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State imprisonment and how one man intends to end the chairmanship of Salva Kiir Mayardit – Nyamilepedia

Gelbeny Majok Lual

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Members of the South Sudanese Prisoners and Political Prisoners Holding Arms their launch to Juba in South Sudan (Photograph: file)

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Members of the South Sudan Prisoners and Political Prisoners palms after their launch to Juba in South Sudan (Photograph: file)

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South Sudanese President Salva Kiir attends South -Sudan Peace Meeting Analysis Negotiations to Negotiate the End of the Civil Struggle in Khartoum in Sudan on June 25, 2018. REUTERS / Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah

July 3, 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – February 4, 2017 South African Well-known Guptas Brothers local merchant The boys have been virtually magically risen to one of the richest families in the world, South Africa was the last flight from South Africa. They shut down the GPS monitoring system of the Bombadier personal bathe as they cruised from the South African sky. Ten days later, after their departure, South African President Jacob Zuma, whose Guptas brothers had been involved in a quantity of financial scandals, resigned as South African President despite having more than a yr as President of South Africa. Guptas' brothers had lowered Jacob Zuma's president; a freelance fighter and a man who gave his life to struggle for the freedom of black South Africans apartheid

The story in South Sudan is enjoying more durable than ever earlier than, as one man Rizik Dominic Samuel, current and longest serving director of the workplace has the process of ending our beloved president Salva Kiir Mayardit presidency. On 5 June 2019, Rizik Dominic Samuel was embroiled in critical corruption scandals involving tens of millions of US dollars hidden in money and funds in East African nations. Rizik Dominic Samuel has apparently used the names of the president to safe lucrative contracts and cash payments as a result of they have business standards, specifically Ashraf Al-Cardinal, which owns Al Cardinal Funding Co Ltd and Kur Ajing Ater, which owns Green for Logistics Providers Co.. Ltd These two corporations have acquired billions of US dollars in counterfeiting contracts for Rizik Dominic Samuel. In a logical instance that violates any logic, Rizik Samuel Dominic wrote a letter by which the Central Bank of South Sudan urged his wife to pay hundreds of thousands of US dollars in the identify of the President of the Republic, regardless of the undeniable fact that President Salva Kiir had

For these acquainted with South Sudan's political occasions , Rizik Dominic Samuel not solely makes use of the workplace of the Bureau or the identify of the pricey President Salva Kiir Mayard, enriching himself and his buddies; he goes on a much bigger agenda: lower H.E. Salva Kiir Mayard, identical to Guptas brothers, made President Jacob Zuma in South Africa.

So how did a humble newbie who apparently broke in a single day into the peak of political power found himself in such a place and what is his end-game? Initially, Rizik Dominic Samuel was despatched to the Office of the President in 2013 as a protocol supervisor. This was half of our beloved President's plan to change the face of the president's office, who had suffered from clanism, nepotism and reputation. This was a noble gesture from President Salva Kiir Mayardit, who has all the time been a human being and loves all South Sudanese, regardless of tribal, social or political background. It didn’t take lengthy for Rizik Dominic Samuel to begin working as a senior official of the Presidential Officers as a approach to warm his method to the CEO's very sensitive place in the President's workplace. He’s motivated primarily by greed to enrich himself and the ultimate aim is to lower Salva Kiir Mayardit's president and undoubtedly he has succeeded, as shall be explained under

Sympathizer, supporter and sponsor of former SPLA chief, Common Paul Malong Awan

At the heart of Basic Paul Malong's coup Get Ridik Dominic Samuel The President of Salva Kiirista He is a Basic Lieutenant and Supporter of Common Paul Malong, who was launched as Mayor of the Military in Might 2017. Rizik Dominic Samuel was the president of Salva Kiir Mayardit, an architectural bureau of a failed coup house, headed by the then chief of employees. Rizik Dominic Samuel performed his playing cards in his chest identical to the Guptas brothers in South Africa, who flourished from their ties with President Thabo Mbeki, who had simultaneously accessed Jacob Zuman, Mbek's archive. Rizik Dominic was as soon as shot on a video telling his pals and cronies that President Salva Kiir Mayard was "in the palms". He (Rizik Dominic) stated that he might "squeeze his palm in the chair eventually to Salva Kiir Mayardit or release his palm and give the president the opportunity to continue the country's leadership". It was one loyal and patriotic soldier, Common Akol Koor Kuc, who rescued our beloved President Basic Paul Malong, Rizik Dominic Samuel, and their group from fraud in York. Rizik Dominic and his group set their eyes on Basic Akol Koor Kuc, and they have spread rumors and have unfold rumors and direct lies towards him. The whole lot is ineffective making an attempt to persuade the president to launch Common Akol Koor from his position.

According to different reliable sources, Rizik's so-referred to as "High Table Group", which meets recurrently at Juba's main lodge, has been secretly leaking secrets and techniques to Basic Paul Malong. As a result of of the sensitivity of the info at our disposal, we can’t reveal it now. It ought to be noted that leaking state secrets or espionage are fraud that have to be punished by demise underneath the regulation and the constitution. As head of a nation's security brigade, Rizik Dominic can be anticipated to know higher. It has additionally been reliably confirmed and confirmed by credible sources in Rizik's personal cronies, which Rizik Dominic has offered monetary help to Basic Paul Malong Awan in Nairobi. It’s no marvel that Common Paul Malong has not shown any curiosity in becoming a member of the implementation of the revived peace treaty, identical to other elements of the opposition. Basic Paul Malong nonetheless enjoys a cushty life in Nairobi when he runs day and night time in love with President Salva Kiir Mayardit, based mostly on monetary help from Rizik Dominic Samuel.

Rebel towards the ruling celebration (SPLM)

In contrast to his predecessor Ustaz Yel Luol Koor, Rizik Dominic Samuel has created hatred towards the President of the Republic, who can also be President of the Sudan Individuals's Liberation Army (SPLM). He has achieved this by refusing to permit SPLM senior cadres to meet and talk about with the President about essential points inside the SPLM. In return, these older SPLM cadres have expressed their anger and frustration by turning to the get together and social gathering chairman Salva Kiir Mayardit. These Rizik actions do not pose a critical menace to the SPLM ruling get together but in addition to President Salva Kiir as President of the Republic of South Sudan. It isn’t right that one man who has no political affect or participation shouldn’t destroy his own hometown of destruction and political dignity in the historic SPLM celebration. Rizik Dominic Samuel is a critical political danger to our beloved president, the historic SPLM celebration and the entire nation. Rizik Dominic Samuel should depart and pave the method for an individual who can serve the interests of our president, the SPLM social gathering and the nation. He has transferred the appointment with the President of the Republic as a profitable enterprise opportunity. An older member of the SPLM get together and the present minister was stated to complain bitterly about how Rizik Dominic all the time requires prior special acclaim earlier than he can secure their appointment to the President of the Republic.

Key and Strategic Government Appointments and State-Owned Corporations

Rizik Dominic Samuel has appointed the President of the Republic to appoint a quantity of officials of the Republic to appoint some of the Rizik leaders as key and strategic members of the authorities. One current instance was the appointment of Biel Jok Thiec in the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance. The appointment of Biel was the cornerstone of Rizik's plan to enrich himself and his nationwide cash by renting, chronology and direct theft. Another example was the appointment of a former official in the Ministry of Finance as a 3rd-degree ambassador to the Ministry of Overseas Affairs and International Cooperation. Reliable sources have proven that this individual paid Rizik in money greater than $ 300,000 in cash to facilitate his appointment as Ambassador. It must be remembered that this individual was the key one that exercised his powers as head of the Treasury to be sure that all the funds demanded by Rizik Dominic in the identify of the President, together with fictitious claims, have been paid as soon as attainable. 19659004] Misuse of President and President's Identify for Personal Income

Early this yr, Rizik Dominic played a key position in awarding the multi-billion dollar contract to the shadowy Sub-Saharan power DMCC attempt to explore oil in South Sudan. Rizik Dominic used the identify of the chairman to secure the $ 1.2 billion crude oil supply to the Sahara. According to Rizik's unique deal, the Sahara power sources have been to be given a $ 600 million loan to the South Sudanese authorities. According to dependable sources, the authorities has not been paid even one greenback. Nevertheless, Rizik Dominic has acquired hundreds of thousands of US dollars that he has stopped in Dubai and East African nations. Rizik used the president's identify to safe a $ 37,999,950 cost to his business crisis, Kur Ajing Ater, for food that was by no means delivered to the nationwide army.

It has been discovered that Rizik Dominic was paid $ 15,000,000 in cash for this position in the contract. The money was transferred to one different Bol Bol Areech cronis account in Dubai. As if that were not sufficient, Rizik immediately started negotiations on one other settlement value US $ eight.7 billion for the similar Sahara power sources to increase South Sudan's crude oil in change for providing the authorities with the needed cash to finance government motion, including the implementation of the Revived Peace Settlement. According to a reliable source, this agreement might have been the last straw that broke the camel's again and urged the President of the Republic, Salva Kiir Mayard, to grant a mortgage to the Authorities of South Sudan, together with Rizik Dominic Samuel, who plundered billions of US dollars in finance tasks. "as a result of of false businessmen and fraud. The paperwork in our possession present that January 16, 2019, Rizik Dominic Samuel used his position to secure a cost of $ 19,500,000 to Al Cardinal Investments LLC, owned by Ashraf Cardinal, and another $ 9,500,000 to Inexperienced for Logistics LLC.

Each payments have been made for "food and vehicle costs", however hundreds of troopers went with out food and primary wants. I have hooked up two letters, according to which South Sudan's central bank to transfer these two corporations tens of millions of US dollars. Each corporations have bank accounts in Dubai where Rizik Dominic has invested hundreds of thousands of US dollars in offshore accounts. Is it a coincidence or a nicely-calculated plot to cover stolen theft from South Sudanese individuals? It's time to let the individuals of South Sudan know who their real enemies are. Individuals like Rizik Dominic, Ashraf Cardinal, Kur Ajing and Trinity Power little know Akol Ayii are the actual enemies of South Sudan's peace, improvement and improvement. They’re the cause why our officials and army forces in the South Sudan Individuals's Protection Forces (SSPDF) haven’t been paid for months. They have hijacked the sweat, blood and tears of South Sudan, who fought tirelessly for higher self-interest on behalf of better South Sudan. They’re turning South Sudanese individuals to our pricey President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

A couple of days after Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth was detached as Petroleum Minister, the on-line newspaper Mail & Guardian in South Africa announced that one of the people in the Sahara power assets, referred to as Njock Ajuk Eyong, who was involved in negotiating the agreement and who really met with the President of the Republic and even took footage with our President, sentenced to felony and fraud. Eyong was sentenced to cash laundering and the occupation of the US Congress. Rizik Dominic has clearly proven his intention to scale back President Salva Kiir Mayardit by condemning and facilitating the conviction of convicted criminals and fraudsters with the President of the Republic by associating him with internationally recognized criminals and fraud. He has destroyed the pure image of the President of the Republic in the eyes of the world. His actions usually are not only a menace to the nicely-being of our beloved President, but in addition to the whole state of South Sudan. South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayard was elected democratically elected leader. He represents our hopes, goals and needs. He’s a logo of state, unity and stability. Subsequently, our collective duty as South Sudan is to ensure that selfish individuals, resembling Rizik Dominic Samuel, usually are not allowed to destroy our beloved president's image and the correct report

Lack of educational qualifications and expertise

In contrast to his predecessor Ustaz Yel Luol Koor, Rizik Dominic does not have the essential educational qualifications and expertise to hold such a delicate place in the heart of the Presidency. This makes her a political duty, which have to be eliminated and changed by a person with educational qualifications, experience and a common understanding of the political, social and financial convergence. An example of facilitating a felony and fraud at a presidential assembly exhibits that Rizik Dominic doesn’t perceive the sensitivity of his place. In any case, he has used his place to make a huge effect on enriching himself and his wives. The place of President and CEO in the President's Office corresponds to the position of the gatekeeper. It’s the duty of the Government Director to coordinate with the related nationwide safety businesses veterinarians and to take care of the background of individuals, especially foreigners, who want to see the President. It is clear that Rizik Dominic failed terribly on this case. He isn’t the proper individual to serve our pricey President as CEO in the President's workplace.

Poor well being

The position of CEO in the CEO's workplace is sort of demanding and challenging at the similar degree. It needs somebody who’s physically fit and wholesome to deal with the pressures which might be notably sensitive. Rizik Dominic suffers from critical sicknesses resembling gout, diabetes and high blood pressure, which makes him incapable of taking over an increasingly demanding position in the government place. The shortage of Rizik Dominic Samuel for his poor health is all the time accused of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. The President of the Republic is an obvious, very busy man. He wants energetic, dedicated and devoted individuals to assist him give his mandate to the individuals of South Sudan.

Violation and Manipulation of the President's Family

Though he publicly described President Salva Kiir as a passionate supporter of Mayard, Rizik Samuel has privately violated the president and his household. Some of his closest associates have mentioned that he describes the "family drunk without the future" of the president's family. He brazenly tells his pals and crowns that "he got the president on the ball and that he would never be the President of the Republic again". Simply as Guptas' brothers used the son of President Jacob Zuma to safe lucrative government contracts and presents from the South African authorities, Rizik Dominic reads seemingly from the similar script. He is ready to use the President and his family for his or her private victories. Rizik has, primarily due to the shameful announcement of the closest associates and buddies of Rizik, proven that he has little question that he has no respect for our pricey president, the presidency institution and the family of our president. Rizik does not deserve the honor of holding the publish of CEO

Time to Go

Pricey President Salva Kiir Mayard is an effective man; type-hearted, loyal, patriotic and selfless. He deeply conveys the individuals of South Sudan and sacrifices their own life and happiness. Likewise, he deserves to serve qualified, qualified and dedicated individuals who order the similar faculty; not self-serving individuals, akin to Rizik Dominic, who use the presidential workplace to enrich themselves and their funeral. It’s clear that Rizik Dominic doesn’t care about the legacy of the president.

He sells land along the river. He has decided to lower the chairmanship of his beloved Salva Kiir Mayardit. Rizik Dominic has served as CEO for the CEO's workplace for almost 5 years. He has accrued wealth outdoors his goals; this prosperity is safely invested in fatty bank accounts, real property and the newest motorcar tops. It has been a superb run for Rizik Dominic, and it’s time for the President of the Republic to let him go and take pleasure in the occasional and robbed once they give others who are selfless, qualified and experienced to serve and assist our beloved president to serve South Sudanese citizens. Mr President, it is time to let Rizik Dominic go. he is ashamed of your good identify and your good intentions, the Presidency and the Republic of South Sudan.

Gelbeny Majok Lual is the writer and commentator of the current social, financial and political points in South Sudan. She might be reached at

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