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WWE Extreme Rules 2019 – OWW

July 14, 2019

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Results: Roy Nemer and

The WWE Extreme rules start with a video packet that jumps into the occasion. 19659002] We see that Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre go back as a video packet of their No Holds Barred match at Undertaker and Roman Reigns.


No Holds Barred – Undertaker and Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre] Out involves Shane McMahon on the ring first when he’s declared one of the best on the earth. Her tag workforce associate Drew McIntyre is in the next round.

Roman Reigns comes out of the ring. Undertaker's Gong is heard when the lights go off. He makes his means into the ring and takes out the hat and the mine.

All 4 males are in the ring. The sound “Undertaker” sings from the gang. The bell rings and we're on.

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre begin the match. Each males change the fitting hand, the Roman upper belt. He goes to Samoa's drop, however Drew's stomach on his stomach. He throws Roman into the nook and starts stomping when Shane is tagged. Shane kicks and punches when Roman gets out of the nook.

Upper Roman when he throws Shane into the nook. Roman with one other rope as he begins to punch Shane. He appears at The Undertaker, grabs Shane's arm and the tags The Undertaker.

Undertaker with proper palms adopted by shoulder block and leg loss. He's going to motion, however Shane leaves. Undertaker turns Shane's hand as he rises to another rope, however Shane together with his right hand. Composer in the corner and Shane extra actual arms, but he throws Shane into the corner. Undertaker Boxing Shane drops. The Undertaker's clothesline. He grabs Shane's arm and climbs the second and third rope as he goes to the old-fashioned and descends. Shane goes down when Drew McIntyre is tagged.

Two males go nose to nose when Drew calculates his first proper hand and second hand. Undertaker, who has the appropriate to own, when each males change with the fitting hand. The Drew clothesline takes The Undertaker to the highest line, but he descends on his ft. Undertaker grabs out of Drew and closes him on the tire. He puts Drew again within the ring when he gets into the ring and drops to Drew. He goes to the deck, but solely two figures.

Roman Reigns is labeled with the proper hand Roman. Roman, who has garments on Drew, which is at the corner. Roman runs into ropes and large boot takes Drew out. Roman with the correct hand for Shane. Drew sends him to the rope when Shane lowers the top rope and Roman drops out. Undertaker grabs a steel chair when Shane rises on the ramp.

Drew throws Roman into the steel levels. He throws Roman again into the ring as Shane slowly walks again to the ring. Drew with suplex. He goes to the courtroom, but Roman kicks.

Shane McMahon is labeled with a neck breaker Drew. Shane goes to the deck, however Roman leaves. Fane by Shane, because she goes back to the deck, but Roman kicks off. Drew is back in. Drew is in the correct hand, but Roman has blocked it, nevertheless, to the top of Drew's stomach. He goes to the deck, but Roman leaves. Drew's arm

Roman Reigns fights it together with his proper hand, but Drew sends him to the nook. Drew's forearm. He runs in the course of Rome, which left the corner, but Roman descends to Samoa's drop when each males are down. Drew runs in the direction of Romania, however Roman moves and Drew first hits his shoulder. Shane and The Undertaker are tagged in. The Undertaker's proper hand when he clears the home. Shane is thrown right into a nook adopted by a splash.

Undertaker with an enormous boot with Shane McMahon. Drew is thrown out of the apron as a result of Shane is on the clothesline. Undertaker stares outdoors the bulletin board. He goes outdoors and begins to seek out out the bulletin board. Undertaker leaves for the final journey when Elias hits the Undertaker with guitar. Roman Reigns with Right Hand Elias. The Roman spins towards Elias, but the Claymore kick McIntyre takes out Roman.

Elias grabs the guitar and hits the Undertaker, but Undertaker grabs Elijah when Drew hits the Undertaker with a Claymore kick. All three men begin planning when Shane controls visitors. Elias and Drew pull Undertaker and put him in a bulletin board. Shane McMahon will get back to the ring and climbs the highest rope. He jumps out of the top rope and descends to the Undertaker when both men go through the desk.

Drew McIntyre and Elias pull Undertaker and throw him into the ring. Shane continues to drive visitors once they place an angle on the other aspect of the Undertaker. Shane grabs the trash once they place it on Undertaker's face. Shane rises to the other prime rope when she goes to the coast. He mocks the Undertaker with a sore throat and jumps. He drops it to the Undertaker. Superman drives outdoors of Rome to Elias, however Drew hits Rome

Shane pulls Undertaker in the midst of the ring, however Undertaker sits. Undertaker with chokeslam. Elias gets to her ring and chokeslam. Undertaker appears on the digital camera and cuts the cucumber when McIntyre stands behind him. The Spike of Rome Out at Any McIntyre. Roman and The Undertaker stare at each other. Roman throws Shanen Undertaker as he descends into a tombstone.

Winners: Undertaker and Roman Reigns

After the match, The Undertaker seems to be at Roman Reigns and provides him a small stroke as a sign of respect. Roman Reigns leaves the ring as The Undertaker's music tracks. He stands in the midst of a ring with fans as an applause. He kneels down when darkish blue lights hit. He gets up and leaves the ring.

Becky Lynch stands behind Seth Rollins. Two are asked about their matches tonight. Seth says they know what's at stake, they usually're in the town's brother's love, Philadelphia, PA. Becky says Philly considers it excessive. Seth says final night time to stroll across the city and that was the thought of ​​purchasing. There’s a crack in the dungeon like crack Corbin tonight. Becky asks what it will be in the event that they made a statue of Lacey Evans.

Seth says that the match is tonight's Extreme rules, these motivations and options. Becky says the only choice they don't have is to lose.

Uncooked Tag Staff Championship Match – Revival (c) vs. Usos

Scott Dawson and Jimmy Uso start the match. Virtually a drop in Jimmy instantly, however Scott kicks. Both men are staring down and changing their arms. Jimmy's right hand when he gets to the nook of Scott. Jey's in. He leaves the deck, but Scott wins it shortly. Each men get again when Scott kicks Jey and Wilder are tagged in. Jimmy is tagged and the double group Usos takes Wilder out.

Usos leaves for the superpot, but Wilder slips out of the ring. Usos goes for a double suicide dive, however Revival throws them out. The wake comes again to the ring when Usos throws them out and Usos jumps excessive line to Revival. Jimmy and Wilder come again to the ring when Scott is tagged. Jey together with his proper hand as he slides outdoors and Dawson together with his proper hand. They throw Jey right into a barricade. The decide begins to rely when Revival returns to the ring. Jey goes again to the ring and Dawson and Elbow. Wilder is marked with a double workforce. He goes to the deck, however Jey kicks.

Dawson is tagged, but Jey beats Dawson. Each men are down. Wilder hits Jimmy, but Jimmy pours him. The decide is distracted, Jey recognizes Jimmy, but the referee didn't see it. The decide is confused as the Revival assault Jey. Wilder is marked and double Jey. Wilder stomps Jey when Scott is tagged. Scott raises Jey to the top. Scott's blow on the chest. He goes to the suplex, but Jey fights again. Jey punches Scott as he lands on the highest rope and both men fall outdoors.

The decide begins counting down to 10, but Wilder has been tagged and Jimmy is shortly tagged. He goes to the deck, however Wilder leaves. Samoa drop and Dawson, who suffers from the Samoan drop. Wilder sits down with a bomb. He goes to the deck, however Jimmy kicks. Dawson is tagged in. Jimmy double kick for both men. Jimmy, who had a corkscrew out of the highest rope, as Jey has labeled. Double staff at Dawson. Jey goes to the deck, however Dawson leaves.

Jey goes to the superpot but Dawson blocks it. He descends to a stroke on Jey. He goes to the deck, but Jey kicks. Dawson raises JEy with an upper rope and a blow to her chest. Wilder is labeled Dawson's superplex. Nice splash from Wilder. He goes to the deck, but Jimmy with an enormous splash. Jey leaves the deck, but Dawson breaks it.

Jey and Wilder are legal men when all 4 males are within the ring. All 4 are starting to battle when Jimmy is lastly tagged in. Dawson pulls Jey out. Wilder tags Dawson and The Shatter Machine.

Winners: The Revival

A video package deal that jumps towards Cesaro towards Aleister's black air

Cesaro vs. Aleister Black

The bell rang and we're on. Black goes black mass but Cesaro geese. He pushes the Black corner when both men change hits. Cesaro, with a again drop. Cesaro will get impartial, however Black turns him and Cesaro descends. Cesaro sits like Black. Aleister doesn't like it when both males begin preventing and Cesaro goes out. Black from another rope in black to take heed to the surface.

Black sits down and looks at Cesaro. He sends Cesaro back to the ring. Black with double knees out of one other rope. He goes to the deck, however Cesaro starts. Black and fired take Cesaro out. Cesaro rises up and Cesaro's proper hand, followed by an elbow. Black fights back, however Cesaro pushes him out. Cesaro throws the black again into the ring. Cesaro with a springboard. He leaves the deck, however Aleister Black leaves. Black fights again and gets out of it, however Cesasro's garments. She goes over the duvet however Black begins. Cesaro advanced nut spanner. She goes over the duvet however Black starts. Cesaro's elbow adopted by double Stomp. She goes over the duvet however Black begins. Black leaves it. Black jumps out of one other rope and descends to the moon. Both males returned and Black kicked their ft, adopted by the fitting hand. Black with kicks, but Cesaro with higher. Black kicks Cesaron away and goes double into his knees, but Cesaro takes him, he throws black into the air and goes to the deck. Two chapters in black attain the ropes.

The correct forearm of Cesaro, followed by the higher. He goes to the opposite aspect, however Black turns it again when Cesaro starts. Cesaro jumps from the middle rope, however Black hits him on his knees. He goes to the deck, however Cesaro begins. Cesaro grabs black and throws him out. Black with ring binder but with Cesaro kick. Black back to the ring, Cesaro goes to the deck, however Black turns it into a cover when Cesareo begins. Aleister Black's foot when Cesaro tries to get into the ropes. Cesaro turns it into a sharp tip. Cesaro turns it across. Black leaves it by hitting the Cesaro thigh. He turns it on the deck, however Cesaro kicks. Black kneeling when each men are down.

Bothm I don't rise up and Black, however Cesaro from above alone. Cesaro goes to the neutralizer, however black goes after Cesaro's knee. A black knee, adopted by a black mass, leaves the deck and gets a pin.

Winner: Aleister Black

R-Fact is in the background of Carmella with Maverick Needed Poster. In Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. R-Fact asks Nikki if he's seen Hornswoggle. He says sure, on the left. Coming to Carmella, who takes R-Fact off.

Alexa receives Nikki as a gift. She opens it and it is Alexa Bliss and Nikki t-shirt. The 2 drowned, like NXT-tag champion Road Income, are operating in. They apologized for the interruption and ask when Alexa will turn into the new Smackdown Ladies's Champion, the place the celebration is? Alexa tells about Smackdown's female masters. They ask him if he's critical and Nikki says sure. Nikki exhibits them a t-shirt once they start laughing. Nikki says she and Alexa would do something for each other and develop into the first Smackdown ladies champions. Nikki and Alexa Walking Out

Smackdown Ladies's Championship Match – Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross begins the match. Alexa is labeled fast and Bayley takes it down. Alexa together with your proper hand when Nikki is tagged. Bayley drops over Nile on the highlands. He goes to the deck, however Nikki leaves. Nikki kicks her abdomen when Alexa is tagged. Bayley throws outdoors Niko. He throws Nikki back. Alexa pushes Bayley out of the ring camp when Bayley bounces for the primary time on the lap steps.

Alexa Bliss grabs Bayley and hits her behind. He throws Bayley into the ring and goes to the deck, but Bayley leaves. Alexa throws into Bayley's nook and Nikki is tagged. Nikki beats Bayley and Alexa is tagged. Alexa stomps together with her Nikki is tagged in. Nikki Stomps is in Bayley and Alexa is tagged.

Nikki with a hand bar. He goes to the deck, but Bayley leaves. Niki's Chief. Bayley leaves and sends out to Nike. Bayley leaves the baseball, however Nikki pulls out the duvet for the Extreme Rules. Bayley is caught between the tire and the covers. Nikki identifies Alexa as Alexa goes out and beats Bayley. He throws Bayley into the ring.

Alexa Bliss goes to the deck, however Bayley leaves. He goes to the opposite aspect, however as soon as again Bayley leaves. Alexa sends Bayley into the corner and hit her. Nikki is tagged in. Nikki puts Bayley's effort and stomp on the wooden. Alexa is tagged in. Alexa climbs up the rope and grabs the Bayley arm and punches her. Ultimately, Bayley leaves and hits Nikk out of the ring. Alexa, headed by Bayley. Alexa slams Bayley's head first on the carpet.

Bliss with two knees. He goes to the deck, but the grasp strikes out. Alexa goes to the best hand, but Bayley blocks it and hits Alexa together with his right hand. Alexa with an elbow adopted by a kick on the face. Alexa runs into ropes, but Bayley's clothesline. He runs into ropes and suicide dives take Nikki out. Bayley returns to the tire apron and captures Alexa between the ropes. He goes to the deck, however Alexa kicks. Bayley Spears Alexa at an angle when Nikki is tagged. He tells Alex about Nike.

Bayley, with foot down Nikki. He goes to a locked leg lock in the midst of the tire. Alexa goes to break it, but Bayley gets her crossed. Alexa bites Bayley when Bayley leaves Alexa, however Alexa hits Bayley to break the present. Nikki elbow on face. He climbs another rope and the twister DDT takes Bayley. He goes to the deck, but Bayley leaves. The second cowl, but once more Bayley leaves. Alexa is tagged in. Alexa climbs up the rope, she goes to Tornado Bliss, but Bayley gets her knees up. Nikki is tagged in. He hits the highest line, but Bayley will get him on his knees. Bayley climbs uphill and descends to the elbow.

Winner: Nonetheless WWE Smackdown Champion of Ladies, Bayley

Last Man Standing Match – Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley

Strowman will get into a hoop run when Lashley goes after him but Strowman throws him on prime rope. Strowman throws Lashley right into a barricade. Strowman throws Lashley into the ring when the referee calls for a ball. Huge splash from Strowman by Lashley. The decide starts counting Lashley as a roll. Strowman will get out of the ring and the shoulder is lacking when Lashley goes down. Strowman runs around the ring, however this time Lashley hits her with a spear.

Bobby Lashley is again on his ft as Strowman rises slowly. Lashley throws Strowman into the play levels. Lashley grabs the ring levels and hits Strowman's head with them when the referee starts to fall. He reaches 4 before Strowman's backup. Lashley strikes him again as Strowman falls over the barricade and the WWE universe. Strowman's right hand, however Lashley grabs the chair and hits Strowman behind it. Two are preventing alongside the stairs as Lashley goes after the rib.

Two struggles for merchandise. Lashley oversees the match when he sends Strowman to the cement wall. Together with your proper hand, Lashley. Safety by holding the followers again when Lashley throws them. Lashley goes to the suplex, but Strowman blocks it. Strowman raises Lashley and sends him to the merchandise. The decide will rely seven when Lashley rises. Strowman's proper hand underneath Lashey falls on the ground.

Strowman with the appropriate hand when each males struggle down the stairs in the direction of the ring area

. An ideal begin to Strowman takes Lashley out. The decide begins to rely when Strowman tells followers to maneuver away. She passes by way of the fans, runs and the large shoulder prevents Lashley. Strowman raises Lashley, however Lashley descends. Lashley spears Strowman by means of the barricade when it falls and both males fall outdoors the ring. The decide begins his payments, however both males get again.

Lashley's right hand to Strowman's rib. Lashley drives Strowman to the tire. The decide begins to rely, however Strowman rises. Lashley slams Strowman's head into the tire apron. Lashley travels around the Strowman ring and shoulder blocks over the German bulletin board. Lashley turns the bulletin board on and off Strowman. The decide begins to rely, but Strowman rises to 9 and Lashley is in disbelief.

Strowman goes via the WWE universe. Lashley runs, jumps over to the barricade, but Strowman keeps him closed and Strowman throws Lashley into a world bulletin board. The decide will rely eight when Lashley rises. Strowman's proper hand, but Lashley hits her rib. Lashley hits Strowman with rubbish. The correct hand of Strowman and Lashley falls. Strowman's kick on the face adopted by the proper hand. Fans sing "This is great" when Strowman beats Lashley's face.

Two begin the struggle up the stairs. Lashley throws the fan at Strowman as Strowman throws him away. Lashley together with your proper hand. Strowman hits Lashley's chair. Two are exchanging the suitable arms. Strowman raises Lashley and jumps off the second degree by means of the table. Followers sing "ECW" when the referee starts to rely. Strowman hits the wall when the referee drops to 10 and Strowman wins.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Charlie is in the background with AJ types along with Gallows and Anderson. The types say Gallows and Anderson are like brothers and Ricochet was on their approach once they began taking individuals down. Types say that Ricochet will probably be a huge WWE celebrity, however what he takes away from him is his US championship. And it's two candy like three too sweet each other and stroll away.

Smackdown Tag Championship – Daniel Bryan and Rowan (c) vs. New Day vs. Heavy Machines

Xavier Woods and Daniel Bryan start off. Woods operating elbow. Tucker recognizes himself to Bryan. Tucker with shoulder. Rowan is for Tucker. Rowan with clothesline on Woods. She runs into ropes and an enormous splash. He goes to the deck, but Woods leaves. The knee behind Rowan's Xavier Woods, which then locks into the top lock. Woods will get out, however Rowan throws him into the nook. Bryan is tagged once they doubles Woods.

Daniel Bryan carries Woods in his eyes and penetrates his legs. Rowan is tagged in. Rowan with pump handle. Rowan hits Huge E out of the ring. Bryan sends Huge E to the steel levels. Xavier, who was in Rowan inzighur, returned to the ring.

Woods, who has fallen from one other rope and both males are down. Bryan is tagged and it's Otis. Otis was sporting a clothesline followed by a spinner. Bryan leaves the kick, however Otis throws the Bryan ring. Otis with splashes at Bryan corner. Otis and caterpillar. Tucker is tagged once they double Daniel Bryan. He goes to the deck, but Bryan kicks.

Massive E is marked for Bryan. Massive E with a stomach on his abdomen with Tucker. Massive E with a splash, but Tucker gets on his knees. Otis is tagged in. Otis raises Massive E to suplex and Tucker, which has a cross piece off. Otis goes to the deck, but Rowan breaks it. Rowan modified with Slam to Tucker. Everyone outdoors when Rowan takes Woods out. Bryan, who has a flying knee off the tire apron, takes Woods out. Massive E sends Rowan back outdoors. With the Danes within the ring, Massive E smells like Bryan ropes and out of doors.

Otis stands within the ring. Otis runs in the direction of the rope, stops, runs via the ropes, the tire apron and jumps on them. Tucker climbs the upper rope and the cross piece outdoors Massive E and Rowan. Tucker sends Huge E to the ring and The Compactor. Otis goes to the deck, however Woods breaks it.

Otis and Tucker's Twin Group for Woods. In comes Rowan, but they assault him. Heavy machine double splash on Rowan. A number of massive splashes from both males at Rowan nook. They carry Rowan on prime. Heavy Equipment climbs on another rope and goes to the suplex. Huge E comes in and closes Heavy Machinery. Bryan appears to be signifying himself.

Rowan was still coiled. Huge E with superplex. Bryan jumps off the top rope and neckline for Huge E. He gets a La Belle lock for Massive E in the ring. Massive E pulls himself beneath the bottom when Bryan breaks it. Bryan, who has a kick within the chest, however Huge E doesn't look step-by-step. Massive E standing when Bryan hit him. He hit him again, but Huge E nonetheless stands. Huge E's clothesline takes Bryan out.

Massive E picks up Bryan when Woods is tagged.

Winners: New WWE Smackdown Stay Workforce Staff Champions, New Day

Backstage, we see all six new day members. Coming to Paul Heyman, who grabs the microphone and goes on stage. He presents himself. Heyman says concerning the report, he’s Philadelphia as a crowd of crowds. Two, he's the entire excessive concept. And he might be indignant if he leaves the town in an extreme present with out being a part of history. So here's your head up, spoiler. Tonight right here, in that ring, his shopper Brock Lesnar pays the cash in a bank contract. And he has the distinction and privilege of leaving the town with either a WWE champion or a Common Champion, Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman says he would make a boyfriend of a dumb bitch prematurely. You need to ask if he informed the reality or is he Paul Heyman? He throws a microphone and leaves.

United States Championship – Ricochet (c) vs. AJ Types with Gallows and Anderson

Ricochet will get into the ring, but before the referee can play the clock, Gallows and Anderson attack him. AJ types name them out. The bell rings and AJ pushes Ricochet into the nook and spins on him. Ricochet fights again together with his proper hand. Drop kick Ricochet as AJ slides into a hoop of apron by grabbing ropes. Ricochet approaches AJ on AJ's journey to Ricochet. AJ slides outdoors. Ricochet, with a kick on the face and Ricochet's Ring Apron Off for AJ Types from the surface

Anderson disturbs Ricochet when AJ hits him. AJ gets into the ring and breaks down the referee. AJ throws Ricochet's shoulder first into a ring publish. AJ throws Ricochet into the ring. AJ's blow to chest at Ricochet's nook. AJ with feedback. He goes to the deck, however Ricochet leaves. AJ's head, however Ricochet gets out.

Ricochet, having the suitable palms and boxers, however AJ together with his personal right hand. Ricochet with Inzighuri. Ricochet closes AJ's head to the turning circle. Ricochet flies to the highest of a rope and flying clothesline. Ricochet off the upper rope and touchdown at Anderson and Gallows. Ricochet will get again into the ring and listens to another rope. He goes to the deck, however AJ leaves. Ricochetin suplex. He leaves the deck, however AJ leaves again.

AJ goes again, Ricochet will get uphill, however AJ catches him and closes his knees to Ricochet's neck. AJ holds his knees. He goes to Types Conflict, but Ricochet pushes AJ into the nook. Ricochet grabs AJ, but AJ turns it right into a suplex that robs Ricochet's nook. He goes to the deck, however Ricochet kicks.

AJ raises Ricochet on his shoulders, but Ricochet lands on his ft and gets coated, however AJ kicks. AJ falls on Ricochet's carpet. He goes to the deck, but Ricochet leaves. AJ goes to Types Clash, but Ricochetlands is on his ft. With AJ kick, he will get over the ring. AJ goes to the exceptional forearm, Ricochet's request, AJ slams Ricochet's face. He goes to the deck, but Ricochet starts.

AJ types go to Types Clash, however Ricochet turns it into a cover, however AJ starts. I crossed the helmet to Ricochet when both males received up. A kick above AJ types. Each males get again, but AJ. He goes to the deck, but Ricochet kicks.

The types increase Ricochet and place him in the prime flip. AJ's right hand, climbing on one other rope. Ricochet hits AJ down. The types are rising quick, but Ricochet closes AJ.Ricochet rises back to the top rope, and the firing level presses the rope. He goes to the deck, but AJ's foot is slightly below the ropes. Anderson grabs the decide and exhibits him the AJ's leg. The decide violates the calculation.

Ricochet climbs the highest rope and Anderson is the Apron. Ricochet hits Anderson. The decide is confused when Gallows triggers Ricochet at the prime. When Ricochet hanged on the rope, AJ climbs the second rope and hits Types Clash.

Winner: New US Champion, AJ Types

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Watches. Ziggler strikes Owens as Owens hits a tremendous.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match, Owens says to Smackdown saying that every time Shane calls himself the perfect on the planet, it makes everybody sick. And he stands by what he stated. He was waiting here utterly tonight, and he was interrupted or even fired. The truth is that if Shane hadn't been with a conflict legal, it may need occurred. But he lives to see one other day, because after the tombstone Piledriver, he speaks for himself, all in the locker room, area and home, Shane McMahon can kiss his ass and go straight to hell.

WWE Championship Match – Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Samoa Joe

Kalya is the cornerstone of Samoa River. He says he's right here to cease Kofi. And he knows all the new-day members are dreaming to go away the world master, however it's a nightmare as a result of he's a new WWE champion.

The bells are ringing and we're on. The river's clothesline takes the grasp. Samoa Joe together with his proper hand when Kofi reaches the corner. Joe's assault alongside Kofi. Samoa Joe travels to Kofi. The fitting arms of the river as he smokes Kofi on the opposite rope. The proper hand of the river, but Kofi together with his personal proper hand. Kofi goes to the rope, but Joe, who has a shoulder block, takes Kofi down.

Joe has taken a snapmare grip, after which he locks. Joe sends Kofi into the nook and hits his neck. He goes to the deck, but Kofi leaves. Each men returned when Kofi started together with his personal arms. Kofin dropping Joe rolls outdoors. Kofi runs into the rope and goes to suicide, but the appropriate hand of the river slows down the master. Joe leaves the deck, but Kofi kicks.

Samoa Joe, who kicked his stomach. Kofi tries to struggle again, however Joe blocks it. Joe grabs Kofi's middle finger and Kofi. Kofi rolls outdoors. Joe grabs Kofi's fingers between two enjoying steps and jumps over the ring levels when Kofi screams. Joe sends Kofi to the ring. Both men come back to the ring, Joe goes to the clothesline, however Kofi to the chest. Kofi, with a drop followed by a flying proper hand

Joe falls into Kofi's ropes, however Kofi lands on his ft. Kofi off the rope with a cross. He goes to the deck, but Joe kicks. Kofi with an higher. He runs into ropes, but Joe is a snap energy. He goes to the deck, but Kofi leaves. Joe, who had a power bomb at Kof, was an STF. Kofi gets her foot at the bottom. Joe taputtaa ja nuhtelee Kofia, mutta Kofi laskeutuu SOS: iin. Hän lähtee kannelle, kun Joe potkaisee.

Kofi Kingston varmuuskopioi, hän juoksee kohti Joeä, mutta Joe lukittuu Coquina-kytkimeen. Kofi saa kulman, kun Joe pudottaa hänet. Joe kanssa slam Kofi. Hän menee kannelle, mutta Kofi lähtee ulos. Joe oikealla kädellä, hän juoksee köysiin, mutta Kofi lyö hänet Paratiisissa.

Voittaja: Still WWE -mestari, Kofi Kingston

WWE Universal, raaka naisten mestaruuden voittajat ottavat kaikki äärimmäiset säännöt – Seth Rollis (c) ja Becky Lynch (c) vs. Corbin ja Lacey Evans

Kellorenkaat ja Becky hyökkäävät Laceyn taakse. Beckyn potku selkärankaan ja kasvoihin. Lacey tekee merkin, kun Corbin ja Seth ovat laillisia. Tulossa Seth, joka menee heti Corbinin jälkeen. Sethin oikea käsi. Corbin rullaa renkaan ulkopuolelle. Corbin menee renkaan alle ja tarttuu kendon kiinni. Hän heiluttaa sen Sethissä, mutta Sethin ankat. Hän osuu Corbiniin, kun keppi putoaa. Corbinin oikea käsi. He throws Seth onto the ring apron as Seth hits him with a kick. Back in the ring, Seth with a sling blade. In comes Lacey with the kendo. She goes to hit Seth however Seth catches her. Becky hits her from behind with a stick of her own.

Each Seth and Becky beat up on Corbin and Evans with kendo sticks. Corbin and Evans roll to the surface. A double baseball, suicide dive by Lynch and Rollins. Seth and Corbin are again in the ring and a chop to the chest by Seth. A forearm by Seth as Corbin goes to the surface. Seth with a suicide dive but Corbin hits him with a chair to the face. Corbin goes for the duvet however Seth kicks out.

Baron Corbin with elbows to the face. Corbin grabs a chair and hits Seth on the again with it. Corbin goes for the duvet but Seth kicks out. Lacey provides Corbin a second and third chair. Corbin units two chairs up next to one another in the ring. He grabs Seth by the throat and goes to chokeslam him however Seth reverses it into a canopy as Corbin kicks out. Seth grabs a chair but Corbin hits Seth. A DDT by Corbin onto the chair. He goes for the duvet however Rollins kicks out.

Corbin hits Seth with a chair to the backbone. Corbin sets a chair up within the nook. He slams Seth’s face into another chair in the ring. Corbin goes for a clothesline however an inzighuri by Rollins. Seth throws Corbin face first into the chair within the corner. Becky Lynch is tagged in.

Becky grabs a chair from beneath the ring. She attacks Lacey with the chair on the surface. She throws Lacey into the barricade. Lacey is thrown back into the ring. Becky grabs a chair and goes to hit Lacey but Lacey kicks the chair away. Becky sends Lacey face first off the chair. Becky sets up two chairs next to one another. Becky with the Becksploder onto the two chairs. The champion in management. Becky climbs the second rope and a leg drop with a chair on prime of Lacey. She goes for the duvet however Evans kicks out.

Lynch climbs the highest rope however Corbin drags Evans away. Rollins with a kick to the face. He throws a chair to Corbin as Corbin catches it. Becky jumps off and a drop kick onto Corbin. Seth and Corbin battle to the surface of the ring. Lacey trips Becky. Lacey with an elbow onto Becky.

Evans climbs the second rope and hits the moonsault. She goes for the duvet however Becky kicks out. Lavey is bleeding from the lip or mouth. Lacey goes for the lady’s rights however Becky goes for the disarm her, Evans turns it into a cover however Becky gets out of it. Becky with a reverse DDT. Seth is tagged in however he Corbin is on the surface of the ring.

Seth Rollins grabs a table from beneath the ring. Rollins and Lynch set up a table on the surface of the ring. Rollins grabs a second table  they usually set it up next to the other one. Corbin with a low blow on Seth as Lacey throws Becky into the barricade. Seth is thrown into the time keeper’s area and Becky into the steel steps.

Baron Corbin and Seth Rollins are the legal males within the match. Corbin throws Seth in the ring and Corbin grabs two kendo sticks. He arms one to Lacey and keeps the other. The two start to hit Seth with the kendo sticks. In comes Becky but a double chokeslam by Corbin and Lacey. Corbin goes for the duvet however Seth kicks out. Lacey throws Becky to the surface and Corbin throws Seth to the surface.

Corbin and Evans carry Rollins up but Rollins falls. In comes Lynch and a double suplex by Rollins and Becky takes Evans and Corbin out. Evans is placed on one table whereas Corbin is positioned on the opposite. Seth climbs the highest rope, Becky from the second rope. Frog splash from Rollins onto Corbin and a leg drop by Lynch onto Evans via the tables.

Rollins throws Corbin back within the ring. Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp however Corbin catches him and powerbombs him. Deep six by Corbin. He goes for the duvet but Becky breaks it up. Lacey will get in the ring however Becky throws her to the surface. Finish of days by Corbin onto Becky as Seth watches. Seth attacks Corbin with the kendo stick. A number of hits as he grabs a chair and begins beating on Corbin. Seth with the Curb Stomp. Evans walks away. Seth with another stomp. Seth with a third stomp. He goes for the duvet and will get the pin.

Winners: Nonetheless champions, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Out comes Lesnar with Paul Heyman and the briefcase. Lesnar will get om the ring and hits Seth with two German suplexes. The referee tells the referee to cash it in. The announcement is made and Lesnar is cashing in the Cash in the Bank.

WWE Common Cash within the Financial institution Match Cash In – Seth Rollins (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

The bell rings. Lesnar with an F5 on Rollins. He goes for the duvet and will get the pin.

Winner: New Universal champion, Brock Lesnar

Kickoff Results:

Shinsuka Nakamura defeated Finn Balor to win the Intercontinental title

Drew Gulak defeated Tony Nese to retain the cruiserweight title.