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WWE NXT TakeOver – Toronto

NXT TakeOver: Toronto Results
August 10, 2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Results: Mike Tedesco,,

“Then. Now. Forever. “The WWE video leads us to the program.

They show the NXT TakeOver: Toronto trailer video a little differently than normal. They look at it from a crowd perspective.

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix welcome us to the exhibition and discuss what they are excited about seeing.

NXT Tag Team Championships
The Street Wins (c) vs. Undisputed ERA

Kyle O 'Reilly and Bobby Fish represent the undisputed ERA in this match.

Kyle Reilly starts against Angelo Dawkins. Dueling songs from the crowd. O'Reilly talks about a little trash, so Dawkins forces him into a corner and shouts his face. Then Dawkins playfully pokes him in the head. O'Reilly punches him in the face and takes himself through the ropes to hold him back. Dawkins blocks the kick and kills him before he rolls over and hits him again. O'Reilly escapes, but Dawkins shrugs him down. Bobby Fish tags mid-Dawkins and knocks it out. The fish sends him on the ropes, but Dawkins jumps on him and his shoulder stops him down. Montez Ford marks, and he hits a beautiful knockout on Kala. Ford hits a snap and picks up two bills. Dawkins signs in again and comes out of the other rope with an ax handle on the arm. Dawkins twists his arm, but Fish puts him in his arm. Dawkins's arm puts him back and marks Ford inside. Ford hits the double shaft handle on the second rope arm. Fish quickly hits Ford, but Ford responds with one of his own. The fish kicks Ford and throws him out of the ring. O'Reilly tags in, but Ford hits him. Ford then hits the Pisces. O'Reilly attacks Ford and hits him. More duels from the crowd. O'Reilly avoids pulling and kicking, but Ford still pulls his hands. Ford then hits the Kala with traction before hitting Reilly with a drop kick. Dawkins makes a mark, and they hit a double team jump set before hitting Fish with a double team. Ford goes to the apron, but Fish kicks him. O'Reilly goes to attack Dawkins, but Dawkins cuts him off. O'Reilly leaves the ring. O'Reilly quickly tags the fish, and Dawkins elbows down. Dawkins hits the fish, but Fish soon returns to attack.

The fish isolates Dawkins in the corner and strikes him. Reilly marks and kneels Dawkins in the near future for fall. O'Reilly continues to strike towards Dawkins and kneels him in the head. Fish tags and hits bust posted in two counts. The fish takes him to two counts. The fish hits a Samoan drop before marking it inside Fairy. Reilly stumbles on Ford and flags him. O'Reilly uses the lock on the front, and the crowd kills Dawkins. Dawkins fights and they change arms. O'Reilly takes him quickly and tags in Pisces. Fish goes to attack Ford, but Ford avoids it. Dawkins then hits a back drop.

Ford tags in and hits a couple of clotheslines on the Pisces. Ford jumps on him and hits a big jumping clothesline. Ford knocks Down Fairy, lowers the Fish Suplex, and hits the rear suplex before connecting to a standing moonlight near the drop. Ford hits the spine. Then Ford gets ready for People's Elbow! Ford hits the ropes but O'Reilly grabs his feet. Ford fights him and hits Kala's back as the top frame falls over O'Reilly. Ford kicks Fairy down, gets in the ring and hits a rock on the rock near the landing!

O'Reilly comes in and knocks on Dawkins apron. The fish then chop Ford. The undisputed ERA then hits a two-team double-arm DDT / German Suplex combination near the drop! The audience sings, "This is awesome!" O'Reilly gets Ford on the top rope and puts on his Achilles, but Ford fights him. The fish mark and try to get a superplex, but Ford fights it. Ford frantically strikes Pisces off the ropes and knocks on Reilly's apron. Ford stands on the top rope, but Kala holds him there. O'Reilly means. Fish hits Ford with super explosive! Reilly then comes from the top rope on his flying knee to Ford's leg! Reilly then uses the Achilles lock! Ford screams in pain and almost gets on the ropes. The fish comes out of the middle rope at the diving head. O'Reilly reuses the Achilles lock on Ford, and Fish holds Dawkins back. Dawkins will then hit the fish with Reilly!

The "NXT" song shoots. Dawkins marks and throws O'Reilly fish! Dawkins hits the corner of a corkscrew splash before violently robbing Reilly. O'Reilly tries to fight him, but Dawkins hits him. O'Reilly quickly kneels Dawkins in the face. Ford's blind markings in. O'Reilly uses a guillotine choke, but Ford comes from the top rope with a shock absorber, but Fish breaks the pin! All four men are down! They all get up and exchange beats. An ice hockey explosion breaks out between two teams. Fish and O 'Reilly take Dawkins down, and Ford take Fish away. O'Reilly and Ford stay in the ring. Ford hits, but Reilly cuts him. Ford reverses the whip and sends O'Reilly to the Fish. Then Ford knocks Reilly's ring before hitting an undisputed ERA in the summersault plancha series! The undisputed ERA is in the ring, and Dawkins spear them both! Ford hits Reilly on a frog game to win!

Winners and NXT Tag Team Champions: The Street Profits

SummerSlam Promo Air.

Johnny Gargano is seen watching some weapons from behind. Ricochet is on the ring and gets a nice ovation.

Video Package: Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae charges into the ring and takes Io Shirai before the clock. rings. The judge dismisses them and rings the bell.

Shirai quickly rises from the ring. LeRae chases, but Shirai attacks. Shirai goes off the electric bomb apron, but Le Rae holds on. Shirai takes her down to the apron and hits the suplex on the comment table! Shirai arrives in the ring and mocks the audience. LeRae indexes the pain next to the ring, holding his neck. Shirai lowers LeRae, but gets in nine. Shirai drops him when he arrives at the ring. Shirai then picks LeRae and hits him. Shirai sends him on a rope and hits a flapjack before hitting a miserable low drop face on two counts. Shirai attaches the knee to the back jaw. LeRae fights up and pulls him out. LeRae goes to take over the head mower, but Shirai lands on his feet and drops LeRae down. Shirai attacks the neck and targets a cam switch / collar attack. LeRae fights, but Shirai hits a custom emerald fusion. Shirai takes him down and goes over the top rope for a missile drop, but LeRae moves.

LeRae rises to his feet, holding his neck. LeRae chops and Shirai's arm before punching him in the corner. LeRae hits a running elbow in a corner before hitting the brainstorming for a near-fall. LeRae hits the ropes and applies octopus. Shirai falls on the ropes to break the grip. Shirai hits a hold on the rope and goes for the 619, but LeRae blocks it and falls into a neck breaker for a near fall. LeRae puts him in a high rope and climbs, but Shirai knocks him in the apron. Shirai then strikes the back of the 619 neck! Shirai goes for a suplex apron, but LeRae blocks it and knocks her to the floor. LeRae hits suicide dive on tornado DDT on the floor! LeRae gets him in the ring and hits the double heel at the back of the neck near the drop!

LeRae goes to the right, but Shirai lowers the cross. LeRae rolls him on his shoulders in two counts. Shirai kicks him quickly before following him on his ropes knees to the chest. Shirai ducks the clothesline and hits the German Suplex. Shirai blames LeRae, but LeRae hits him with a German Suplex. LeRae goes to the springboard, but Shirai goes down to the German Suplex and bridges close to the landing. They are both down, but Shirai gets up first. Shirai takes her down and tries to transport the fireman, but LeRae plunges into a reverse hurricane near autumn! LeRae takes him to another rope and hits a large swinging neck guard near the landing.

The crowd sings, "This is awesome." LeRae goes over the top rope but Shirai cuts him off. Shirai then hits a near-fall Spanish fly! Shirai can't believe it! Shirai screams in frustration as the crowd sings, "Mamma Mia!" Shirai comes out of the pin and hits a double-legged backbone. Shirai goes over the top rope and connects to the hex arch during the second fall. Shirai is beside his rage. Shirai is using the Koji switch, and LeRae is fading! The judge demands a bell.

Winner: Knockout: Io Shirai

Another SummerSlam promo air.

Shayna Baszler, the NXT women's champion, is seen warming up the backrest.

Matt Riddle comes out through the crowd and says. he knows Killian Dain is in the building. Riddle tells her to take her hairy ass out here and face her. Dain comes through the crowd and grumbles along the ring. Dain hits the bicycle and throws the Riddle down. The judges run down and dismiss them. Dain goes for a walk, but Riddle attacks him. Dain quickly strokes his eyes and starts to strike, but Riddle kneels him in the face. Then Riddle kneeled him cheekily a second time before applying some punches. Security ends now, but Riddle kicks them off. Riddle even hits one of the guards on the GTS. Dain then hits a running lattice on Riddle on stage.

Dain fights the guards and teases the audience. Riddle jumps on his back, but Dain drives him back to the LED wall. Then Dain jumps off the stage as the clothes line the guard through some tables!

WWE 2K20 commercial atmosphere.

Another SummerSlam promo featuring Becky Lynch vs. Natalya.

Repeats of a malicious robbery. Matt Riddle and Killian Dain.

EVOLVE Master Austin theory is presented in a circle.

Video Package: NXT North American Championship

Some dancers come out to the Mounties' old theme song and march around. Then they take off their clothes and wear Toronto Raptors shirts. The Raptors are the 2019 NBA Champions. The NXT North American champion Velveteen Dream then emerges and enters the magnificent reception.

NXT North American Championship
Velveteen Dream (c) vs. Roderick Strong vs. Pete Dunne

The bell rings and the Velveteen Dream calls the crowd. Roderick Strong says the crowd doesn't matter. The strong tells the dream and Pete Dunne to pay attention to him. Strong strikes a dream and attacks Dunn. Strong knocks dream of a tire and knees off at Dunn. Strong targets a side obstruction, but Dunne whips him. They avoid each other before Dunne hits the clothesline. Dunne fiercely shapes Strong's hands, but Strong avoids the trick. Then dream of clotheslines strong in the ring.

Dream and Dunne prepare to leave, but Strong pulls Dunnen out of the ring and knocks him into the apron. Dream quickly hits Strong's corner and goes for 10 strokes, but Strong pushes him away. The dream knocks him back and hits the ax handle of the upper rope. Dream tries Sharpshooter, but Strong kicks him. Dunne gets the tire. A dream to hit strong, and Dunne follows his own kick. Dunne then sends Strong into a dream drop game. Then the dream shapes Strong's arm and Dunne stumbles upon it. The dream sends a strong drop of Dunnee's torso over the top rope. The dream goes to hips, but Dunne stares at him. The dream ghostly wakes him, and they lock. Dunne takes him down, but Dreams fights. Then Dunne grabs him with a crossbeam. The dream comes out and comes from a bitter end. The dream crawls away, and the Strong pulls him first to the ring post! A strong one takes Dunnen down passionately, goes outside and hits the rear extra barricade. Strong kill for Dunne's dream! Strong gets Dunne into the ring near the drop.

Strong knocks Dunnen and hits the top of the back near the drop. Strong stretches Dunne out, but Dunne comes out. Strong follows quickly with a dropkick before hitting Dream from the apron. Strong covers Dunne's two calculations. Strong force Dunne on the ropes and chop in the chest. Dunne fights back with wild flippers. The strong knees quickly on his face and hits his back. Great get a double digit. The dream quickly hits the strong double-headed handle before kicking him in the face. Dream the clothesline down her and hit the Russian Leg swipe by two points. The dream hits a Strong Breaker and hits the diving arm from another rope. Then Dream puts Sharpshooter in great esteem! Dunne goes to the top rope and hits the Dream with a missile drop. The dream falls out of the ring to recover. Dunne goes to plancha, but the dream moves. Then the dream hits him. Strong hits a destructive ball into the Dream drop. Then Dunne hits another floor with Dream and Strong! “NXT” track flashes. Dunne is robust within the ring and backflips him. Dunne hits a progressive enzuigir and kicks Robust. Dunne sleeps with the German Suplex before giving Robust a German Suplex for a brief fall!

All three males are back in the nation! The audience sings, "This is awesome." The dream goes up, but Dunne cuts her off. Dunne goes to the superplex, but the dream fights him off. Dunne shortly pulls the Sleep fingers. The robust attack each of them earlier than they idiot the Doom Tower. Robust arms Dream down the ring. Dunne then grabs a robust triangular throttle, however Robust drops back to interrupt. Robust tries a tiger bomb, but Dunne again lands on a triangle attempt. The ropes get robust, however Dunne holds on. The dream rises from the swivel lock on the other aspect of the tire and hits the coast from the coast to the forearm Dunne! Robust, quick-kneeling dream dream before hitting Dunne on his knees. The robust then strikes the operating arms 3 times. Robust takes the dream down and provides Dunne the tiger bomb dream! Then the robust grabs each males and applies double robust maintain! Dream and Dunne lastly battle.

Dream kicks Robust quick. Dunne grabs Robust's palms, however the dream kicks Robust into Dunne. The dream goes to the double Dream Valley driver, however they get out. Dunne snaps each of his fingers before hitting her bitterly. The dream stops the decide from counting three! Dunne angrily hookes his Sleep fingers and applies a demise sentence. Dunne then punches the double-arm face. A robust attack shortly towards Dunne, but Dunne rejects. The robust comes out of the bitter end. Dunne kicks him in the face and hits a rope, but Robust falls on Robust Snape! The dream will get within the ring and throws Robust out of the ring. The dream strikes Dune with the Valley Driver app. Robust throws Dream within the ring and hits the suplex backbreaker. The dream hits a flying flying elbow from scratch and covers Dunne for victory!

Winner and Still NXT North American Champion: Velveteen Dream

Video Package deal: NXT Ladies Championship

Mia Yim vs. Shayna Baszler (c)

They circle the ring and lock before m after Yim grabs his ear. They lock again, and Baszler grabs his arm, but Yim rakes his face. Baszler is just not joyful. Yim takes him down and playfully. Baszler goes into the forearm but Yim places his finger in Baszler's mouth and tears it to the cheek. Baszler escapes and tries once more, however Yim gets to the bottom rope. Yim hits the arm pull before inserting the arm bar. Baszler fights again and sends him on the ropes, however Yim comes again with a hurricane. Yim splashes into his corner and hits a cannonball. Baszler emerges from the ring and grabs Yimi's arm, making an attempt to commit suicide diving. Yim shortly stops Baszler's tempo by sending his shoulders to the ring levels first. Yim crushes his arm on the stairs before placing his hand on the steps. Then Yim drops the steps into Baszler's arm. Yim gets him in the ring and the referee arrests him. Yim blames Baszler, but Baszler strikes and kicks him in the head.

Baszler hits Yimi together with his operating knee earlier than kicking Yimi within the arm. Baszler hits a snapmar and kicks him in two spine counts. Baszler takes him down and tries to hit him, but his arm is just too injured. Baszler manages to bend Yimin's arm and stumble. Yim returns to the corner of pain. Baszler hits the wristwatch and units the important thing lock. Yim gets out by pulling his hair. Baszler sends him to the ropes and his arms behind. Baszler takes him down and kicks him within the face with two counts. Baszler extends Yim's arm out onto the ropes. Yim goes to the nook to get away from Baszler. Baszler pulls him out and locations a nasty standing arm. Yim screams in pain, however she pulls her hair out to get out. Baszler then takes him down. Yim grabs his hair once more and rolls him over to rely two. Yim kicks him in the arm and hits the ropes, however Baszler drops him down for a small drop. Baszler returns to the key lock, but Yim takes him to the ropes. The referee pulls him back, but Baszler retains it. Yim rakes his eyes and Baszler tries to hit his knees, however he's blind. Yim then hits the swinging prime of his again.

Yim hits a clothesline and a spherical huge one. Yim cuts the chest and hits the ropes, however Baszler follows him. Yim avoids him and kicks him. Yim sends him down the ropes and he hits the stomach-belly suplex. Baszler rolls out of the ring to get well, but Yim shortly catches him on a suicide dive. Yim gets him in the ring and hits the tornado DDT close to the drop. Baszler avoids kicking a nook and hits the knee. Baszler takes him down on one knee near the drop. Yim simply fired hardly out. Baszler tries to get the higher hand, however his arm is just too injured. Yim passes her via the swivel lock and secures the tarantula to the ropes. Yim is launched earlier than being rejected and goes into the upper rope. Baszler cuts him off and tries the key to the super-wound, but his arm provides. Yim then knocks Code Blue off the center rope close to the drop!

They swap punches, however Baszler surprises him with a Kirifuda change. Yim shortly pulls the injured arm to get out. Then Yim hits Baszler's arm by breaking into him! Yim goes to the crossbar breaker and gets it utilized, but Baszler twists and makes use of the Kirifuda clutch! Yim pulls again the injured arm once more, so Baszler grapes his head to ship in a triangle!

NXT TakeOver: Cardiff Business Air by Winner by Leaving and Beyond NXT Ladies's Champion: Shayna Baszler It should fly on August 31.

WWE British champion WALTER is shown on the intersection. Tyler Bate can also be proven alongside the ring, not near WALTER.

Video Package deal: NXT Championship

NXT Championship – 2-Out of three Falls Match
Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole (c)

. LOUD The “Adam Cole” music shoots earlier than the NXT Master enters.

First Fall: Previous Faculty Wrestling Match

The bell rings they usually stare at one another. LOUD duels for both males. They lock, and Gargano sticks his arm. Cole seems to reverse the strain. Gargano takes him down and secures the lock in entrance. Gargano turns to guard him, however Cole gets out earlier than studying. They lock, and Cole fixes the sidewall. Cole binds it in, however Gargano whips him. Cole shortly shrugs her down before making an attempt on her waist. Gargano flips it over and tries to wrap it, however Cole will get out. Gargano avoids the ultimate shot and Cole avoids the sliding shot. Then they tease to go to the superkick, however turn on the brakes. They are both deadlocked. More duels from the gang. They lock again, and Cole kicks his knee. Cole goes for an additional rope, but Gargano will get out. Cole jumps over him and Gargano goes excessive rope. Gargano then comes off the second rope with a flying hurricane. Gargano stabs him over the top rope and hits a miserable baseball glide. Gargano will get him in the ring and the duels sing once more. Cole emerges from the ring and pulls Gargano. Gargano kicks him off, goes to the apron and kicks him in the face. Cole avoids a flying kick, however Gargano avoids a operating kick. Cole by chance kicks Metal Stairs. Gargano then drops his knee to the metal stairs. Gargano takes him to the apron and snaps his foot from the apron. Gargano goes to the ring and drop your knees Cole injured jalkalle. Gargano then units a lovely Indian dying lock, but Cole gets down. Gargano stumbles on the injured leg earlier than tying it down and stretching it. Cole knocks him off the apron, however Gargano hits him with a kick. Cole hits him fast, pulls him out of the ring, and hits the nasty Suplex German Suplex! Wow!

Cole will get Gargano in the ring and hits the neck guard. Cole knocks Gargano behind and drops his forearm. The duel songs start once more! Cole hits the roommate's neckband for one drop. Cole then secures the scissors buckle to his neck. Gargano bridges in the direction of the pin, however Cole comes out in two and holds the scissor lock in place. Gargano ultimately finally ends up out twisting his leg and inserting an ankle lock. Cole rolls shortly and sends Gargano's face first to the second swivel lock. Cole comes off the second rope, but Gargano strikes on. Gargano then grabs the abdomen-to-stomach-upper corner!

They swap strokes earlier than Gargano hits the clothesline and the rear elbow. Gargano frantically chops him, takes him down and kicks him within the face. Gargano goes to the chest, but Cole catches him. Gargano calculates the fisherman's driver by two counts. Gargano pulls him into a corner, ties his leg to a different rope and hits a double heel from the center rope to the injured leg. Gargano then puts the pattern four within the middle of the leglock ring. Cole screams in pain before pulling himself as much as break the grip. Cole lowers the ankle locking behind his elbow. Cole picks him up to transport the fireman, however Gargano slips away. Cole avoids enzuigir. Cole then hits the wheelbarrow German Suplex close to the drop. Cole sticks to the again, but each avoids strikes. Cole hits an enzuigir and Gargano kicks in. Cole heads in the direction of the Panama sunrise, but Gargano counts as a sundown instructor close to the autumn! Wow!

The "NXT" music shoots. Gargano Cole gets to the highest rope, but Cole interrupts him. Cole prepares for the Panama sunrise from the ropes. Gargano blocks it. Cole appears for a sundown flip powerbomb, but his knee provides out. Cole hits the Codebreaker and appears for a Michinoku controller near the fall! Cole can't consider it. They are both so exhausted that they swap punches from their knees. They acquired on their ft they usually both hit the laundry racks. Cole and Gargano hit the ropes and wiped one another with two clotheslines. Gargano avoids Cole and sends him next to the ring. Gargano goes on a suicide dive, but Cole blocks the kick on the skull. Cole appears for a German suplex for a wheelbarrow, however Gargano runs via and sends him to the barricade. Gargano will get him within the ring and hits the Thunder Struck DDT close to the drop. Gargano takes him outdoors and kicks him. Cole kicks the wrinkle spear and hits VICIOUS ushigorosh close to the drop! Cole is certainly surprised.

Cole takes Gargano to the nook to hit and stumble. The decide helps her so Cole gets her face. Cole goes outdoors and goes to the timekeeper. Cole grabs the steel chair and throws it into the ring. The referee grabs the chair and throws it out of the ring. As the referee throws the chair out, Cole kicks Gargano in the groin quickly! Cole puts the chair up and sits down while Gargano writes about his ache. The decide warns Cole once more. Cole gets his face before he turns into a superkick to Gargano. Gargano grabs a chair and hits passionately Cole backrest with it! The decide rejected Gargano!

Adam Cole wins first down on rejection. Adam Cole leads 1-zero.

Gargano crush eagerly Cole wind blows from the chair before it units and sit.

Second Fall: Road Struggle

Cole shortly emerges from the ring, so Gargano throws a chair. him! Gargano follows the suicide dive they usually begin to groan from the gang. Gargano takes him down and jumps off the barricade with a double ax deal with. Gargano knocks him around the area and tries additional, however Cole fights. Gargano then shoots him down. Gargano puts him in a wheelchair and rolls him up towards the wall. Cole hits him in the barricade, however Gargano shortly returns to the spear by way of the barricade!

Gargano yells "Mamma Mia" and takes to the top of the commentary desk. Gargano pulls Cole's comment on a desk and searching weapons. Cole falls down and puts his eyes down. Cole goes downstairs twice, but Gargano drops to the rear to fall by means of one other commentary table! “Holy Sh! The T "song returns to" Mamma Mia! "Before moving on.

Gargano set Cole's ring, goes under the ring and pulls the table. The audience is cheering it loudly. Gargano then gets the new table out and puts it on the ring. The "Johnny Tables" song is picking up. Gargano throws some chairs in the ring and gets in the ring. Cole surprises him with a great wizard before setting up his chair and hitting the ushigoroshi chair near the drop! Cole wedges the corner of the chair and tries to guide Gargano into it. Gargano blocks it and knocks him back. Gargano puts his hand up so Cole kicks him in the middle. Gargano returns to the lawn by tapping Cole on a chair in the corner. Gargano is claiming the Gargano Escape Contest to win a mission!

Johnny Gargano won the second knockout on broadcasts. The set is 1-1.

According to the caller, this goes to the third and decisive drop. The steel cage begins to fall! The cage is surrounded by barbed wire at the top. The weapons are attached to the walls of the cage. Gargano and Cole look surprised. Thanks Regal song picked up.

Third Bill: Hardcore Steel Cage Match

"ECW" song fired. All kinds of weapons are attached to this cage, including a ladder, chairs, a hammer and a fire extinguisher. The ringtone announcer will not escape. This has to be decided by killing or delivering.

They trade the punches wildly. Cole kicks him back, but Gargano turns him inside with a clothesline. Gargano grabs the kendo stick, but Cole kicks him. Cole grabs the kendo stick and they start beating each other with their stick. Then they wipe each other with double super biscuits! LOUD “NXT” vocals decide up. Then the gang to sing loudly: "This is great!" Gargano adorn Cole and goes to the top of the cage to grab the ladder, but Cole interrupts him. Gargano kicks him again and holds himself to a hurricane flying on a ladder. Gargano hits a reverse hurricane and Cole lands on a chair. Gargano hits a nasty superkick near the drop! The “Fight Forever” music is choosing up. Gargano sets the desk close to the corner. Cole shortly hits a Gargano metal chair halfway earlier than he smashes it from his back. Gargano climbs the ropes to tug one other chair off the wall. Cole then sends in a chair in entrance of Gargano. Cole grabs the kendo stick and grinds it in Gargano's mouth before hitting the backrest for a drop!

Cole grabs two chairs and places them on his seat. Cole places Gargano on the top rope and climbs to the opposite rope. Cole goes into the superplex by way of the chairs, however Gargano blocks it. Gargano knocks him down, sees a fireplace extinguisher above his head and sprays Cole! Gargano then hits the DDT of the diving twister by means of the steel chairs!

Gargano engages kendo stick and begin to crush the Cole's again. Gargano etsii ja kiipeää köydet tarttuakseen kelkkahampaan häkin yläosasta. Cole kiipeää yläköyteen hyökätäksesi Garganoon. Gargano yllättää hänet silloin räikeällä pommilla lähellä pudotusta! Gargano menee sitten yläköyteen ja tarttuu kelkkavasaran ylhäältä. Gargano menee lyömään Colea, mutta Cole lyö häntä parilla superkeksillä estääkseen hänet. Cole menee yläköyden päälle ja heittää tikkaat Garganoon. Gargano välttää sen, mutta Cole lyö häntä Panaman auringonnousun kanssa lähellä syksyä! Cole asettaa tikkaat ja alkaa kiipeää siitä. Cole ravistaa tunnetta loukkaantuneeseen jalkaansa. Cole kääntyy ja näkee Garganon tulevan. Cole lyö sitten häntä Panaman auringonnousulla tikkaidelta toiselle lähellä olevalle syksylle!

Gargano saapuu hitaasti, mutta Cole murtaa hänet kendo-tikulla. Cole aloittaa ison juoksupotkun, mutta Gargano romahtaa ennen kuin Cole osuu siihen. Cole asettaa terästuolin ja tukee Garganoa sen päälle. Cole menee viimeiseen otteeseen, mutta Gargano siirtyy. Cole kaatuu sen sijaan tuoliin. Gargano asettaa STF: n kendo-sauvalla, mutta Cole puree häntä pääsemään liikkeelle. Yleisö on täysin tässä. Gargano tarttuu kelkka vasaraan, mutta Cole tarttuu siihen. Gargano torjuu hänet ja murskaa hänet kylkiluun kelkka vasaralla! Cole kipu kipua ja pitää kylkiluut. Gargano vetää pöydän kulmasta ja asettaa pöydän. Gargano tarttuu sitten toiseen pöytään ja asettaa sen toisen viereen. Gargano asettaa Colen pöydälle ja kiipeää tikkaita, mutta Cole kääntyy pois. Gargano nousee tikkaita ja murskaa hänet takaosaan kendo-tikulla. Gargano nousee toiseen köyteen ja vetää Colen ylös! Gargano osuu sitten Coleen AMAZING Panaman auringonnousun päässä toisesta köydestä … mutta Cole potkaisee!

Gargano tarttuu tuoliin, ja väkijoukko ajattelee pikkukuvia. Sen sijaan se on pussi, jossa on pultinleikkurit ja messinkinipart. Gargano kiinni pultinleikkureilla yläköyden päälle ja leikkaa piikkilangan palan! Cole kiipeää häkin päälle Garganon välttämiseksi. Häkin yläosassa on alusta. "Ole hyvä ja älä kuole" -laulu syttyy. Gargano seuraa häntä, ja he seisovat häkin päällä tällä telineellä. Gargano goes to dig the barbed wire into Cole’s head, but Cole fights it. Cole then grabs him and leaps! They fly by way of the air and crash via a desk!! Cole rolls over and pins Gargano for the win!!

Winner and nonetheless NXT Champion: Adam Cole

The Undisputed ERA comes right down to the ring and helps Adam Cole up. They help him up the ramp, and Cole holds up the NXT Championship. Gargano continues to be out in the ring.