Elgin goes to Elgin's bomb, however Cage falls to his knees to stop it. Elgin then runs Cage back to the treadmills and rusts him to the other corner.

Elgin pulls Cage on the ground and hits him back to the primary defend when Don Callis factors out that all the things Elgin is doing proper now’s concentrating on Cage's back. Elgin hits the Again Suplex on the ring and then rolls Cage again into the ring. Elgin will get up and tries to get around Senton Splash, but Cage rolls off the street!

Cage tries cycling, however Elgin blocks it and hits Backbreaker. Elgin tries Superkick, but Cage blocks it and hits his personal! Cage still sells behind, however joins Springboard Tornado DDT! Cage follows the 619 and then the Pump handle controller! 1… 2… NO Elgin kicks out!

Cage was based by Drill Clawin, but Elgin runs into the nook and connects the backrest. Elgin rises up, however Cage cuts her and Superkicks follows an electric chair drop close to a different. Cage goes back and grabs his again after every move.

Cage goes to Powerbomb, however Elgin guarantees him and Cage rolls him up, however Elgin rolls his own roll after which masses Cage in Powerbomb! Elgin goes or Lariat however Cage blocks it and hits a collection of kicks after which goes right back to the elbow, followed by Elgin's laryn

Elgin hits another Laria after which hits Sitout near Razor's Edge! Elgin hits Buckle Bomb, but Cage explodes from the corner of Discus Lariat and both males are down!

Both males return to their ft before the 10th century and then run on one another within the lariats. Elgin kills Cage with some arms, however then Cage returns to Superkick just to eat Superkick from Elgin. Cage comes back in Leaping Knee Strike mode. Elgin returns to the collection of kicks that set the Cage recreation.

Elgin units up Elgin's bomb, however Cage puts his own Buckle Bomb, followed by F-Bomb, but Elgin units it to destroy Canada! 1… 2… EI Cage still launches!

Elgin raises Cage up to torture rack, however Cage leaves it and Backslides Elgin after which rolls Knee Strike, adopted by nasty Powerbomb and F-Bomb! 1… 2… NO and Elgin leaves! That is nuts!

Cage goes to Drill Claw, however he sells back as it went out and Elgin hits a collection of kicks and arms behind Cage's head. Elgin hits Buckle Bomb, followed by a Canadian fighter firm, but Cage blocks it and sits down on Elgin's pin!

Winner and STILL World Champion: Cage by way of pinfall

Major Event
"Plain" Tessa Blanchard vs. "The Draw" Sami Callihan

Sawyer Fulton walks with Callihan, however Callihan sends her again earlier than he gets into the ring. Callihan brings a ring to the ring, but in addition Tessa brings with him.

Once they arrive at one another's face, Tessa crouches Callihania repeatedly and then hits the magnificent Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissor, followed by a springboard that sends Callihan to the floor. Tessa hits two suicide dives on Callihan on the floor, but Callihan took her to a third firm and then turned her head first earlier than hitting DVD on the floor!

Tessa tries to get back to the ring, but Callihan throws her back on the floor after which hits the Apron bomb! Tessa rolls back on a finger that strikes a 10s that disturbs the Sami, so she kicks her face repeatedly as she steals her.

Sami goes to Powerslam, but Tessa lands at Neckbreaker. Tessa hits the ropes however eats an enormous Sámi. Sami begins to work on Tessa's foot and ankle now before hitting Scoop Slam

Callihan throws Tessa's ramp after which tries Powerbomb off the ramp, but Tessa blocks it and then hits Tessa's Cutter with a ramp! Both try to crawl again into the ring earlier than the referee drops to 10 and each will ultimately be capable of do it.

Tessa returns up when Callihan continues to the trash. Tessa hits a collection of arms, however Callihan turns her off and invitations her to a bitch that makes her explode with a set of arms. Callihan then pierces her within the intestine and hits the ropes only in Tessa to carry her to Samo's Drop!

Tessa hits Tilt-A-Whirl DDT and will get her first match. Tessa goes to Buzzsaw DDT, but Callihan blocks it and then rolls her into shoulder destroyer adopted by knee assault and then Powerbomb! 1… 2… NO Tessa launches and Callihan floats to STF!

Tessa crawls to the bottom and grabs it to break the grip that provides Sam away. Sami pulls Tessa's Tremendous Piledriver to the very best rope, but Tessa blocks it and throws Sam before becoming a member of Flying Codebreaker to the center of the rope close to at least one!

Tessa's nose is reduce off.

Tessa by accident elbows the referee when she tried to tug her away from Sam's nook. Sami then compresses Tessa's bat when one other referee finally ends up! 1… 2… NOT Tessa launches and Sami detonates another referee with frustration!

Sami grabs the bat again, but this time Tessa blows him down and grabs his bat! Tessa hits the Sámi in the intestine and then comes up with Magnum! 1… 2… NO Callihan triggers, but he floats right! Sami reaches virtually ropes, but Tessa rolls again in the midst of the tire!

Sami fights in entrance of his legs and hits Cradle Tombstone! 1… 2… NO Tessa shoots! Sami hits one other Piledriver pin!

Winner: Callihan pinfall (Piledriver)

After the match Callihan picks up each bats and teases as he plans to hit Tessa. Tessa and nods to her before she leaves the ring.