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WWE Monday Night RAW 07 01 2019 – Online World Wrestling

WWE RAW Outcomes
1. July 2019
Dallas, Texas
Comment: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Younger
Outcomes: Mike Tedesco,

”Then. Now. Perpetually. “The WWE video leads us to the show.

Tonight The New Day Take Viking Raiders. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are also together. The Undertaker is also rumored to be there

Falls Count Anywhere
Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley

They cross ropes in rolls and jumps before Lashley's spear Strowman. Strowman crashes out of the ring. Lashley follows him, but Strowman's shoulder blocks him before he hits the neighborhood. Lashley slides into Strowman's shoulder, pushing him and burying him in the timekeeper's area. Lashley picks up a close relative. Lashley's clothespins to the Strowman crowd. They hit the crowd. Lashley grabs the chair and hits Strowman twice for two. Strowman returns and throws him before he gets him. Strowman goes a long way and goes down to the shoulder block for Lashley. Strowman throws him on stage.

Lashley Clubs Strowman come and give him a suplex on stage on the floor near the fall. Lashley backs up, but Strowman charges her through the LED wall! The explosions go out and all the lights go off. The audience is stunned. Corey Graves allows uncensored, "Holy Pasha". The audience sings: "This is great!" The explosions took a moment to come.

The judge demands that the EMTs come and help. EMTs come in and sort out the mess.

-Commercial Break

We will be back after a break to watch EMT by downloading Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley to separate ambulances. They are both unconscious.

Commentators use their quiet voices to talk about what they just saw. Corey Graves said she went there and Strowman's legs were not moving. Michael Cole explains that the explosions were due to the collision occurring when the exhibition and the stage came from. This explains power outages.

Viking Raiders can get in. The house lights are red, but the stage is completely black. They use headlamps that help them come down to the ring. They will face a new day, consisting of Big E and Xavier Woods.

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The photos are taken from Samoa River, which is attacking WWE Champion Kofi Kingston in RAW last week.

Viking Raiders vs. New Day

The new day is represented by Big E and Xavier Woods. Erik and Big E start. Erik kicks him and hits the ropes, but Big E takes him down before he suffocates him. Big E gets to the front, and Woods plays thrombon, while Big E hits the splash of Erik. Big E covers two chapters. Erik punches Big E back and tags Ivar. Erik sends Big E to Ivar, which connects to the seat. Ivar's Clubs and Balls Big E. Ivar continues to spend his club. Erik tags. Ivar avalanches in Big E corner before Erik takes him down. Erik then closes Ivar to Big E almost in the fall. Erik applies a customized toe bar. Big E fights when the audience sings, "New Day Rocks." Big E drops Erik's abdominal stomach side pressure suplex

Big E crawls, but Samoa Joe Xavier Woods pull out esiliitosta and apply COQUIN switch.

Winners Disqualified: New Day

WWE champion Kofi Kingston runs down and jumps out of the steps Joe gets to the clothesline. Viking Raiders are quick to take part in looting.

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Viking Raiders and Samoa Joe vs. New Day

Kofi Kingston begins with Ivar. Kingston pierces and fires him back. Kingston dives in the clothesline and hits the springboard to drop two figures. Xavier Woods tags in. Kingston spills Ivars before Woods falls from the top of his elbow to two bills. Woods beats Ivar before Samo Joe disturbs him. Ivar spin kicks Woods before Joe tags. Woods fights back, but Joe drops him back to his elbow. Joe will fight Kingston and head off Woods a few times. Ivar recognizes back but Erik quickly signs in. Viking Raiders turns by kneeling down Woods. Woods will soon get out of Erik and cut him off, but Erik will catch him and hit the t-bone suplex. Ivars, and the Erik horror strikes him at Woods. Joe identifies and connects the sender to drowning almost in the fall. Joe Knocks Big E Quickly From The Apron. Woods fights back to Joe, but Joe chops him. Erik tags and punches Woods. Joe recognizes back, and he ends up at Woods before he rinses at the opposite corner.

Kingston and Ivar are tagged. Kingston hits him with a stepping-stone shaft handle. Kingston strikes Erik out of the preload before hitting Ivar with some clubs. Kingston snaps him on the ropes and goes to the cross, but Ivar catches him. Kingston gets out and punches him. Ivar quickly connects the upper. Erik recognizes, but Kingston wipes him down before he hits Boom Drop. Kingston strikes Joe away from the apron. Erik uses the distraction to attack him. Joe recognizes in. Big E takes Erik down and throws Ivar's ring. Big E is pumped, but Ivar kneels at him. Woods quickly hits Erik with a baseball slide. Ivar then hits Woods with a wild suicide dive! Kingston quickly hits Ivar in Troy's paradise. Joe grabs behind Kingston with a Coquina switch! The Judge checks Kingston before calling!

Winners: Viking Raiders and Samoa Joe

Later we hear from Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. Miz also takes Elias in a 2-out-3 match.

R-Truth tape is recorded on Drake Maverick's Maverick wedding to win the WWE 24/7 Championship.

back gate to see Maverick's leading wife who is blind. He removes the eye and is flabbergasted he brought him to the RAW. Maverick says it's not that bad and presents him to Dana Brooke. Brooke asks how married life is going, and Maverick continues to move. He accuses him of being obsessed with WWE's 24/7 championship. He gives him an ultimatum: his or her championship. Maverick assures him that he loves him and hugs him. WWE 24/7 Master R-Truth rises behind and says he is sucker of love. R-Truth walks away and Maverick looks psychologically

Read more about The Undertaker's situation later tonight.

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Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows speak in the background when AJ Styles comes up. Styles say they didn't make the match again. They mention that Styles lost his match to Ricochet last week. They mention that he is in line with the US Championship, but they are not sure he can win Ricochet again. Styles say he sees what they are trying to do and walks away.

No Way Jose does not enter the conga line. Drake Maverick and his wife Renee Michelle sit in the ring. R-Truth is on the conga line and dances with Renee. R-Truth dares Maverick to take him to WWE's 24/7 Championship. Renee gives Maverick an evil eye. A bunch of RAW superstars run down and drive R-Truth away.

Cesaro attacks Jose quickly and gives him a gutwrench on the floor. Cesaro then kills him with a neutralizer and walks away.

Charly Caruso is behind the scenes NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits. They say they are on RAW Monday evening and they want smoke.

Next are Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

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Braun Strowman tells Bobby Lashley.

Sarah Shriber is the back gate with The Miz. Plays are shown on Shane McMahon, who is attacking the Mizia Smackdown Live service. Miz says he is sending Elias back to the subway to make a change. Miz says like Shane McMahon, he heard Undertaker here tonight.

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre showed The Undertaker

Shane McMahon makes an entrance, followed by Drew McIntyre. McMahon forces Mike Rome to make "Best in the World" announcement. McMahon is pleased. McMahon says that because he has been buried by taking care of Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley, he has other things to do than to be here and grace the crowd with his presence. However, because he is here, he wants to return to the RAW last Monday and talk about Roman Reigns. They had a full installation. It was the death of the kingdoms. The kingdoms have had to shake their shoes last Monday. Reigns knew he had no chance of winning them and was afraid to die.

The picture is presented by McMahon and McIntyre, who beat Reigns last week at RAW. McIntyre says more is waiting for Reigns in the Extreme Rules. McMahon wants to talk about someone who prevails when he asked to save him. McMahon has been fighting for the Undertaker before and is ready for him. Last Monday, the Undertaker surprised them. There are no surprises in the Extreme Rules. They put the kingdoms and the Undertaker on the ground

McIntyre says Undertaker is WWE's biggest legend. McIntyre says he is a hybrid of every generation and is not afraid of the Undertaker. To be honest, he doesn't give up the Undertaker. McIntyre heard the rumor and is here to fight. “Undertaker” sings. McIntyre says that if the Undertaker is in the building, he can both run down the ramp or magically appear within the ring so they can inform him they don’t seem to be afraid. Within the Excessive Guidelines, they destroy the Undertaker's legacy

Thunder closes aloud in the area and lights flicker. Then the lights go off. Thunder bolts abruptly hit the ring posts. The lights are back, and McMahon and McIntyre look apprehensive. Clocks and lights go out. Then Undertaker makes a legendary entrance to the large ovate. Undertaker makes sluggish walking down the ring. McMahon and McIntyre depart the ring and depart the gang. Undertaker gets into the ring and appears for McMahon and McIntyre who stand amongst them.

“Undertaker” sings. Undertaker says, “Roman Reigns never asked me for help. It's not who he is, but if you need answers "why", tell me who I am. I am and I have been terribly soul of the recipient for a long time and I'm here to collect your soul. Now, Shane, you had some respect for a while – a little. Did you mean you gave me everything you had in Hell in the WrestleMania cell… and you lived to tell me about it. But just like most mortal men, you have fallen into your own greed and ego. You see, you may be the best in this world … but where I send you, you are nothing more than a few couple of lost souls suffering from the embarrassment of torture and torture of deer. It's forever. You two never rest… In… Peace. ”

Undertaker makes the throat crash during his music. McMahon and McIntyre look invincible, but still stroll away.

We’ll later have an interview with Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch later.

We go back to see Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans. Corbin says that the Extreme rules match is in their alley. Corbin asks why Seth Rollins would endanger his latest fling. Is he value it? Evans turns round and says that Becky Lynch has fought his entire life to make his goals come true. He gained Ronda Rouse at WrestleMania's primary occasion. Now Lynch has believed Rollins. Evans says Rollins has wandering eyes. Man's man can't hold his eyes out when he wins Natalya.

We go back to the world to see the Undertaker on the best way to the ramp and posing to the gang.

Natalya vs. Lacey Evans w / Baron Corbin

Natalya beats Lacey Evans out of the ring, however Evans wipes her as soon as she leaves the ring. Evans assault Natalya within the corner and retires. Evans hits the snap broncouster on two bills. Evans drops his elbow twice. Evans then applies the jaw lock. Natalya fights and pulls her away. Evans kneels shortly and hits the neck. Evans crashes and covers him twice. Evans climbs the ropes, but Natalya pulls him down. Natalya pierces her. Corbin tries to intrude, but Natalya rolls near Evans within the fall. Natalya hits the wafer's clothesline earlier than she lifts her into your tail. Corbin shortly wipes Natalya's legs. Natalya is furious. Evans shortly hits Natalya's Ladies's Right Victory.

Winner Pinfall: Lacey Evans

Charly Caruso is behind the scenes with Ricochet. He mentions that AJ Types doesn’t consider that Ricochet is at his degree. Ricochet says it was an honor to face types. If he had the dignity of meeting him once more, it will be a special outcome. Caruso asks if he would make a mistake… Anderson and Gallows come out and say that Types made him beat. Ricochet says if they do it once more, he would have gained the types. They are saying it's time for Ricochet to get in. Ricochet says he's not in search of issues. They say they don’t seem to be.

Miz meets Elias,

– Business Break

AJ types come to Anderson and Gallows. They inform Types that Ricochet stated he would win him subsequent time. Types may say talking to Ricochet. They don't assume he should speak. They say the types informed them that they had lost their edge, but what happened to Types? Anderson says that the types recognized from Japan would accept the problem and attack Ricochet.

Types go away and walk to Ricochet. Types say he heard Ricochet's line. Types say they may take the title… tonight. Ricochet says he doesn't know why types are triggered, but he does. Types give her a boring blow over her face. Ricochet reacts with shocks. Types maintain themselves back and say that this can be good before strolling away.

“Ladies and Gentlemen… Elias.”

Miz's music shortly interrupts the track.

2-out-of-three Falls Match
Elias vs. Miz

Miz shortly assaults Elias and throws him out of the ring. Miz sends him to the ring levels earlier than he goes down. Miz gets him into the ring and the referee breaks them. The decide requires the clock. Miz triggers him shortly and hits the top.

Miz pins Elias to rise 1-0.

Elias leaves the ring, so Miz provides him a baseball. They point out that they may go business after the second autumn. Miz will get him into the ring and goes to the Four Leglock image, but Elias descends on two rolls. Elias captures Miz Drift Away to win the second fall.

Elias bundles Miz to bind the collection 1-1.

-Business Break

The clock is ringing and the third touchdown starts. Elias hits the facility chair of the digital chair near the fall. Elias pierces her and elbows her down. Elias tells and pounds her in one invoice. Elias applies a jaw lock. Miz fights, but Elias takes him down and holds it. Miz fights and lowers the upper minimize. Miz cuts him again, but Elias descends right into a swinging collapse near the autumn. Elias measures her in the apron and fees, however she hits the knees of the ring submit when Miz moves. Miz gets him into the ring and applies the sample to the four locks!

In accordance with the winner: Miz (2-1)

Subsequent we hear from Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch


Video package deal: Seth Rollins wins Baron Corbin at WWE's Stomping Grounds with the help of Becky Lynch

Charly Caruso is a backstage with RAW Ladies's Champion Becky Lynch and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Rollins says he thinks Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley. Caruso says that Strowman has had a "pretty night". He asks if the impulsive would put his identify on the line. They pretend the abuse and attempt to be funny.

Maria Kanellis walks up and says she shouldn't call herself WWE # 1. Lynch might have gained Ronda Rouse, but he pushes an 8-kg baby out of the womb. Mike Kanellis walks. Maria says that the one purpose Rollins continues to be a champion is as a result of her husband has not denied it. Maria says how she and her bitch are Rollins and her bitch. Lynch says he's smiling. Rollins says, "You're messed up." They walk away.

– Business Break

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley current the performs by means of the wall within the LED stage. Commentators say Bobby Lashley is snug and Braun Strowman might have a rupture spleen.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch vs. Mike and Maria Kanellis

Seth Rollins begins with Mike Kannel. Rollins takes her to the snapmaren and fires her back. Rollins shortly within the clothesline Mike down and provides him again the elbow. Mike is making an attempt to shoot her up. Mike punches Rollins and kicks him. Rollins returns a comma before hitting a buckle bomb. Rollins kicks him on his face and forces Mike to mark Maria inside Cinnamon.

Lynch appears pleased when Maria appears appalled. Maria goes out of the entrance and grabs the microphone. Maria is furious in the direction of Mike. Mike informed him he was moping on the ground with Rollins, but he can't even mop the ground at residence. Lynch rises to her and Maria screams that she is pregnant. Mike is shocked. No one reacts. Mike asks how she may be pregnant. Maria says she's unsure he's a person. Lynch-hip slippers for the Mike and apply Dis-Arm-Her.

In line with the winners: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

Maria Cannell gets to the ring and says she will't consider Mike is the daddy of her baby. Next time he needs to get bored, he should ask Becky Lynch

Paul Heyman walks behind the scenes of Charly Caruson. Heyman says he is an advocate of Mr. Cash in 2019 by Brock Lesnar. It's been a wierd night time for Seth Rollins and a nasty night time for Kofi Kingston. It signifies that his shopper, Brock Lesnar, is sweet to stay in their hand. Perhaps Lesnar is right here tonight … perhaps he's not. Road wins go to him. They're scaring him at Shtick, and Heyman seems to be unusual. Heyman says he doesn't have time for this and walks away.

Ricochet incorporates AJ types into WWE's US Championship on the line later.

Alexa Bliss has a "Bliss Moment" with Nikki Cross

-Business Break

"Bliss Moment" with a special visitor with Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss comes out and says her ideas with Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley . Then he brought Nikki Cross out and exhibits that his Beatley has gained the Smackdown Stay service to win Bliss's second Smackdown Ladies's Championship in Excessive. The Cross thanks Bliss for believing in him. Carmella interrupts. Carmella says Bliss makes use of Cross. Bliss will get the identify tag. What does Cross get? Bliss says he is aware of that Carmella is making an attempt to interrupt them. Bliss says Carmella is nothing however a sidekick. Carmella challenges her to get into the ring and she or he exhibits her a aspect recreation

Alexa Bliss w / Nikki Cross vs. Carmella

The bells are enjoying, and Carmella rolls her straight to victory.

Winner Pinfall: Carmella

– Business Break

Nikki Cross w / Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella

The cross takes her cross, however Carmella will soon come again and squeeze her down.

Winner Pinfall: Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss celebrates as she just gained herself.

WWE US Champion Ricochet Takes AJ Types

– Business Break-

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are behind the scenes. Sarah Shriber asks how Cross is aware of the WWE universe that desires her to take Bayley to Smackdown in the Ladies's Excessive Rules. Bliss says, "No comment" and pulls Cross.

We go elsewhere behind the scenes to see Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle. Maverick says they’ve a terrific honeymoon. He says he's going recent. A set of RAW superstars. R-Fact is hiding, so Maverick is attacking him together with his suitcase, calling the referee and profitable him to win the WWE 24/7 championship. Renee comes out and she or he says their honeymoon is nice because they will do it 24/7.

AJ Types enters. WWE United Champion Ricochet is next.

-Business Break-

WWE US Championship
AJ Types vs. Ricochet (c)

They struggle and types take him down. Ricochet sends him to the nook and shrugged him. The types get the knees up to the purpose of a permanent capturing star and decide up two chapters. The types bounce him from the rods and kick him. Ricochet arrives shortly and drops him out of the ring. Ricochet hits Fosbury Flop and will get him into the ring. Types keep away from the springboard and suppress him. Types mix with Phenomenal forearm and covers. Ricochet will get his foot underneath, but the referee does not see.

Winner and New WWE Champion: AJ Types

Another referee comes down and explains the error in the unique referee's invitation.

-Business Break-

The match is restarted as a result of the referee overturned his determination. The types will not be WWE United Champion. The types shout at Galleria and Anderson to go back.

Clock tires. Ricochet takes the types down and knocks him out of the ring. The types keep away from Fosbury flop, but Ricochet lands on his ft. After that, the types hit Phenomenal's arms on the floor. Types get him into the ring and hit the stroke virtually in the fall. Ricochet tries to struggle again, but Types hits the torture rack close to the autumn. Ricochet fights again and leaves the rope earlier than waving types to victory.

Winner and nonetheless WWE US champion: Ricochet

Types and Ricochet shaking palms. Anderson and Gallows are here. Ricochet is getting ready to battle. You then steal him blind together with his proper hand. Types pierced and hit Ricochet. The types play in Anderson's and Gallows & # 39; s rings to hit Ricochet with Magic Killer. Types are excessive with the membership. Types hit Ricochet and talks concerning the trash. Types go to a different rope, and the club picks Ricochet. Types give her types to Conflict out of another rope! The club stands high and makes a "too sweet" gesture. The types then decide Ricochet and punch him just a little more. Anderson and Gallows are in. They're going to cease the presentation.