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WWE SmackDown 07 09 2019

WWE Smackdown Results
July 9, 2019
Manchester, New Hampshire
Remark: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Outcomes: Roy Nemer from

WWE Smackdown Begins earlier in the day. Dolph is outdoors the world with Kayla. Ziggler calls Kevin Owens ineffective for learn how to have Owens on his again simply as he has executed with the corporate. Behind Owens retreates to the world, slicing off the Ziggler.

Kevin Owens leaves the automotive and Ziggler just isn’t proud of it. Two beginnings claim and Owens hits him with the fitting hand as the two begin to battle. WWE Superstars breaks the battle.

Shane McMahon comes out and tells employees and safety to take Kevin Owens away. He tells Owens to take his automotive and depart the world.

Stay in the area, Shane asks why he canceled the primary efficiency of this evening. Shane says what happened earlier and it was Owens who started the struggle. When asked about crucial events, Shane stated she had a couple of concepts and informed us.

Kevin Owens has a microphone with a ringtone and says Shane hears the reality. Owens says he's making a pleasant man as a result of he didn't get him anyplace. Some time ago he noticed the whole McMahon family say he was listening to the fans, but the only factor that has happened since then is that Shane has gained extra energy, authority and tv time than anybody else. And no one needed it. Now they’ve to take a seat each week for each show so Shane hears one of the best on the earth.

Shane comes out and says slicing off Kevin's microphone. Kevin grabs one other microphone when Shane walks right down to the ring. Owens says it is an insult to everyone behind it, and makes him sick and makes everyone sick. Kevin says when Shane calls herself the perfect on the earth, it makes everybody, together with herself, need Shanen to kiss her ass.

Kevin's microphone is disconnected when he grabs the headset. Safety goes after Kevin Owens as he travels via the gang

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Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The clock is ringing and we're operating. The power check leads to the cancellation of each men. Nakamura elbows face. Nakamura leaves for turning the sundown, but for Balor's pot. He lifts Nakamura up, however Nakamura pushes him into the nook.

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Behind the business, Nakamura's knee stomach. He sends Balor to the corner, however Balor ft up at Nakamura when he runs in the direction of him. Balor's clothesline. Nakamura in the corner, however a piece of Balor's chest. Nakamura leaves the kick, but Balor turns it and drops Nakamura. Balor within the nook, he runs in the direction of Nakamura, going to Nakamura's Slingblade aspect. He throws into the nook of Balor, Nakamura's sliding German suplex drops to Balor

Nakamura nook, he goes to Balor, but Balor captures him at Slingblad. Balor rises to the highest of the rope, but Nakamura rises and goes to Balor. Nakamura's rib knees Balor falls into the ring apron. Nakamura climbs one other rope, jumps and hits Balor's knees on his face. Balor falls outdoors. Nakamura grabs Balor and throws him into a ring publish. He throws him back into the ring submit. Both males come again to the ring in Decide 9. Nakamura throws Balor outdoors the tire. Kinshasa outdoors Nakamura.

Balor returns to the ring in Decide 9. Nakamura throws her back outdoors. He throws Balor into the security rail and steel steps. Nakamura kneels behind Balor. Nakamura returns to the ring when the referee drops to 9 and Balor enters Nakamura with another Kinshasa.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Shane McMahon is backed by Drew McIntyre and Elias. They speak about how Roman tried to get them over, however they have a religious benefit. Elias says she has been working with Undertaker's complete funeral piece. Coming to Dolph Ziggler, telling Shane that what he did was improper. At present was his night time to stop Kevin Owens. Shane says Owens is gone, however as a result of he's ready to go, Ziggler should occur tonight. Shane introduced Dolph Ziggler towards Roman Reigns tonight, they usually're all there with him.

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We see a video packet that jumps towards Kofi Kingston with Samoa River for the WWE title in the Excessive Guidelines. 19659002] Samoa Joe is backstage. He says you possibly can deny the reality you want, however it doesn't change the details. Final week, he confirmed Kofi's ardour and security various. But he's all he stated to Kofi. He noticed a fuss behind Kof, but in excessive guidelines he promises him that he will tear all the things off and hit him for what he’s. After which he puts him to sleep.

Signing the WWE Smackdown Ladies's Settlement

Kayla Braxton is within the ring when she introduces Nikki Cross, who represents herself and Alexa Bliss. Out involves Nikk, because Kayla introduces Bayley as a result of the master comes right down to play.

Kayla mentions how it’s a 2-person handicap, and this places a variety of strain on Bayley. He asks Bayley why he attacked Nikki Uncooked after the match. Bayley says he's right here to signal the contract and Alexa's not here, however he's glad Nikki is. He says he and Nikki are alike. When he first acquired into the WWE, he was a star, however shortly discovered that folks used him once they needed one thing. Nikki tells us properly that Bayley is Uncooked was his actual. Bayley says Alexa has reached Nike's head and asks if she's proper to help another person win the championship.

Bayley says on Sunday that he’s an unattainable odds, but Nikki doesn't want Alexa. However on Sunday she brings every thing she has and what happens when Alexa loses and she or he blames Nikki? Bayley indicators the contract when Nikki says she needs to assist her good friend, however she doesn't perceive that each one her buddies have rejected her. Alexa promised that on Sunday, the place hey wins, she doesn't like this championship alone because she and Alexa will be the first Smackdown female champion.

Nikki signs the contract and asks Bayley to keep her matches with Carmella.

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Nikki Cross vs. Carmella

Nikki played ring and cross. She pushes Carmella into the nook and spins her. Nikki-mare, followed by a drop. He goes to the deck, however solely two figures. Nikki hits Carmella's head with a hoop mat. Nikki with a snap suplex.

Nikki, with a modified stem bar lock. Carmella turns it into a canopy, however Nikki begins. Nikki with second head lock. Carmella gets it out. Nikki rises up and clothesline. Carmella together with his right hand, however Nikki reacts together with his own right hand. Nikki is crossing, however Carmella's geese are both down.

Carmella clothesline. He throws Nikki into the corner and makes a bronze. Carmella goes to the superpot, but Nikki turns it when Carmella goes to the pin, Carmella goes to kick, however Nikki turns the neck breaker.

Winner: Nikki Cross

IIconics is a backstage that leaves his locker room when Paige is there in Asuka and Kairi Sane. Paige says she needs the tag group to reply tonight. IIconics mentions that Billie Kay is sick. When asked what he has, Billie and Peyton give one other answer. Paige says that as a result of they gained the titles, they’ve executed nothing and name them annoying clowns. Paige says the match is coming, it will not be tonight, however it's coming.

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We see clips from last night time's most necessary occasions in Raw, the place Drew McIntyre, Shane McMahon, Roman Reigns and Cedrik Alexander. 19659002] Backstage, Roman Reigns is requested about his matches towards Dolph tonight. Roman says these loopy nights have made their profession and Dolph just isn’t prepared for him at this time. And in extreme rules, he and Undertaker are doing issues, and Shane and McIntyre are resting.

New Day, Daniel Bryan and Rowan, Heavy Equipment

A New Day Is Coming A New Day. Xavier says tonight that he has a triple menace towards Daniel Bryan and Otis. However on Sunday, New Day has a threefold menace code that matches Smackdown titles. Huge E says it wasn't what he had in mind when he heard he was on three alternative ways on Sunday.

Come to Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Bryan says they are thriving for him, however they should be on New Day. As a result of, regardless of having spent Massive E final week, they're going to make jokes in 3 ways and other people marvel why they don't take this tag significantly. But it’s as a result of every time a brand new day wins the headlines of the tag groups, no one else takes them significantly.

Woods says Bryan speaks quite a bit without saying anything. And he needs to listen to what the large pink Rowan says. They are saying that the first Rowan was taking orders from Bra after this Harper and now Daniel. They find it exhausting to carry who his father is. Fans sing "who is your father" when Rowan tries to storm the ring, however Daniel blocks him. Daniel says that ignorant individuals lead to ignorant management. He calls New Day the perfect athletes from WWE and has additionally had the most effective matches. Nevertheless, by some means the new day by no means gets out of the center of the cardboard and is all the time seen as a comedy. The one factor worse than New Day profitable headlines can be heavy machines that win headlines as a result of they assume the tag workforce is a joke.

The music of Heavy Machinery hits once they come out. Tucker says he'll get it. Daniel is one of the best, the champion, the most important. However at Stomping Grounds, the primary WWE PPV, it isn’t disputed that they took them to the border. They confirmed them what they have been all, and as an alternative of feeling down, they got here back to the ring and set to work. They gained Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens and gave the opportunity. Otis says he is a blue collar. Tucker says that the blue collar is a strong technique of overcoming obstacles and profitable a new day. And on Sunday, Heavy Machine becomes new… Otis imitates the brand new day as he strikes his hips by saying WWE champions.

Otis says tonight, Woods and Daniel, they’ve a match and he's coming.

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Daniel Bryan vs. Xavier Woods vs. Otis

The bell rings and we're on. Bryan slides out of the ring. Otis sends Woods to the rope and shoulder blocks Woods. Bryan will get into the ring and jumps to Otis when Otis will get to the corner. He throws the Bryan over the ring. Coming to Woods, he goes suplex as Bryan will get in. He and Woods go for a double suplex, however Otis raises each of them up and a double vertical suplex. Otis goes to Bryan's deck, but he leaves. He sends Woods to the corner. Bryan runs in the direction of him, but Otis raises him and drops him.

Otis runs behind Woods, but Woods triggers it. Rowan gets a ring apron and hits Otis and Woods. Massive E and Tucker are attacking outdoors Rowan. They push Rowan into the bulletin board. The decide fires Massive E, Tucker and Rowan.

-Business Break-

Back to Business, Woods is on the Prime Rope. He jumps to Daniel. He goes to the deck, but Bryan leaves. Woods is honored, however Bryan will get him locked up and will get a LaBelle lock. Otis violates it. Bryan kicked Otis and the other. With Bryan Sure kicks. He'll go last but Otis will catch him. He spins round Bryan and closes him. Woods with a kick on the face. He jumps, however Otis grabs him and closes him.

Woods in the nook and Otis splash on Woods and Bryan, who falls on the carpet. Otis, with a caterpillar, Woods, who has a superpot for Otis. Bryan goes to his operating knees, but Woods captures him with a stroke. Otis with massive slam Woods.

Winner: Otis

We see Smackdown clips last week that includes Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

Behind the scenes of the restaurant, Ember Moon is interrupted by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Mandy says that Twitter can't control individuals, that is actual life. Individuals say what he stated he has gained Mandy last week. Sonya says she's on it. Mandy says she's going to look for a label companion they usually'll meet her subsequent week. Individuals say they're on. And if he can't find a associate, he has to do it himself.