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WWE Monday night on RAW 08 12 2019

WWE RAW Results
12. August 2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Remark: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Younger
Outcomes: Mike Tedesco,

“. Then. Now. Endlessly. "WWE video leads us to the show.

Video reminds Seth Rollins of winning Brock Lesnar at last night's WWE SummerSlam.

WWE World Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Rollins stands still in the ring, and the crowd begins to sing, "Burn it down." Rollins says he knows no other way to do it than to be honest. Last night … he didn't know if he had what it takes to beat Brock Lesnar. have been the hardest part of his career. Last night he walked down that ramp down 100% towards Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is all they make of him. Lesnar is a beast. The audience sings, "Beastslayer." They took him to a place he couldn't go alone. Only they could go to the same place together. At that time, he knew he had the beast to kill. Rollins remembered to be Seth “Fr Eakin "Rollins. That's why he's standing right here as a common champion.

WWE United States champion AJ Types is on his approach to the ring alongside Anderson and Gallow. Types orders Rollins to carry on. The OC will get into the ring. Types says the OC needs to be the primary to congratulate Rollins. OC politely guarantees Rollins. Types says it's going to be awkward now. Rollins not has to worry about Brock Lesnar, but he has to look after the man in front of him. Types says that since he involves thoughts, he has rather a lot to prove. Types needs to problem Rollins to prove he is a a lot better champion than he’s. Rollins smiles and says he has all the time revered Types. "YES" the track flashes. Types tells Rollins to take heed to the audience. Rollins says he has lost his respect for Types. Rollins says he has nobody back within the struggle, so he accepts the challenge. The viewers cheered loudly.

Types goes to handshake, but Rollins refuses. Types decide the OC's ring, leaving him and Rollins. Rollins then shakes Types' hand. Then OC rises to the apron and Types tells Rollins he must be scared. The audience sings types. OC goes away.

Rey Mysterio receives Andrade in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defend the WWE Ladies's Tag Group Championships towards The Kabuki Warriors. We additionally see The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler.

The NXT Tag Group Champions Road wins are behind the Toronto Blue Jays. Montez Ford tells AJ Types and Seth Rollins that RAW gets all of the smoke. Angelo Dawkins says she's been just a little dry after SummerSlam. Ford is asking for some electrolytes. Sami Zayn comes to them and says that the longer they’re here, this place will take in their souls. The parasites amongst them take in the soul from them. In line with Zayn, Seth Rollins was an architect and granular. Now he's a fooling fool. Becky Lynch was actual … now she's made. Road Income asked if that was the case for Samoan Joe. Zayn says he is a superb example. Zayn drives Joe down like somebody who was a monster however now cries over Roman Reigns. Samoa Joe stood behind him on a regular basis. Joe challenges him to the match to prove he isn’t Kevin Owens' son-in-law. Joe rejects him.

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King of the Ring Event returns to RAW next Monday!

We now have an update on the Roman Reigns state of affairs later tonight.

Video Package deal: Samoa Joe Comes to Help Roman Reigns when a automotive virtually hit him final week on RAW

Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn tries to ambush Joe, but Samoa Joe takes him very quick. Joe shortly seeks the Coquina change for victory.

Winner by Submitting: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe says he needs to make himself clear. Though he forgave Roman Reigns by pointing his finger at him, his forgiveness extends to anyone in the crowd. They continued the lie that he was involved in terrible atrocities, so he would not forgive them. Joe walks away.

We hear from Stone Cold Steve Austin later tonight about his ideas on Rollins vs. Lesnar and his new show "Straight Up Steve Austin" on the US community.

Miz meets Dolph Ziggler. Next.

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Still pictures show Dolph Ziggler absolutely destroying Goldberg final night at SummerSlam.

Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler made the doorway in his regular clothes. Ziggler squeezes the ribs in pain. Ziggler has a microphone, however the crowd cuts him off with a "Goldberg" music. Ziggler says he hopes Miz is joyful and calls him a coward. Everyone knows that Miz didn't have an opportunity towards him at SummerSlam, so he set Goldberg for him at SummerSlam. It was all a part of the Miz plan. Ziggler says he has spoken so many occasions yesterday that he can't medically compete at the moment. Miz's plan is smoke. The Miz fastened the Miz. All these bloodthirsty Canadians would love to see this match … too damn dangerous. Ziggler throws the microphone down and goes away.

Ziggler ambushes Miz from behind and takes him down. The referee helps Ziggler, however he continues to assault Miz. This match formally begins next.

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We are becoming a member of an ongoing match to see Ziggler flip Miz's knee out. Miz fights again and knocks him down before hitting the nook knee within the corner earlier than connecting to his trademark clothespin. The set is within the Miz immediately. The Miz comes from the top rope with a double axis handle. Miz hits an IT kick, but Ziggler takes the large kick. Miz goes to Figurine's Ft, but Ziggler gets out. Ziggler also avoids the Bone Crushing Remaining and grabs the Miz with Zig-Zag near the drop!

Goldberg's songs start again. Miz comes back by taking Ziggler down by preventing a superkick with a legbreaker and applying the Image 4 Leglock. Ziggler screams in pain and tries to get to the underside rope, but Miz pulls him into the middle of the ring. Ziggler screams in ache and screams out.

Winner by posting: Miz

Dolph Ziggler says that Miz is a coward and couldn't beat him at SummerSlam. The Miz couldn't hit him pretty and straightforwardly. The Miz isn't even one of the best wrestler in his household. Maryse is. That is only a flesh wound, like Sunday. Miz is nothing. Miz returns to the ring and grabs him within the Skull Crushing Finale earlier than walking!

Charly Caruso is within the background with RAW ladies's champion Becky Lynch. Lynch picks up the microphone and says he's not here to rejoice. Natalia had a debt in money, and Lynch exhibits her respect. Lynch says she gained't rest till all is handled. This can be a cat and mouse recreation. You need to get him before he gets them. The game begins.

WWE World Champion Seth Rollins takes on WWE US Champion AJ Types later tonight in a non-match.

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"Ladies and Gentlemen … Elias."

Elias greets the gang. Elias says he was interrupted by a WWE legend final night on Edge. Elias says he won’t ever get via the track, so he has an viewers rely to see who will interrupt. No one comes out. Elias says we’ve got the first uninterrupted music in the present day.

Ricochet cuts him off after the primary ring. Ricochet says individuals don't interrupt him as a result of it's cool. They interrupt him because he sucks. Elias says the man dressed as a cartoon character shouldn’t be going to inform him what's cool. Elias requires the referee to point out him what it is all about.

Elias vs. Ricochet

The bell rings and Ricochet rolls beneath the clothesline and hits the top mower. Ricochet combines two calculations with a pleasant dropkick. Ricochet at Elbow returns Elias back, but Elias shortly returns by punching and stumbling him right down to the corner. Elias cuts the chest and sends him to the ropes to drop his high back body. Elias leaves close to the drop. Elias tears up his face and talks concerning the trash earlier than establishing the sidekick. Ricochet fights, however Elias takes him back. Ricochet fights, but Elias pushes him right into a corner. Ricochet kicks him again and hits the knockout to take him down. Ricochet blocks the fitting hand and strikes him. Elias removes the whip, they usually challenge the top and the scissors. Elias reverses another whip and Ricochet kicks him in the head. Elias shortly will get out of the ring. Ricochet goes to the summer time battle, but Elias moves on and Ricochet falls and burns.

Elias takes him to the ring and grabs the guitar. The referee advises Elia to not use the guitar. Ricochet superkicks Elias and goes with the top rope to dive into the sunset with a flap. The referee drops three, but Elias has a shoulder on a regular basis.

Winner: Pinfall: Ricochet

Elias isn’t glad and claims his shoulder was up.

Rey Mysterio walks behind. He’ll face Andrade in his next 2-out-of-3 Falls match.

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SummerSlam 2020 is coming to Boston.

Screens are shown by Andrade copied Rey Mysterion mask. RAW two weeks ago.

2-out-of 3 Falls Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade w / Zelina Vega

The bell rings and Andrade's huge boots down Mysterio. Andrade stumbles upon him and goes into the bomb, but Mysterio falls into a hurricane with ropes. Mysterio goes for 619, however Vega grabs his ft. Mysterio yells at him, so Andrade turns him up and puts his ft on the ropes. Vega holds his ft and Mysterio loses his first drop.

Andrade nails Rey Mysterion to win the first down and go 1-0.

The second fall begins, and Mysterio quickly strikes Andrew's face. . Mysterio goes excessive rope and hits the diving hurricane apron! Wow!

Mysterio will get Andrade within the ring and hits a springboard splash in a single fell swoop. Andrade pushes Mysterion into the nook, however Mysterio elbows him. Andrade comes again with an enormous elbow to the face with a double digit. Andrade knocks Mysterion into a nook and stumbles him down. Andrade goes to his operating double knees within the nook, however Mysterio moves. "Rey Mysterio" sings up. Andrade drops Mysterion onto the apron, but Mysterio sneaks into the ring with a (type of) Canadian destroyer near the drop. Mysterio knocks on Andrade's ropes and goes for 619, however Andrade moves. Andrade rolls him close to the drop. Mysterio will then take him quickly. Mysterio kicks him within the head and drops him on the ropes. Mysterio connects to the 619 and goes to the highest rope. Mysterio goes to the frog however Andrade raises his knees. Andrade follows Hammerlock DDT for a clear sweep.

Winner: Pinfall: Andrade (2-0)

Michael Cole goes to interview Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is joining the Skype program. Austin has a nice reception. Cole asks how impressed he was with Seth Rollins. Austin says there was no advance. Rollins acquired his ass whipped every week on RAW. The match was dangerous. Rollins stated this was all he has and all the things he has. That's what Austin believed all through his damn profession. Austin all the time questioned who Rollins actually was. Now Austin is aware of who and what he is. Cole asks what Austin informed Rollins at RAW Reunion. Austin advised him to be himself. Then Cole can be selling Austin's new show "Straight Up Steve Austin" tonight on the US on-line.

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Unfortunately, Rey Mysterio is strolling behind. Charly Caruso says it seems like Mysterio would have met his match at Andrade. Mysterio says he has by no means lost two such drops. Mysterio doesn't know the place his career is going. He only knows he has family help. Mysterio will get a sense and mumbles something about his family before he leaves.

Montez Ford is behind and tells Mysterion to keep his head up. Ford says, "619 forever, doesn't Dawkins?" Dawkins has been bypassed by squeezing a gallon jug of water. Ford wakes him up. In response to Ford, they should hype his woman Nikki Cross. Dawkins begins barking at the water jug.

Drew McIntyre elsewhere, he was interviewed with Cedric Alexander in the subsequent chapter of his pre-event. This competition ends at this time. Alexander lives in a fairy tale he has collected in his head. McIntyre says this does not finish with victory for him. McIntyre says he will cave Alexander's cranium and end the story.

Michael Cole says that Drew McIntyre and Cedric Alexander are in the King of the Ring event beginning subsequent week.

– Business Break

In the photograph, Cedric Alexander knocks Drew McIntyré off a LED wall with a lattice two weeks in the past on RAW.

Drew McIntyre vs. Cedric Alexander

Alexander accelerates McIntyre and takes him down before knocking him out of the ring. Alexander hits a summer time middle mission and puts him in the ring for a missile drop to get close to the drop. McIntyre cuts him off shortly and hits a crucifix reversal bomb soon. McIntyre frantically cuts the chest and Alexander answers together with his right hand. McIntyre takes him down with a jaw lock. Alexander fights and elbows out. McIntyre sends him in a nook they usually bounce there. McIntyre hits the abdominal-abdominal-upper supex for 2 counts. McIntyre makes use of his forearms. Alexander fights, but McIntyre catches him down. Alexander ducks the clothesline and hits the cranium with a piercing hand.

Alexander gets up and hits him. Then Alexander hits the DDT close to the drop. McIntyre grabs Alexander and goes into another rope. McIntyre then unites with a swinging sidewalk that strikes one other rope to drop close to. McIntyre throws him out of the ring and frantically splits him. Alexander shortly sends him to the ring publish and hits the lumbar backbone! Alexander gets the ring and appears for the rely. McIntyre enters the ring before being counted. McIntyre takes him out of the ring and hits the additional abdomen on the stomach. Alexander screams in ache. McIntyre arrives in the ring and looks for the Claymore Kick, but Alexander collapses earlier than it hits. Then Alexander surprises him with an inner rack near the drop. McIntyre shortly gets to the top, however Alexander fights him with a Spanish tip close to the drop!

The gang sings, "This is awesome." Alexander goes for a lumbar spine verify, however McIntyre runs away. McIntyre elbows him and goes the other of the Alabama Slam, however Alexander drops the profitable roll close to the drop. They hit the ropes, and McIntyre undoubtedly turns him out with Claymore Kick for the win!

Pinfall winner: Drew McIntyre

AJ Types is in the background with Gallows and Anderson. Types says it was an enormous deal that Seth Rollins beat Brock Lesnar. Gallows and Anderson say even AJ Types couldn't beat Lesnar. The types are totally different. Types says Rollins can be an excellent champion someday, but right now confuses him.

Paul Heyman is angrily walking within the background and arrives at Brock Lesnar's locker room.

– Business Break –

Charly Carouso has an interview with Paul Heyman after the subsequent match.

No Means Jose vs. Robert Roode

They lock in, and Roode grabs the hair to tug him to the corner. Roode knocks him down and sends him to the other corner. Jose on the elbow and knocks him back. Jose kicks him in the face, but Roode shortly returns with Double R Spinebuster. Roode makes a "GLORIOUS" tour and wins the fantastic DDT.

Winner: Pinfall: Robert Roode

Charly Caruso is within the background with Paul Heyman. Heyman mocks Carouso. Heyman asks why he has great exclusivity and he doesn't. Earlier immediately, WWE issued a declaratory assertion that his shopper, Brock Lesnar, wouldn’t obtain a rematch towards Seth Rollins. Heyman asks how he ought to explain it. Then Heyman goes back to the Lesnar locker room.

Seth Rollins will meet AJ Types later tonight.

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Lucha Home Get together vs. Revival

Lince Dorado begins off towards Dash Wilder. Dorado runs wild until Scott Dawson holds Wilder back. Dawson marks and takes Dorado down and drops his elbows.

R-Fact's music hits and WWE 24/7 Champion run right down to chase a bunch of wrestlers. Drake Maverick outing beside the tire.

No Competitors

Lucha House Celebration just isn’t a dive for all wrestlers. Revival his R-Fact with Hart Attack and kill him to develop into the first double 24/7 champions. The fixture hits Dawson on Salida del Sol. Kalisto covers, but Wilder pulls him out. Carmella scrolls R-Fact to Dawson to win the title. R-Fact has now gained the title 12 occasions. R-Fact comes in and escapes with Carmella.

R-Fact and Carmella have fun the state of affairs behind them as Elias crushes R-Fact from behind his guitar to win the 24/7 championship. Elias leaves with the title.

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Video Package deal: Assaults towards Roman rulers and Buddy Murphy accusing Rowan

Natalya makes her strategy to the ring together with her forearms on the chest. Highlights from last night's broadcast match towards Becky Lynch. Lynch tapped Natalya out with Dis-Arm-Her. Natalya says she met Becky Lynch final night and was kicked out. Lynch stunned her and was a better lady. Natalia has an elbow removed and has an MRI. Natalya gained't take back what she stated about Becky Lynch, they usually'll battle once more when it's over.

Natalya now needs to tell the story. Yesterday night, his father (Jim Neidhart) came to him in his dream and stated he was pleased with him. Natalya stated it had been a yr since her father's demise.

Sasha Banks' music cuts her off. Banks seem with a smile and hug some youngsters earlier than beginning the ring. Banks arrive in the ring and hug Natalya. Banks then blinds him together with his forearm and pulls his purple hair, revealing it’s a wig. The banks' hair is blue. Banks fiercely attacks Natalya's injured elbow and hits a hammer bar before throwing her into the swivel. Banks takes him out of the ring and sends him to the metal ring levels a couple of occasions. Banks gets him again in the ring and grabs a metal chair.

Becky Lynch comes right down to the rescue. They flutter and Lynch knocks him out of the ring. Banks charge him together with his right hand after getting out of the ring. Banks grabs the steel chair and kicks it onerous with the steel chair. The banks will then ship him face first to the ring levels.

-Business Pause-

The play is performed by Sasha Banks beating Natalia and Becky Lynch.

Viking Raiders vs. Carter Mason and Sebastian Suave

The pre-ribboned promo is featured on Viking Raiders. They are saying they've destroyed every little thing on their path. All fall.

Ivar takes one man down, pulls in one other and splashes him. Erik indicators in. They inform the story of how Erik survived 5 years of a nasty motorbike accident right now. Erik is grieving one good friend for an additional. Erik throws Ivar at a good friend. Ivar covers however he pulls up a man (Suave). Erik hits Mason with a double knee outdoors the tire. They hit Suave with a victory in The Viking Experience.

Pinfall Winners: The Viking Raiders

WWE Ladies's Tag Group Champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are behind with Charly Caruson. Bliss says they're preventing champions. Cross says he couldn't do it without Bliss. They’ll face the subsequent Kabuki Warriors event.

– Business Break

WWE Ladies Tag Workforce Championships
Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) vs. Kabuki Warriors

Paige appears in a video supply. . Paige says she has to bear a brand new neck surgery, however she knows Kabuki Warriors might be victorious as we speak.

Alexa Bliss begins towards Kairi Sanea. Bliss pushes him and flashes as Sane pretends to throw a punch. Sane sends him on a rope and hits a operating cross. The resident indicators in they usually take Bliss down. Nikki Cross knocks on the apron. Resident hits Bliss with a flying hip assault on the ground. Then say the clothesline cross on the apron. Resident will get Bliss within the ring based mostly on two non-recurring values.

-Business Pause-

Let's go back to the break to see Cross apply the jaw lock on Phrase. Sane fights, however Cross takes him again. Sane fights back and hits a jawbreaker. Sane rolls underneath the clothesline and marks in Asuka. Cross sends Asuka to the ropes, but Asuka hits Bliss. The resident takes Cross down and kicks him a couple of occasions in the chest. The resident then hits a sliding kick before hitting the releasing German Suplex. Bliss blind tags in. Asuka continues to attack Crossi, but Bliss is available in and DDT him. Sane breaks the pin. Bliss shouts in the Word. Bliss and Cross go to the doubles workforce, however Asuka takes them down with a clothesline / bulldog combo.

Healthy Notes and Slams Cross. Sane goes over the top rope but Cross rolls the ring. Then get hold of him with a crate to block the floor! Sane gets him within the ring and hits InSane's elbow, but Bliss breaks the pin with a kick. The resident runs in and knocks on Bliss's ring. Bliss avoids a kick and Asuka hits the ring. Bliss pushes Asuka to the ring publish, reaches the ring and pulls the Cross into the corner. Sane comes over and hits Bliss. Cross surprises him with a rocking necklace. Bliss marks and hits Twisted Bliss on Sane for victory.

Winners and nonetheless WWE Ladies's Tag Group Champions: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

WWE World Champion Seth Rollins is behind. Rollins stated AJ Types' associates have been proper. Rollins did something Types never did: beat Brock Lesnar. Rollins says he reminds him of what occurred to the money within the financial institution when he laid his head on the carpet.

– Business Break –

Video Package deal: King of the Ring Event Overview

Seth Rollins vs. AJ Types / OC

The bell rings, and Rollins quickly lacks types at the nook and shoulders. Rollins locations him within the tree of distress, hits him, and hits a low knock. Types returns to the rib to cease him. Rollins knocks Types shortly and goes to Stomp, but OC pulls Types' ring. Rollins hits Luke Gallows on a suicide dive and takes Karl Anderson down. Types drives her ribs shortly to the ring object first and puts her out on the backrest on the floor!

-Business Pause-

We'll come again from the break to see Rollins making an attempt to struggle Types out, however Types takes him down. Types will get him in the apron and goes to Types's confrontation, however Rollins comes out and sweeps his ft. OC throws Types into the ring and appears for a countdown over Rollins. Rollins is available in at nine. Rollins rejects him and takes him twice. Rollins hits the operating arm. Rollins hits a brief arm earlier than connecting with a hawk arrow near the drop. Rollins locations Types on the top rope, but Types elbows him. Rollins scales the ropes, however Types elbows him again. Types knocks him again and goes to the Phenomenal arm, but Rollins strikes. Rollins kicks Types down shortly and goes over the top rope. Karl Anderson catches the referee's consideration, and Luke Gallows knocks Rollins off the top rope.

Decide expels Gallows and Anderson by the ring. Rollins scrolls types in two counts. Rollins kicks him within the face and units up a trick, however Gallows and Anderson run to assault him.

Prohibition Winner: Seth Rollins

OC units up three groups till Ricochet runs down to save lots of. Ricochet takes them down until they are caught by the boot of Doom. Anderson casts Ricochet from the ring. Types, Pillows and Anderson return to assault the Rolls. Types place another rope within the Types confrontation.

Braun Strowman comes down to save lots of. Strowman passes by way of Anderson, reaches the ring, and takes the Gallow down. Types tries to struggle Strowman, however Strowman covers him with a operating Powerslam. Strowman gets the viewers shifting and hits Types with another operating Powerslam. Strowman grabs the WWE Common Championship and arms it to Rollins. They shake palms to finish the show.