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WWE SmackDown 07 16 2019

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July 16, 2019
Worcester, Massachusetts
Comment: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
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WWE Smackdown Reside Starts with clips from last week's show the place Kevin Owens left after Shane McMahon.

It cuts previous immediately, the place Shane was talking about security. Kevin Owens and Shane advised him there was a city hall the place individuals might categorical their considerations. Shane tells her she has a night out and she or he is not allowed in the building.

Smackdown Reside City Hall

Stay in the area, Smackdown's reside record is on stage when Shane is within the ring. We see clips of the Excessive rules the place Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre lost to Undertaker and Roman Reigns.

Shane says Kevin Owens has a night, however Owens gave him the thought and retains the first Smackdown Stay metropolis. hall. He asks who would need to go first and as much as the Roman Reigns microphone

Roman Reigns says that no one in the room respects Shane. And diplomatically, Shane can kiss her ass when Roman goes into the background. Shane says it isn’t respectful, she is punished and she or he deals together with her later. Shane asks another person, Charlotte Aptitude. He will get up and says it was modest. He says from one family to a different, thanks. He thanks the McMahon family for being nothing greater than gracious to him after the day he was born, and he makes him sick on his stomach, in order that Kevin would profit from his kindness.

Liv Morgan cuts him off and tells him to stop such a phony. He asks Charlotte if he's anything real. Charlotte asks him who he is and if he even works. Morgan says that folks like Charlotte & # 39; Up Steps Shane that cuts them off. He asks Buddy Murphy to talk.

Buddy says that Kevin talked about his identify final week, however he doesn't need Owens to struggle his battles, and perhaps Kevin retains his identify out of his mouth or else he hit his mouth. Shane was completely happy to hear that they have been talking about it. Shane asks Apollo Crews to talk.

Apollo says he has one thing to say. He says that everybody, including himself, agrees with what Kevin Owens stated final week. Zelina Vega and Andrade rise. Zelina says she doesn't understand that Apollo is making an attempt to kiss the WWE universe. Zelina asks Apollo to show her value tonight at Andrade. And then Andrade calls him Spanish.

Elias enters and says hey, I'm not Kevin Owens. I am Elias. Xavier Woods cuts him off with Huge E. Kofi says he doesn't like Kevin Owens, but he does good things. Kofi asks how lengthy does it take to get shot for WWE title? Too lengthy. And every stage has the potential to do good things, and his microphone is minimize off. Shane says this can be a WWE champion and she or he apologizes to the microphone.

Shane thanks all and the first city hall is now over.

Cesaro enters and says he has something to say. Shane says he's not Raw in Smackdown. Cesaro says as a wild card he is here to problem Aleister Black to struggle with him. Shane asks if she needs that tonight and Cesaro says sure. Shane says she has a want.

Shane says he needs this to point out some things. Coming from behind Kevin Owens, who is spinning. Owens mocks Shanen dance and depart the ring by way of the gang.

-Business Break-

Cesaro vs. Aleister Black

The bell rings and we're on. Black proper hand, however Cesaro's knee to the abdomen. Black knee abdomen to Cesaroo falls outdoors. Black goes to another rope, turns back and sits on the ring.

-Business Break-

Cesaro is black from a business supply, but Black leaves. Scratching Black. Black sauna away from another rope Black when he goes to the deck, but solely two bills. Black runs in the direction of Cesaro, but Cesaro moves off the street and from the top of Cesaro, followed by an enormous begin. He goes to the deck, but Black leaves out when Cesaro crosses. Black turns it right into a pin. Cesaro goes black but hits the submit.

Aleister Black strikes her within the Black Mass, she leaves on the deck and gets a pin.

Winner: Aleister Black

Dolph Ziggler is behind the scenes of Shane. She tells Shane that she should train Kevin a lesson and that she ought to be tonight. Shane says that Kevin has in all probability left the constructing. Ziggler says he can make it happen. Shane tells Ziggler if he can do it, the match is on

-Business Break-

Liv Morgan vs. Charlotte Flair

The bells are ringing and we're on. Charlotte pushes Morgan down. Liv gets again and goes after Flair together with his proper hand. Morgan's Hurrican, followed by a drop kick behind Charlotte's nook.

Morgan grabs Charlotte's again however elbow to Aptitude. With Morgan on one other rope, Aptitude strangles him. Aptitude will get Morgan back and cuts the chest. He raises Morgan, however Liv descends on his ft and hits him with the rising inzighur. He stomps behind Aptitude's neck. He goes to the deck but kicked out. Stay jumps to Aptitude, however Flair gets him caught and falls into a power bomb. Aptitude with 4 and eight, like Liv Morgan pins.

Winner: Charlotte Aptitude

After Liv, Coby's headphones. He says, "Charlotte was right and when I come back, I'm going to be real" when she closes headphones and magazines.

Dole speaks outdoors of the world to the referee, and take the quantity from your cell phone

-Business Break

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs. Ember Moon and Bayley

Earlier than the bell rings and the Mandy Sonya assault with Bayley and Emberin. Bayley is a legal individual when he doubles his staff. Mandy goes to the deck, but Bayley leaves. Mandy's chief, but Bayley leaves out and again. Man is tagged in.

Ember Moon stomps on Mandy. He climbs the higher rope and descends to Eclipse. Sonya will get into the ring but with Bayley Bayley in the stomach.

Winners: Ember Moon and Bayley

Kayla interviews individuals and after the Bayley match. He asks Bayley who his opponent is in Summerslam. Bayley says he is happy with Alexa Bliss's passing, and now he can return to the Smackdown division. He says his opponent ought to be someone with charisma, by no means progressed, someone dedicated to the title, must be lost. Bayley things and watching the Man Moon. Kayla asks individuals what she thinks and Man says hell.

Shinsuke Nakamura is within the background tradition together with his Intercontinental Championship. He says he can freely chase the chaos. He turns round when Ali is standing there.

-Business Break-

New Day Celebration

Xavier Woods says in excessive rules, Kofi unloads Samo Joe. Kofi says they robbed Rowan and Daniel Bryan to grow to be a new WWE World Champion six occasions. Kofi says to take a look at them now, just like the three African American leprechaun at the finish of the rainbow, they’ve all the gold. Huge E says everyone is aware of what Bryan's announcement is, and earlier than they’ve to take a seat via the planet for 10 minutes they settle for his rematch here and now.

The music of Daniel Bryan hits when he comes out with Rowan. Bryan seems to be at Rowan when the 2 walk again. They stroll again and depart once more. They stroll again out. Bryan speaks when fans sing "New Day Rocks". Bryan falls into the microphone as two sources.

The music of Samoa River hits and he walks out. Joe says Bryan doesn't feel like a champion, but he’s. Joe tells Kof to put his WWE championship tonight. Simply as Joe speaks, Elias leaves the ring. Elias tells Joe that she had the chance in extreme rules and it didn't work. And if somebody is ready to take the championship out of Kofi, it's him. The strangers come to Randy Orton's stage.

Randy Orton says he’s sorry, nevertheless it has been for a while as a result of he had gold round his waist. He tells Kof that he will take it and do it with RKO. Elias says they will't have championships tonight, but what they will do is ship a message to a brand new day. Woods asks if he suggests a match for a six-man workforce. Huge E says it feels like a problem. Kofi says the championship huddle as the three males converse. Kofi says he agrees. Orton says no, he's good and walks away.

Kofi says that you simply assume the viper can be prepared and ready to strike at any time, however it appears that evidently he would have gone slightly hip.

– Business Break [19659004] New Day vs. Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Elias

Kofi is with Elijah. Kofi's rotating elbow as he goes to the deck however the referee breaks it. Orton tries to get Kofi's attention when Elias attacks him. Joe's in. He sends Kofi to a tough spiral tube. Joe runs in the direction of Kofia, however Kofi's double knees. Kofi kick followed by snap mare. Woods is tagged once they doubles the Joe staff. Huge E marked himself in. He leaves the deck, but Joe kicks.

Each men returned with Joe's right hand, and Elias was tagged. Massive E's Abdomen Stretch. He sends Elias to the ropes and elbow. Woods is labeled once they double Elias. Woods goes to the deck, but Elias triggers

Woods with a clothesline. He goes to the deck, however Elias leaves. Each men returned and the referee disturbed, Orton drops Woods. Elias and boxing in Woods nook. Back to Elbow, when he goes to the deck, however Woods starts. He throws outdoors Woods.

– Business Break

Elias leaves the Woods retailer within the ring. Elijah's Woods chief is preventing for it. Elias slams on Woods carpet and hits Massive E and Kofi out of the ring. Samoa Joe is attacking outdoors the Huge E.

Elias invests at the prime of Woods. Elias climbs up the rope when Woods fights him down. Woods jumps and drops kick from Woods. The tag is made like Kofi and Orton. Kofi together with his right hand and drop kick at Orton. Kofi just shot Orton. Kofi goes to Hassle in Paradise, Orton moves, goes to RKO, Kofi strikes, Kofi off the highest rope and cross. He goes to the deck when Elias breaks it. Coming Massive and all hell breaks within the ring. Joe is shipped to the surface when Woods flies excessive of the river. Woods hits Elijah when Joe travels to Woods and locks the Coquina change. Elias Flying Knee Outdoors Massive E. Elias returns and Kofi is in Hassle in paradise. Orton and RKO in Kofi.

Winners: Randy Orton, Samoa Joe and Elias

-Business Break-

Carmella is within the background on the lookout for R-truth. She hides in an previous washing machine. The reality says she's stuck when Carmella helps her. Carmella says she has a greater concept of ​​a hiding place. He tells him he ought to go to Comic Con. R-Fact says, no, don't call her, she paid her debt to society. Carmella says no and are available together with her.

WWE Ladies's Tag Group Championship Match – IIconics (c & # 39; s) vs. Kabuki Warriors & Paige

Royce is with Sword. Paige with a face-to-face blow and Sane for a chest. Sane runs into the rope and Asuka is tagged, they double Royce. Asuka leaves the deck, however Royce kicks.

Royce kicks Asuka when Billie Kay is tagged. Billie talks to the trash asuk, as Asuka launches her head and Billie falls outdoors. Royce checks Billie's ring outdoors the ring. Billie leaves for the ring and looks at Royce when Royce pulls him away. The decide drops to 10 and drops him out.

Winners: Landing, The Kabuki Warriors

IIconics celebrates outdoors as Asuka and Sane assault them. Asuka and Sane hit Royce on the tire.

– Business Break-

Andrade and Zelina Vega vs. Apollo Crews

When Apollo comes to the ring, Andrade assaults him before ringtones. The decide oversees Apollo Crews as ringtones. Andrade instantly assaults Apollo. Apollo fights again, however Andrade together with his right hand. Andrade behind the elbow. He pulls Crews into the nook. Andrade with double knees.

Winner: Apollo Crews

We see Uncooked clips from last night time the place Bray Wyatt returned and attacked Finn Balor.

– Business Break

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Clock rings and Owens run towards the stunter, but Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Owens flies over the top rope to Ziggler. He throws the Dolphin into the ring. Kevin gets to the top and goes to Senton, however Dolph will get to his knees. Dolph with fameasser but Owens kicks out.

Ziggler Elbow. He goes to the deck, however Owens begins. The second elbow and the second pin, but Owens fires. Ziggler, whose interface is in Owens, but Owens gets it off. Ziggler Neckbreaker when he goes to the second deck, but Kevin begins once more. Owens within the corner and splashes on Ziggler. Dolphin DDT Bounce. He leaves the deck, but again Kevin Owens kicks out.

Dolph goes over the other massive splash, however Kevin moves off the street. Kevin's superkick. He goes to the highlands and the centon at Dolph. He goes to the deck, however Dolph leaves.

Out comes to Shane McMahon and a number of other Smackdown Stay gates. They're all surrounded by a ring when Kevin speaks to Shane. Ziggler hits him with a zigzag behind him. He goes to the deck, but Kevin begins. Dolph sends Kevin to the handlebar. Kevin's blow, however Ziggler with fists. Ziggler throws Kevin once extra on the rotary handle, the shoulder first.

Ziggler leaves the superpower, Kevin's geese and hits the stunner. He goes to the deck, however Shane pulls Kevin out of the ring. Kevin provides Stane a shocking and runs back.

After the match, Kayla asks Kane Owens from Shane. Shane says Kevin pays badly.

Winner: No Competitors