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WWE Monday evening RAW 07 15 2019

WWE RAW Outcomes
15. July 2019
Uniondale, New York
Comment: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Younger
Outcomes: Mike Tedesco,

. Now. Perpetually. “The WWE video leads us to the show.

WWE Universal champ Brock Lesnar goes on a spin alongside Paul Heyman. The Lesnar game cash request is filed with Seth Rollins at the Extreme Rules of last night.

The audience invites them to the ring. Heyman says they should escape themselves. Heyman says he told them so. Heyman said Lesnar would need an opponent in line with SummerSlam because Seth Rollins couldn't do it. No one on the back listened to him. Heyman says he has all his way here right now, so he decided how they would decide who is Lesnar's challenger in SummerSlam. His client is not the easiest conqueror to negotiate. Ask UFC or Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Lesnar fights and does what he wants when he wants.

Heyman looks at his genius plan. We have Cross-Branded Top 10 All-Star Battle Royal gets access to history when Lesnar is in SummerSlama in the summer. The competition in the battle is Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Big E, Cesaro, Braun Strowman, Rey Mysterio, Baron Corbin, Sami Zay, Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns. Heyman says these are the top 10 cities in the battles.

Heyman tells Reigns to check with Rollins if he can win the battle. Last night, Rollins came as he was Becky Lynch's stud. When Lesnar was made with him, he was a spear. If you don't know what it is, google it. When you're in the ring with Lesnar, the risk to health, well-being, manhood. This is not a forecast. It's a spoiler. If every person had the chance to be in the ring, they are all Brock's bitches.

Ricochet makes an entrance. He works next. Ricochet leads Lesnaria.

Natalya takes Naomi, Alexa Bliss and Carmella in a fatal 4-way match and decides who will meet Becky Lynch in the RAW Women's Championship in SummerSlam. We also see Finn Balor taking Samo River.

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2-out-of-3 Falls Match
Ricochet and Usos vs. Revival and Robert Roode

Scott Dawson starts off against Jimmy Uso. Jimmy superkicks Dawson and throws Dash Wilder away. Ricochet recognizes and hits Codebreaker, now called Recoil.

Ricochet and Usos rise 1-0.

Robert Roode comes in and stomp on Ricochet's corner. Roode chops her, but Ricochet returns with a scissor saw followed by a drop-off near the fall. Jey Uso recognizes and hits Roode. Jey hits the ropes, but Roode connects the spinebuster to the fall. Wilder tags and attacks against Jey. Wilder suppresses her with an upper rope before she cuts her. Jey fights back, but Wilder returns with the bucket slam. Jey avoids elbow and tags in Jimmy.

Jimmy comes up and hits Wilder upstairs. Jimmy follows Samoa Dropia before punching Runch into the apron. Dawson is blind and hits the flapjack, giving them the second fall.

Revival and Robert Roode bind 1-1.

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We're coming back for a break, and the third bill starts. Dawson runs to Jimmy near the fall. Wilder tags in and Revival hit double-guillotine guillotine ropes almost in the fall. Jimmy leaves for stomach stretching, but Wilder retains him with a tag. Wilder then repeats the stomach stretching, but Jimmy hits the hip loss. Eventually Ricochet and Roode tag.

Ricochet takes Roode down and drops Dawson out of the forward motion. Jey Uso then wiped Wilder out of plancha. Ricochet leaves Glorious DDT and hits Recoil. Ricochet goes to the top of the 630 to win the victory.

Winners of Pinfall: The Revival and Robert Roode (2-1)

WWE US Champion AJ styles come to the stage with the club. Ricochet hits Styles with a suicide dive and pierces him. The club pulls Ricochet away, so The Usos makes a rescue. They superkick the revival before the superkicking club. Roode sends Jimmy to the barricade, but Jey grabs him. Revival soon hit Jeyy's Shatter machine. Ricochet runs and makes a cross-section of the recording. Suddenly Styles wipes him out completely with Phenomenal's forearm. The club then hits Magic Killer at Ricochet. Styles and club stay high over Ricochet

Cross-Branded All-Star Top 10 Battle Royal will be held later this evening.

Viking Raiders standing in the background.

-Commercial Break-

Viking Raiders vs. Vinnie Bruner and Jackson James

The preloaded promo is shown on Viking Raiders. Erik says Viking Raiders is a lifestyle. They show the brutality of Norsemen if someone stands in their way.

Erik starts against them and wipes him out. Ivars and Viking Raiders knock him down. Ivar brings in another guy and they destroy him. Erik closes Ivar to one friend, but Ivar raises the shoulders before three. Erik tags, and they hit a double-team backbreaker / gutbuster. Then they hit a double team on the German Suplex / clothesline combination.

Winners of Pinfall: Viking Raiders

Video package: Undertaker and Roman Reigns win Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyren in WWE Extreme rules last night.

Drew McIntyre walked behind the scenes as he walked to Cedric Alexander, Finn Balor, No Way Jose and The Street Profits. McIntyre calls the joke from Alexander. McIntyre said he had come to break up and break Alexandria. Then McIntyre says it's illegal, but she humiliates her. Alexander says he has been told earlier that he is humble, but tonight he will be a joke.

– Commercial Break

Cedric Alexander introduces repeats that cheat on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyle to think he is Gary “The Goat” Garbutt final week at RAW.

Drew McIntyre vs. Cedric Alexander

McIntyre shortly assaults Alexander and collides with him. Alexander returns and strikes him out of the ring. Alexander joins a planchan in the summer before he may be heard. McIntyre shortly grabs the abdomen over the suplex to the threads! McIntyre hits the second stomach above the abdomen before attaching it to the third. Alexander prevents kick and elbows on McIntyre's head. Alexander sends him to the front, however McIntyre descends on his ft and goes uphill. Then McIntyre jumps to drop. Alexander leaves his hand, however McIntyre hits Glasgow Kissi. McIntyre goes again to Alabama Slam, however Alexander descends to victory.

Winner Pinfall: Cedric Alexander

Drew McIntyre can't consider it. Alexander retreats to the ramp and is pleased with himself.

Finn Balor says he has misplaced, but he should continue to move. Balor needs his identify back. At present, Samoa Joe is on his method. He doesn't care if he ought to go up and over him or her… he finds a solution to go forward.

Samoa Joe says he expects Balor to lose one other.

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Charly Caruso is in the background of the Roman Empires. The governments say this is his week. From overcoming ESPY till the premiere of the movie together with his ass Undertaker, this is his week. Reigns doesn't care what anyone says, even Seth Rollins.

Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor

Samoa Joe has a black eye when she responded to Kofi Kingston final night time within the Excessive Guidelines.

They rotate the ring and lock. Joe pushes her into ropes and shakes her. Joe opens the arm, however Balor uses the aspect lock. Joe tries to whip him out, but Balor keeps it. Balor overlaps, however Joe will get out and cuts him. Balor kicks him and uses another side-head lock earlier than he goes down. Joe then descends to the crossover pin for victory.

Winner of Pinfall: Samoa Joe

Joe immediately attacks him and applies the Coquina change. Balor gets out and doubles her before hitting Sling Blade. Balor drops him into the corner and goes upstairs. Balor hits Coup de Grace, and Joe wears the pain. Then Balor celebrates.

Out of the blue, the lights start to go out with a loud voice. We hear the sounds of Balor by which they’re crushed. Lights mild up… and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt likes Baloria. Fiend hits Sister Abigail and the lights flicker once more. They exit, and all you hear is Wyatt's laughter.

– Business Break

Drake Maverick walks within the lodge lobby together with his wife Renee Michelle. Maverick whispers to the person that he is registered with Mr and Mrs 24/7. He's not proud of that. Maverick asks for one of the best room and expensive bottle of champagne. Maverick pays in money and walks away. R-Fact comes out and asks if Hornswoggle is staying at the lodge. R-Fact provides a man a greenback, and he appears like a computer.

Road wins take a look at what happened on the R-Fact display. They introduced the ladies's Fatal Four-Method Elimination Match. Angelo Dawkins really reveals him to Nikki Cros. Then they set the battle for Royal. Dawkins believes Huge E wins, but Montez Ford believes Seth Rollins. Rollins needs all the smoke.

Zack Ryder is already in the ring. Mike Bennett is backstage when Maria Cannon comes to her. He says he will take the match. Mike reminds her that she is pregnant. He says Mike is a loser and has a greater probability of defending his unborn baby than he is. She walks out.

The decide stops Maria and Mike runs down. Mike says he's obtained it.

Zack Ryder vs. Mike Kanellis w / Maria Kanellis

The bell rings and Ryder beats Tough Ryder immediately.

Winner Pinfall: Zack Ryder

Maria says she should have been wrestling. His unborn baby had a better probability of profitable Ryder in a wrestling match than Mike.

The Cross-Branded All-Star Prime 10 Battle Royal shall be held later this evening.

The club works next. [19659007] -Business Break-

Club vs. Lucha Home Celebration

AJ Types Crouching Towards Gran Metalik. The types hit him before being labeled Karl Anderson. Metalik takes Anderson down and hits two missiles to drop the missile. Luke Gallows recognizes and hits Metalik. Metalik fights again, however Gallows heads him down. Anderson acknowledges and takes Metalik down. Ricochet runs via the gang and attacks Types. Everybody robs a ringtone. Officers and producers stop pulling Ricochet away.

-Business Break-

We're coming back for a break to see the types of Dropkick Lince Dorado down. Gallows tags deliver him in. Anderson recognizes and kneels Dorado. Anderson applies the jaw lock, however Dorado fights. Anderson pours Metalik out of the pre-union, and Kalisto takes an exception. Dorado shortly grabs Anderson with a craftsman.

Kalisto acknowledges and pierces types earlier than Gallows in the knee. The fisherman strikes the backbone of his hand earlier than he hits the scissor plate. Metalik and Dorado be a part of the stereo-suicide dives earlier than Kalisto hits Anderson in the summer. Types stick with Kalisto's ft. Anderson and Kalisto virtually botch spinebuster, but recovery. Gallows and Anderson hit Doom Boot earlier than marking Types in. The types use Calf Crusher to win.

The Winners Delivering: The Membership

Types maintain the calf crusher for a couple of minutes before it stays excessive on the Club. The types then arrive at Kalisto on the ring.

The Seth Rollins video package deal loses WWE Universal Championship to Brock Lesnar.

Seth Rollins is interviewed in the background. Rollins says he can't stand Brock Lesnar walking in a title he doesn't deserve. It doesn’t matter what, he wins at present. As for Becky Lynch, she might be advantageous and could be proven tonight

Performs are proven on "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, who returns to Finn Balor's attack earlier this evening at RAW.

Deadly Four-way Match
Alexa Bliss w / Nikki Cross vs. Carmella vs. Naomi vs. Natalya

The winner meets Becky Lynch at the RAW Ladies's World Cup in SummerSlam. Becky Lynch makes an entrance and comes out on the stage.

-Business Break-

Clock rings and Alexa Bliss and Carmella are leaving the ring shortly. Natalya and Naomi are off and can quickly make a double spark. Then they take one another out with a double clothesline. Carmella runs in and covers each two. Carmella tries again and picks them up. Carmella keeps a blanket, but can't get the removing. Carmella screams. Carmella sends Natalya out of the ring and stomp within the nook of Naomi. Carmella runs again to her elbow, but soon she comes back with a scissor wire close to the fall. Natalya gets in the ring and Carmella hits her head. Carmella hits Natalya with a bronze bracket and avoids the rear view. Carmella superkicks both Naomi and Natalya. Alexa Bliss arrives and rolls to take away Carmella.

Alexa Bliss has removed Carmella.

Naomi takes Bliss down and picks up two chapters. Naomi hits Bliss and kicks him earlier than knocking Natalya out of the apron. Naomi takes her down and kicks her in entrance of Bliss. Bliss takes Naomi down and begins kicking off. Bliss talks to the trash and hit her face. Then they wiped each other with a double clothesline. We're going for a business … but the match continues!

-Business Break-

We'll be back for a break so Naomi and Natalya begin robbing the ringtone. Naomi hits steel jobs. Bliss assaults Naomi behind, will get him into the ring and picks up two chapters. Bliss applies the jaw lock and ignites it. Naomi fights and hits a full Nelson bomb close to the fall. Bliss is knocked out of the ring, and Natalya hits the Discus clothes line in Naomi with two figures. Natalya applies the jaw lock earlier than shifting to the Mexican surfboard. Bliss covers Natalya when he’s applying for arrest near the fall. Naomi launches Natalya shortly and goes uphill, however Bliss disturbs her. Natalya hits the seat, and Bliss runs to cover up near the fall. Natalya kicks Bliss away and goes to Sharpshooter with Naomi. Bliss rolls Natalya close to the autumn. Bliss then hits Natalia to ship her out of the ring.

Bliss uses a second jaw lock. Naomi tries to get to the bottom, so Bliss pulls him in the midst of the ring and covers two figures. Naomi kicks Bliss shortly on two. Bliss hits him down and applies the fourth lock of this match. The audience begins to sing: "This is terrible." Natalya gets within the ring and punches in Bliss. Bliss ignores him shortly and stomps. Natalya goes to slam, however Bliss takes her down. Naomi pulls Bliss out of the ring. The audience sings flippantly, "Stop this match." Natalya then rolls Naomi to remove her.

Naomi has been faraway from Natalya.

– Business Break

from Natalya. Nikki Cross grabs the microphone and tells the public to cheer Alexa… and then tells them to shut down. Bliss takes Natalya down and will get harm. Bliss gets out of the ring when Natalya returns. Bliss avoids the Discus clothes line, and Natalya hits Crosse. Natalya will get in Bliss and applies Sharpshooter to victory.

In line with the winner: Natalya

Natalya appears to be crying. Charly Caruso will get into the ring and says Natalya goes to SummerSlam. Natalya says Bliss sucks. The viewers doesn’t react. Natalya says her life turned the wrong way up last yr. Now he's going house to satisfy his pal Becky Lynch.

Lynch grabs the microphone and says the person has something to say. Lynch says he doesn't care that he hurts. He's right here to struggle. Nothing makes her happier than the battle. Lynch says he likes Natalya, but he doesn't meet his good friend in SummerSlam. Natalya better step up or Lynch wipes the floor in her house country. Natalya's profession needs something, and Lynch is it. If he has one factor, he learns better in conflict than in love. Natalya says, "Well, you think you're not a very good lover, bitch." Natalya says she tore it on the top of the greasy mop Lynch, pulls her horseshoe and sucks hell out. They cry to one another before the referee breaches it.

Randy Orton is seen as a backstage promo. Orton says he has unfinished business with Brock Lesnar

. Subsequent he has a Dolph Ziggler on Miz TV.

-Business Break-

Miz TV Particular Envoy Dolph Ziggler

Miz welcomes everyone to the present and introduces Dolph Ziggler, who asked for a performance. Ziggler says he has his personal issues, but he needed to see if Miz's rumors have been "yes man". Ziggler says Miz just isn’t making an attempt to be one of the best. Was it value it to kiss all this ass and not even reserve for PPV. Miz says he wouldn't be in PPV than dropping to Kevin Owens in 17 seconds. Ziggler says it was Goldberg's dangerous, however he has to discover a option to sleep at night time. Miz has come all he hates. Miz is a strolling go well with. Miz shouldn’t be from Lengthy Island. He's from Cleveland. Ziggler says Miz is all that’s fallacious with this enterprise. All Miz kills happiness and fame … identical to his wife.

Miz immediately assaults him and hits Ziggler out of the ring. Ziggler instantly will get out of the ring and grabs his eyes.

Drake Maverick is proven in a lodge room with a cape, lighting candles and rose petals in bed. She is ready to fulfill her marriage.

-Business Break

Performs are displayed

. Drake Maverick asks if Renee is prepared. He stated he would slip into something extra snug. Maverick wipes out his clothes and wears WWE 24/7 over his privilege. She is in mattress and Renee can't consider she has a belt. The door has a name waiting and room service comes in. Maverick is fearful about his small package deal… going away. Usher stays in the room, so Maverick goes to kick him out. Maverick realizes it's a decide. R-Fact crawls beneath the table and rolls Maverick twice. R-Fact then solves her in bed and wins WWE's 24/7 championship again! R-Fact says he hopes they’ll not be constipated and run out.

Roman Reigns, who gained ESPY, emphasizes.

Battle Royal is next.

– Business Break

-Star Prime 10 Battle Royal
Huge E vs. Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro vs. Randy Orton vs. Braun Strowman

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar takes the stage with Paul Heyman. Lesnar units up a chair at the prime of the ramp and sits to observe this match.

-Business Break-

The bell rings and robs. Seth Rollins blames Baron Corbin. Corbin seduces Rollins and sends him on prime of the rope, but Rollins holds on. Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley crawl. Lashley's ribs are taped. Corbin and Lashley double staff on the nook of Strowman. Cesaro begins to cut everybody who moves after capturing after the shot. Cesaro then makes Cesaro Swing on Mysterium earlier than catapulting on the upper rope. Cesaro leaves for E, but Lashley grabs Cesaro and unloads him out of the ring to remove him.

Mysterio is attacking Lashley shortly. Strowman then throws Lashley out of the ring. Strowman and Huge E sq. off. Strowman runs him on his shoulder and raises Massive E. Massive E to slip away and ignore him in the corner. Massive E scoops up Strowman and hits Huge Ending! Massive E turns into RKO from Orton, and Zay eliminates Massive E. Zay's gloats and Orton hits RKO. Mysterio dropkicks Zayn is ranked 619. Orton removes Zayn. Reigns turns into Orton, but Orton drops him off with RKO. Mysterio hits Orton, however Orton sends him to the rope. Mysterio hits Hallen 619, and Reigns begins to puncture Ortonia. Mysterio hits Orton by sitting. Corbin then removes Mysterion.

Rollins, Reigns, Corbin, Strowman and Orton. Orton fell out of the ring beneath. Strowman grabs Corbin so he tries to get out. Reigns hits Dropkick's position at Corbin. Rollins then throws Corbin on prime. Strowman makes use of Rollins to nook. Strowman drops Superman Punch from Reigns and sends him to the nook. Strowman begins to hit the avalanche. Manages payments for spear, however hits Rollins by accident. Strowman Horror Dominates up, but he slips off and begins pulling Strowman out of the ring. Then Rollins removes Strowman and Reigns!

Rollins believes he has gained, however Orton continues to be there. Orton punches Rollins and hits DDT, Orton stares at Brock Lesnar and talks concerning the trash. Orton sets up, but Rollins launches him and hits Stomp. Rollins then eliminates Orton to win the match!

Winner: Seth Rollins

Brock Lesnar defends WWE Universal Championship towards Seth Rollins in SummerSlam.

Paul Heyman says it isn’t how you can introduce the winner of the Cross-Branded All-Star Prime 10 Battle Royal winner. Heyman says he's doing it. Heyman says that Rollins is # 1 Contender and will get to go to SummerSlam to win, sacrifice and conquer, Seth "Freakin" Rollins.

Rollins grabs the microphone and tells Heyman to shut the hell. Heyman has been a channel for this lengthy enough. Rollins speaks on to Lesnar. Rollins says he’s a person with. He fought anybody till he received to Lesnar. SummerSlam seems quite a bit like WrestleMania when he drives Lesnar's head on the carpet and becomes WWE Universal Champion once more. Lesnar goes right down to the ring, however he goes back.