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WWE SmackDown 08 06 2019

WWE Smackdown Outcomes
6. Aug 2019
Detroit, Michigan
Remark: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Outcomes: Roy Nemer at

WW. kicks Charlotte Aptitude on his solution to the ring. Flair enters the ring and grabs the microphone. He says that every time the Queen steps on the ring, fans are all witnessing greatness. Most of us dream of greatness, but unfortunately we shouldn’t have the genetics, means or discipline to realize it. You possibly can either cease, mislead yourself, or do something aside from his opponent in Summerslam, Trish Stratus.

Charlotte calls Trish Corridor of Famer, a 7-time champion who, because the business started to vary, she decided to go together with the family and a small van. On the peak of girls's improvement, Trish needed to return to the ultimate match? That's not it. She saw Charlotte's greatness and it ate her alive and she or he was by no means nearly as good as she was. At present's athlete is a lot better than yesterday's athlete.

Aptitude says that Trish's dream of hitting him doesn't come true and he crushes them. Charlotte exhibits up on the large display as they play clips from Charlotte Flair's profession. But because the video begins, it’s reduce right into a lofty package deal that includes Trish Stratus and Charlotte is within the ring and never comfortable about it.

Trish's hits hit the Corridor of Famer. Trish walks in and tells Charlotte it's not what she expected. He gets the ring and says that the rationale for enjoying the video is to remind Charlotte why he’s right here and why he will get these alternatives. Trish says that Flair is true, he has dreamed of a single match. Trish says that Flair is the embodiment of every thing she fought for. And sure, he needs another match and perhaps he has to show it to his youngsters or fans, but in addition to prove it to himself. To quote the good Harley race, there isn’t a feeling on the earth aside from being underneath these brilliant lights and he needs it. He wants it. She says Charlotte stands out as the Queen, however she's not Trish.

Flair will get as much as the microphone and welcomes him to his nightmare, because on Sunday he provides in to the Queen. Shimmer as Trish slaps her within the face. The 2 go nose to nose as Flair laughs and leaves the ring.

– Business Break

We see clips from final night time's Raw where Dolph Ziggler was on Miz TV alongside Shawn Michaels. We see Goldberg come out and reveal that he’s Dolph's opponent in Summerslam.

Goldberg's music hits once we see security knocking on Dolph Ziggler's door. He mocks Goldberg's entrance as he passes by means of the curtains and with the ring, adopted by safety.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio

As Rey walks over to the ring, Dolph attacks Rey from behind. He hits him with a superkick. There shall be WWE officers, but Ziggler rises him up and provides him one other tremendous kick.

Ziggler grabs the microphone and gets the ring. Based on him, one other legend goes down, DZ politely. All legends can crawl back, but the same thing occurs. Nostalgia just isn’t enough. Goldberg needs to struggle him in Summerslam and says he’s next. Dolph says he does his greatest in Summerslam and decides on the legend of Goldberg. He's not subsequent, Goldberg's match at Summerslam is his last.

Lowest music hits and he checks Rey. He comes within the ring and knocks Dolph outdoors. Suicide diving outdoors.

Winner: No Competition

-Business Break-

Dolph Ziggler vs. Ali

Again commercially, each men are within the ring and Ali is down with the basket. Ali proper, adopted by another. Ali fired on the head. He goes for cover, but Dolph kicks. Ali goes for a German suplex, but Dolph with an elbow to his face and a clothesline. Dolph prepares for sweet music, however Ali geese and goes over the deck, but Dolph kicks out. Dolphin's head and followed by an excellent kick.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

We reduce clips all week and dealt with the story of Roman Reigns.

– Business Break

We see Brock Lesnar's clips attacking. Seth Rollins final night time on Raw.

Interview with Roman Reigns

Kayla interviews Reigns. He asks him how he keeps it together. Roman says he has gone by means of so many this yr, many obstacles and setbacks, however he has all the time been aware of what happened. What attacked him, but this time he doesn't know what's happening, who's attacking him and why.

Kayla asks the way it affects her life. Roman says he does issues alone, it's one factor to be within the ring and one other to hit him in the background and another to hit him within the automotive. He asks who he thinks is responsible. Roman says he is aware of who it is, it's not Samoa Joe. He should publicly apologize to him and he’ll. Roman says he didn't mean that River's identify can be dragged into the mud. But the attacker continues to be there. He has questions.

Roman says he will certainly get the solutions tonight.

-Business Pause-

The tribute video exhibits once we see clips from the late huge Harley race.

Natalya vs. Ember Moon

The bell rings and we're on our means. Natalya pushes Ember down. He gets him within the nook and begins hitting him. He sends Ember to the ropes and goes back to the autumn, however Ember lands on his ft and kicks him in the face. Ember drops Natalya and climbs into the upper rope, but Natalya slides outdoors. Ember goes outdoors the clothesline, however Natalya films out of the best way. Natalya sends Ember's ring on the apron and hits her with a clothesline.

Natalya locks the firearm in Ember Moon outdoors the ring. The referee lets Natalya out. He keeps the shooter locked and Bayley comes out. He's making an attempt to get Natalya out of Moon. Natalya pushes Bayley to the barricade and walks away. Bayley checks with Ember Moon outdoors the ring.

Winner: No Competition

– Business Break

Kevin Owens Present with Shane McMaho

Owens is in the ring with two chairs and two KOs. sign the set up. Kevin says reduce the chase and calls Shane McMahon the ring. No one comes ahead, Owens says they don't need to watch for Shane to return out.

Shane McMahon hits music and walks in the ring. They stand within the ring when Shane asks Craig to introduce him. He makes the world call as ordinary, however Kevin Owens interrupted him. Owens says he hears it sufficient occasions. It's time to speak. Owens says why Shane's career isn't on the line. He’s McMahon, he can say what he needs and do what he needs. However ever since Owens put his career on the line, individuals have been asking him about Shane.

Owens says that because the McMahon household is all the time doing business the perfect they may give individuals what they want, he asks Shane to place his profession on the road. To be the person he says he is. If he hits Owens, he's gone. But when he hits Shane, Shane is completed.

McMahon says he needs to think about it for a second … That may be no. speaking about his ego about being out of control? Kevin's ego obtained him in this state of affairs. If he loses, he stops and is gone. There isn’t any disgrace in dropping the perfect on the planet. But when he does, Shane can fix Owens. Shane can hit the transmission and Kevin Owens can seize it. Owens could be out of the ring, slip and fall, and should not go into the ring earlier than 10 and lose. Or he can press Kevin's buttons and Owens can hit him with one thing and he’s rejected. However the end result is that Kevin is gone. His profession is over and ultimately he’ll resign.

Owens says the purpose of all this is he doesn't do it? Shane says no. Owens says it's shocking. In any case these years of following him and doing loopy deeds, he just revealed to everybody that he had no balls. Owens throws the microphone and pushes the chair. Shane says he has them and his mind. However he can see the hostility and make an introduction to Sunday's occasions. They clean chairs and signboards. Elias is available in and it's two towards one.

Kevin throws Elia outdoors and the battle stops there. Owens beats each. He throws Shane over the bulletin board. He cleans the desk. Elias hits Owens. Both men stand on the bulletin board and Owens hits Elias with a stunner and poses on the table. Shane shoots Owens on the desk and hits him. Shane stomping on Kevin Owens outdoors. Shane turns the bulletin board over Kevin Owens.

Shane places a chair on Kevin's head and drops it on Kevin's head.

– Business break –

Sami Zayn walks over to the tire. He will get the ring and says he got here to Smackdown last week and provided Aleister Black a gift. Help, service, match in Summerslam the place he beats him and exposes him and masses him with hype. How does Black respond? By silence. As an alternative of answering like a person, he locks himself in a dark room as a result of he is protected there. That approach, individuals can speak about how cool he’s. However the fact is, Black doesn't need to battle Zayn in Summerslam. Because he is aware of when he hits him and cheats him on the hype, the whole lot is gone and it scares him.

Black says the match doesn't take place in Summerslam, it's occurring now.

Aleister Black vs. Sami Zayn

The bell is ringing and we are in the process. Sami kicks in and will get the black ah eadlock. Black has despatched him a rope and a kick to the face.

-Business Pause-

Again to business, Sami in the participant's ring. Sam's right hand and then shred the breast. Sam's clothesline goes to the duvet, however Black kicks. Black on the suitable but Zayn on the again. He goes over to the deck, but the black one kicks out again. Sam's title. Black kicks him off. A number of foot-strikes by Black. A month after the second rope followed by a knee to the face. Black misses Black as he goes to get the duvet and gets a pin.

Winner: Aleister Black

We minimize the background and take a look at Shelton Benjamin. He might be requested concerning the 24/7 championship and if he ever competes for it. Shelton turns his eyes several occasions and smiles. He walks away.

Firefly Enjoyable Home

Firefly Fun Home with Bray Wyatt as he welcomes everybody and says that his Summerslam opponent Finn Balor shouldn’t be afraid of anything. He has a Husky Massive Boy because he loves to eat chocolate and candy. Wyatt says he fears that Finnish courage is actually nearly overlaying up ignorance. He gladly invited a good friend to his door. Wyatt begins laughing and will get critical. Wyatt says we've been listening to for therefore long and that he thinks it's Finn Balor's flip. Fiend comes for him once we see Fiend clips.

-Comomers Break-

Elias is back with Chad Gable. Elias calls him out as he grabs his guitar and leaves.

We see clips of Kofi Kingston's historical past with Randy Orton.

New Day vs. Daniel Bryan and Rowan.

The bell rings and Bryan goes right after Woods. off. Proper arms from Bryan, however Hurricane Woods and then Dropkick take Bryan outdoors. Woods jumps over and over the top rope.

-Business Pause-

Again to business Huge E is in the ring with Bryan. Huge E passes, however Bryan kicks. He marks Woods within the match. They're doubling the Bryan workforce. He goes to the shelter, but Bryan kicks it. Woods arms however Bryan helps and Rowan is tagged.

Rowan with powerslam. He runs in the direction of Woods, but Woods will get him kicked within the face. Kick into the stomach and he starts a participant in Rowan's nook. He sends Rowan to the ropes, however with Rowan's crossbody. Rowan fired a shot as he obtained Woods to the nook. Bryan is tagged as they double the Woods group. Bryan goes over to the deck, however Woods kicks out.

Bryan heading, however Woods will get out of it. Woods tries to make a tag when he hits Bryan together with his right hand. Rowan is tagged in and Rowan knocks Massive E's ring off the apron. He throws Woods excessive rope to the surface. Rowan sends Woods to the ring levels.

-Business Pause-

Back business, massive drop from Woods' prime rope to Rowan. Bryan is lost and so is Massive E. Huge higher stomach to secure stomach to Massive E for Bryan. Huge splash, huge E. He goes for an explosion, however Bryan lands on his ft and Bryan falls on Massive E's foot. With Bryan Sure, kicks. He goes for the final kick, however the massive geese. He grabs Bryan by the leg and gets him sent, but Bryan will get out of it and will get La Belle locked.

Massive E pulls Bryan's arm however Bryan goes into the triangle lock. Huge E lifts Bryan up and kills him. He goes to the shelter, but Bryan kicks it. Right hand, massive E, however prime, Bryan. Rowan is tagged. Rowan purrs. He goes for cover, however massive E kicks. Woods is tagged, Massive E's spinning kick takes Rowan out. Timber with elbow. He goes to the shelter, but Bryan breaks it. Massive E throws outdoors Bryan. Bryan arrives on the apron and Massive E's spear.

Woods runs to the ropes as Rowan hits Woods on the metal steps when the referee calls for the bell.

Rowan throws the Huge E into the ring as they start to hit. up for Massive E and Woods. Rowan's iron pen on the large E. Bryan operating era at Woods.

Winners: New Disk Day

Roman Reigns rejected disqualification from behind and walks into the Smackdown locker room. He tells everyone to go away apart from Buddy Murphy. Roman says he noticed Murphy round and asks where he was. Murphy says he's not talking, but he has no concept. Roman stands up and says that if he doesn't give him the answer he needs, it gained't finish nicely. Murphy says he doesn't know who did it, but when he did, he wouldn't tell him the rattling thing.

Reignes hits him together with his proper hand and throws him within the trash. He throws Murphy over the desk. He asks Murphy, who did it. Murphy says Rowan did it. Roman says Daniel Bryan and Rowan? Murphy says he didn't see Daniel Bryan, only Rowan.

We reduce into the ring whereas Bryan and Rowan have been standing, watching Roman's management as Smackdown Stay goes out of air.