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Is Cynthia G. Pregnant Dusty Beta Male? – Onyx Truth

Is Cynthia G. Pregnant Dusty Beta Male? - Onyx Truth

I want you to start out taking note of one thing. I would like you all to notice that each time November to January is a big event on black YouTube. It has occurred yearly as a clockwork for no less than the final two years. Flip the clock back to December 2016 when Tariq revealed Dr. Umar Johnson. Flip the clock back to December 2017, Dr. Boyce Watkins unveiled across Charles Wu, and I consider Tariq ran Tommy Sotomayor in LA. I need to say both in October or November 2018, the Phil Advise Show was uncovered to a non-black lady after she was operating around the YouTube-preaching non-stop professional-black babble. Now we're here in January 2019, and Cynthia G's number just acquired an invitation and all of the black YouTube Dramas that maintain us in all of the tuning and content material making, that is my personal favorite as a result of she takes her hypocrisy to a different degree. 19659004] Everyone knows how hypocritical he’s when he makes infinite videos of talking about racism and white supremacy, but he lives in Seattle, Washington, where it is like eight% of the inhabitants dwelling on this space, which suggests he’s surrounded by a devil close to anything like white individuals all day every single day. How is he extraordinary additional black, however dwelling in considered one of America's brightest cities? Then the opposite extra widespread causes that folks name him out of his hypocrisy relate to the wig that he has been touring for a couple of years, and it seems to be instantly on the white ladies's hair. He gets indignant and tries to call dudes gays when he talks about his wig, however nothing is essential because it’s, as a result of someone who like him so exhausting within the black and white brutality division is then courageous to wear a wig that appears to belong to Becky's head however he needs to talk black, black, that black men do not make this black man do it … but … sees his hair. He actually has a wig coated together with his black brain, which does not mirror the hair of a black lady. Then he truthfully needs to get into his movies and fake he doesn't perceive why these black babblers are breaking it. Like a chick, you’re actually sporting a second crown on the lady's head. If he has some sort of hair or a hair-associated illness or anything (what I don't know), then I feel the black-darkish group can be extra open and would only settle for sporting a shawl on his head or even just displaying what his natural hair seems to be like adorning his head not Black lady's hair, whereas they go out day by day with black men. I do not truthfully consider that these emperors would have a problem with him to the extent that they might do it if it was not a wig of hypocrisy he was using.

But we’re shifting on to the newest and biggest and doubtless probably the most hypocritical factor that is presently happening about him. For those of you who might not know Cynthia G, principally higher or worse, he’s a reasonably in style YouTube YouTube country. His whole shtick is a female model of Tariq Nasheed with the so-referred to as unapologetic pro-blackness and the shock of Tommy Sotomayor. He travels round YouTube stopping by saying that black men do nothing to challenge and overthrow white domination, and that black men are the most important collection babies who go whatever the child's mom race. He says black males bend behind Becky (and the white man). He simply retains going and goes to daybreak by going to black men. Although I'm not a fan of her content, I understand why she does it, and I really don't have plenty of hassle when she goes to black males, as she does just because it is literally a video of black ladies who go to black ladies who go to black ladies stops on YouTube. So he has succeeded in counterbalancing the countless black intercourse struggle on YouTube

No matter what band he's carved on black YouTube, he’s still a cartoon hypocritical on the finish of the day. Earlier I stated that he would continue and speak about how black males are serial infants who are simply there to create random infants in all races of girls, and haven’t rigorously taken care of their youngsters. I'm not going to lie, there's some fact in it, but right here's his hypocrites in his great power…

Obviously, he's presently pregnant with another pro-black babbling. Now, being pregnant shouldn’t be a problem, and the ideologies of its pregnant individual are usually not a problem because the reality is claimed, from the surface, this dude can be really good, because he declares he is all about preventing white supremacy for house consolation. It seems that there are already about four moms of infants who at the moment are in her roster and now Cynthia G. has just volunteered to turn out to be a lady's fifth lady. It’s so special here that he has infinite videos that go into dudes like this, where he is recognized to name these dud "dusty beta males" (the time period he created). He pulls these monsters non-stop. It is a dusty beta male, a dusty beta male, black males can't management their penis, they usually do all these youngsters they will't handle. Last yr or 2 who has had his YouTube card. She leads the package deal when she goes to the black men who create infants there, but right here she is behind the scenes, which ensures that she does not actually shield her dusty male and be a part of her baby mama 5. This is like if all, what ever i might have achieved would have come here and speak about white people who are white people who find themselves stagnant and how black individuals just need to be black individuals, then i flip and discover footage of me there cheesing it up Becky especially onerous. All shall be like "WHAT'S PLAY?!"

However this is only one case file that adds an countless black hyprocracy that runs among these black babers, but all I received is to make me offend calling them. And it isn’t that I might be deliberately looking for goods that call them out, a lot of the occasions I converse very vaguely. The only time I actually drop sure names is when these babblers reveal themselves, like Cynthia G. I don't know all the small print about how he revealed in any other case than a chick on Twitter, who claims to be Cynthia's former good friend G. posting display photographs will shock all tea from it that she will get pregnant with the very same sort of dusty beta-male she declares despicable and hateful. At the least she didn't get a white dude pregnant. 😂 If it had happened and other people roasted him, you may need to ship the Seattle Police Department to his home to ensure he didn't harm himself. As an alternative, he stood dusty for a beta male. Nigga with no 1 however 5 different child mothers.

And this brings me to another fast level. Cynthia G, this properly-recognized YouTuber in a black YouTube country that has made its identify as YouTube's greatest black boy who hates white individuals and hates black males who don’t struggle white domination (aka, dusty beta-hairs), he's messing round and will get pregnant with the identical dusty male male he has constructed out of those YouTube streets. This simply exhibits that, no matter what these chicks say online or offline, if nigga obtained sufficient clean mouthpiece, he can still drop some pen in these so-referred to as. A tall and mighty chick and put a random child on them. All of this: "I want a real strong black man who suffers from the system and is not hard on BETA MALE COON!", None of these shit is at the end of the day when nigga begins to spit this recreation because most girls are the same. I don't care if it’s the backside of the barrel hoodrat above Michelle Obama. If nigga has a pleasant mouthpiece and she or he sees something she needs from her, nigga can get bets abnormal and easy. It isn’t troublesome for ladies to seek out out. They’re just a headache of 99% of the time once they don't offer you something muffins or meals.

But once again it’s superb how the facility of social media can make the knee grow fake to be people who are actually not in real life, some like, Followers and donations, but these similar chicks who current the black and white way of life they die on the social media aspect are bouncing that ass to the same dudes he literally screams and complains all day on YouTube. He actually says in a nutshell that black men aren’t shit, and all they do is random babies with random ladies from totally different races, and right here he is literally pregnant with nigga who’s there doing simply what he does continually shouting in her Videos. How superb is that this ladies and gentleman? This is actually what black and white social media is all about. A bunch of hypocritical knees grow and inform you to stay your life a method once they go out and make the right reverse.

But have you learnt what's happening right? Most people who take heed to Cynthia G: d every day are ladies, and most of them are in all probability the child's mom who’s their rattling self. Let's simply be trustworthy right here. I informed you all that the majority people who are going to be pro-black are nothing more than a gaggle of black people who are making an attempt to know their spirits of their lives as a result of they will't repair the errors of the past. The which means is that there are a selection of former drug sellers, pimppejä, crooks and "I'm too cool for school," the child's father niggas who runs round and a feminine band. This is the majority of people within the professional-black circles, women and gentlemen. It isn’t literally totally different from a black church. The Black Church is filled with previous black people who have been out on the streets, as these black babblers came again to the day. Most people who take heed to Cynthia G embrace these teams, especially ladies. So many of these chicks in all probability considered their messages preaching dusty male-male coons just because these baby moms chicks are loopy that they obtained the incorrect nigga back within the day they usually can't make Ciara / Russell Wilsonia -style fantasy come true of their lives . In order that they choose a listening black lady who has no youngsters and put these infants inside these black ladies to assist them feel higher about their terrible selections in their early lives. However now the tables have turned and their fearless leaders have joined the BBMAA, representing BLACK BABY MAMA ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA. An affiliation with 70% membership in the Americas 70% of all People born to a single mom. But do you assume the members of BBMAA are turning their again on Cynthia G? HELL NO. He must not solely enlarge his seuraaessaan, because now he is officially one of the BBMAA of the members, and he can now converse first-hand information and expertise of life, which offers with a pregnant dusty beta-male aspect.

I give it some thought, perhaps this was a plan. Name black males who are dusty beta-male coons non stop, pregnant with one, and make your self more relatable to those ladies who are crouching in your canals which might be pregnant so-referred to as. Then watch your views and donations. If this can be a plan, then Cynthia G. might be smarter than I belief. 🤔

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