The Vault Allure Experience Festival in Jersey City Respects the Past (Woodstock) While Looking to the Future

Vault Allure


Singer Vivian Sessoms performs with guitarist James Mastron and different musicians at the Vault Allure Experience Festival in Jersey City on August 10. vaulted bridge on historic Holland Road in Jersey City Heights August 10, I was transported to a magical social gathering of music, spoken word, dance and group. The third and final summer time's free Vault Allure Experience Festival, referred to as "Woodstock Reimagined," was in full swing, filled with young and previous, with their telephones and in an immediate. As the sun went down, Downright Iridescent, the foremost character and house band, played alternate versions of songs from the 1969 Woodstock Festival to have fun their 50th anniversary.

Co-Producers Kern Weissman (Riverview Neighborhood Association), musician Walter Parks. and Parks' spouse Margo have redeveloped the space next to Palisade Avenue and north of Riverview-Fisk Park with the help of main sponsor Nokia Bell Labs. If Vault Allure and RNA producers and volunteers attain their destination, Holland Road will stay a public area to unite the numerous group of Jersey City.

“Our goal was to turn the underutilized area into an art festival with unexpected music genres. and weaving dance, film, poetry and technology exhibitions, ”Walter Parks stated in a current interview. “The engaging facet (Holland Road) is the cobblestone road. When the musicians come here, they are saying, "This feels like Europe." Everyone says the similar factor: You allow the triangle area for just a moment.

"It was unused and the county was closed. And because I spent so many years touring Europe, that street reminded me of the streets of Germany, Italy and Spain. I thought this would be the perfect venue for a concert under the bridge."

CINDY STAGOFF [19659003] At the Walter Parks Vault Allure Experience Festival.

He advised that he and his wife "came to a crossroads about five years ago. This neighborhood could be more of a mind. Should we leave or the hunter down and make it more to our liking?" the latter, and I feel we’ve got made the right selection, and that is the selection we inspired from other individuals, whether or not you live in North Carolina or Jersey City. Make your city what you want it to be, because the reality is that the individuals there individuals.

"We gave live shows in our house. We lived in an previous constructing, the place they made statues for the Catholic Church on Congress Road in the heights. And it went nicely for about 4 years … and we had a implausible turnout. We would have liked another farm, so we partnered with the Riverview Neighborhood Affiliation utilizing Holland Road. “

Their partnership started in 2016 and the occasion was named Vault Allure in 2017 with one live performance. The organizers organized three live shows in 2018.

On August 10, Downright Iridescent performed an exceptionally gifted collection of artists led by music director Walter Parks (Richie Havens, Swamp Cabbage, The Nudes), James Mastro (The Bongos, Mott the Hoople, Ian Hunter's Rant Band) and Dane Johnson on guitars; Vivian Sessoms (Pink, Joe Cocker) in track; Orion Turre drums; Larry Heinemann (Blue Man Group, Karyn Kuhl Band) on bass; Bryan Beninghove (founder and CEO of Riverview Jazz) with keyboards and soprano and Doug Beavers trombone.

Sitting in a circle and dealing with each other, musicians played blasphemous variations of the Woodstock classics, together with Jefferson Airplane "Somebody Loves", Who "See Me, Know Me", Sly and Perunkivi's "Everyday People", Mountain's "Mississippi Queen", Joan Baez's "We Will Win", Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" (lead vocalist of Sessoms), Janis Joplin's "A Piece of My Heart", Joe Cocker's "With the Help of My Little Friend", Canned Heat's "On the Way Again" and Santana's "Soul".

The relationship between the parks and Haven, which served as the opening screening for Woodstock Festival, is deep, Havens advised her that "Jersey City was a" cool place to reside with Victorian homes, "Parks said." I purchased a house around the nook and still reside there. " .

Walter and Margo Parks curate re-interpreted Woodstock songs utilizing music formats as a template, "but the structures were stretched. and stuck on, ”said Mastro, another proud Jersey City resident and owner of Guitar Bar Drum Den in the city. “The pace was slowed down or picked up. Hip-hop career was hung here and there. It was like putting a stupid putty on a piece and then seeing how it could be stretched for a few decades to make it look and sound like something else. "


Musicians carry out at the Vault Allure Music Festival. In Jersey City, August 10.

The band's renditions have been putting and sometimes hypnotic. The audience responded strongly to "We Shall Overcome" (see video under), a feeling many of us now have. As the band played an instrumental version of the music spoken, many members of the audience have been visibly on the move.

Downright Iridescent is "a live soundtrack band in ambient rock," Parks stated. "The band members always put themselves on the tour because the sheet music that guides each musician limits only the songs on the songs, not the inflexible practices."

He defined that musicians depend on his notebooks to management transfers on the fly. totally different elements of the track. This requires plenty of focus and not all musicians are match for function, he stated.

In his opinion, the "surrounding public" loves this spontaneous course of. "The audience is now sharing the feeling of the power of a live band – a feeling traditionally experienced only by musicians," he stated.

Throughout some songs, performers carried out with musicians. , together with John Trigonis, who shared the spoken phrase; Shannon Grant and Laurel Mangini, dancers from the Jersey City Ballet who performed in en Pointe; and Kat Alexander, who shared her nice power in her juggler and dance.

The Andrea Brachfeld Quartet of Stars additionally entertained the audience. The band features Brachfeld (jazz and Latin flutist and resident of Jersey City), pianist Amina Figarova, bassist Lincoln Goines and drummer Robby Ameen. varieties – classical music, ballet and opera. Vault Allure has observed that such types get attention – once they in any other case wouldn’t – once they emerge in modern types corresponding to digital music. Due to the funding and administrative efforts of RNA and Kern Weissman, these types are made obtainable to the public free of charge. "

Mastro, who begins the tour with Mott Hoople again in October, stated," What Walter, Margo, Kern and the remainder of the Riverview Neighborhood Affiliation have built with Vault. Allure is a big telescope that’s folded back into itself. It's not about different worlds, it's about helping individuals focus much nearer – the group we stay in. I watch them extra as the researchers attempt mixing totally different elements underneath that cobblestone hall to see what explodes, what turns into gold, what new shade could be created, what new music could be sung.

“It's ambitious, creative, and inspiring to be a part – because even viewers become part of the performance. Why they do it, I don't know. Maybe for them it's like breathing – if they hadn't done it, they'd feel like we'd all die. And they are right. ”


Dancer and Juggler at the Kat Alexander Vault Allure Experience Festival, Jersey City, August 10.

As the solar went down, surrealistic views of sunshine bounced off the partitions, illuminating the artists, the stone partitions behind them, and the vaulted ceiling underneath the bridge in psychedelic streams of colour. It was awesome; I experienced them with the similar respect that I really feel as I stare at the fireworks. Mixed with psychedelic music and lightweight tasks, it had a captivating and soothing impact.

Janet Juen-Gourley, Joe Waks and Andrew Kihs have been masters of projection, casting a spell. In addition to rotating the Woodstock Period data, at the starting of the pageant DJ Preskool additionally controls the projected photographs under the vault.

Founded in 1983, the RNA, a voluntary nonprofit group, was primarily organized to "combat unwanted and irresponsible development that threatens the Palisades rocks on which Heights sits," Weissman says. Former member of the RNA Board of Administrators, he now chairs the Organizational Events Committee and the Improvement and Planning Committee.

In the 1980s, RNA defended accountable improvement by "countering mass denunciation of property" and by combating "unwanted upswing," Weissman stated. In Jersey City. ”

Dedicated to constructing a group, a non-profit group supports artwork exhibitions and sponsorship.” In 2013, RNA and other group teams worked to get Jersey City officially acknowledged as the Heights of the Riverview Arts District by an astonishing variety of artists, musicians, / of the ladies who reside and own real property in Heights, Weissman stated, "At the coronary heart of all RNA events is the perception that occasions must be free and accessible to all … free, high-quality artwork events build a group paternity and join neighbors in an efficient method.

"Our long-term aim for Holland Road is an entire historic road restoration, together with restoration of Belgian blocks, wall repairs, historically applicable lighting, landscaping, murals and access to the stairs of Ogden Avenue. Festival in Jersey City, Aug. 10.

" Va. the pageant hit heavily… the foremost objectives of our organization. In the future, RNA hopes to facilitate underground dance parties, theater, food festivals and other events on Holland Road. ”

He added that Vault Allure occasions can’t be carried out with out new and recurring volunteers all our logistics help us. "

Parks needs to host additional Vault Allures products in different cities." It's a good service and a useful model for other neighborhoods. We are considering doing one in St. Louis and one in Savannah, GA. aupunkeja and I strongly connected to them. Both have race and cultural challenges, and we would like to do our part to positively influence them. way. "

Still contemplating Vault Allure, he stated," I love the element of surprise. It is not led by any artist. I want people to be excited and believe that something wonderful and enjoyable is happening. When we go to the beach, there are no signs that say "You will notice the sunset at 6pm." you’re about to see a log fly ”or that you simply see a sea turtle. The wind feels good in your face. & # 39; It's going to be beautiful, even if it rains. & # 39;

"The occasion is beyond my expectations. I just want individuals to be inspired to do extra in their lives, I would like them to feel good at the second and say, 'Life is value dwelling and this can be a incredible neighborhood.'

"And once the vault is done, I want people to feel like going home and working on reading, ballet or photography, or decisive new mathematics, just make the world better. "I would like to make a greater place for me." "

Parks plans to organize a winter storage for the Treasurer at Jersey City Corridor. Contact Margo Parks at or Weismann at for extra details about an upcoming occasion, donation or volunteering.

Parks has a number of upcoming dates for his "Illegal Confrontation" venture, including one at the Jersey City Fox & Crow occasion on August 28th. He describes this venture as "a re-imagining of the spirit and the songs they inspired," which he did with Sessoms, Steven Williams and Chris Parks. For extra info, go to


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