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Is Robert Perkins the saint of a dusty beta-male? – Onyx Truth

Is Robert Perkins the saint of a dusty beta-male? - Onyx Truth

I suppose you’re all up-to-date with Cynthia G. If this is not the case, take a look at my last blog

Anyway, once I wrote this blog, I observed that his father's father, Rob Perkins, was going to stay on YouTube by performing some spinalin about this entire being pregnant he went on with Cynthia G

This dude was all his video talking about how he takes care of his youngsters, all of his baby's mothers are involved, his youngsters are nicely-favored and beloved, and so forth. I simply take heed to this insanity, considering myself that this nigga is literally damn rattling Pookie and Ray Ray – sort of dude. The phrase on the road is that he’s the similar nigga that is alleged to be stuck in hidden colors. Now, I'm not a lot of a Tariq Nasheed fan who simply exceeds his leisure value, but I don't even dare to bootleg. I feel it is a horrible dusty ass nigga expression. Keep in mind that Cynthia G has long stated that she has donated Tariq to Nasheed for documentary tasks, however… she has a child that everyone says was claimed to have hit hidden colors. As the nice Tommy Sotomayor says, MAKE IT MAKE SENSE

Granted, I have no idea personally dude and I just watched as perhaps 1 or 2 her my videos, so all I say is PURELY speculation, however this hypothesis comes from the individuals whom I know in actual life identical to he does.

The first thing I would like you all to know is that when nigga declares "He takes care of his children", it’s probably that nigga doesn't care about their youngsters because the actual males who care for his or her youngsters are simply taking care of their youngsters . I've been married to my spouse for 13 years, we’ve got two sons. At the age of 13, there isn’t a dwelling individual in the marriage who has ever heard me say, "CURRENT CARE TO MY CHILD!" And you recognize why you never hear me saying it’s as a result of YOU ARE DELIVERED BY YOUR CHILD. They are my damn youngsters. I made a decision to create them with my spouse. I sit up for taking care of my baby and my wife. There isn’t any horrible prize for doing one thing I should do. I don't get any additional factors for this. Above all, I'm fortunate if my oldest son to offer me one of those "STATIONARY DAD EVER" -kahvikuppeista for my birthday or Christmas, and even if I never get the sort (I have by the means), who cares. I helped create my baby and, as a end result, I took care of my youngster to the greatest of their talents, as it is simply an mechanically taken duty that I should do as my father. For these gigs that run round saying, TREATING MY BRAND, on the basis of every nigga that is aware of my real life, saying that 99% of them usually are not. In fact, they pay the youngster help or buy new footwear for the youngster, after which leap into the social media that’s in search of likes on Father's Day, but don't anticipate these niggas to take the so-referred to as. These niggas typically typically need to draw consideration to the incontrovertible fact that they’re making an attempt to make it seem that they are responsible fathers who’re of their youngsters's lives round the clock in order that they will use it as an excuse for Liu & # 39; s some extraordinary chicks in DM: East to see if he can make him

Another thing Rob Perkins stated was how he's talking about lifting robust black households on YouTube. Here's the drawback together with his assertion: how in the hell can you increase a robust black family if you literally should share your self with 5 separate households? In case you don't know, this dude says he already has 5 youngsters with four ladies and Cynthia G. is coming to the fifth child mom. One of the black dudes that these black babblers like to shout is "WE NEED STRONG BLACK FAMILIES!". The idea goes, so that a robust black household has begun to create a robust black group, which I really agree with you. However right here is how the nigga, who at present has 5 youngsters, spreads amongst the four ladies and now it’s anticipated that the fifth lady who brings her sixth baby into the world is competent to discuss elevating a robust black household after which how it is that Does the knee develop there may even entertain this stupidity from this dude? In what approach? simply imagine that I’ve these YouTube streets making an attempt to inform you all about how you can save and invest cash and get luottotuloksesi, but you will see that out that every week I spend cash out of the strip membership and I reside in the mom's basement. You’d all be one who is this NIGGA, and what makes him assume he’s competent to speak about getting our finances in order? And you’d be 100% proper taking a look at me in the eyes of the web page, however for some cause, in the case of a professional-black babbler, it’s acceptable to overlook the obvious. Nigga, who at present has 5 youngsters with four babies, one other baby touring quickly from the fifth baby's mom, is by no means competent to speak about creating and growing a wholesome black household. At no time is empty. All this knee growing is certified to speak about find out how to drop a penis into chicks and get them pregnant.

Have you learnt how black loves to use the time period "BED BUCK" so that this nigga Rob Perkins is literally. He’s literally a buck buck. And this can be proved by display photographs which were floating around the place Cynthia G spoke of so-referred to as. Relationship together with her. In one of these screenshots, he was there talking about how they have been hooked for the first time without using condoms. Take heed to who's nonetheless sleeping with the boys who’re here for the first time at present? When all the drippy penis illnesses operating rampant, especially the black group, niggas are still there for the operating chicks uncooked? Don't you understand that, based on the CDC, 50% of herpes are close to the black lady? And herpes is one of these STDs that stay with you on your life. But you're on the market once they're raw, pregnant, after which you possibly can return to YouTube and preach this pretend ass professional-black babbling bs "lifting strong black families". Are you a critical niggas? You possibly can't create a robust black household with multiple child mamas. You can’t increase all youngsters appropriately if time is divided between several households. It's unimaginable.

I consider ob. Perkins stated one thing that each one his youngsters are being correctly handled financially, listening, I don't assume that shit, and that is based mostly on the life of niggas, identical to he who had several youngsters with a number of ladies. My spouse and I’ve been married since 2006. We’ve got two sons born in marriage. My spouse and I’ve a family revenue of over $ 100,000 a yr, and we don't have a lot debt, however guess what, our 2 sons keep on the bank account to ensure all their needs are met correctly Not solely can we be sure that we will properly finance their want. However all of you truthfully intend to let YouTube's knee develop, which assures you that it is able to correctly handle the lives of 5 youngsters amongst four totally different ladies and then have one other child on the means from the fifth lady? Will you truthfully sit here and crash for this bs? There isn’t any means in Hell, this dude deals financially with all these damn youngsters until the nigga sells the grave. The one niggas who can economically handle multiple youngsters in a number of ladies is the wealthy niggas like P. Diddy. All others, the baby's help, dig deep into your ass if those infants mamma put you in it. But you’ll be able to sit right here and let these youtube black babbling niggas simply enter you commonplace bs when you realize he's with him full of shit. I don't know what this dude resides for, but I'm gonna go out and assume he's not a excessive-revenue employee as a result of statistics present that over 50% of you need to earn $ 30Okay a yr (and when you're lucky). However do you imply to inform me that amongst four totally different ladies, a nigga with 5 youngsters has enough money to cowl day care fees, miscellaneous charges, cash to make sure that all their youngsters in these totally different households have food and respectable clothes to put on? Are you going to truthfully sit here and consider on this trick? There's no means in hell, this dude tells the fact. My youngest son is 4 years previous and is now a day care. Day care costs me and my spouse $ 200 a week. I don't understand how previous Rob Perkins youngsters are, but are you all going to be trustworthy and right here and consider that this dude makes enough money to cover all his totally different wants created by his youngsters with totally different ladies?

But I need to go ahead and get to the last level, which I need to cope with …

I'm so sick and tired that I hear black ladies, who weep and complain about the lack of good black males. I don't truthfully need to hear this shit anymore. Why are black ladies glad to get pregnant with nigga, who already has several child attenuations, after which these black ladies have nerve motion as they are treated by some means in a different way? What occurs to a black lady when she sees a nigga with several child mothers and she or he nonetheless decides she needs to be her next child mother? It appears that evidently ladies just say to your self: “Well his DICK GAME must be good! HE GOT X BABY MAMAS QUANTITIES! “Are you all approaching this? You all make judgments about a man based on his skills in the bedroom simply because he has many baby mamas? Where could it be? You all know that 99% of these dudes with multiple babies' moms are crumbling and there is no way to hell, because they can take care of all those damn children. What makes this even worse is that this way of thinking is entirely in black and white circles. It is expected that the occasional Bonkwikis hood will reserve the so-called critical thinking skills for bedroom activities, but not for the conscious community. This is supposed to be an enlightened knee community that grows steadily and saves black society by changing the way black people think and see in the white supremacy system. At least that's the line we feed on YouTube every other day. “We are GONNA, WHO MAKES EVERYTHING EVENTS AND CREATES US HIS BLACK FAMILIES… B1!” In reality, nothing occurs. It's simply a bunch of hood-niggas and hoodies which are making an attempt to provide you with social media to cover the Hood's nigga and hoodie tendencies for some likes, followers, adsense and donations. What an previous saying … you possibly can take a hood booger out of the hood, however you’ll be able to't take a hood out of the hood booger… or some sort of shit

I mean, Cynthia G is all up and down YouTube shouts that black males are falling and not can overthrow the white domination, however take a look at him, he simply added himself voluntarily to the profitable knee he screams. How do you plan to insist that black males overthrow the white supremacy and defend the black ladies at all costs, even for those who can't even find a nigga with no youngsters with whom they will buy? If Rob Perkins had one or two youngsters with one lady, he was not concerned, after which he got here with me, I might give it. But this dude has 5 youngsters spread among four ladies and Cynthia G, who sits on his perch, determined he was the best choice for all black males to bounce this ass unprotected. Why? Why can nigga speak about a good black and white recreation on YouTube, but every little thing in his reality is more than more likely to shout the actual reverse? Your professional-black chicks cannot be sensitive. I sit up for all the slightly greater requirements so I can distinguish you correctly from the every day common regular baby mother operating round … however that's my fault to hope.

For different you the knee is rising there, you’re soon waking up to see how phony all this black and white babbling is. Don't get me improper, I was earlier than you all who talked about racism and white domination non-stop, how black individuals have to do this, and third. I was one of you and that's why I can speak about the things that these individuals are talking about. I am 38 years previous. I have been exposed to professional-black Babblers since the beginning of the 90th century, lengthy earlier than social media was the thing. I went to HBCU as early as 98-2002. We also had them on campus. So I'm not new. I’ve all the time been considerably cautious pasasta what they say, however I’ve never very frightened about the proven fact that I dealt with them. Only after the Trayvon Martin died, and all of the following demise instances which had been requested video, started to say that I began to actually take note of their posts to the level where I truly started to include shit, which they stated extra, however then I had to snap myself out From this trance, keep in mind that at the end of the day, most of these knees grow into a set of hood niggas and hoodies that attempt to provide you with a fame for social media and revenue. Only a few of them apply what they preach, and very few of them are even certified to speak of the things they preach. Case… nigga with 5 youngsters, of which 4 totally different ladies try to inform you about the worth of a robust black household and the chick who wept run round the black male beta-male pals every 5 minutes. black babbling beta male coon who simply occurs to have already got 5 youngsters four other ladies but they are supported because some professional-black babbling youtube leaders that you simply all should actually take critical than just strictly ENTERTAINMENT VALUE. [19659015] Right here's how

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