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Pookie and Ray Ray Get Repairs? – Onyx Truth

Pookie and Ray Ray Get Repairs? - Onyx Truth

So, apparently, I made a number of ADOS individuals loopy about my last touch upon my ADOS video, which I talked about, whether or not Pookie & Ray Ray has grow to be the face of ADOS. I obtained all of the stereotypical answers that have been referred to as coon, gross sales, people who say I'm not black, and so forth., however here is that each one this calling identify doesn't even hassle me. What actually disturbs me is the justifications of the black those that Pookie and Ray Ray check with the feeling of black individuals as they should pull these in Pookies and Ray Rays in life. I imply, there have been quite a number of individuals in my comments about how Pookie and Ray Ray deserve compensation as a result of they are the result of abuse of white supremacy for decades (which I call b. S.). However never as soon as stated that Pookie and Ray Ray DON do not deserve compensation. I've never even talked about it. The whole lot I stated is like the ADOS movement gets greater and greater, don't be stunned if Pookie and Ray Ray one way or the other face ADOS in contrast to Yvette Carnell, Tone Talks, Dr. Claud Anderson or other ADOS people who can absolutely categorical the motion ideology. The rationale Pookie and Ray might come into the face as a result of when Pookie and Ray Ray understand they will get television time or go to the virus outdoors of social media, they download their video, which they speak probably the most ignorant and abnormally about ADOS. Properly, the extra probably they’re, their faces and words are plastered everywhere where non-ADOS individuals see this as a mockery. It’s already happening considerably proper now, when black journalists are on TV with ADOS. So what makes you assume this is not the case when Pookie and Ray Ray seize the wind of ADOS and determine that they need to vote on their very own statements on

No matter whether Pookie and Ray Ray by accident come nose to nose with my ADOS question to all of you Why are so many black individuals always struggling and continually making an attempt to tug Pookie & Ray Ray as should you truthfully assume that stereotypical Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha are going to get up and get their crap together? Why?

Some of my dude's comments advised me that Pookie and Ray Ray aren’t yet men, however once they have grown up as men, they reject the Pookie and Ray Ray mentality and proceed to be significant to the black group. I responded back to this intestine and informed him that Pookie and Ray Ray would by no means grow. Hardly any of them will ever escape the Pookie and Ray Ray mentality. Most of them go to their graves to stay in the lifetime of stereotyped Pooks and Ray Ray. And the factor that bothers me is that you simply all know that is true. Damn close to each last one is in your loved ones Pookie and Ray Ray, and that nigga has been in some Pookie and Ray Ray for years. This individual has by no means proven that he has another life than partaking in any hood activity. You all know this. If these Pookies and Ray Rays are about 16 years previous, it’s possible that you simply look to grow into an previous model of Pookie and Ray Ray. The truth is, a number of you could have previous asses, Ray Rays and Bonquishas in your family, in their 40s, within the 50s and beyond, who’ve been involved in the identical hoodrates because they have been youngsters. But in your mind too lots of you will truthfully consider that these individuals will change and benefit from the development of black society. They're not hell. For every Pookie & Ray Ray and Ray Ray who determine to get their lives collectively, you will have about 5,000 Pookies and Ray Rays behind him who determine to run this Pookie and Ray Ray type to the top. And it stops working as I lie. You’ll be able to drive everywhere in the black group throughout America and see this occur in real time.

The issue is that too lots of you grew up around Pooks, Ray Ray and Bonquisha, and they’re pals, family, upgraded, or have youngsters with them to make you are feeling like you need to pull these individuals, even if all of them refuse to get their lives collectively. Trust me, I’ve a couple of of them in my household, and as soon as I used to be the dude who hoped a few of these knees would grow to get shit together. But the distinction between you and me is that I'm not afraid to cut them off. I'm simply not. I speak to them and I’m going to them each now and then, but I don't need to waste any pointless time making an attempt to get them out of their Pookie and Ray Ray fashion once I know they don't want to be able to train them or show them where they don't need be on the hood monitor. However too lots of you are feeling you must consider in these individuals when you realize that you are nicely aware that you are wasting power and you possibly can convey this power to something extra constructive.

So now I need to take a look at this entire treatment the place individuals assumed they stated that Pookie and Ray Ray wouldn't get corrections once I never stated it… properly, here's the factor…

Just what does Pookie do and Ray Ray need repairs? Why?

I already know most of you right here say "WHAT IS INCLUDED AND ARE COMMITTED TO THE RULES … SHOWING REQUIREMENTS TOO!" ALRIGHT. But why do they? And the rationale why I ask for it’s because everybody you already know is sweet, what they’re going to do together with your compensation (assuming that the fixes come in the type of an audit it doesn't have). However let's just assume that the corrections came in the form of an inspection, let me ask you all this: exactly what’s the objective of the corrections within the first rattling place? Some of you say they are charging for all the pressured labor that our forefathers are enslaved, which is partly right. The second most necessary purpose for compensation is to use these 'funds' to get rid of the wealth hole. This modification, or the money invested in particular packages that profit us, who descend from American slaves, must be utilized so that we will start the process of generating generational wealth, which might assist increase ADOS to be a extra socio-financial recreation with a white society and with all individuals in a tighter surroundings. Now I want to ask you all this: exactly what’s the wealth of the era?

Family tree is the definition of being part of financial planning that’s aimed toward transferring secure, vital assets to future generations.

Because of this a person or lady primarily spends his life both building something, creating one thing or investing in something that can produce a big monetary value that can be passed on to future generations. Take, for instance, the inheritor of the Paris Hilton, Hilton Lodge Empire. Paris Hilton's internet value is about $ 300 million and since he was a baby, he hasn't needed to make a monster in his life. Why? As a result of somebody in his household determined to start out a lodge business that turned one of the world's largest lodge corporations and produced so much damn cash that later generations of people like Paris could possibly be put into life. Now it’s granted, his example is excessive, but you’ll be able to even apply to this one that lives in a suburban area who transfers his property to his youngsters, where the youngsters turn these properties into rented properties or promote them to victory where these funds could possibly be

I say all this by saying Pookie and For Ray Ray, when it comes to compensation, because it is instantly related to the wealth of the era: do you assume truthfully Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha thinks concerning the wealth of a rattling era? Are you? No, they're not. To prove the final section of the commentary on my ADOS video, we speak about how I shouldn't take a look at the pocket and that Pookie and Ray Ray can do something they want. While it’s true that they will do what they need with their cash, why would you like to offer them the opportunity to get compensation for the place they might do what they needed when you already know the rattling properly, what they are more than more likely to do and it has nothing to do with the era with wealth creation or making an attempt to shut race-based mostly wealth? In case you are actually one among these knees growing by operating social media pretending to be black and white and ignoring the advancement of black society, then why in hell would you advocate the worst black society for compensation when you recognize damn nicely that nothing good comes from that cash, and once once more all assuming that repairs would come within the form of an audit, which it more than probably won’t otherwise. Nevertheless, why would you help them who know they’re miserable, that the cash needs to be cheated on some nigga parasites.


know what we’d like extra individuals than I might tell they will't. We’d like more individuals, like me, to tell Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha that they want to train their ft on the restore line and translate it right into a "check" for a black one that is extra mentally and financially answerable for managing "money" for the overall benefit and advancement of black society. We don’t make extra individuals assume than I want individuals who assume like you all who are simply cool by permitting these potential fixes to throw into the air at the Strip membership or some hoops and weaving machines. We’d like this. We’d like extra black individuals who kicked Pookie and Ray Ray and tell them to shut up the hell and let the aesthetic individuals speak in order that grown individuals can go to the black society and progressive monitor because too lots of you could have reached Pookie and Ray Ray for therefore long you’d simply accept the black tradition unfairly. So sure, all of you possibly can call me elitist … properly, I'm all of them. The truth is, I feel it’s time that black society officially returns, when a gifted tenth will stand out from the growth of a single IQ knee with a triple IQ knee. I feel it's time to start out drawing strains in the sand, even among ADOS individuals, to differentiate Pookies, Ray Rays and Bonquishas from the clever, thought-frightening era, who aren’t placing all their own values ​​in nigga bundles and weaving bundles. And in the event that they never care about credit, I don't assume a knee with a Pookie or Ray Ray mentality or way of life should get a examine.

The only alternative type Pookie, Ray Ray or Bonquisha must be a present card that provides them the chance to take part in a tech faculty to study useful business demand where they will study one thing so that they will develop into a official benefit to a black society that also does not guess on this manner too lots of you are feeling it is essential to tug along the experience.

However as I stated, if compensation has ever been paid, it won’t come within the type of an inspection at the first damn place, so I feel I really gained 't have to fret about having Pookie throwing a refund into the air or making a living for telephone footage. Regardless of all this, Pookie and Ray Ray are an important ones that black society as an entire will solely continue. Minimize them off and allow them to battle for themselves, and you’ll be a productive member of a black society with a set of expertise that black society can benefit from and then transfer on to maneuver in the direction of a black society. Let Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha continue to wander around the hoodrade by doing what they hell. Do not attempt to appeal to and save these individuals when it’s clear that they do not give any value to the development of black society at all.

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