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WWE SmackDown 07 02 2019 – Online World Wrestling

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July 2, 2019
San Antonio, Texas
Comment: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Outcomes: Doug Lackey of

. Now. Eternally. ”

Reside on the AT&T Middle in San Antonio, Texas… Tom Phillips welcomes us this week's Smackdown Reside! and a notice of a actually explosive ending last night time for Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley's Falls Rely Anyplace Match. We hear about Bobby Lashley's matches and we get more updates on Strowman's accidents.

Meanwhile, Kevin Owens leaves the ring in the course of the second episode of "The Kevin Owens Show". Owens' visitors will meet two superstars tonight, which we might by no means have thought of, Roman Reigns and Undertaker in extreme rules … Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Shane asks Greg Hamilton for a correct presentation… THE BEST… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOROR! SHANE! MCMAHON!

Owens takes us again to final night time and The Undertaker's response to McMahon and McIntyrelle. "Oooo spooky." McMahon says sarcastically. Owens asks if these two are afraid of lifeless individuals.

”I'm not afraid at all! I am now scorching in band. I have gone by means of Mizin, I've gained a Roman Reigns … and by the best way our matches is No Holds Barred Match, "says McMahon. McIntyre says everybody is aware of what she will do in a daily match and what Shane is. We will't think about what they will do in No Holds Barred Match.

Owens asks to repeat a certain part of the meeting… the part where Shane and Drew retreat from the ring and their frightened facial expression. “It's a bowel reaction, right? Reflex. You can't really help yourself, right? “

McMahon tells Owens that he's only reading index cards and doing his job. Owens reads that Shane wins Reigns with no help and that he cowering… he goes to another search card and asks how it seemed to make a big return to WWE after his 7-year absence just loses The Undertaker in Wrestlemania. McIntyre jumps in front of McMahon and Owens, but Dolph Ziggler stops us.

"NO! NO! NO! You will not come here and say how it should have been for you! It should have been you! Yeah! You should have been 8 years ago, and it was, it wasn't and it won't happen again! JUST GET OVER IT! “

Ziggler says everyone knows he should be a WWE champion right now. He has the appearance of being a master, where Owens seems to be in a hot dog food competition. Owens says if he was together, at least he would be a champion, unlike Ziggler, who has never won any wrestling.

Shane McMahon's couples Ziggler and Owens, together with a character team, face the Heavy Machinery event tonight. injected into the Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match Extreme, making it Triple Threat Match.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan gives his reaction: Although management decisions have been unpopular late, there is nothing he can say except that Rowan and himself

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Xavier Woods says in gorilla's position that Big E and he is always ready for any kind of battle, regardless of whether it is a triple threat or not. AAAAWWWW SAN ANTONIO!…. Big E and Woods are on their way, Daniel Daniel Bryan and Rowan.

Big E v. Daniel Bryan

Big E gets a New Day Rock song that goes all over. Bryan leaves the lock backwards, causing Big E to turn hips, making Bryan unbearable. Carrying a fireman up and over the corner, Bryan looks at Big E confused. Bryan off the rope shoulder block, fast. Again? No. Again? Big E tussles Bryan about stomach stretching and positive spanking.

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We are back and Big E is in the corner, Bryan kicks to the left hamstring. The ongoing Dropkick sends a crawl and indexing of Big E to the middle of the tire. Bryan decides to hit Big E on his face … not smart. Big E fights back with a pair of belly-belly-suplexes, but the third is backward. Bryan is trying to "Yes Kicks," Big E catches, delivering the 3rd stomach to the stomach! The result is a splash! 1… 2 .. kick out. Bryan rolls on the apron, Big E tries to spear through the ropes, over!

Bryan goes back to the ring, off the ropes, Big E captures suicide on the forearm of the dive. When Bryan's review is complete, Rowan hits Big E in the post and back to the ring. Woods tries to make a salvation but eats the right hand from a big man. Ring in Flying Knee on Big E! 1 .. 2 .. 3!

Winner: Daniel Bryan through pinfall

R-Truth is behind the interview and we have shown how he lost 24/7 to Drake Maverick. R-Truth talks about how he never got to his honeymoon. And what's better than 2 honeymoons? 3! And he heard Hornswoggle in the arena. And she wants the baby back!

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross Together Behind the Scenes, Bliss has hosted the "A Bliss of Bliss" hosting for Rist! And a Bayley guest!

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It's time for "A Bliss of Bliss" and here comes the host… by completing his entry, Nikki Cross. He jumps into the chair and thanks Alexa Bliss for this opportunity. He says he's a little bit more stressed about Glasgow & # 39; s Scotland and is trying to talk slowly enough to be understood by everyone. And now, his guest… Bayley.

Bayley's actually a little impressed that Bliss is giving Cross-hosting tasks. The Cross is trying to say that Bliss is more generous than he thinks, but Bayley interrupts… and that the Cross should not make his offer. The Cross asks the first hard question: Why did he call Alexa a liar? Um… because he is one. Cross thinks it is unfair how Bayley pulls Alexa's name through the dirt. What Bayley thinks of being unfair is that Cross wins both himself and then Carmella … why does Nikki not meet Bayle's Smackdown women's title?

"I don't know!", Cross answers, "But what do I know, why am I not in front of you in that finger?! “Bayley accepts Niki's challenge. Nikki stomps down the ramp and it looks like we get it.

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Bayley (Smackdown Women's Champion) v. Nikki Cross * Non-Title *

Gates! 1… 2 .. kick out. Snap suplex! 1. kick out. The cross rolls out of the ring. The ring returns to the ring of Bayley back elbows off the ropes. 1 .. 2 .. kick out. The crosshaired cross is placed on the Bayley arm lock. Jawbreaker get out of it, but Cross takes the knee to his knees, who sends him back to the corner.

In the opposite corner, Bayley gives him a running elbow …. but the Cross jumps on his back. The action goes out, Cross sends Bayley back. Upper rope crossbody! 1… 2… kick out. The cross gives the forearm after the forearm to Bayley! Traveled to the corner, running a bulldog! The cross is fired! Bayley tries backwards, 1 .. 2 .. kick out.

The cross goes up the line, Bayley pours him from above. Bailey-to-Belly! 1 .. 2 .. 3!

Winner: Bayley through pinfall

Kofi is a backstage throwing pancakes, going to the ring.

* Commercial break *

We get the Ali sign that gives us

Kofi Kingston leaves the ramp for another time of "Face to Face" that WWE loves … Samoa with the River. We have refreshed the montage of 6-Man Tag Match from Raw last night. Here comes his challenger to the WWE title in Extreme Rules… Samoa Joe mentioned above.

”Kofi and I are going to discuss very personal matters. So Kayla, to be able to avoid additional injury, close the ring.

Every time Samo Joe seems to be round, Kofi is given forms of benevolence and generosity. Each time a new day will get an opportunity for singles, Kofi is obtainable. Samoa Joe sees the sport, the sport acknowledges the game. He is aware of that Kofi only uses everybody. Sooner or later, who knows, we will see Woods as his hype man and Huge E as his butler.

Kofi reminds Joe that he has been crushed by himself since Wrestlemania. And in addition reminds Joe of what he has carried out, especially without dropping Ricochet himself. What happened to Samo Joe, who took all the comers? Now we now have Samo Joe hidden behind the corners, hitting behind the scenes. "The donkey is just too massive for you to disguise."

Samoa Joe tells of the solemnity of Kofin Wrestlemania when his son bought his new T-shirt. Kofi appears over it, he is aware of why he is attacking the household. He's jealous! Jealous Joe! He's jealous as a result of he never has Wrestleman moments like Kofi had.

Samo Joe asks Kofia to shake his hand regardless that he has put him to sleep for the last two weeks. I guarantee I can’t offer you a hand… are you the person you fake to be? Kofi raises his hand … Samoa on the face of the River and the center finger! Problems in paradise! Kofi leaves Samo on the again of the river.

Heavy machines are backstage in response to the Triple Menace opportunities they’ve at this time. Owens and Ziggler can have 18 mixed titles, but no one wins as a group. They will be absorbed. We're going to do business!

Apollo Crews is a backstage that goes to ring towards his match towards Andrade tonight! And Abby Witch appears around the nook to know the place to go.

* Business Break *

As soon as again, it reminds me of the insanity that occurred in the course of the Lashley and Strowman match final night time from Raw. Strowman might have suffered because of a fracture. Lashley's beep is visible to everybody…

Apollo Crews v. Andrade

Apollo and Andrade out of the gate that pierced one another loopy. Andrade wins in Apollo's corner, adopted by twin knees. 1… 2… kick out. Apollo clothespins Andrade outward. Asai Moonsault is standing in entrance of Andrade! Back to the ring… 1… 2… kick out

* Business break *

We have now returned from a break and Apollo is on hearth! The battle continues in a corner the place Andrade sits on the highest bracket. The Apollo Gorilla press comes with a permanent listening press! 1 .. 2 .. kick out. Back to his ft Andrade descends from his belly-to-back try. Feint kick, again elbow to Apollo dome!

Apollo rolls outwards, over Andrade plancha ropes…. received caught! Apollo provides Andradee the Snake Eyes product. Apollo sends Andrade back to the ring, checks him… provides Zelina a gap for Huracanran Apollo on the remark table! Andrade brings her again… Hammerlock DDT. 1… 2… 3.

Winner: Andrade by way of pinfall

Ziggler and Owens are in a locker room that offends one another in an try and encourage each other this night.

Ember Moon is on the best way to the ring backstage. He has a match with Mandy Rose … and Carmella shall be on the corner of the Man.

* Business Break *

Aleister Black tells us that no one was at his door when it was knocked last week.

Within the ring…

Ember Moon v Mandy Rose

Individuals are turning their elbows with this match, Carmella and Sonya DeVille are watching the ringtone. Ropes off, a collection of counters ending with Rose flipping Man above the belly-to-again position. 1 .. 2 .. kick out. Rose sends a man to ropes and follows a boring knee! 1 .. 2 .. kick out.

Send to the corner, a person jumps to the highest of the flip … Codebreaker! Ember back to the highest… Eclipse! 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Ember Moon by way of pinfall

Shelton Benjamin is backstage… and asked who he thinks is profitable the WWE title in the Excessive Guidelines. His eyes seemed 245 in several directions, he smiled and left.

Owens and Ziggler are on their approach to the primary occasion tonight.

* Business Break *

The commentary staff has plenty of corporations during this match: Smackdown Tag Workforce Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowa, Xavier Woods and Massive E with their very own comment desk.

Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler v. Heavy Machines

Ziggler and Otis have begun us out. Ziggler tries to take Otis' ft down, nothing. One other company, Otis, is round Ziggler at the waist, lifting him out of the carpet as soon as… twice. Ziggler breaks. Ziggler sends Otis corner… velocity… Otis sends him. Avalanche to Ziggler

Owens pulls Ziggler out of the ring … and Woods jumps to Rowan from the desk! It's hysteria with a ringtone! Huge E eats his second flying knee from Daniel Bryan tonight! Rowan ripped the New Day desk, pancakes in all places. Rowan sends Woods via it with an iron pen!

* Business break *

Tucker and Owens are after a break. Tucker sends Owens flying to his shoulder. Owens sends Tucker's rope, a leap right down to Owens, to a whole drop in Owens! 1 .. 2 .. kick out. Owens helps Tucker within the nook, raining boxing. Tucker, with a knee in the gut, tries to rope, however Dolphin's low bridge sends him outdoors

Dolph marked in, bringing Tucker back after his face eats a barrier. 1… 2 .. kick out. Owens was tagged in, kicking susceptible to Tucker. Standing Frog! 1 .. 2 .. kick out. Owens pulls Tucker to the other corner. Ziggler meant… Dolphin with a rotating collision, Owens and Senton adopted! 1 .. 2… kick out

Tucker tries to get in front of the tag but pushed back to the other nook. Owens marked in and commenced to mock Otis. He goes to the snow zone, eats Tucker's back elbow. Brief bounce to another rope, Tucker's flying body! Otis gets a scorching tag! Ziggler is… sorry for her!

Brief clothesline forwards and backwards! Up, Ziggler goes to spin and slam! Stomach stomach … 1 .. 2 … kick out. Ziggler opens, drops Otis with DDT. Owens subscribed. Superkick… attempt another time, Otis sends him out. Ziggler tries to ensure Zig Zag, Otis throws him away. At the nook, Otis with Avalanche… and Ziggler is in the place of The Caterpillar. Earlier than Otis is on his solution to the other corner, one other of the superkick Owens

Potti gut, Owens tries Stunner! Otis zooms out on the proper time when Ziggler by accident contemplated Owens! Tucker gets in and clothespins Ziggler out of the ring! Otis has Owens… Tucker Ropes… Compactor!

Winner: Heavy Machinery By means of Pinfall

Owens shouldn’t be glad with Ziggler… and Stuns is fallacious with him!