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WWE Monday evening RAW 07 08 2019

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8. July 2019
Newark, New Jersey
Remark: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Younger
Outcomes: Mike Tedesco,

. Now. Endlessly. "WWE video leads us to the show

Mixed Tag Team Elimination Match
Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins vs. Andrade and Zelina Vega

Becky Lynch starts with Zelina Vega and hits her with two waistline claps before shoulder block him. Lynch stops him making an identification for Andrade and sweeps the stem. Vega fights back, but Lynch strikes her down. Vega moves forward and kicks Lynch's head before turning on DDT for two calculations. Vega triggers her before Lynch turns the whip to the corner. Vega triggers her quickly on her face and strangles Lynch's ropes. Then vega whip around the ropes and apply a few stretches to the ropes for a few minutes. Lynch will soon fight back and join the suplex. Vega rolls fast and marks Andrade.

Seth Rollins will have to get into the match. Rollins and Andrade go face to face. Andrade shakes her before they lock. Rollins opens the arm, but Andrade soon turns it on. They go back and forth to the ropes. Andrade hits the arm, and Rollins fights back with his own hand. They trade a few steps before getting up in a stalemate. Rollins turns through the suplex of the back and descends on their feet. Rollins connects her to the Sling Blade and the clothes lines out of the ring. Rollins combines a couple of suicide dives. Lynch recognizes and hits Vega with Bexploder before shoulder blocking him. Lynch applies Dis-Arm-Her to remove Vega.

Becky Lynch eliminates Zelina Vega's posting. Lynch goes out and robs Evans through the crowd! Rollins breaks it and pulls Lynch back.

-Commercial Break

We'll be back for a break so Andrade would take Rollins down. Lynch is still in the apron despite the fact that he is not legally eligible for the match because Vega has been removed. Vega is holding her hand in her hand. Andrade takes Rollins down and kicks him in two chapters. Andrade applies the jaw lock, but Rollins fights quickly. Andrade kneels to him and connects to the bucket slam. Andrade goes to the top, but Rollins cuts off. Andrade fights him and puts him in the wood. Andrade hits a double carpet near the fall. Andrade goes to three Amigo, but Rollins calculates the third suplex as a poisonous arrow near the fall.

Rollins fights back to Andrad and tears him. Andrade drops him out, but Rollins pierces him before hitting, flying on his knees close to the fall. Rollins leaves the top rope, but Andrade drops him to the floor. Andrade disturbs the judge, so Vega hits Hurrican as DDT. Lynch jumps from the apron and hits Vega on the forearm. Lynch pierces her until Andrade pulls her away. Rollins fights him and checks at Lynch. Lynch nourishes Rollins off the road and takes a piece of shoulder from Andrade!

Andrade fights against Rollins and sends her ribs first to barricade. Andrade gets him into the ring and hits the running double knee near autumn. Rollins roll out of the ring. Vega leaves the flying hurricanran apron, but Rollins catches her. Rollins is at Vega Lynch. Andrade quickly rolls the baseball with Rollins and charges the dive, but Rollins launches him. Rollins quickly reaches the ring and hits Stomp!

Winners of Pinfall: Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

Rollins and Lynch celebrate the ramp up. Baron Corbin is attacked by Rollins. Lynch waves in Corbin a few times, but he's back. Lacey Evans comes out and gives Lynch the right woman. Corbin continues on Rollins before going out of Evans.

Paul Heyman then comes in a nice reception. Heyman looks at Rollins for suggestion, perhaps Brock Lesnar comes in cash at the bank.

– Commercial Break

Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans are in the background. Corbin says it was too easy. Love makes people blind. They talk about how each other's title affects their relationship. Evans says the pair is not a property; it is a duty.

Ring Poster presents Paul Heyman. Heyman says: ". Women and gentlemen, my identify is Paul Heyman, and for me I'm Mr. Money has one website in 2019 Brock Lesnar," Heyman says that it is time to get down to business and shoot from the hip. This Sunday is a PPV called Extreme rules. Heyman knows something about the word "extreme." The exhibition comes from Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Heyman knows much about the extreme in Philadelphia. This Sunday in Philadelphia's Extreme Rules, his client Brock Lesnar pays his bank money for a deal with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston or WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. It's not a prediction … it's a spoiler.

Heyman has not violated the spoiler before WrestleMania 30. If he wanted to present some false information, he has created enough credibility that it's time to lie. Heyman has either given us his head on a Sunday event or he has played head games with Rollins and Kingston. Only he knows. Well, another creature knows: former and future champion Brock Lesnar.

Video package: Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley destroy RAW last week

Braun Strowman takes Bobby Lashley in WWE Extreme Rules for the last man's last match.

Miz Makes Her Entrance. He makes a set with The Usos to take Elias and The Revival in 2-out-3 Falls Match.

-Commercial Break-

The crew pours debris as Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre walk up to her. McIntyre says he has heard that this guy is the best garbageman in the world. McMahon says he knows something about the best in the world. The man's name is Tony. McMahon asks how he feels like being a partner of the Roman Reigns character group. Tony doesn't answer. McMahon says he tells him.

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre will pick Roman Reigns and Shane later this evening.

2-out-of-3 Falls Match
Miz and The Usos vs. Elias and The Revival

Scott Dawson begins against Jimmy Uso. Dawson applies the side lock, but Jimmy rusts him. Dawson's shoulder prevents him, but Jimmy will soon return to his arm. Dawson elbows him quickly on face and tags at Elias. Elias pierces Jimmy before kicking her. Elias sends her to ropes and clothes lines. Elias then knock The Miz out of the Apron. The judge keeps Miz back from calling him. Elias punches Jimmy down before slamming the unbeatable bucket. Dash Wilder recognizes in. Miz works and attacks Elias. Miz punches him around the ring until Elias goes out. In the ring The Revival hit Jimmy with the Shatter machine to take the first fall.

Dash Wilder pins Jimmy Uso to rise 1-0.

-Commercial Break-

We'll be back on a break to see another drop start. Jimmy avoids Wilder, but Dawson's tags in. Revival hits the double-guillotine guillotine cover. Dawson continues to attack Jimmy to jump and rob him. Jimmy fights back with the chest. Dawson quickly picks up his leg and takes Jimmy down. Wilder tags and Jimmy's head. Dawson picks up two chapters. Dawson recognizes and uses bears. Elias has not returned to the front movement. Dawson applies a bear hug, but Jimmy fights up and ignores the corner. Wilder quickly marks and strikes Miz away from the apron. Jimmy hits Wilder back.

Jey Uso recognizes a great reception. Jey runs wild Revival. Wilder avoids the Samoan drop and prevents the pot. Jey counters with enzyme. Jey hits a running hip attack before he goes upstairs and hits the cross. Wilder walks around and pulls the pantyhose, but Jey kicks. Jey rolls him two more times. Dawson tags when Jey hits Samoan Drop. Dawson fights with Jey and hits a stroke almost in the fall. Dawson claims with the judge. Jey manages to mark The Miz, which hits Dawson in Skull Crushing Finale to pick up the second fall.

Miz pins by Scott Dawson in series 1-1.

Usos hit Wilder, with stereo knockers before hitting Dawson's stereos. Jimmy picks Wilder with a plancha.

Winners of Pinfall: The Miz and Usos (2-1)

Nikki Cross and Bayley Compete in Beat Clock Challenge Matches Determining Smackdown Women's Championship in Extreme Rules

Drake Maverick has played R-Truth in WWE 24/7 Championship last week at RAW. The videos are then shown from Maverick and his wife Renee Michelle and their abuses with the WWE 24/7 Championship.

Renee Michelle appears in the background. Drake Maverick gets out of the box and asks if the coast is clear. He's upset at Newark's honeymoon. Maverick says he is showing the world what a great 24/7 champion is, and then he shows him how big he is. Tonight she takes her to a dream honeymoon. He said maybe they can complete the marriage. The camera zooms in on elated Maverick. Maverick shout: "I'm finally getting it with my spouse" Maverick then realized that it was a mistake to shout, and several RAW superstars are drifting away.

Rey Mysterio returns and opens

-Commercial Break-

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre talk to a food supplier about their potential partner in Roman Reigns.

Rey Mysterio makes an entrance. Mysterio says he likes short and simple. Six weeks ago, he stood here on his arm and made the hardest thing he ever did during his career: to give up WWE's US championship. They said it would be impossible to come back early, but he rehabilized harder and became hungry. He won the doctor's prediction. Mysterio says he is back and ready to go. Mysterio gives an open challenge to anyone who is listening on the back

Bobby Lashley responds to the challenge. The commentators are shocked because he is able to return as fast as last week.

Rey Mysterio vs. Bobby Lashley

Mysterio is attacking Lashley, who comes to the ring. Lashley drops her off and the bell rings. Mysterio fights with Lashley, but Mysterio returns with DDT. Mysterio drops Lashley in place and hits 619. Mysterio goes uphill, but Lashley captures him with a reverse STO. Lashley then Spears Mysterio to victory.

Winner Pinfall: Bobby Lashley

Lashley continues to attack Mystery and throw him out of the ring. Lashley pulls him on the ramp and looks at the LED wall. Lashley pushes Mysterio up, but the judges rise to stop him. Lashley falls to Mysterion, but he will return soon. Lashley pushes Mysterio up and throws him into the judges. Lashley grabs the microphone and says he was the only standing man last week. On Sunday, against Braun Strowman, he is the last man to stand.

The partner chosen by Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon will take Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyren. If the Undertaker disturbs, he will be removed from the game in the Extreme Rules. We also see that Bayley and Nikki Cross compete in Beat The Clock Challenge matches to determine the condition of Smackdown Women 's Championship match in the Extreme Rules. Alexa Bliss is not here tonight. Finally, we see Ricochet taking Luke Gallows & # 39; s.

The camera looks at Bobby Lashley's massacre

– Commercial break

AJ styles go back to the club. Charly Caruso walks and asks styles why she introduced Ricochet. Styles say he doesn't owe him an explanation. He asks the club if they want to talk, but they just walk away.

Cesaro attacks again last week at RAW.

No Way Jose vs. Cesaro

Cesaro approaches the congaa line and they run out. Jose is trying to attack, but he gets a little rope. Jose returns his leg and sends Cesaro to the barricade before putting him in the ring.

The bell rings and Jose hits back. Jose hits Cesaro, but Cesaro quickly returns to the top. Cesaro upstairs cuts him into the corner and hits the death crane. Cesaro makes Cesaro Swing and turns it into a Sharpshooter.

Winner introduction: Cesaro

NXT Tag team champions Street wins appear on the beatboxing background. Montez Ford says you shouldn't cross Cesaro. Angelo Dawkins says he's connecting to the network. Ford then attaches the Extreme Rules to Roman Reigns and The Undertaker with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyren. According to Dawkins, Undertaker has dug holes and takes souls. They said, "Holes and souls." Ford says Reigns must do it on Sunday because McMahon can choose with any team with Reigns today, even Kawhi Leonard. Then they tell Kerwin about moving to the truck.

Bayley and Nikki Cross are displayed on a shared screen. They talk about the next Beat The Clock Challenge

-Commercial Break-

Video is shown last week when Maria Kanellis said she was pregnant to protect herself from Becky Lynch. Maria then smiled at Mike Kanainen. Throughout this whole period, they increased the false crowd effects that were not heard last week.

Maria Kanellis sits behind the scenes when Mike Kanellis walks with a bouquet of flowers. Mike apologizes last week and says he has not been himself, but he is excited about his second child. Maria says it's ice cream and pickles. Mike can't get him telling him he's gonna get it for him and he gets angry. Mike says he gets a little fat, and he blames him for calling fat. Mike then nervously runs to get ice cream and pickles. Mary is disgusted and says, "What kind of man is triggering a lady?"

Bayley and Nikki Cross talk about Beat Clock Challenge

Michael Cole interviews Bayley and Nikki Cross. Cole says that Alexa Bliss is not here to be able to push the Cross to win so that Bliss can choose Sunday. The Cross says he is the world's weight on his shoulders and owes Bliss. Bayley says Bliss uses Cross. The cross is the reason that Bliss has this rematch and needs to figure out this. Bliss uses Cross to choose an order. The Cross says he's tired of Bayley every week and can't wait to close him.

Cole says Bayley takes Sarah Logan when Nikki Cross takes Dana Brooken. Bayley says Logan is a former member of Riott Squad, but he's not afraid of chaos. Bayley is a champion and wins the clock in extreme rules. The cross says Brooke is stronger and bigger than he is, but he's not harder. The cross has been cut off from his work, but he has to win Brooke Bliss. Cross wins the clock. Cross says: "So Bayley, is played."

Viking Raiders is next.

– Commercial Break

R-Truth and Carmella are looking for Drake Maverick behind the scenes. R-Truth looks for occasional places like a small box. R-Truth wants her baby back and is worried that she is feeding the 24/7 championship and not showing her "horror films". Suddenly Drake Maverick runs with his many RAW superstars running. Carmella says she follows them, but R-Truth goes in the opposite direction

Colin Justin and Devon Justin vs. Viking Raiders

Erik takes one of them to a German suplex. The other tags and Erik brashly pray the dolls to the man. Ivar tags, and Erik take over the man. Ivar hits the top rope splash, but raises the shoulders before three. The other Justin is thrown in. Erik tags. Erik gives both Justins a slam / Powerbomb combination.

Winners of Pinfall: Viking Raiders

Drake Maverick goes through a crowd followed by RAW superstars. Viking Raiders take down one of the superstars. R-Truth gets into the ring and looks at them nervously before he gets back to Carmella's back.

Ricochet takes Luke Gallows & # 39; s next.

– Commercial Break

Roman Reigns stands in the background when Charly Caruso captures her for an interview. He asks the Shane McMahon team that plays the mind games. Reigns says with his partner, the only team that plays mind games is his team.

Ricochet enters. Ricochet says a few weeks ago when AJ Styles challenged him to match him, he said it was great to meet someone he's been looking at. Last week he did it. Before he could even celebrate the greatest victory in his career, Gallows and Anderson, together with Styles, gave him a stroke of his life. Now he has styles in extreme rules. Today we know what's going on. Luke Gallows is not alone. He has Karl Anderson and AJ styles. Ricochet finally says that he has to fight all three.

Club access. AJ Styles thanks Ricochet for reminding the world of who he is, but he wants to give him advice. In the WWE they move fast. Styles tells Ricochet that he appreciates moments because Gallows is going to stomp on Mudhole. For a moment's appreciation, they can appreciate the moments they had last week.

Video Package: AJ Styles and Club Reform to Ricochet

Ricochet vs. Luke Gallows w / The Club

Ringtones and Ricochet are attacking Gallows. Gallows quickly chokeslam him down. Gallows gloats just before covering up near the fall. Gallows pierces Ricochet's corner and pulls him out. Ricochet fights back with his right hand and hits the ropes, but Gallows big boots. AJ Styles talks about the trash bin. Gallows elbows off the chest and apply a jaw lock. Ricochet fights up, but the Gallows clubs him down. Ricochet fights up, but Gallows ends up on his head. Ricochet still tries to fight back, but Gallows turns him out of the clothesline. Gallows gloats around and looking at the club. Ricochet then rolls him to victory.

Winner Pinfall: Ricochet

The club is disgusted by the ring. AJ styles stick to the microphone. Styles say they can leave it directly or they can do what Ricochet said. Ricochet said he was running through all three. The styles then tell Ricochet to take Karl Anderson if he is not human enough

– Commercial break

Ricochet vs. Karl Anderson w / The Club

Anderson attacks him quickly at the clock, but Ricochet elbow him back soon. Ricochet arrives at her and connects the spring plate to her clothesline with two figures. Ricochet hits Anderson before the AJ styles come to the front. Anderson makes quick use of the distractions to get Ricochet for the first time on the connecting rods. Anderson stomps off her before sending her to the rope shoulder block. Anderson picks up two chapters. Anderson applies the jaw lock. Ricochet fights and strikes him back. Ricochet charges, but Anderson tells her about a big spinebuster almost in the fall. Anderson raises him a few times before the ropes are hit. Ricochet hits the back kick and falls. Styles stick to your feet and Anderson above Ricochet. Anderson sends him to the rope and Ricochet counters by hitting Luke Gallows with Fidebury Flop. The styles try to attack, but Ricochet hits him on the second rope listening block on the floor!

Ricochet gets into the ring and hits Anderson with a running drop. Ricochet wins Anderson's 630 victory.

Winner of Pinfall: Ricochet

The styles immediately attack Ricochet and punch him. The team takes over him. Gallows will soon join Ricochet. Styles stick to Ricochet and hit a custom-made collision. Anderson and Gallows then hit Magic Killer. Styles move to another rope. Anderson and Gallows then give Ricochet. The styles will give him the styles of Clash out of another rope, but he will let Ricochet go. Styles stick to the microphone. Styles say they are a good guy. He leaves some Ricochet to the left as long as he falls, so he has no excuse for the Extreme Rules when Styles wins him.

The club walks away, but they see Ricochet getting on his feet. Gallows and Anderson run in and keep Ricochet up. Styles crush Ricochet's phenomenal forearm. The club is standing above the high-broken US masters

Commentators combine EVOLVE's 10th anniversary celebration this Saturday in the WWE network. They then talk about extreme rules

Renee Michelle sits behind the scenes. Drake Maverick is crying out to survive the night at WWE 24/7! R-Truth rises from the box with the referee. R-Truth stares at Maverick and shouts, “Hornswoggle! It's my baby! “Maverick runs away. The judge jumps back to R-Truth and drives him with Carmella's root. They lead Bayley, who smiles

We go behind the scenes watching a janitor looking sad and carrying a mop and bucket. Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre come up and say they are their friends.

– Commercial Break

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre talk to a caretaker wallpaper. The caretaker's name is Gary. McMahon offers him $ 5,000 to stand on the apron and not wrestle. Gary Accepts

Beat Clock Challenge Match
Bayley vs. Sarah Logan

Bayley rises up and soon hits his body on two. Bayley kneels at her corner and goes to another rope. Logan hits Bayley's apron, but Bayley avoids her. Logan quickly ends up before the baseball slipped out of the ring. We're 1:30 in this match. Bayley gets into the ring and Logan meets him near the fall. Bayley tries to turn the whip into the corner, but Logan stops him. Logan drops him close to the fall. Bayley tries to fight back, but Logan takes him down and uses reverse chess. Bayley gets to the bottom. We're not 3:30 in this match. Bayley avoids baseball slides and kneels her face. Logan takes him quickly to the fall. The audience starts the embarrassing "CM Punk" track. Bayley hits a sundown bomber at 4:32.

Winner of Pinfall four:32: Bayley

Entrance to Nikki Cross. He takes Dana Brooken. The cross must win Brooke beneath 4:32 in order that he can select the WWE Excessive Rules Smackdown Ladies's Championship on Sunday.

– Business Break

Beat Clockenge Problem
Nikki Cross vs Dana Brooke

Nikki Cross has to win beneath four:32 to beat the challenge.

Dana Brooke spends a superb a part of leaving Cross. The cross ultimately will get him into the ring and fights him. Brooke goes to the top of a rope dive, however Cross moves. Cross hits his collapse by profitable 1:50 on the left.

Pinfall Gained 2:42: Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross calls Bayley's ring. The Cross says he is shocked that Bayley has spoken badly about Alexa Bliss. She is going to make a Smackdown Ladies's Championship Sunday at 2-on-1 Handicap match so she may also help Bliss win Bayley. Cross tells Bayley to discover a pal he can trust so that a pal can play some position in Bayley. Bayley hit her face and hit Bayley-To-Stomach.

– Business Break-

Mike Kanellis brings ice cream and pickles to Maria Canelli. She says she will't eat it because it makes her fats. She asks if she wouldn't be pregnant if she needed to impregnate her. Mike says he's getting him proper now. He says he never gets bored of him again. Actually, he's not even positive he's the father this time. Then he throws at him.

Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans perform repeats that attack Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch at first of RAW.

Corey Graves is within the background with Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. Graves asks if their private feelings are towards each other on Sunday. What if anyone of them pays for both of the titles on the staff? Lynch says he sees what he's making an attempt to do, and fun about his mother-in-law. They take Corbin and Lynch out.

Road Income is a backstage that talks about Extreme rules again. Montes Ford picks Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans to win before he says he was joking because he doesn't need them to get two weeks in. Like Rollins and Lynch, The Road Income needs smoke.

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre walk Backstage. They may meet Roman Reigns and Shane & # 39; s companion next.

– Business Break-

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre come to the scene. McMahon has Mike Rome who does his greatest on the planet. McMahon says he plans to put Reigns and Undertaker on the bottom. McIntyre says Reigns has no respect. The one one that dominates respect is the dominion. McIntyre wins her this Sunday. As for proper now, everybody closes and listens to what the perfect on the earth is saying.

McMahon introduces the Reigns tag group companion. He was a Spelling Bee champion in fifth grade and a Prudential Middle worker per 30 days. McMahon presents the caretaker Gary Garbutt.

-Business Break-

Roman Reigns and Gary Garbutt vs. Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre

Watches and Roman Reigns clothesline Drew McIntyre. Reigns sets up Superman Punch, however McIntyre launches him. McIntyre hits Glasgow Kissi and knocks at Reigns Gary Garbut. McIntyre sends the Reigns shoulder first to the ring publish. McIntyre brings Garbutt to the ring in a hard approach. Shane McMahon insists that she be tagged. All of a sudden, Garbutt leaves to work and takes McMahon down with a springboard. Garbutt hits his hand and sends McIntyren out of the ring. Then Garbutt hits McIntyre where a summer time room has been despatched to the ground. Garbutt gets into the ring and hits the springboard crosshair in McMahon. Garbutt will get up and eats Claymore Kick from McIntre.

Winners of Pinfall: Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre

McMahon is shocked by this efficiency. Reigns throws them out of the ring. Gary Garbutt is revealed to Cedric Alexander, who is bleeding from the mouth and may intervene in the tooth. The kingdoms are with Alexander at the finish of the exhibition.