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NRCC Weekly Pollution: Rabid Anti-Semites Have Returned to It

And this weekly weekly NRCC invoice:

(nationwide) The Socialist Democrats as soon as again raised media insanity after their latest anti-Semitic feedback. And once again, the mainstream media did not bear in mind the story and defended the large one. In the newest case, Rashida Tlaib stated that the Holocaust's considering gave her a "soothing feeling" after which went to a historically illiterate seashore about how Palestinians created a "refuge" for Jews for his or her nation and "at the expense of their" dignity. "(Note: In reality, the Palestinians joined Nazi Germany.) So far, and as expected, the media have only attacked" pouncing "on these fierce antisemites on behalf of the GOP. Think about the press response if the Republicans have made these feedback.

(National) This week, the Republicans gave the Socialist Democrats another opportunity to defend the big anti-Semitism by introducing a discharge request for legislation on boycott, gross sales, sanctions (BDS). Three months in the past, the Senate adopted 77-23 votes to fight the anti-Semitic BDS motion of the two-sided legislation. Since then, Nancy Pelosi and his socialist cohorts have prevented the thought of ​​avoiding the imposition of visible antisemites on their forefront in a troublesome place. Can Socialist Dems finally resist anti-Semitism or will they once more worry their worry of their get together?

(CA-21) Tax-Cheat T.J. Cox is again in scorching water when six local CA-21 residents have appealed to the Congressional Ethics Workplace that he did not reveal all his business pursuits in the course of the marketing campaign. One of the residents informed Fresno Bee: “We just don't need anyone around you all the time. We're just here trying to grab ourselves. "Yikes.

(CA-25) Katie Hill was at MSNBC this week when she told her donor base by talking to President Trump. In an interview with Chris Matthews, Hill said that he did not believe that Democrats should continue to prosecute. Andrew Learned, a candidate for the rejection of Liberal California mega donors, Tom Steyer,

(FL-15) gives it another go to the FL-15, despite the fact that the last failed cycle. After receiving a failed primary campaign, the learners face even more pressure to support extreme socialist policies, such as socialized health care, green New Deal, and anti-Semitism spread throughout his party. If he doesn't stay radical, this passage is no different than the last one. We send our condolences, Andrew!

(FL-26) Debbie Mucarsel-Powell cannot stop talking about fighting climate change by calling it "crisis" (HERE, HERE and HERE). He's even a cosponsored AOC's Socialist Boondoggle, Green New Deal. But when Debbie found out his former opponent, Congress Curbelo, was invited to testify against this crisis before Congress, he threw the elevator and demanded him not to be called. In his rage, he even encountered the wrong president to shout (oops!). It seems that the greater crisis of Debbie is a politician and a pleasant party leader.

(FL-26, FL-27) The Anti-Semitic band in Washington holds the Reps of Florida. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and Donnaa Shalala with a tight belt. This week, Mucarsel-Powell and Shalala were keen on a press conference on the Venezuelan crisis, but they were afraid when it asked for Madura to be supported by the supportive Foreign Affairs Committee of Ilhan Omar. Both Debbie and Donna represent THUSUSANDS Venezuelans – speaking against Omar should be a non-brainer. What are they so afraid of?

(IA-02) Democratic Socialist Rita Hartofficially announced that she would be in Congress at IA-02 this week. Hart was last seen to have lost his bid for a lieutenant chief in 2018, who continued the Democratic national trend that voters have already rejected re-coated candidates. Winning this place is a battle for Hart, as President Trump won this circuit in 2016 and is forced to defend his party's asinine socialist policy and anti-Semitism. Iowans once rejected Rita – but he can't take clues

(IA-03) Cindy Axne lied to Iowa's voters this week by telling her constituency: “I don't take corporate PAC money, but most people do, and I think it's a shame. "But according to Axne's own campaign finance report, he has accepted THOUSANDS dollars from Land O & # 39; Lakes, Inc. PAC – just the kind of business conversation he and his colleagues socialists are trying to ruin. Just another case "Do as I say, not as I" in socialist fraud.

(IL-14) Fake Nurse Lauren Underwood long ago seized MSNBC's lack of resources on the southern border of the United States. If Lauren is so worried about why she voted against emergency food for unaccompanied children who cross the border? Why has he not asked his party to propose a budget and to provide our border officers with the funding they so desperately need? Based on his voting results, it seems that Fake Nurse prefers politics and let the children go hungry at the border so that he can continue to spotlight on national television.

(IL-17) After a storm brewing IL-03, Beltway Bustos crossed the DCCC's progressive blacklist victim Marie Newman. Despite warnings from his constituency, Bustos decided to appoint a high dollar fundraiser for the democratic Dan Lipink. Meanwhile, Newman has been talking about large, progressive groups. Bustos and Lipinski may want to look back…

(KS-03) Socialist Sharice Davids had been on weekends in San Francisco by collecting campaign growth from the Bay Area elite and accepting the murder of his personal Instagram page. Davids arranged Manny, a left-wing, left-wing venue for the trendy Mission District, Collector, where you can catch lectures like How to Change Your Mind: What did the new psychedelic science learn from us for consciousness, death, addiction, depression and transcendence. We are delighted that Sharice could get some time together with her San Francisco radicals – who has more in common.

(ME-02) Infantide loverJared Golden is a handkerchief like national democrats. Socialist Democrats have committed abortion. Although Mr Goldenvotes, Member of the State House of the State of Maine, opposed legislation to strengthen the legislation on abortion for minors, and opposed legislation that would have required licensing and provisions on abortion sites. Golden is clearly a radical abortion that makes him a perfect fit for the socialist democrats loving the grandchildren.

(NY-22) Anthony Brindis has some serious explanations for honoring respect for L. Frank Baum. Guided by Oz and found bigot. Baum was an avid white overwhelming, urging to destroy the American Indians, and followed closely the teaching of Helena Blavatsky, a woman who referred to the Jews as "half-human". Not sure that the NY-22 should be proud, Anthony

(NM-02) Xochitl TorresSmall has made rounds in the Liberal Discussion Circle, making sure everyone is well on the border, but his constituency is clearly different. This week, the city of Deming declared a state of emergency when they were trying to cope with the mass of illegal immigrants who flooded their city. Recently, Torres Small has halted the cheating of liberal speech points and demonstrated leadership.

(NC-09) Dan McCready, who has not yet given the North Carolinians an idea of ​​where he is in different affairs, such as a grandchild, is over. social health care, green new agreement and unjustified intimidation by President Trump. Months ago, the Charlotte Observer editorial team wrote, "What exactly do voters get to Dan McCready? Don't ask him." his first election, but News9 reports that DCCC is already cutting off, and who can blame them? Democrats are desperately trying to defend 31 seats in the neighborhoods President Trump won, so there are certainly some reasons. 19659018] (PA-12) If you did not lose it, Socialist loser Marc Friedenbergreiteroi supported AOC's Green New Deal, even though it deceives the Pennsylvania coal and natural gas industry and puts thousands of his constituencies into work. not much took the cost of his campaign and then threw the staff under the bus due to an error! Ironically, among the costs that Friedenberg could not find were the anonymous employees' fees and identities in the autumn

(TX-23) More than two months, DCC Chairman Cherin "Beltway" Bustosannouncied announced that Gina Jones would return to Congress and Six months after he lost his election despite the loss of the election, Jones finally announced he would make another congress. Already in 1988, Texans rejected Ginian Jones when he voted to close the US $ 32 trillion health payout plan for US military bases and Socialist Democrats. If the definition of madness does the same thing and again and waits for different results, someone should check Jones and Texas Democrats.

(TX-32) Combining with radical antisemites with his help, Collin Allred decided to bury the praises of anti-Semitic sucking that his colleagues decided to call in Parliament last week. This bigot Omar Suleiman has a long history of hostile remarks, including comparing Israel to the KKK, accusing Israel of genocide and defending Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitic tropics. Allred must not have any problems with Suleiman's comments because he made a photo with him.

(UT-04) Ben McAdams found himself in a tough spot this week, when Utahns announced that he was abandoning equality as an ace because it violated religious freedoms. McAdams supported his electorate in disrepair and even went so far as to touch it! McAdams is just a socialist minion that does not care what the beliefs and voices of Utah in the Washington Democrat ordinances

(VA-07) Fake FriendAbigail Spanberger has done his best to separate himself from Socialist Democrats – his poor voting results show otherwise. Abigail has voted 93% of the time with his extreme colleagues! Abigail can do his best to be far from his wife's mad, but he is always loyal to the Socialist Democrats.

(WI-03) Vice President Mike Pence visited Wisconsin yesterday in Eau Claire and urged Ron Kind to support US President Trump's new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. But since Kind on laser has focused on President Trump's unjustified qualifications, it is unlikely that he will do anything to help Wisconsin manufacturers and farmers. Too bad.

News and Comments

Valerie Plame argues that she had not read the anti-Semitic article published by the Holocaust denier

Former CIA operative Valerie Plame has claimed he had no idea that the article "American Jews Driving America's Wars" on the website of the Holocaust Denier, which he renewed in 2017, was anti-Semitic

Plame, who announced last week that he was working in an open house in New Mexico called "doozy" – the same the term he used in the apology of 2017 – an interview with MSNBC on Sunday. "I am a human being and we all make mistakes. It was just cozy, and it was very public, ”Plame stated. READ.

Charlie Crist quietly visited Cuba as a rigidity over Venezuela

. Charlie Crist quietly traveled to Cuba final month to meet officers there between the communist island and the strain between President Donald Trump and the Venezuelan crisis.

The period of the trip was the 25th – 27th House of Ethics and was not made public by Crist congress. The journey sponsor was the American Middle for Democracy, a corporation that "promotes Cuban policy based on the commitment and recognition of Cuban sovereignty". READ

Did TJ Cox mislead voters? The Democratic Congressman calls the moral difficulty an impartial assault

The Kings County population filed a grievance towards TJ Cox on the Congressional Ethics Workplace, which claimed that the rubber congressman deceived voters when he did not disclose certain enterprise pursuits

tales about Cox's knowledge, different transactions with the town of Fresno and the residence of Maryland.

”At greatest, Agent Cox was closely negligent by complying with monetary disclosure necessities and not providing the voters with complete and accurate info on the applicant's selection,” the grievance says. "READ.

Citizens of the Republic are attacking Indian Repi's t-shirt "colonizers" killing

House Republican's main campaign strike attacks Re's Sharice Davids over a photo in which he is wearing a shirt, says he accepts political violence, but says Johnson's campaign says that the words of the shirt just refer to American history.

The Congressman of Kansas, one of only two original American women in the US House, was in charge of Pine Ridge Indians in South Dakota in 2012–2016 before starting his political career.

In a picture sent to Twitter last month, Davids has a shirt saying: HEROES KILLED COLONIZERS. ”

@ AmericanIndian8's picture is a shared picture of American news and indigenous rights. Davids follows the account – such as Elizabeth Dole Foundation and other political and media –

The National Republican Congressional Committee accused David of supporting political violence on Thursday.

"It could also be value asking Davids" Colonizers "he accepts the murder and murderers he regards as heroes," said NRCC spokesman Bob Salera. READ. that Democrats promote "birthday abortions" and are "the celebration of demise", the Republican Party and its conservative allies have aggressively restored the conditions for one of the country's most disagreeable and emotionally full discussions, forcing Democrats to reassess how they should respond to attacks that depict the whole party as extreme in abortion because they are struggling to combat false information and prevent further efforts to undercut the availability of abortion, and abortion defenders are afraid that pressure from legislators in more conservative states has managed to overcome serious new ones as Alabama did this week by adopting a bill banning the procedure.

These new measures, together with probability, the Supreme Court agrees to take at least one case in the coming months, which will test Roe v. Wade and who have mixed strong passions on both sides and raised abortion as a significant issue in the presidential election.

The anxiety of supporters of abortion rights, their own vote shows that the right message penetrates outside the social conservatives, which form a large part of the Republican base. Studies conducted in recent weeks for progressive groups found that more than half of Americans were aware of "childhood", that President Trump and his celebration have begun to make descriptions of abortions during being pregnant. READ.