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WWE Monday Night RAW 08 19 2019

WWE RAW Results
19. August 2019
St. Paul, Minnesota
Remark: Michael Cole, Renee Young and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Outcomes: Mike Tedesco,

“Then. Now. Forever. “The WWE video leads us to the show.

We go straight to the arena to listen to Roman Reigns music. Smackdown Live Superstar is on its way to a big ring reception. The corner of the stage is decorated with a throne.

Jerry "The King" Lawler is commenting today while Corey Graves is on vacation. Lawler will host “The King’s Court” with Sasha Banks later this night.

Video package deal: Assaults by Roman governments final month.

Dolph Ziggler will get in. Ziggler has a microphone. Ziggler needs to tell Reigns nose to nose that he’s not a Twitter keyboard warfare, like all wrestling fans. He's glad Reigns is okay with shut assaults. Ziggler simply doesn't perceive why he gets all the attention on things that nearly happened. The audience sings, "You suck." Ziggler says they’re making an attempt to be a person so they can shut down. The rulers virtually hit the lighting fixture, but has Goldberg ever talked about him 3 times? It's dangerous enough to get Goldberg to talk, however he didn't see it coming. Ziggler thought Goldberg had to wait six months between spears. Over the previous few weeks, he has had the desire of DZ at HBK. Shawn Michaels punches him within the face. He's so out of the sport that Marysen's husband, Miz, took him out. That ought to be her foremost attraction.

Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler

The referee checks Roman Reigns, who continues to be on the carpet. The viewers sings, "You still suck" and "Goldberg" at Ziggler.

Reigns will get his ft and the bell rings. Ziggler goes into a corner of the avalanche, however Reigns ignores him and drops him together with his right hand. Ziggler immediately leaves the tire. Reigns goes out and jumps the Steel Stairs in the direction of Superman's strike, but Ziggler ignores him. Then Ziggler drops him on the Zig-Zag flooring.

– Business break-

We return to pause to see Reigns struggle the jaw, but Ziggler shortly kicks him back within the corner. Ziggler costs, however Reigns drops him to the floor. Reigns goes out and hits him with Drive-By Dropkick. Reigns gets him in the ring and connects with a jumping clothesline. Reigns hits the 10 clubs within the nook earlier than hitting the ropes and dropping him in an enormous boot. Reigns goes for a Superman Punch, however Ziggler lowers the roll-up for 2 counts. Ziggler then hits an enormous spike for a near DDT drop.

Ziggler expects Reigns to rise up and go for the zigzag, but Reigns holds the ropes. Ziggler calculates the spear in double counting. Ziggler goes behind the famous, but Reigns goes down with a drive bomb attempt. Ziggler comes out and laterally manages to ship him in front of his shoulder to the ring publish. Ziggler instantly follows Zig-Zag, but Reigns kicks out! Ziggler angrily will get on his ft and mocks the viewers. Ziggler starts tuning the band and goes for the superkick, however Reigns stops it. Reigns combines a Superman hit and covers, however Ziggler kicks out! Reigns gets pumped and goes to the spear, however Ziggler takes two counts to fame.

– Business pause –

We return to pause to see Reigns struggle the jaw, but Ziggler shortly knocks him again into the corner. Ziggler costs, however Reigns drops him to the floor. Reigns goes out and hits him with Drive-By Dropkick. Reigns gets him within the ring and connects with a leaping clothesline. Reigns hits the 10 clubs in the nook earlier than hitting the ropes and dropping him in an enormous boot. Reigns goes for a Superman Punch, however Ziggler lowers the roll-up for 2 counts. Ziggler then hits an enormous spike for a near DDT drop.

Ziggler expects Reigns to rise up and go for the zigzag, but Reigns holds the ropes. Ziggler calculates the spear in double counting. Ziggler goes behind the well-known, however Reigns goes down with a pressure bomb try. Ziggler comes out and laterally manages to ship him in front of his shoulder to the ring submit. Ziggler instantly follows Zig-Zag, however Reigns kicks out! Ziggler angrily will get on his ft and mocks the audience. Ziggler starts tuning the band and goes for the superkick, but Reigns stops it. Reigns combines a Superman hit and covers, however Ziggler kicks out! Reigns gets pumped and goes to the spear, however Ziggler goes right down to fame on two counts.

Later in the night, AJ Types defends the US WWE Championship towards Braun Strowman. We may also see the King of the Ring start in 2019. Cesaro takes on Samoa River and Cedric Alexander in Sami Zayn's first spherical match.

Next, Jerry "The King" lawyer interviews Sasha Banks at King's Courtroom.

– Business Break

. Video Package deal: Sasha Banks returns and assaults Natalya and Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch, the RAW ladies's champion, is seen because the backdrop to a pre-recorded promotion. Lynch says last week on RAW, Sasha Banks hit her silly chair. Individuals need to know why he continues to problem the dressing room. Lynch needs the most effective, most aggressive model of the people who problem him. That's what Sasha Banks is true now. He can thank the man for that. A number of months in the past, Banks escaped WWE together with his career as chilly as ever. Now he's scorching as ever. What did Banks do on his four-month trip that made him so scorching? Nothing in any respect. Lynch did it all. A number of Lynch press interviews made Banks the most effective dog in 2019. Sasha Banks is the most important lady on the record who can by no means be great. Lynch says banks can rock their chairs and use Dollar Store glasses as they want. Most importantly, he has invested extra in adding banks to WWE than the banks did. Why did Lynch launch the proper banks? Greats don't need to be. This can be a cat and mouse recreation. When Lynch will get him, he provides him something to go residence and cry for.

The King's Courtroom with particular visitor Sasha Banks

Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomes everybody to the King's Courtroom. It seems like Becky Lynch is about to take revenge on her next visitor, Sasha Banks.

Before he brings Sasha Banks out, Lawler needs to speak concerning the Ring of King because he is The King. The King of the Ring isn’t just a multiple. Many Moors have been king of the ring. It's a bootable disk. Bret "Hitman" Hart, Stone Chilly Steve Austin and Minnesota's personal Brock Lesnar have all been king of the ring. Then they present the King of the ring bracket.

Lawler tells the RAW aspect that he thinks it is going to come to Cedric Alexander and Ricochet. On the Smackdown aspect…

The lights begin to exit, and Lawler immediately recognizes what is occurring. Lawler shortly leaves the tire and climbs the ramp. The lights flip off after which begin flashing. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt stands behind the lawyer on the ramp. Lawler turns and The Fiend locks in Mandible nails! Lawler quickly goes unconscious. The lights go out and Wyatt is gone. Docs examine Lawler as we go business.

-Business Pause-

Repeats are shown of Fiend's attacking Jerry "The King" Lawler a second ago.

Vic Joseph from 205 Stay and NXT UK might be commenting now. An interview with Sasha Banks will take place later. Ricochet and The Miz vs. Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin

Ricochet takes Drew McIntyre, and Miz takes Baron Corbin next week in the first round of the King. Matches.

Drew McIntyre begins towards The Miz. Miz shortly tags in Ricochet they usually take McIntyre out. The lights are starting to go off in the area, nevertheless it's just a technical glitch. Miz then washes Corbin's ring. Miz hits Corbin and McIntyre with a baseball slider. Then Ricochet takes them to the ground for an additional rope month!

– Business break

We'll come again from the break to see Miz flattening Corbin. Miz hits the ropes, but Corbin drops him in the again with an elbow. Corbin takes off his vest and wears a black shirt. Corbin strikes Miz and cheats on being king of the ring. McIntyre is tagged and hits the Miz with a belly-to-stomach suplex near the drop. McIntyre catches her in the leg, pushes her into a rope and drops her on a clothesline. Corbin is tagged back in and Miz knocks him again. One thing is occurring in the crowd that’s distracted by the crowds. Corbin comes back on the clothesline at an angle. McIntyre marks and hits the backbone near the drop. Miz then returns on DDT.

Ricochet and Corbin tag in. Ricochet takes him down and hits the enzuigir. Ricochet knocks McIntyre down and passes Corbin. Ricochet avoids getting out and on the clothesline before hitting the playoffs with one drop. Ricochet hits the operating shoulder at an angle and kicks him. Ricochet hits a dipper clothesline and a stationary firearm press, but McIntyre breaks it down. Miz arrives in the ring to help, but McIntyre arrives in nice numbers. Then McIntyre tells Ricochet that this is next week's preview and throws him throughout the ring. McIntyre leaves Claymore Kick but is kicked by Ricochet. Miz then hits McIntyre within the Skull Crushing Finale. Corbin provides Miz a Chokeslam. Ricochet knocks Corbin back and goes to the springboard, however Corbin grabs his throat. Ricochet flips by means of the choke, but Corbin comes back with a deep six shortly. Corbin kilos carpet annoyed. The "Corbin Sucks" track begins. Corbin puts him in a rope but Ricochet knocks him again. Ricochet hits a missile drop and puts him in a nook. Corbin ignores him and blames him, however Miz pulls Ricochet out of the best way. Corbin hits the tire shoulder first, and Ricochet hits him with Recoil for the win!

Pinfall Winners: Ricochet and The Miz

Subsequent up, AJ Types defends the WWE United States Championship towards Braun Strowman.

– Business Break –

Sasha Banks is seen preparing for an interview later tonight.

Michael Cole interviews WWE Famer Booker T by way of Skype. Cole asks about The Fiend's assault on Jerry Lawler. In response to Booker T, Wyatt is like a rabid canine and was a nasty place to be for Lawler. Cole then highlights the King of the Ring event, gained by Booker T in 2006 to develop into King BOOKAH. Booker T says he thinks of the greats who’ve gained it through the years and started their careers. Booker T believes Drew McIntyre will win it.

Shown on Braun Strowman coming again last week on RAW to assist Seth Rollins and Ricochet struggle OC.

WWE United States Championship
Braun Strowman vs. AJ Types (c) / OC

The bell rings, and Types steps proper up to Strowman. Types hit him, so Strowman drives him to the corner before blocking his shoulder. Strowman chases types around the ring. Types gets the ring and attacks Strowman. Strowman grabs his throat, but Types will get out and assaults the leg. Strowman hits Types with a completely terrifying spine drop that nearly lands on Types.

Luke Gallows will get to the apron, but Strowman hits him from the apron. Strowman costs Types, however Types raises his legs. Types catches him again and goes to the Phenomenal arm, but Strowman knocks him out of the air. Strowman goes to the operating Powerslam but Karl Anderson kicks him out for disqualification.

Winner by Rejection: Braun Strowman
AJ Types Arrests WWE United States Championship

Gallow Huge Boots. Pillows and Anderson then send Strowman from the shoulder to the ring submit. Then they ship him to the other ring submit from the shoulder. WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins ran down to save lots of and clean the OC tire. The audience provides her a nice ovation. Rollins then shakes arms with Strowman. Strowman gained't let go of the handshake at first, but then nods his head.

Samoa Joe takes Cesaro within the first round of the subsequent King of the Ring event.

– Business break [19659007] Seth Rollins caught up with Braun Strowman. Rollins says they've had each other's backs, however he noticed how Strowman looked at his general championship. If he had his method, Strowman would get another probability. Before this happens, they need to take The OC. Rollins is making an attempt to get him and Strowman in comparison with Gallow and Anderson within the RAW Tag Staff Championships booked tonight.

King of the Ring Round 1 match
Samoa Joe vs. Cesaro

The bell rang, and Cesaro badly wiped out Samoa River on the operating prime near the landing. Joe rises from the additional and snatches again at him. Cesaro hits the ropes, but Joe takes him down with an enormous again elbow. Joe sends him down the ropes, however Cesaro takes him down with a springboard screw elbow. Cesaro goes to Cesaro Swing, but Joe kicks him off. Joe mocks him and sends him to the nook. Joe will enchant him earlier than he hits successful above. Cesaro leaves the tire to get well. Joe then takes Cesaro out on a suicide dive that sends him to the front row!

– Business break –

We'll come again for a break to see Joein jabbing at Cesaro. Joe then strokes him arduous and smiles. Cesaro chops back and hits the ropes, but Joe takes him down with an enormous clothesline. Joe applies a neck alternative, but Cesaro rejects it. Joe takes him down and goes for a splash of senton, however Cesaro moves on. Cesaro hits the torso at an angle and hits him onerous. Cesaro hits the ropes and lowers him in an enormous boot close to the landing. Cesaro will get up to him and tries additional, but the weight of the river takes them both down. Then Cesaro gets to his ft and hits Joe with a double rely.

Joe chops him and hits the ropes, however Cesaro follows him from the top. Joe rolls the tire to recuperate. Cesaro runs around the ring and cuts the river again. Cesaro gets him in the ring and goes to the upper rope to block the body of the physique at two falls. Joe pulls himself up in a nook and catches on Cesaro's uranium nose on the prime of his back! Joe shortly follows the senton splashes close to the drop. Cesaro takes him quickly and hits Cesaro's swing earlier than crossing over. Joe scrolls by way of the pin to get out. Cesaro cuts him and goes to the neutralizer, however Joe comes out. Cesaro goes to the springboard however Joe ignores him and fetches the Coquina change to send.

Winner by Submission: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe advances to the King of the Ring semifinals (graphics mispronounced semifinals). Joe faces Ricochet Winner vs. Drew McIntyren.

Sasha Banks breaks her silence later tonight. We additionally see a brand new day taking Revival. Cedric Alexander takes on Sami Zayn in a first spherical match of the King of the Ring.

It's official: Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman take Gallow and Anderson to the RAW Tag Workforce Championships.

– Business Break

Description of Drake Maverick making an attempt to lure Elia to the WWE 24/7 Championship on the recording studio over the weekend.

"Ladies and gentlemen … Elias."

Elias is making a nasty chord. He greeted the gang, and the microphone goes wild. Elias goes on to say that this is his final musical efficiency. Elias goes to play, however his guitar is out of order. Elias asks for a new guitar. The technician goes to offer him one other but takes it again. The lights go on and that's the R-truth. R-Fact takes him to 2 counts. R-Fact will attempt again for a similar outcome. R-Fact finally hits a scissor kick near the drop. R-Fact tries to hit him with a guitar, however Elias runs away.

New Day takes the subsequent episode of The Revival. We'll also find out what's next for Rey Mystery.

-Business Pause-

Rey Mysterio is within the background with Charly Caruson. He talks about how Andrade took the mask back a couple of weeks ago, but he hasn't been capable of retaliate. Mysterio thanks Charly for letting the discussion board converse in his thoughts. Mysterio says he’s a very fortunate man and has had an attractive household and profession. Mysterio remembers his uncle coaching him and met so many great individuals. These days issues haven't clicked on her. What Andrade did was a disgrace. In their luchador tradition, it is the biggest insult. What hurts him probably the most is that he has been unable to do something about it. As he steps into the ring, he sees prematurely what the subsequent actions are. For some cause, his physique doesn’t do what’s imagined. Mysterio has suffered many injuries through the years because he has encountered many great males, but his largest worry is that the accidents are his. Mysterio says he is aware of that as we speak should come for everybody … he simply didn't anticipate it to return to him. Mysterio will get the sensation. Mysterio realizes it's time for him to hold his masks on and let this new era of superstars work.

Mysterio goes to take away his masks … but his son Dominick stops him. Dominick says Mysterio promised in his coaching that he would grow to be his teammate. Dominick needs to have the ability to tell his sons that he labored with their grandfather, the good Rey Mysterion. Mysterio cries brazenly. Dominick tells him to stay in the WWE and never retire. Mysterio says he’ll do it for his son. They kiss and hug one another.

Displaying responses from Randy Orton giving New Day a couple of RKOs eventually week's Smackdown Reside.

New Day vs. Revival

Massive E begins towards Scott Dawson. Huge E takes him down and shrugs him within the corner. Huge E takes him to 2 bills. Xavier Woods takes a swing and hits a nook on the operating arm. Huge E shoots Dawson once more, and Woods takes Dawson down two bills. Dawson shortly returns by taking Woods down and tagging Dash Wilder. Wilder punches and splits Woods earlier than Woods returns. Wilder shortly locations him within the corner and sends him to the other corner. Woods shortly acquired him back and hits his roll of honor. Dawson runs in, but Massive E cuts him off. A brand new day will then wipe Revival out of the ring.

-Business Pause-

Let's go back to the break to see Woods beat Dawson in the drop basket. Huge E and Wilder tag in. Massive E hits Wilder on the prime of his abdomen before he hits Dawson with one. Massive E hits Wilder with a belly-to-stomach suplex and hits an enormous splash. The new day goes to midnight, however Dawson knocks on Woods' apron. Massive E goes for the spear Wilder's apron, but Randy Orton runs in and hits him with RKO from scratch!

Winners of Rejection: A New Day

Orton stands tall with Revival and talks to Huge E in the trash. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston crashes to save lots of. Kingston clotheslines Orton down and assaults The Revival. Kingston hits them with the double leap shaft deal with before turning into RKO from Orton. Orton lifts Kingston and appears him in the eye. Woods runs in and attacks Orton before kicking him. Woods hits the ropes, but The Revival hits the doubles staff when Orton hits the RKO!

Orton drives Revival and directs visitors. Orton tells them to interrupt Woods' leg. They settled in, and Orton takes Kingston to look. Revival jumps to Woods' leg, apparently breaking it. Kingston screams in horror and looks like he's crying. Woods screams in pain. Orton and The Revival appear in the ring as the gang grows.

Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman take Gallow and Anderson to the RAW Tag Staff Championships later tonight.

Michael Cole goes to interview Sasha Banks. Cole says they hoped to get comments from The King's Courtroom, but other circumstances have been taken under consideration. Cole asks him to elucidate his actions after his surprising return final week. Banks says it's been a crazy, emotional week for him. Final week, he appeared in the mirror and informed himself that blue was his colour. Individuals speak about all her blue hair. It’s time for him to seem and appear. She seems and feels good. Cole says nobody talks about her blue hair. Individuals are talking about his return for the primary time since WrestleMania. He attacked Natalja, who talked about his late father Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and Becky Lynch, where he began. Cole asks for an evidence. Banks thinks and simply says, "You are welcome." Banks goes away.

WWE Ladies 's Tag Staff Masters Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss are on their option to the ring. They're up subsequent.

-Business Pause-

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss vs. Hearth and Want

Sonya Deville takes Nikki Cross down, however Cross soon drives again. Alexa Bliss makes a mark, and Deville shortly takes her one rely. Deville knelt down in his midst and tagged Mandy Rose. Hearth and Want take two of Bliss's bills. Rose takes Bliss down and spins the wheels on her. Rose teases Bliss and drops her down. Rose hits the operating knee with two falls. Cross takes an affordable shot, so Rose follows him within the ring and takes him down. Bliss assaults Rose, gets him into the ring and picks up two payments. Cross codes and avalanches went up. Bliss follows the blow to the face. Cross hits a snapmare and applies a straitjacket. Bliss tags back and whips the Rose. Rose responds shortly, kneeling Bliss down.

Deville and Cross sign up. Deville wipes Cross on his knees and scares Bliss away. Cross shortly sends Rose to the ring submit. Bliss tries to assault Deville but is taken away. Cross hits Deville with a Cross Neckbreaker to win.

Pinfall winners: Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

Seth Rollins speaks in the background of Braun Strowman. Strowman is distracted when watching the WWE Universal Championship Collection. Rollins tells him to stay targeted and comply with his lead. Strowman says he’s targeted, however Rollins should keep his leadership with a purpose to turn into a RAW Tag Staff champion.

– Business Break

Ring of King Spherical 1 Match
Cedric Alexander vs. Sami Zayn

. Zayn shortly takes Alexander and hits him. Zayn wipes him down with one invoice. Zayn strangled him with a rope for a number of seconds. Alexander cuts the ribcage, however Zayn comes back with a crusher for 2 counts. Zayn hits Alexander and fixes the jaw lock. Alexander fights, however Zayn takes him with the Michinoku controller in two drops. Zayn stumbles upon him and provides him a cross before setting a new jaw lock. Alexander fights and splits Zayn. Alexander shortly hits the again corner, ducks the clothesline and hits the operating arm. Alexander knocks him again they usually shoot on the head mower. Alexander takes him out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Alexander gets him within the ring and hits the Neuralizer. Alexander shortly follows the victory with a lumbar spine verify.

Winner: Pinfall: Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander receives Baron Corbin's The Miz winner on next week's RAW display.

Road wins are proven watching the backstage. Montez Ford talks about how his King of the Ring bracket seems to be good. Angelo Dawkins says the bracket is already broken. He satisfied Cesaro to win the whole thing. They’ll bounce at the upcoming Ring of King matches. Dawkins wonders why they don't have a tag workforce within the King of the Ring event. In line with Ford, it's because they're already kings. Then they leap to the subsequent RAW Tag Staff Championships.

– Business Break

RAW Tag Group champions Gallows and Anderson complain concerning the title alternative Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman get. AJ Types says tonight is a superb alternative to exhibit the dominance of The OC.

Natalya is in the background together with her higher arm within the background. She's been by way of rather a lot and expected this to be an emotional week, but she didn't anticipate Sasha Banks. Sasha is … was her good friend. Subsequently, he can’t wrap his head around how his pals insulted him at probably the most weak moments in life. Sasha Banks blinds her and attacks the injured arm. Banks kick Natalya's arm into the field and say, "Go to hell, Nattie." The banks tell Natalya to inform her dad she says. Banks walks.

WWE World Champion Seth Rollins will get in. Braun Strowman will comply with quickly. They may then meet the RAW Tag Group champions.

– Business Break

RAW Tag Staff Championships
Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman vs. Gallow and Anderson (c) W / AJ Fashion

Braun Strowman starts towards Luke Gallows. Strowman drives him back. They lock and Strowman forces him into the nook before he hits him. Strowman hits the ropes and is blocked by the shoulder. Seth Rollins represents the inside and comes from the top rope in the midst of a punch. Rollins twists his arm, however Gallows takes him shortly. Karl Anderson marks and bounces Rollins out of the corner. Anderson hits him, but Rollins comes again with some chops. Rollins's whip has turned, however he punches Anderson within the face earlier than putting on his garments. The tags run out, but Rollins knocks him and Anderson out of the ring. Rollins comes from the apron on his knees to his head. Gallow quickly stops Rollins and drops her ribs first into the barricade. Gallow does it again, and Rollins screams in ache.

-Business Pause-

We'll return from the pause to see Anderson's writhing Rollins arm. Rollins fights back, however Anderson takes him with a depressing backbone close to the drop. Anderson grabs the Rollins and places him within the higher rope. Anderson tries to get a superplex, but Rollins rejects him. Rollins hits the shock absorber before partaking the rib bone in pain. Stops tags inside and prevents Rollins from shortly tagging. The barrels help him with ropes. Strowman meets alongside AJ STyles. Gallow gets up from behind and sends Strowman to the ring publish. The pillows then take you to Strowman's flooring. Gallow will get in the ring and Rollins kicks him. Rollins hits Anderson with a stern edge and assaults the OC. Rollins gets Gallow out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Rollins reaches the ring and hits Anderson with a hawk arrow near the drop. Rollins blames Anderson, however he’s dropped on the apron. Rollins will get to the top rope, however Types sweeps his ft. The tags run out and fall into 3D-II, virtually dropping. Anderson marks, they usually go to the Magic Killer, however Rollins rejects it. Rollins is shipped to the floor and Gallows holds him up so Types hits. Strowman wipes types and pillows!

Strowman is tagged, and he shrugs Anderson twice. Strowman snowballs him within the nook earlier than his shoulders block pillows. Strowman hits Anderson in one other avalanche before operating into Powerslam, which is operating. Rollins strikes types with The Stomp earlier than he can intrude. The referee drops the pin!

Winners and New RAW Tag Group Champions: Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman

Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman have fun turning into the brand new RAW Tag Group Champions. Rollins is now a double champion. They increase their palms on the ramp and Strowman watches the WWE Universal Championship once more.