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Pookie & Ray Ray Can Get Hoodie – Onyx Truth

Pookie & Ray Ray Can Get Hoodie - Onyx Truth

In case you are a type of individuals who go round social media and need and pray for the black group to get it together to fix all the problems in the black group, I want you to be formally retired. Put the RBG & Wakanda tickets again in the closet and just let the fantasy go. Nicely, let the fantasy return to the hood to assist the group. For those of you who have carried out it, continue and by no means look again. For those of you who aren’t born within the hood, it is best to all the time remove your ideas to return to the hood of some missionary charity. And if you want to know why I really feel like this, take a look at the video under.

In case you are a triple IQ knee that walks round right here that doesn’t order Pookie and Ray Ray passports, this video ought to be all of the proof you want to carry you for the remainder of your life, why the Black Group Hood is just undamaged to that point Through which it’s actually nothing to do, however to get hunters out there to destroy each other with out interruption. For all the great people who stay in the hood around the forest, I feel like you, actually. But you must pour each penny that you could save shortly and transfer distant as soon as attainable. The hood is only a plot of rodents and rats. There’s nothing more to redeem the hood than to hitch white individuals so that they get some gentrification.

In this video, they talked about Pookies and Ray Rays when educated lames and Oshay even introduced themselves-proud Pookie and Ray Rays. Let me inform you something, I don’t assume I've ever seen Pookie & # 39; s so troublesome to defend, that it might be Pookie, who has witnessed this video. These goblins take pleasure in being or nonetheless being a Pookie who is making an attempt to make so-referred to as educated names less than. They still spoke: "I am HOOD HOOD … I'm … I'm doing this, I'll do it!" One dude out there, who’s self-proclaimed pimp, talked about how his profession in Pimping and Pandering has allowed him to donate over $ 10,000 to an area faculty. Consider it, nigga, who makes her life out of prostituted ladies who pray to donate their cash for prostitution to high school. And he was proud that it was his biggest achievement in his life. Then another Pookie talked about how he was reformed by Pookie, but he spent every two seconds to forgive all the current Pooks that run across the Hood and destroy the stuff. The question I asked this dude was that he spent his teenagers and his 20s when he was a pookie who bought dope and destroyed stuff, however now he’s a "changed man" in the 30s and 40s, however Still he’s nonetheless excuses for the youthful Pookies. It will be one factor if he was a renewed Pookie, who was there to sentence the lil niggas for his stuff, but no, he was truly on this panel defending them and not making infinite excuses for his conduct. So on the stage, can you truthfully say that his sort nigga can be a renewed Pookie? You can’t. He is only a retired Pookie who lives on-website by means of lively Pookies at that time.

And then there was Cynthia G… yes she was within the panel. I don't know all of you, however I truthfully attempt to take heed to this female call. I'm not saying to inject him, I say it as a result of it is actually a wrestle for me listening to the voice of his voice. She might make the most important level on the earth, unfortunately I never comprehend it as a result of most of the time I can't get the final 5 minutes to take heed to her voice. Nevertheless, by some means I’ve had the facility to take heed to the sounds of his candle blackboard throughout this reside stream, and he continued to bark principally with one point and that one level was "WHAT MEN DO BUILD! WIN ALL! “And it's so enjoyable because there was Brotha within the panel who stated he was Pookie and he wasn't a educated flat, however he simply fell into the center like most of us. This brotha was asked to share his experience of owning a company in a hood, and Brotha principally stated he would open one firm within the hood, with good intentions, going to the so-referred to as right, however ultimately Pookie they usually ran him out of the hood as a result of they have been damaged and stealing shit. So he stated he set up a retailer on the white aspect of the town and had no headache. Then here Cynthia G tells her: “You do nothing! BEFORE TRADING! DO NOT NEED YOU! “Take into account, he's actually in this panel, where he tells the black man that he can't construct something, and he doesn't build something, although he owns 1 or 2 corporations the place he actually hires and employs other black individuals. He actually sat there and stated. His entire rhetoric is that black males do not make buildings and the second that’s on his face tells him he is weak and may't shit. And that is one cause why I say to black males that they don’t go there and threaten your life with these extraordinary black ladies, and I also inform black men that when you can't discover a good right down to earth black lady, so proudly go there and get Becky, Chun Li or Anan Marie, because even when you do all this stuff, they're nice chicks like Cynthia G sitting on YouTube and complaining day and night time that black males aren't doing, they nonetheless take a look at you such as you're not shit and by no means shit. So if that is the case, take a crap with a ass to Becky or Ana Mariel, and take it to popping together with her while ladies like Cynthia G sit and turn into random infants mamas. Speaking of this, he can't even give the black man the respect and props he does, however he apparently has no issues becoming a member of the BBMAA (Black Child Mama Association of America), who has already started four other ladies in the membership.

Another factor that Cynthia G stated to another broth was, she stated, "YOU CANNOT ALL WHAT TO WHITE WHITE PEOPLE! You don't have the talents to construct something like you’re with white individuals! “Do you know what I found fun about this, ALL NATURE PEOPLE IN AMERICA“ NEST ”with white individuals, even niggas hood. Niggas in the hood largely doesn’t personal anything. As a result of every 1 knee grows in a hood which will personal a store or a home that’s like 500 others who don't own a fucking factor. And such ties to the purpose of this dude Marcus who needs to jump in my feedback once I converse ”POOKIE IS COMPLETED IN THE COMMUNITY! YOUR OWN COMPANY! They don't do it! “They don't. As I just stated, each one of many renewed Pookies who may get their items collectively to do better is like 500, which never will get the proper factor achieved better and I spend money on one renewed Pookie that opened the coiffure as quickly as the knee grows stacked enough bread , all her shifting out of hood. It’s definitely true that he keeps his commerce because, fairly honestly, the only hood corporations that obtain absolute help and respect are the hairdressing and wonder salons. He keeps his shop in the hood, however give the stack sufficient cheese in order that nigga doesn't stay there. I promise you this. But as I stated, each of the 1 renewed Pookies, who finally determine to create a human being and stop the burden on their group, is 500, who proudly leaves his tomb to stay the most effective of his Pookie life. This turned out to be Oshay's video, especially in the direction of the top, when a self-proclaimed pimp wearing pink.

But returning to Cynthia G for real quick…

Cynthia G said that black men don’t construct communities and subsequently they are nesting with other communities. I need to inform you all, I am pleased with the truth that the washer in different communities. There isn’t a shame in the recreation. My nest has allowed me to take pleasure in peace and tranquility and pretty good property values. Nobody who is sensible doesn't attempt to reside within the hood. Hell, I guess Cynthia G doesn't even stay anyplace near Hood. He needs to use this place of speech for black men in making an attempt to call black men weak, but why would a black man need to construct something for black ladies who’ve advised you that you are not a shit for 30-40 years? I simply advised you ways he failed and shot one Bordon who truly owned two corporations doing things he was screaming. So if she is prepared to respect nigga, who owns 2 corporations and employs black individuals, then the rest of you will not grow until in fact Pookie because she was in the panel that was heavy, helping them to make clear her selection with the lads she allows get her pregnant.

I urge you all to observe this video. This video must be a must-see for anybody operating round constructing this fantasy to build Wakanda or for anyone who needs to hit you with a tireless line of "WHAT TO DO COMMUNITY?" When individuals ask you what you do inform them anything, but watch it rot. Then, once they say to you, "RIGHT WHY YOU BECOME A KNOWLEDGE AND SHOW THEM!" Inform them because you possibly can and will not be those they do about it. In case you are a type of people who really feel like wanting to save lots of the Hood, do your greatest to handle your enterprise. I recommend that you simply do it from afar should you can or will are available and take a dip, but you’ll not keep there for a very long time to get Pookie, Ray Ray and Bonquisha skin pores and skin. When the scent hits you, it's like consuming the mind getting sick of jumping into ponds. You get that Pookie smells about you and it just starts to eat in your mind to the point the place you’re on YouTube, the place the movies proudly declare you a part of a black society that crosses and maintains every damaging stereotype and destroys every little thing and the whole lot that can actually be constructive for individuals locally . It’s going to happen to you in the event you keep there bodily for too long making an attempt to help.

But anyway, go take a look at it stupidity, and you then return here and attempt to convince me that I'm incorrect once I say that if you depart the hood, do not look back and let it rouhua outward outward or mix some like-minded black people who have some paper or white individuals, and also you take part in all the fantastic gentrification that is needed in these dumps as much as Pookie, Ray Ray and Bonquisha cross. For all these good individuals who have stayed there, I do know you, however you need to save every cent you bought or hit the quantity and get out of the velocity when you possibly can and will be a part of different people who don't need to save or be a part of this riddle and full ass backward considering that is complicated in the hood.

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