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WWE Monday Night RAW 07 29 2019

WWE RAW Results
July 29, 2019
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
Outcomes by: Roy Nemer of

WWE Raw kicks off with a video highlighting the WWE title all through the years but switches over to the 24/7 Championship. We see clips of various champions.

Reside in the area, we see several superstars surrounding the ring as Drake Maverick and his spouse Renee take on R-Fact and Carmella. Ought to both Renee or Maverick get the win, Drake Maverick would turn out to be the new WWE 24/7 Champion.


24/7 Championship Mix Tag Workforce Mosh Pit Match – R-Fact (c) and Carmella vs. Drake Maverick and Renee [19659009] The bell rings and with R-Fact distracted, Maverick goes for a quick roll up however R-Fact kicks out. R-Fact with a hip toss. A leg drop by R-Fact as he goes for the duvet but Maverick kicks out. Maverick runs toweards R-Fact however R-Fact thrtows him excessive rope because the superstars catch Maverick. They parade him around the ring and throw him within the ring. R-Fact goes for canopy however Maverick kicks out. Renee gets within the ring and as does Carmella. The 2 start to struggle. Maverick breaks it up as Carmella slaps Maverick. R-Fact drops Maverick face first. He goes for cover and will get the pin.

Winners: Still 24/7 Champion, R-Fact and Carmella

The match is over because the superstars encompass the ring. Everyone will get in the ring and bounce on prime of R-Fact. The referee counts to 3 as Mike Kanellis grabs the title and runs. Kanellis runs to the back as he is chased by WWE superstars.

New 24/7 Champion: Mike Kanellis

He Locks Herself In A Room As They Knock On The Door. His spouse Maria tells them to go away. She knocks on the door and says Maria. Mike says how does he know his wife and never Carmella. Maria says if he opens the door she is going to knock it down and kick him in his vagina. Mike lets her in on the digital camera fades.

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Gauntlet Match – Winner Faces AJ Types at Summerslam for United States title

It's Rey Mysterio, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Ricochet and Andrade within the Gauntlet match. Rey Mysterio and Cesaro begin off the match. Cesaro takes Mysterio down and goes for the duvet but Rey kicks out. Both men back up as Rey kicks Cesaro, Rey jumps off the ropes and goes for a spinning combo but Cesaro kicks out. Cesasro with an enormous clothesline.

Cesaro with an uppercut and a second. Cesaro with a sleeper hold on Rey as we see AJ Types watching backstage. Rey fights out of it and a kick to the face by Rey. He jumps on prime of Cesaro's shoulders as Cesaro flips over the top rope and he lands on his ft with Rey still on prime as Rey pushes him into the ring apron.

Rey Mysterio will get again in the ring as he slides underneath the bottom rope and lands on Cesaro on the surface. Rey throws Cesaro back in the ring. Rey on the ring apron, he jumps off the top rope and hurricanrana as Cesaro is in place for the 619. Rey goes for it but Cesaro slides out of the ring. Rey with a baseball slide as he grabs Cesaro by the top and throws him into the barricade.

-Business Break-

Back from the business, Cesaro is in the ring as Rey slowly gets within the ring. Cesaro units Rey up and hits him with an elbow drop. He goes for the duvet but Rey kicks out. Cesaro with a Headlock. Cesaro throws Rey in the corner and places him on the top rope. Cesaro climbs the second rope but Rey fights back. Proper palms by Rey as he headbutts Cesaro down. Rey off the highest rope and a senton onto Cesaro. A kick to the face by Rey as he goes for the duvet but Cesaro kicks out.

Rey jumps off the second rope but Cesasro hits him with an uppercut within the air. He goes for the duvet but Rey kicks out. Cesaro with a leg drop and an enormous boot to the face follows it. He goes for the duvet however again Rey kicks out. Cesar lifts Rey up but Rey counters it as Cesasro goes shoulder first into the Turnbuckle. Rey climbs the top rope however Cesaro with an uppercut. Cesaro puts Rey on his shoulders and climbs the second rope. Rey fights back and he goes for a hurricanrana but Cesaro catches him. Rey fights again to offer the bulldog off the second rope by Rey.

Cesaro sluggish to rise up as Rey hits him with the 619. Rey climbs the top rope and hits him with the frog splash. He goes for the pin and gets int

Cesaro is eliminated

Rey Mysterio vs. Sami Zayn

In comes Zayn who stomps on Rey because the referee breaks it up. Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick, Rey ducks and goes for the duvet and gets the pin.

Sami Zayn is eradicated

-Business Break-

Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade with Zelina Vega

The bell rings and we’re beneath method. An arm bar by Andrade as Rey fights out of it. A chop to the chest by Andrade. He goes for an additional as Rey geese and Rey with a slap to the chest of his personal. Rey with a head lock as Andrade sends him to the nook. Andrade drops Rey and goes for the duvet however Rey kicks out. Andrade with an enormous clothesline to Rey within the nook.

A kick to the face by Andrade as he goes for the duvet but again Rey kicks out. Andrade throws Rey to the surface. Andrade goes outdoors and hits Rey from behind. He throws Rey back within the ring. A chop to the chest by Andrade but Rey with certainly one of his personal. A kick to the face by Rey but Andrade goes for the three amigos. He lands two suplexes and eventually the third one. Andrade climbs the top rope. He goes for the moonsault, Rey strikes, Andrade lands on his ft and lands a moonsault on Rey. He goes for cover however again Rey Mysterio kicks out.

Both men back up but an inzighuri by Rey. He goes for the 619 however Andrade catches him and drops Rey with a backbreaker. Andrade with the Hammerlock DDT and will get the pin.

Rey Mysterio is eliminated

Andrade tries to take Rey's masks off but Ricochet's music hits and he runs to the ring. He knocks Andrade off as he jumps off the highest rope.

-Business Break-

Andrade vs. Ricochet

The bell rings and we’re beneath approach. A drop kick by Ricochet as Andrade slides to the surface. Ricochet runs to the rope but Zelina Vega journeys him. Andrade gets within the ring and the battle continues. Ricochet with a kick to the face. Ricochet on the apron and with the referee distracted, Vega hols Ricochet's leg. Andrade knocks him off the ring apron and to the surface.

Andrade walks to the surface and chop to the chest. Andrade throws Ricochet into the barricade. Andrade will get again within the ring and as does Ricochet. Andrade stomping on Ricochet within the nook. Aa chop to the chest by Andrade as Ricochet drops to the ground. Ricochet again up and Andrade sends him into the nook, he runs but Ricochet with a drop kick.

Each men back up and right hand by Ricochet. A hurricanrana by Ricochet. Ricochet onto the ring apron, jumps off the top rope, Andrade moves, Ricochet runs in the direction of him however Andradae throws him the wrong way up into the Turnbuckle.

With Ricochet down, Andrade with the double knees within the corner. He goes for the duvet but Ricochet kicks out. Andrade goes for the Hammerlock DDT but Ricochet reverses it inside Cradle however Andrade kicks out. Ricochet with an inverted hurricanrana. He goes for the duvet however Andrade kicks out. Ricochet climbs the top rope however Andrade holds him up. Andrade on the second rope as the two battle. Ricochet knocks Andrade down. Ricochet with the 630 splash. He goes for canopy and will get the pin.

Winner: Ricochet

Kayla interviews Ricochet after the match. He says when he beats Samoa Joe to develop into america Champion, no one believed it. But in case you've finished something they've discovered that folks for some cause only consider what they will see. And at Summerslam, when he beats AJ Types and raises the united statestitle over his head as soon as extra, everyone will consider and so will he. We see AJ Types Laughing backstage.

We see Mike and Maria talking backstage as Mike says he did this for them. Maria tells him to get down on his back like he often does. She asks for a referee. Mike asks what she's doing, Maria says she'll pin him that means her Unborn baby can have a Champion as a mum or dad. Mike will get down on the floor, she places her foot on him, the referee counts to 3 as we now have a brand new Champion.

New 24/7 Champion, Maria

She walks via the door and into the corridor. She gloats in front of the male roster. She asks Titus if he would struggle a pregnant woman. She says this week, on Thursday, she'll be at her doctor's appointment if somebody want to pin her there. She continues to walk and gloat.

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A moment of Bliss

Alexa Bliss comes out with Nikki Cross. Alexa welcomes everyone to A Moment of Bliss. She says she needs to offer an enormous Shoutout to the new 24/7 Champion, Maria. She says they're inspiring. Nikki says last week was inspiring as properly. Bliss says Stone Chilly obtained it greatest once they obtained a household however the next night time Dolph Ziggler betrayed his family when he superkicks Shawn Michaels. Bliss says she was appalled at Dolph's conduct. But Nikki ought to have seen what was executed earlier as we speak.

We reduce to earlier at present where we see Fit Finlay coaching Natalya and three different feminine superstars. In came Becky Lynch who kicks Fit and attacked Natalya. Match broke it off as Becky Lynch left the ring. The gang chants “Becky” and Alexa calls it ridiculous. Nikki says we saw it final week when Becky attacked Natalya on the Moment of Bliss.

Bliss says Tonight when she faces Becky, she'll be sure that she knocks the person down with a couple of pegs. We see Becky on the large display and she or he says she will hear Alexa. She says its straightforward for Alexa to run her mouth when there’s a distance between them however Tonight they’ll struggle. Becky asks Nikki if she came all the best way from Scotland to be a espresso maker for Alexa. And she is going to see Alexa later.

The Usos music hits they usually come out. They rap about how they are within the building and gained’t miss Raw for nothing.

-Business Break-

Triple Menace Tag Staff Championship Match – The Revival (c’s) vs. The OC vs. The Usos [19659009] The bell rings and it's Dawson and Jimmy within the ring. Dawson with a headlock on Jimmy however Jey will get out of it. A shoulder block by Jimmy however Dawson with a excessive elbow takes Jimmy down. Dawson throws Jimmy within the nook. A chop to the chest. Wilder is tagged in and a headbutt on Jimmy. Wilder with a chop to the chest but Jimmy fights back and Jey is Tagged in. Dash Wilder is double teamed by The Usos.

Jey goes for cover however Wilder kicks out. Wilder within the corner however he throws Jey in the corner. Dawson is tagged in they usually double workforce Jey. Dawson with a headlock but Jey fights out. Dawson goes for a Piledriver however Jey with a again drop. Wilder is tagged in however a kick by Jey and he’s thrown in the corner. Jimmy is Tagged in. They double group Wilder. Jimmy goes for cover but Wilder kicks out. Jey is Tagged in.

The Usos double staff Wilder. Jey with an arm bar Submission however Wilder gets out of it and pushes Jey within the corner as Dawson is Tagged in. Dawson with a sleeper on Jey however Jey will get out of it as Wilder is tagged in.

Wilder lifts Jey on prime rope as Wilder is pushed off. Jey with a crossbody, he goes for the duvet but Wilder kicks out. A right hand by Jey. He runs in the direction of Wilder but Wilder moves out of the best way as Jey falls to the surface.

-Business Break-

Back from business, Karl Anderson in the ring with Jey Uso and he has him in a headlock. A right hand by Karl as he goes for the duvet however Jey kicks out. An uppercut by Karl as Gallows is Tagged in. Gallows with several huge right arms onto Jey. Gallows with an elbow drop. He goes for the duvet but Jey kicks out.

Luke Gallows with a headlock on Jey but Jey will get out of it. Anderson tags himself in and goes for the duvet but Jey kicks out. Anderson lifts Jey up but Jey lands on his ft. Jimmy is Tagged in and so is Wilder. An inzighuri onto Wilder followed by a proper hand. He climbs the highest rope and crossbody but Wilder catches him. Jimmy gets out of it and a Samoan drop. He goes for canopy but Wilder kicks out.

Dawson is Tagged in behind Jimmy's again. He goes for the superkick but Wilder lifts hi up and Dawson jumps off the top rope and face first goes Jimmy. He goes for the duvet however Anderson breaks it up. All hell breaks Unfastened on the surface of the ring and all six men are down. Jimmy on prime rope but Dawson with a right hand. Jimmy with a suplex off the second rope onto the surface as they fall on the remaining 4 rivals.

Jimmy throws Dawson back in the ring. Jimmy climbs the highest rope, he goes for the frop splash, Dawson moves, Gallows tags himself in off Dawson. The Shadow Machine is Jimmy. Jey jumps off the top rope. Anderson with the backbone buster on Jey. Magic Killer As The Gallows Go For The Cover And Gets The Pin.

Winners: New Uncooked Tag Workforce Champions, The OC

-Business Break-

Backstage, we see AJ Types next to the table of food. In comes Kayla and she or he asks him about Gallows and Anderson profitable and coming new Raw tag workforce Champions. They start to have fun as AJ holds a bottle of Champagne.

Clips of final week's WWE Uncooked Reunion airs and of Dolph Ziggler attacking Shawn Michaels on Smackdown the next night time.

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The Viking Raiders vs. .Cole Carter and Johnny James

Erik and James start the match. Erik with an enormous proper hand as Johnny James gets off the ring apron. Ivar hits James on the surface and throws him within the ring. Erik with an enormous Dropkick onto James and he falls on Carter. Ivar is tagged in and he beats up on both males. Erik is Tagged back in. Erik lifts up both males and drops them. The Viking Experience. Ivar goes for canopy and gets the pin.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Road Income are backstage they usually reduce a promo concerning the Viking Raiders, The OC and Maria profitable the 24/7 Championship. In comes Seth Rollins, all of them hug. They hype up Rollins for his match Tonight towards Dolph Ziggler.

-Business Break-

Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss with Nikki Cross

The bell rings and we are beneath means. A proper hand by Becky and she or he takes Alexa down. A suplex by Becky as she goes for the duvet but Alexa kicks out. Becky runs in the direction of Alexa but Alexa journeys her and Becky falls on the ropes. With the referee distracted, Nikki with a proper hand onto Becky. Alexa hits Becky as Becky falls to the surface.

Becky will get back in the ring and a right hand by Becky adopted by a knee to the face. A back elbow takes Alexa out. Becky climbs the second rope however Alexa Drags her off. Alexa goes for the duvet but two rely only. Alexa kicking Becky in the corner as a loud "Becky" chant from the gang. Becky fights again and goes for canopy but Alexa kicks out. Alexa will get up and drops Becky onto the mat.

Alexa Bliss with a modified stomach stretch however Becky gets out of it. A proper hand by Alexa takes Becky out. Alexa with double knees to the midsection. And a second time followed by a moonsault. She goes for cover however Becky kicks out. Proper arms by Alexa Bliss and again she goes for the duvet as as soon as extra Becky kicks out. Alexa goes for the double knees however Becky strikes. Dropkick by Becky followed with a kick to the top. Becky with the Becksploder but Alexa counters it dropping Becky.

A kick to the face by Becky followed by a clothesline. Becky with the Becksploder as Alexa is holding her leg. The referee pulls Becky away and Alexa is crying in the nook. The referee checks in on her as does Nikki Cross. A trainer comes out to the ring and checks up on Alexa’s leg. The coach tells the referee that Alexa can't proceed because the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Becky Lynch

The time keeper makes the announcement as Becky celebrates within the ring. Nikki will get on the ring apron and confronts Becky. Nikki gets in the ring and the 2 go nose to nose.

-Business Break-

Becky Lynch vs. Nikki Cross

The bell rings and we are underneath approach as Alexa Bliss is resting on the ring aspect. Nikki pushes Becky however Becky with a proper hand. She throws Nikki within the nook and an enormous splash. An uppercut by Becky adopted by a shoulder block. Nikki with an elbow as she climbs the highest rope. Cross body, she goes for cover but Becky kicks out. A snap mare by Nikki followed by a headlock.

Becky gets out of it and a back elbow by Becky. She throws Nikki to the surface but Nikki climbs the ring apron and prime rope however Becky drops her. Becky with the manhandle slam. She goes for canopy and gets the pin.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Alexa Bliss attacks Becky Lynch from behind after the match. Her and Nikki Cross beat up on Becky Lynch. Out comes Natalya as Bliss and Nikki depart the ring. Natalya goes after Becky and Locks in the Sharpshooter.

Kayla is backstage with Natalya and Natalya says about being knowledgeable and at Summerslam after she beats Becky, she gained't need to shake her hand. She belief belief Becky, infact she want to challenge Becky to a Submission match. Her superior Sharpshooter to Becky's inferior dissarm-her however she doesn't assume Becky will accept and she or he gained't problem the challenge.

-Business Break-

Maria is backstage as Photographers are taking footage of her with the 24 / 7 Championship. In comes Braun Strowman who stands next to her. She asks him if he is aware of what it is wish to be pregnant. She says Monster among men? Why did he present her how massive and powerful he’s. Braun will get indignant as she walks away.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

Appears like Shawn Michaels' music that hits and out comes Dolph Ziggler. He says it appears like Seth lost his smile. Seth ought to be thanking him for every embarrassment that comes again begging for relevance, taking their spots away. With out it Shawn Michaels or Goldberg, they’re each pathetic. However Tonight Seth will get to see the actual essential occasion, the actual headliner, the present Stealer. Dolph poses like Shawn Michaels.

The bell rings and Seth with a clothesline on Ziggler. And another one takes Ziggler to the surface. Seth goes to the surface and throws Ziggler into the barricade. He grabs Ziggler and bashes his head into the ring apron. He throws Ziggler again into the barricade after which into the ring.

Seth beats up on Ziggler however Ziggler crawls to the surface. Seth follows him however Ziggler with a kick onto Seth. He goes to send Seth into the barricade but Seth reverses it sending Ziggler into the barricade. Seth throws Dolph back within the ring. Seth with a snapmare adopted by a kick to the again. Seth with a leaping knee to the face. Ziggler crawls to the ring apron and as Seth is going by way of the ropes. Ziggler kicks in the ropes and jumps DDT by Ziggler onto Seth on the ring apron.

-Business Break-

Back from business, right hand by Seth in the ring. He pushes Ziggler into the nook and starts to stomp on him. Seth with a slingblade. He goes for the duvet but Ziggler kicks out. Seth grabs Ziggler in the air and drops him. He goes for the duvet but again Ziggler kicks out. Seth on the ring apron, jumps off the highest rope, Ziggler moves and Ziggler throws Seth shoulder first into the nook. The Zig Zag by Ziggler. He goes for cover however Seth Rollins kicks out.

Dolph Ziggler mocking Shawn Michaels as he sets up for Candy Chin Music. Seth gets up however an excellent kick by Seth and another one as Ziggler falls to the mat. Brock Lesnar’s music hits and out comes WWE Universal Champion with Paul Heyman. He walks down as Heyman grabs the title. Lesnar Rushes the ring and clotheslines Rollins. The referee requires a bell.

Brock Lesnar with a German suplex and one other one. Rollins falls to the surface. Brock throws him into the barricade. Brock Lesnar with the F5 as he throws Seth Rollins into the steel publish. Lesnar throws Rollins again within the ring. He grabs a steel chair and hits Seth across the back with it.

Lesnar sets the chair up and sits on it watching Rollins. Lesnar grabs the Rollins and delivers the F5 throwing Rollins onto the steel chair. Lesnar lifts Rollins up once more and a second F5 Dropping Rollins once more on the chair. Heyman tells Brock to cease however Lesnar with a third F5 on the chair.