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WWE SmackDown 07 30 2019

WWE Smackdown Results
July 30, 2019
Memphis, Tennessee
Remark: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves
Outcomes: Roy Nemer at

by video message from Shane McMahon. He says he isn’t part of Smackdown Reside right now. Shane says he's indignant about it and we have now Kevin Owens responsible for it. As a result of Kevin has violently attacked him for the previous few weeks without cause. Shane says in Summerslam that Kevin's career is over and the announcer palms over the microphone to Kevin. He seems Shane in the eye and says "Shane, you're a better man and I'll quit."

Again in the area, Kevin Owens is on his method down the ring. We see clips from final week's Smackdown Stay important occasion the place Kevin Owens responded towards Roman Reigns. They ended up attacking Shane McMahon, Elias and Drew McIntyre.

Kevin Owens says no panic, but sure, Shane McMahon just isn’t right here tonight they usually can all get by way of it collectively, Owens says mockingly. Owens says he is aware of Shane is watching, and he needs to reassure him that he's not right here, that's really great information, as a result of perhaps Smackdown Reside may be what it must be, what it’s. However when he talks about Shane, he urges him to ensure he exhibits up for Summerslam as a result of it's one by one. Owens says he gained't give up as a result of he's hitting him. But not solely does he strike him, he strikes him so badly that each time he seems to be within the mirror, he’s little question within the shadow that he is not in the ring with individuals like him. [19659003] But the factor is, even after the assault, Shane might proceed the show and unfortunately no one can stop him from doing so, but one factor he can do is when he exhibits up, he knows it's not his ring or a present. This can be a presentation by Kevin Owens.

Drew McIntyre hits songs and he comes into the ring. He gets Kevin's face and tells him he talks too much. Shane did not point out that Kevin Owens is towards Drew McIntyre immediately when McIntyre hits Kevin. He falls outdoors and Drew throws him into the ring submit and over the bulletin board. Drew grabs the microphone and says the match is over.

– Business Pause –

Drew McIntyre vs. Kevin Owens

Back from the store and the bell rings. Owens boots on the face adopted by a clothesline. Kevin runs to the ropes again, but Drew's shoulder takes Kevin down. McIntyre is heading in the direction of the aim Kevin Owens provides a corner. Drew makes a suplex when he goes for the motion, but Kevin Owens kicks it. Drew is the upper abdomen on the upper back. As soon as once more he goes for cover, however Owens kicks once more.

Pull McIntyre with a custom arm when Kevin will get out of it with the fitting palms. Kevin runs to the ropes, however Drew's elbow within the face takes Owens out once more. Drew stands Owens up and an enormous blow to the chest takes Owens down. One other of Drew's modified forearms. Owns piercings however screws within the different higher stomach to the again of the spine. Drew with the lid down, however Kevin Owens kicks the ball out.

Both males backed up and Kevin Owens gave a proper hand followed by the opposite. Drew runs in the direction of Kevin, but Kevin gets off the street and Drew first goes to the ring submit on the shoulder. Cannon Ball by Kevin Owens. He goes for cover, but Drew McIntyre kicks it. Kevin climbs the top rope, but Drew's right hand as he climbs one other rope. Aa proper hand from Kevin and head to Drew. Owens with a frog splash. He goes for the deck, however only two.

– Business Break –

Back to Business Drew is in the ring and Kevin Owens despatched a bomb. He goes for cover, but the two rely solely when Drew kicks out. Kevin goes beautiful, however McIntyre's Glasgow kiss. He goes for cover, but Owens kicks. Drew goes to Claymore, but with Owens a superkick. Drew backup and one other superkick from Owens. He sends Drew right into a rope and a pop-up bomb. He goes over once more, but Drew McIntyre kicks it.

Kevin Owens climbs the highest rope and Drew together with his right hand. And one other. Drew climbs into one other rope, lifts Owens on his shoulders and drops Kevin Owens on his back. He goes for cover, but Kevin Owens kicks it. McIntyre throws Kevin outdoors. Drew clears the bulletin board. He places Owens on the table and stands there. Both males on the bulletin board. Kevin kicks Drew and hits him with a stunner.

Drew rolls back into the ring. Superwick Owens and one other stunner. He seeks shelter and gets a pin.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Kayla is in the background with Dolph Ziggler. We see a clip from last week's Smackdown Stay where he hit Shawn Michaels. Dolph says the celebrity is upset, did they complain online? He has two words for them, too dangerous. That wandering passage that was Mick Foley was destroyed by Fiend. And Goldberg? He's not within the ring. Shawn Michaels? He made the most important mistake of his life by placing his palms on him. But Seth Rollins defended Shawn and what happened? Brock Lesnar hits him. However in Summerslam, Dolph Ziggler takes on resident Kardashian sister The Miz. Ziggler says the Miz isn't even the perfect wrestler in his house.

Ziggler says he is up towards Finn Balor tonight. Ziggler says Balor lives by means of his previous and appears into the longer term. Let's take a look at the perfect damn thing happening right now.

The digital camera rests within the background of Ember Moon when Bayley enters the dressing room. Bayley says they are on the staff in the present day, however that doesn't mean he forgot Ember beat him last week and Ember wouldn't be within the position if he hadn't chosen to face him in Summerslam. They'll get by means of it tonight, but if Ember thinks he's pulling one thing like that, he'll regret it.

– Business break

Aleister Black is at midnight room, sitting. He says he’s totally different. She feels totally different. He speaks in another way. No man's want to choose to struggle with him is a part of his salvation. And part of it came in Cesaro. However how does he proceed? How does he write these subsequent chapters of his e-book? As a result of he has to put himself in prison once more. Sitting down, ready a little less patiently. This time, anyone is caught up in what he’s making an attempt to do for himself.

Bayley and Ember Moon vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

The bell is ringing and we're within the process. Alexa Bliss and Ember Moon kick off the match. Ember's arm was spread as she sent Alexa to the ropes and fired Moon's face. He marks Bayley in the match. Bliss pushes Bayley into the nook. He runs towards Bayley, however Bayley throws him into the fold. Alexa goes out. Nikki Cross goes out and Moon's suicide dive to Cross.

-Business Pause-

Back to business and Nikki enjoying with Bayley. He marks a Bliss match and a Bliss baseball strike for Bayley. Bliss shines Bayley's face. He goes for cover, however Bayley kicks. Nikki Cross is tagged. They’ll double Bayley's group. Cross throws him in the nook and Bliss is tagged back in. They double Bayley's workforce, however Bayley fights back. He throws Cross outdoors and Moon is tagged.

Ember Moon with Inzighur to Bliss. Cross and Bliss within the nook, Moon in a pinch. Eclipse is Cross, however Bliss throws the Moon into the ring submit. He knocks on Bayley. Twisted Bliss on Ember Moon.

Winners: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Bayley checks on Ember Moon after the match however provides him Bayley's stomach.

Sami Zayn is in the background. He’s requested why he’s on Smackdown. Zayn says he is wanting into competitors, but he solely sees individuals complaining. But who he says is going via lots of ache is Aleister Black. He asks if we’ve got seen his videos. He sits in a dark room and urges individuals to battle him. He says he doesn't see someone begging for a struggle, but someone to assist. He thinks Black doesn't should struggle, he has to hit and unleash so the hype can end and he can transfer on. Zayn says he will beat Aleister Black and finish the leap at Summerslam.

– Business break

Kayla is within the background with Daniel Bryan. He comes with Rowan. Bryan seems to be at him and walks away.

King's Courtroom together with Jerry "The King" Lawler and Trish Stratus

Lawler welcomes everybody to the present. He thinks it's good to be king, particularly in Memphis. He welcomes Trish Stratus to the ring. Lawler says it's great to have him. Stratus says he is fleeing from his cottage to be right here, Lawler says he is on vacation, and that is why he was in all probability fishing for Raw. Stratus says he is overwhelmed and mentions Kelly Kelly turning into the first ever ladies's 24/7 champion.

Jerry says that standing on the end of the show was superb, but later many legends talked and stated rather a lot. they want to have the ability to return to the ring and get one final match. He asks Trish if he needs to return back and hold the final match. Fans sing "One Extra Match."

Trish Stratus says it’s in his blood, it is in his heart and soul. There will in all probability by no means be a time when she gained't have itching, but she's a mother now and when she talks, Charlotte Flair's music performs and comes out.

Charlotte says it's a shame to hold a royal courtroom with no actual queen. He should ask, how is not any era's biggest feminine celebrity in Summerslam? Trish says hey, like Charlotte says hey, bla, bla, bla, bla. Charlotte arrives on the ring and congratulates Trish on her mom. He asks if any of them can hold the ropes. Jerry lowers the rope as Charlotte gets in the ring.

In accordance with Aptitude, there are numerous WWE superstars who’re older. She has a mom, Trish and Jerry have moms. Everybody has mothers. That feels like an excuse for him. As a result of the most important second in Trish's life hasn't occurred yet, as a result of in Summerslam, in entrance of her valuable youngsters, the Queen challenges her. Trish thinks about it when followers sing "One more match."

Trish stays silent when Charlotte says she will't hear her. Flair says she anticipated extra of a 7x feminine champion, but she knows what it’s. As WWE has advanced, they’re not models that shake their possessions, they’re ladies who’re changing the business. He expected a more aggressive hearth from Trish. Flair says he is aware of what it is. She doesn't assume she will cling with the queen. Flair tells her to get to hell from her tire, go to her minibus and return to altering her diapers.

Stratus says he respects Aptitude, however for now she's just a bitch. Trish says there can be no path for her if it wasn't for herself, Lita, Jaqueline, Côte d'Ivoire and Beth Phoenix. And secondly, she's more than anybody ought to know that to be a lady, you need to hit a lady. Trish accepts his match at Summerslam.

We reduce the again channels where AJ Types is with The OC and says its all coming collectively. Types says he sees three masters. Why? Because they’re OC. And as for Kofi Kingston in the present day, he explains why Smackdown Stay is and will endlessly come to the house that AJ Types built.

Firefly FunHouse

Firefly FunHouse Time with Bray Wyatt. In his home we’re used to seeing, we see a rabbit welcome everybody because he says he is the most important fan of Finn Balor. He’s unusual, but Balor made an enormous mistake as a result of Fiend was released. The rabbit talks and hides as Bray Wyatt enters.

Bray seems at the digital camera and laughs and says he'll let me in once we see Fiend's flashes.

– Business Break

We see the Brock clips. Lesnar's attack on Seth Rollins from last night time's WWE Uncooked.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finn Balor

Again in commerce and the match is already underway. Balori with forearm to Ziggler. A flying arm takes Ziggler out. A kick to the face and down goes to Ziggler. Balori with elbow over throat. He goes for cover, however Ziggler kicks. Balor goes for the metal, Ziggler geese and delivers the well-known. He goes over to the deck, but Finn kicks.

Ziggler prepares for sweet jaw music, but with Balor strap. A towel rope takes you outdoors the Ziggler. The lights go out in the area, we see Fiend flashes strolling, whereas the lights go out again. The lights are again on and Ziggler's candy chin music.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

-Business break-

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ali

The bell rang and Ali dropped the kick when Nakamura went outdoors. . Ali dives for suicide. Nakamura is again in the ring and Ali is crossed whereas the physique is off the highest rope. He goes over to the deck, but Nakamura kicks.

Ali runs in the direction of Nakamura but strikes and Ali first goes to the turntable. Nakamura runs in the direction of Ali but Ali kicks his face. Ali drops Nakamura's face on the carpet first. He climbs the ropes, however Nakamura shoots him. Nakamura with reverse explosion nozzle.

Shinsuke Nakamura goes to Kinshasa however Ali with an excellent kick. Ali climbs to the top, jumps, however misses. Nakamura with DDT Ali. Nakamura goes to Kinshasa however Ali ducks, rolls Nakamura up and will get a pin.

Winner: Ali

We see a video package deal the place Randy Orton talks about his career. He mentions how, by 2009, when he was preventing Kofi Kingston, he was already ahead of Triple H, the Undertaker, he had gained the World Championships and was in Wrestlemania. He just had to be him. On the similar time, Kofi was a pretend.

Orton says Kofi was stupid to assume he might hold with him. Orton mentions how he took Ali away and Kofi Kingston changed Ali. And Kofiman is just not without Randy Orton. In response to him, Kofi suing him is stupid. He doesn't see it coming, but he takes the title off his waist and does it with RKO.

Kayla is behind The New Day artwork. In response to Huge E, Kofi enters the ring with AJ Types. Woods stated it could possibly be a serious event anyplace, in London and anyplace. Kofi says he last checked that they have been the WWE World Cup champions and he is the WWE World Champion. Which suggests Smackdown Stay is not referred to as AJ Types. Smackdown Stay is now POP, Positivity Palace.

– Business Pause

Kofi Kingston with New Day vs. AJ Types on OC

The bell is ringing and we’re in the course of. Types' shoulder blocks Kofin. Both men again up. Kofi takes AJ by sending, but Types reaches for the ropes. Kofi backs up and one foot takes down Types and head lock. Kofi will get out of there, however Types provides the drop. He runs over the ropes, however Kofi's rear elbow. A drop of Kofi's second rope takes Types away.

Kofi goes to Hassle in Paradise, Types geese, Types goes to Kofi, he geese and he hangs out with Types. OC and The New Day freeze from the surface. Kofi jumps outdoors as Types strikes. Types with knee to face when Kofi is shipped to the barricade.

-Business Pause-

Commercially back, both men are again within the ring. Types throws Kofi within the nook and chops within the chest. Back of Types. He goes to the shelter, but Kofi kicks. Types kick in the chest. He sits on Kofi's prime rope and climbs to another rope. Kofi knocks AJ down. Kofi jumps from the second rope and DDT takes Types down.

The clothesline, after which Kofi drops the kick. Kofi leaves for AJ, however AJ moves out of the best way. AJ runs in the direction of Kofi, but Kofi has a hook on his chest. He goes for cover, but AJ kicks it.

Kofi goes to Hassle in Paradise, Types blocks it, however Kofi at SOS. He goes to the duvet, but AJ Types kicks. Kofi goes for the suplex, however AJ blocks it and a kick on the top takes Kofi out. AJ runs in the direction of Kofi, but Kofi kicks. He climbs the highest rope and frog-splashes behind AJ. He goes over to the deck, but Anderson pulls Types out of the ring. A brand new day is approaching them from the surface. Kofi runs over the ropes, however AJ hits Kofi's head.

AJ Types climbs into the ring, however Kofi punches in the face. Types hit Huge E when OC hits a brand new day trip. Kofi flies over the top rope and lands for everybody. He throws AJ back into the ring. Kofi within the ring, he jumps, but AJ grabs him and lands behind his knee by Types. AJ goes into an outstanding arm, however Kofi hits him exhausting in paradise. He appears for the duvet and gets the pin.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Kayla is in the background and comes Roman Reigns. As he walks again, massive gear falls down beside him. Roman is seen subsequent to a large piece of metallic and audio system. When asked if he’s okay, he says yes and sits down. Roman will get up and walks away when Smackdown Stay goes out of the air.