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WWE SmackDown 06 25 2019 – Online World Wrestling

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June 25, 2019
Portland, Oregon
Comment: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Outcomes: Mike Tedesco,

”Then. Now. Endlessly. “The WWE video leads us to the show.

The picture is depicted by Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre, who destroy Roman Reigns last night at RAW. Suddenly, Undertaker made a shocking return to help the kingdom fight them.

Shane McMahon is in the background. McMahon says that Roman Reigns was so scared that he won death. McMahon is not afraid of the Undertaker. He has seen death in the eye and survived. McMahon warns of the Smackdown list that he can't get into the bad because he's drunk.


The brand new day goes into the ring. Kofi Kingston defends his WWE championship with Samo Joe in WWE Excessive. Kingston says he has gained the WWE title and has experienced a few of the biggest moments in his career and life. "Kofi" sings. On this aspect, he has also experienced probably the most painful, embarrassing moments. Defending the title of the metal ring at Stomping Grounds was a mixture of this stuff. He fought in the Dolph Ziggler cage and took a real leap of faith to win the victory. Before he had the opportunity to rejoice and win the spherical, this happened in RAW. The footage has been shown on Samo River, which is attacking Kingston badly and giving him uranage on stage.

Kingston says it was merciless, damaging, embarrassing and extremely painful. Samoa Joe is like Samoa Shark. When he applies this Coquina change, it is sort of a Nice White Shark that squeezes you until the world fades black. Joe thinks that in extreme rules she is a shark that has discovered her prey, however she is pressured to let her eat her alive.

The music of Dolph Ziggler hits, and he comes out on stage. Ziggler says he refuses to provide it again. Ziggler made a heavy raise and now some celebrity goes to stroll in and sit? It gained't occur. Individuals can turn to his eyes, however Kingston knows better than this. This is not a joke or recreation. This is his profession, his life, his livelihood. That is all. In Tremendous ShowDown, Xavier Woods saved Kingston. At Stomping Grounds, once they went nose to nose, toe-to-toe to Steel Cage, they defeated each other within the WWE Championship… and Kingston took the coward out and jumped out of the door to save lots of the title. Everybody knows that Ziggler ought to be a WWE champion proper now. This crowd appeals to this. Speaking of people that consider in him more than they consider in Kingston, he spoke backstage underneath the management of WWE, where they advised him that if he wins a match towards Kingston as we speak, he will probably be added to the WWE Championship within the Excessive Rules. Then and solely then does he actually get what he deserves: WWE championship. In addition, management informed him that Kingston couldn’t take the coward tonight because it’s a 2-out-3 drop. Ziggler walks away.

The Smackdown Tag Workforce champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan walk within the background. Husk The pig appears within the background. Subsequent, they face Huge E and Xavier Woods.

– Business Break

Elias is on the guitar outdoors her door Shane McMahon's door when The Miz walks. Elias warns him that McMahon shall be shot over what Roman Reigns and Undertaker did to him. If he walks there, he's a lifeless man who walks. Elias begins to guitar, but Miz stops him. Miz tells him to inform McMahon that they have some unfinished business. Miz walks away.

McMahon then comes from the locker room, and Elias says Miz was just operating into her mouth when she needed a match. McMahon says he ought to go out and win him, so he’ll make a match … as long as Miz can win Elias' first 2-out-3 drop. Elias then sings that she's ready for a long time.

New Day vs. Daniel Bryan and Rowan

This can be a non-nominee contest.

Daniel Bryan Starts Towards Xavier Woods. They rotate the tire earlier than locking it. Bryan applies a aspect-finish lock, however Woods rusts him. Bryan shortly shrugged him down and bends crowds. They circulate the ring again, and Bryan goes to the Greek-Roman fist lock. Bryan makes quick suggestions and uses aspect-finish locking. Woods whips him away, but Bryan's shoulder prevents him. Bryan hits the ropes, but Woods drops him down. Woods sends him to the rope, however Bryan holds on and comes again. Rowa's blind characters and operating over Woods with a shoulder block. Rowan pushes him down and bounces him into the corner. Bryan will get low cost footage when Rowan disturbs the decide. Rowan falls to his huge elbow near fall. Rowan kneels on her back and tore her face before breast improvement. Bryan recognizes again. Rowan provides Woods the highest of the entrance page. Then Bryan rises from the upper rope to her knees to the again of the neck close to the autumn.

Bryan's higher breasts and terrifying her. Rowan tags again and send Woods to the nook. Woods arrives at him, however Rowan returns with the avalanche instantly. Rowan sends him to the corner, but Woods gets him again to his elbow. Woods jumps, but Rowan grabs him. Rowan sends him to the rope, however Woods hits him within the face. Rowan then shoulder to dam him down.

– Business Break

Throughout a business break: Woods takes some time to get well from the tire. Bryan and Rowan are in search of a figure, however Woods gets in. Rowan kneels down at Woods and digs his legs within the middle. Bryan acknowledges in, and Rowan sends Bryan to Woods by dropping in the corner.

Back to the shop Woods takes Rowan down. Bryan and Huge E are marked in. The Huge E hits a pair of stomach abdomen, followed by the stomach aspect. Huge E hits the ropes, however Bryan will get his knees back. Bryan applies LeBell Lock, however Woods violates it. Rowan runs in and throws Woods out of the ring. Rowan goes out, however Woods hits him in barricade. Bryan kicks Massive E in the nook, but Massive E returns with uranage. Bryan landed at a nasty angle. Woods tags, and New Day hits midnight.

Winners of Pinfall: New Day

Spring Owens and Sami Zay are out of the blue attacked by huge E and Woods. Rowan joins and a triple workforce is on. Heavy machinery goes down to save lots of. Owens and Zayn fall out of the ring. Massive E then clothespins Rowan out of the ring

-Business Break-

New Day and Heavy Machines vs. Daniel Bryan, Rowan, Sami Zay and Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens begins towards Tucker and he penetrates into him. Daniel Bryan recognizes, and he leaves Tucker within the corner. Rowan tags and pierced by Tucker. Rowan puts Tucker on the tops and provides alerts to the superplex, but Tucker fights him. Rowan raises him shortly to hit him. Rowan rusts Tucker exhausting in the corner before putting her on the highest. Then Rowan hits him with a huge superplex, however New Day breaks the pin. Bryan runs and hits Massive E with Busaiku Knee Kick. Rowan then hits Iron Claw slam at Woods. Rowan recognizes Bryan. Rowan avalanches at Tucker angle. Bryan goes uphill and jumps, but Tucker strikes. Bryan costs, but Tucker turns him out of the clothesline.

Otis is a Apron. Otis and Sami Zayn are marked in. Otis travels over Zayn and knocks the pre-union of Bryan and Rowan. Otis hits Zayni with a rotating bucket earlier than he returns to the nook. Otis hits another avalanche and Owens seems to be boring. Owens then leaves the apron and walks away. Otis hits Zayni with Caterpillar. Tucker tags and Heavy Equipment hit the Compact.

Pinfall Winners: New Day and Heavy Machines

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss look last night time. Bliss says he's not in Smackdown as a result of he's going to Japan. Cross says he wins the match for Bayley, so Bliss can get him once more. If Cross wins, Alexa Bliss will receive a rematch of the Excessive guidelines of the rematch.

Miz moves to Elias within the subsequent three races. If Miz wins Elias, he’ll meet Shane McMahon.

-Business Break-

Ali exhibits that he needs to be a light-weight to help individuals.

Miz enters the entrance. Shane McMahon comes to the present, followed by Elias and the electric guitar. Elias sings to comb Miz because the Golden State swept the Blazers.

The two-out-of-3 Falls Match
The Miz vs. Elias w / Shane McMahon

Watch rings and Miz fast clothesline Elias out of the ring. Miz hits Elias with a baseball slide, will get him into the ring and rolls him twice. Miz sends him to the rope and turns him contained in the knees to the midline. Miz hits his patented nook piece and leaves a springboard, however McMahon grabs his leg. Miz stares at her earlier than she leaves the springboard, however Elias hits her on her knees. Elias follows Drift Away's first fall.

Elias pins Miz rise 1-0.

-Business Break-

We'll be back for a break, and the ring rings. Elias is shortly attacking Miz and suppressing him in the nook. Elias sends clean ropes and takes her to her clothesline close to the fall. Elias places him within the rope earlier than he hits the suplex for 2 calculations. Elias then applies the jaw lock. Miz tries to battle, but Elias retains her grounded with a jaw lock. Miz fights finally and on elbows. Miz punches him again and punches him into the corner. Miz kicks him within the nook and hits a couple of operating knees. Elias tries to battle the operating knee, but Miz avoids it and goes to Skull Crushing Finale. Elias goes out, however Miz will return with DDT right next autumn.

Miz stares angrily at McMahon, standing within the ring. Miz then launches IT Kicks watching McMahon. Elias provides a round home and rolls him twice. Miz takes him down shortly and rolls him twice. Miz beats McMahon out of the apron and hits Skull Crushing Finale. McMahon breaks it and begins piercing Miz. The decide calls the clock, however it doesn't ring. Finally, the newspaper says that Miz has obtained one other drop by disqualifying.

Miz wins by way of Elias DQ to set 1-1.

McMahon shouts angrily on the decide. McMahon then returns to Miz's attack. They ship him out and ship Miz over the comment table. They're nonetheless attacking Miz. They get Miz's ring and Elias keeps Miz. McMahon mocks Roman Reigns likes and hits Speari.

The decide demands that the clock start the third drop. Elias leaves the higher rope and hits the elbow of the higher physique.

Winner of Pinfall: Elias (2-1)

Elias celebrates and walks with Shane McMahon. Then McMahon whispers to Elias' ear they usually return to the ring. Elias places Miz within the corner, and McMahon goes to the other nook. McMahon then hits Mizi's coastal seashore. McMahon shouts that Miz never comes after

in an interview with WWE's Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor. Balor is requested what’s subsequent. Balor says he had a superb set of matches towards Andrade, but he has to take a look at the following. Shinsuke Nakamura walks up, seems at Baloria and walks away.

I come again to the ring to see The Miz, which the referee helped out of the ring.

Bayley is one with Nikki Cross.

-Business Break-

Nikki Cross vs. Bayley

If Nikki Cross can win Bayley tonight, Alexa Bliss has a rematch for Smackdown Ladies's Championship in WWE Excessive.

Predicted promo appears with Bayley. Bayley says he knows the actual Alexa Bliss, which is why he was capable of beat him. If Nikki Cross doesn't see it, he’ll take this match. Bayley reiterates that Bliss is a liar.

The bell rings and Cross shortly assaults Bayley and jumps back. Bayley will quickly take her down and splash her right into a corner. Bayley snaps him off two payments. Cross his shoulders and kick him again. The cross passes over the top rope and hits the body half on two. The cross is charged, however Bayley drops his face for the primary time on threads. Bayley binds her to the tree before dropping the elbow near the fall.

– Business Break

Throughout a business break: Bayley applies a jaw lock, however Cross fights. The cross punches him, however Bayley takes him down. Bayley sends him to the nook, but Cross's leaps over him. Bayley gathers her again to her elbow for two. Then Bayley uses the hand bar.

We now have returned to a business break. The cross fights from the arm and hits the jaw crusher. Cross her elbow again and kick her down. The cross ignores the angle and the avalanche. The cross follows the bullfight nearby. The cross hits the other DDT close to the opposite in the fall. The cross begins to look determined. Bayley ignores her and sends her out of the ring. Bayley goes on suicide dive, but Cross moves. Bayley crashes and burns exhausting on the floor. The cross shortly will get him into the ring and hits the collar close to the fall.

The cross will get her on her ft, and Bayley fights again before hitting the turntable near the autumn. Bayley goes upstairs and jumps into the body section, however he crashes and burns when Cross moves. The cross rolls him twice. They go for pins with no profit.

Winner of Pinfall: Nikki Cross

Because of Nikki Cross's victory, Alexa Bliss gets a rematch of Smackdown Ladies's Championship towards Bayley within the WWE Excessive Rules. The Cross celebrates a great time and says he can't wait to tell Alex. Corey Graves provides her a telephone, but she will't use it and throw it.

We're going backstage to see Carmella on the lookout for R-Fact. He crashes with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. They change phrases earlier than strolling. The R-Fact will disguise from the penalty field. Drake Maverick walks and says he has no decide. Maverick says he has nothing. Maverick says he spent hundreds of dollars on his mom's cash to create that day. Maverick says R-Fact destroyed his life. R-Fact hates him and apologizes before he says it was Carmella's wedding ceremony. R-Fact says, if it means quite a bit to him, he can get a decide. Maverick calls the decide, but R-Fact shouts, "Psych!" He loves the title greater than Maverick loves his wife. R-Fact and Carmella run out whereas the superstars chase him.

Ember Moon runs within the background. He's dealing with Sonya Deville.

– Business Break

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Ember Moon vs. Sonya Deville w / Mandy Rose

Video is shown final week when Ember Moon assaults Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose back.

The watches are ringing and Deville shortly takes some punches down Moon. Deville hits two faces on the quick knee. Deville's knees and pushes him earlier than talking to the trash. The moon is again with an enormous forearm, pot and ensuigir. The moon hits the drop and golf equipment before Deville gets out of the ring to get well. Moon scares Mandy Rose back and will get Deville ring. Rose disturbs her again, and Deville sends Moon the primary chest to win.

Winner of Pinfall: Sonya Deville

We return to see antsy Aleister Black. Black says he doesn't get it. Black has stated for weeks that she needs someone to return in and invite her. This isn’t WWE. The phrases of his previous might have been around, however he cannot be the only convicted individual strolling on this corridor. Black begins to assume that there isn’t any single one that is sufficient to battle with him. All of the sudden there is a knock on the door. Black seems to be stunned before wanting at the digital camera and smiling.

Dolph Ziggler makes an entrance. He’s dealing with Kofi Kingston in a 2-out-three match. If Ziggler wins, he shall be added to the WWE Championship in WWE Excessive

– Business Break-

2-out-of-3 Falls Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston [19659014] identify of the competition. If Ziggler wins Kingston, he can be added to the WWE Championship in WWE Excessive. At present, Kingston is defending Samo towards Joe.

The bell rings and circles the ring. They lock and Ziggler takes him to the nook. "Let's go Kofi" picks. They provide a clear break and rotate the ring. Ziggler fastens the leg and goes away, however Kingston doesn't go down. Ziggler makes use of a waistband and twists the arm. Ziggler will get out, kicks him and connects him. Ziggler applies the jaw lock, but Kingston rises. Ziggler takes him down and uses a jaw lock. Kingston fights, but Ziggler puts him in the nook. Ziggler tries to turn the monkey, but Kingston descends on his ft. Kingston takes him twice. Kingston rolls Ziggler up, however Ziggler will get out. They trade the pins before Ziggler kneels him within the center. Kingston puts him up, however he wears him up and rolls. Ziggler falls and grabs the ropes, but the referee sees it.

Kofi Kingston kills Dolph Ziggler to rise to 1-0.

Ziggler immediately attacks Kingston and sends him to the barricade. Then Ziggler drops him on Zig-Zag flooring!

– Business Break

Clocks are enjoying and Kingston instantly takes you to the nook of the avalanche.

Dolph Ziggler's pins Kofi Kingston bind the collection 1-1.

The decide supports them and performs the ringtone. Kingston punches back to Ziggler, however Ziggler shortly drops him down with a neck strap for 2. Ziggler just isn’t proud of counting. Ziggler rusts him arduous on the corner subsequent to the fall. Ziggler now applies a tailgate lock. Kingston fights and spins her twice. Ziggler shortly punches him into the ropes and shouts he says once they do. Kingston then sends the sternum to the first pivot hatches.

Ziggler pulls Kingston's swing frame shortly and drops his massive elbow near the fall. Ziggler's assaults, but Kingston hits back. Kingston cuts him down, however Ziggler drops the drop to the catapult. Kingston descends into a double bounce, but Ziggler rolls twice. Ziggler fights again shortly and DDT's him close to the autumn. Ziggler can't consider it. Ziggler sends him to the rope, however Kingston returns by leaping on the clothesline. Ziggler uses Kingston's velocity shortly to get him out of the ring. Kingston launches him shortly and hits his springboard clothesline near the fall. Ziggler is making an attempt to struggle back and hit the listener, however Kingston will fall to the seat subsequent to the fall! Kingston is surprised

Ziggler lands in Troy's paradise, however Kingston rolls him inside the rack close to the autumn. Ziggler shortly sends his shoulder to a ring submit and hits Zig-Zag near the autumn! Ziggler expects Kingston to rise. Kingston avoids superkick and connects to Hassle in Paradise to win! ]