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WWE SmackDown 08 20 2019

WWE Smackdown Results
August 20, 2019
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of

WWE Smackdown Stay kicks off with Randy Orton strolling right down to the ring. We see a clip of last night time’s Uncooked where Orton interfered in the tag staff match and hit the RKO on all three members of the New Day with help from The Revival.

Randy Orton says in contrast to Kofi, he isn’t a liar and the truth is at Summerslam, Kofi ran from a battle towards him in entrance of his family. And the reason is that Kofi Kingston is stupid. Orton says last week he gave Kofi the chance to prove himself and he failed. Kofi acquired hit with the RKO twice because Kofi is stupid.

Orton says final night time with assist from the Revival, they decimated the New Day. And one of the best part was when he held Kofi and made him watch as they shattered Xavier’s foot. Why? As a result of Kofi Kingston is silly. Orton says that Kofi fails each time he’s given an opportunity to show himself and the facility of positivity is crushed via RKO.

The New Day’s music hits as Orton seems on at the stage. Orton turns round and Kofi hits him with Hassle in Paradise. The fans chant “Kofi” as he begins trash speaking Orton. Kofi goes to the surface and grabs a metal chair. He opens the chair and locations Orton’s leg in between the chair. Kofi climbs the second rope however out come the Revival. Kofi beats the up with the chair as Orton rolls to the surface.

We see a video promo highlighting the current attacks on Roman Reigns.

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Shane McMahon is backstage and in comes Kevin Owens. Shane needed to see him, Kevin says he had a horrible week and he’s making an attempt to give attention to his King of the Ring match. Shane tells Kevin to say what’s on his mind. Owens says he is aware of what’s on his mind, final week he received fined $100,000 and he reacted badly. Owens says he noticed his household and it dawned on him how dangerous it is. Owens says $100,000 won’t be quite a bit for Shane however it is for him. Owens tries to play the family card with Shane and tells him that’s what’s on his thoughts. Man to man, father to father, Owens says he needs Shane would re-consider.

McMahon appears at Kevin and says he will take it into account and to excuse him. Kevin Owens walks away.

King of the Ring match – Andrade with Zelina Vega vs. Apollo Crews

The bell rings and we’re underneath means. Andrade runs in the direction of Apollo and an enormous clothesline by Apollo. he goes for the duvet however Andrade kicks out. He turns in the direction of Andrade however Andrade moves out of the best way as Apollo hits the turnbuckle. The double knees by Andrade. He goes for the duvet but a two rely only. Andrade goes for the hammerlock DDT however Crews reverses it into an inside cradle as Andrade kicks out.

Andrade is on the ring apron and he catches Apollo in a submission in between the ropes. Andrade climbs the highest rope and jumps but a dropkick by Crews. Andrade rolls to the surface and with Apollo on the ring apron, Andrade journeys him off the ring apron. Andrade back in the ring, jumps to the surface as Crews catches him however Andrade flips Crews into the steel steps.

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Back from business, each men are in the ring but Crews hits Andrade with the double knees. Crews with right palms followed by a kick. Crews with the Olympic slam. He goes for the duvet however Andrade kicks out. Apollo lifts Andrade up but Andrade lands on his ft and hits crews with a boot to the face. Andrade climbs the turnbuckle but Crews slows him down. He goes to throw Andrade however Andrade ands on his ft as Crews is thrown into the nook. Andrade goes for the double knees however Crews moves out of the best way.

Crews goes for an additional Olympic slam but Andrade with a boot to the face. He runs to the ropes but Crews hits him with a kick to the face. Crews with a standing capturing star press. He goes for the duvet but Andrade kicks out.

Andrade is on the ropes as Crews goes to select him up however Zelina holds Andrade’s leg. Crews is distracted and Andrade hits him with the spinning elbow adopted by the Hammerlock DDT. He goes for the duvet and will get the pin.

Winner: Andrade

Daniel Bryan and Rowan are backstage. They have somebody who’s sporting all black and they are masking the individual’s face. Bryan says he is aware of what he did and everyone is aware of what he did. They sit the individual down and inform him to not move.

Elias is walking backstage enjoying his guitar. He has the 24/7 title round his waist. He tells somebody to show around and it’s a WWE referee. He asks the referee where he’s and the referee points at a backstage set field. Elias palms him the guitar as Maverick pops out of it/ Elias grabs him as Maverick says he has him. Elias grabs a bit of paper and tells Maverick to read what’s written.

“Let it be known that the 24/7 championship rules have been suspended for the entirety of the night so Elias can focus on defeating Kevin Owens in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament. No exceptions, Shane McMahon.”

Elias throws Maverick again in the field and closes the lid. Maverick pops again up and says he just needs to consummate his marriage.

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Moment of Bliss – Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross with Charlotte Aptitude

Out come the WWE ladies’s tag group champions Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. The champions publish with the titles as Alexa grabs a microphone. She welcomes everyone to the present. They each sit down as Bliss says they’re each humbled by their title reign. They need everyone to know that simply because they’re champions, it gained’t change anything. A Moment of Bliss will still all the time invite the much less lucky because the poor things haven’t any championships of their very own. But tonight is totally different as Charlotte Aptitude requested to be on the show.

Out comes Charlotte Aptitude to the stage. She grabs a microphone and says she thinks the white chair isn’t hers as she factors to the King of the Ring throne and says that one is extra her types.

Bliss says her win towards Trish Stratus can sort of be seen as a passing of the torch. Aptitude says she didn’t cross the torch, she took the torch. She had to admit what everyone already is aware of and that is that she is the queen of all eras as well as the face of the ladies’s Smackdown division. Bliss says some might say the face of the Smackdown division is Bayley. Alexa says she wouldn’t say that but some individuals would.

Aptitude says a lot of people say loads of issues. Bayley is perhaps the champion however she is the brand. You’ll put Bayley on the pink carpet with a aspect ponytail excessive fiving everyone? No, that’s why she is shipped to do all of the media work since she is Smackdown. Bayley is an afterthought, that’s why the division and the title are an afterthought.

Bayley’s music hits and out comes the champion. She tells Charlotte enough of the same previous stuff. The bragging, the insults. She will treat Bayley as an afterthought however to her it simply looks like a bunch of excuses. Because at the finish of the day, she is the champion which signifies that she is best than her. And that just eats Flair up inside. Aptitude asks Bayley if she is aware of how individuals feel about her and her title. To not take her word for it, she will go back to Summerslam and see what individuals have been speaking about. It was her and Trish, not Bayley and Moon. She devalued the title and Aptitude has to wash up the mess when she beats her at Clash of Champions.

Bayley says if that may be a problem, she accepts. And she will’t wait to do everyone a favor and eventually shut her mouth. Bayley says yet one more factor she forgot and she or he pushes Aptitude off the chair and into the table. Bayley laughs and walks away.

We minimize backstage to see Buddy Murphy getting ready for his match. In comes Roman Reigns. The 2 go nose to nose. Roman says they will have a dialog, he needs to know if he is mendacity to him or to Bryan and Rowan. Murphy says he is fairly positive he saw Rowan. Roman says he wants a yes or no, not a reasonably positive. Murphy says he was solely making an attempt to help. he’s pretty positive and he was simply making an attempt to help Roman out. Roman says he hopes so because if Murphy lies to him again, he will whoop his ass.

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Daniel Bryan with Rowan vs. Buddy Murphy

Daniel Bryan’s music hits and out he comes with Rowan. Bryan says now Murphy thinks he saw Rowan? He may need seen Rowan? He calls Murphy a liar and he is the worst sort of liar. He is a cowardly liar. Because tonight, he and Rowan will reveal who is the offender to this tragedy that has been occurring to Roman Reigns. He tells Buddy that they’ll reveal that he had something to do with it too.

The bell rings as Murphy hits Bryan with a knee to the face. He goes for the duvet however Bryan kicks out. He throws Bryan in the corner and starts to stomp on him. Murphy climbs the highest rope but Bryan rolls to the surface.. Murphy follows him as Bryan will get back in the ring and as does Murphy. Bryan with kicks to the cheset.

Bryan with an uppercut however Murphy with a right hand. Bryan with a proper hand as he throws Murphy in the nook and bites him. A snapmare by Bryan adopted by a kick to the back. Bryan calls Murphy a liar. An uppercut by Bryan. He throws Murphy face first within the corner. A chop to the chest by Bryan and one other. Bryan runs to the ropes but a clothesline by Murphy takes Bryan to the surface. Murphy runs and jumps excessive rope onto Bryan.

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Again from business, a drop kick by Murphy off the top rope. Murphy  hits Bryan with a kick to the face. Murphy umps off the highest rope and hits him with the double knees. He goes for the duvet but Bryan kicks out. Murphy lifts Bryan up however Bryan lands on his ft. A kick to the face by Bryan as he goes for the La Belle lock and Murphy tries to get out of it. Murphy’s arm is twisted again as Bryan transforms it into the rings of Saturn. Murphy frees his arm and it’s back into the La Belle lock however Murphy gets his foot on the rope.

A loud “Let’s go Buddy” chant by the followers. Bryan with the sure kicks. He tells Murphy to remain down. Bryan places Murphy within the tree of woe. A drop kick onto Murphy. Bryan locations Murphy on the top turnbuckle. Bryan climbs it as nicely and a stomach to again superplex. Bryan goes for the duvet however Murphy kicks out.

Bryan with kicks to the chest followed by a kick to the face. He places Murphy on the top rope. Murphy slides underneath and he hits Bryan with a operating powerbomb. He goes for the duvet however Daniel Bryan kicks out. Both men trade proper palms. Bryan with a number of uppercuts. Murphy with a knee to the face. He hits Bryan with the Buddy Buster. He goes for the duvet however Bryan gets his leg on the ropes.

Rowan climbs the turnbuckle as the referee tells him to go down. Murphy  distracted, Bryan goes for the duvet, Murphy sends Bryan to the ropes, he goes to superkick Bryan but he moves out of the best way and Rowan gets hit. Bryan goes for the duvet however Murphy kicks out. He hits Bryan with a kick and he hits Bryan with the Murphy’s Regulation. He goes for the duvet and gets the pin.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

We reduce backstage and the one that was kidnapped by Bryan and Rowan continues to be sitting in the room.

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Buddy Murphy is backstage. He’s attacked by Rowan and Daniel Bryan. They beat him up as Bryan calls him a cowardly liar. Rowan throws him round backstage. In come WWE officers to break it up.

The Revival vs. Heavy Equipment

The Revival get on the microphone. They speak about how The New Day aren’t championship materials, they’re cowards. They say Huge E wasn’t brave enough to point out his face tonight. They problem the New Day for a title match at Conflict of Champions. Heavy Machinery’s music hits and out they come for their match.

Wilder and Tucker are within the ring as the bell rings. Tucker with a shoulder block adopted by a bear hug. Otis is tagged in. They double group him and Otis continues with the bear hug but Wilder with a headbutt. Tucker is again in they usually proceed to double group Sprint. In comes Dawson and a double standing suplex by Heavy Equipment. They clothesline The Revival to the surface.

-Business Break-

Back from business, Tucker is within the ring with Wilder. A headlock by Wilder as Tucker tries to get out of it. Tucket stands up with Wilder on his again but Wilder climbs the top rope and hits Tucker with the bulldog. He goes for the duvet however Tucker kicks out. Dawson is tagged in.

Dawson with an elbow off the top rope however Tucker moves out of the best way. Wilder is tagged in and as is Otis. A powerslam by Otis and Wilder is down. The caterpillar by Otis. He grabs Wilder and Tucker is tagged in. Dawson with a dropkick as Wilder grabs Tucker with a roll-up and gets the pin.

Winners: The Revival

Chad Gable is strolling backstage and he’s asked about being an underdog in the King of the Ring event. He says he agrees however luckily for him, he’s been like that his whole life. We see Shelton Benjamin sneaking up behind him. Gable says subsequent week, he’s an underdog however the King of the Ring is a superb place to open some eyes.

Shelton puts up an indication on the door which reads “You must be this tall to participate in the King of the Ring tournament”. Gable appears up at the sign and says humorous as he walks into the room.

-Business Break-

Miz TV with Sami Zayn

The Miz’s music hits as he walks right down to the ring. He welcomes everybody to Miz TV. He introduces Sami Zayn to the present and says that Sami requested to be on. Out comes Sami Zayn to the ring.

Each men sit on the chairs and Sami says he doesn’t really care about him or the show but he needed television time as he has things he needs to get off his chest. Miz says he’s been doing a variety of dropping and he imagines Sami has lots of considering to do. Sami says for once in his life, Miz is true. He has been dropping for months and last night time he finally realized why he’s dropping. He says individuals like Miz acquired caught in the lure that is greed. Any success he has ever had has been because he has fought for causes. For what is true. And he realized that the path to redemption is thru altruism. By way of helping different individuals.

Sami says he may be one of the biggest rivals alive immediately however there are such a lot of individuals on Smackdown who want his assist. Miz asks who. Sami says one in every of them is ready to come out right now.

Shinsuke Nakamura comes out together with his Intercontinental championship. Nakamura get sin the ring as The Miz says he’ll chew and asks Shinsuke why he would wish to associate himself with Zayn.

Sami cuts him off and says in what language does he anticipate Nakamura to answer him in? English? Nakamura is Japanese and he’s an artist. He’s a poet and if he understands the pain that a poet goes by way of when he can’t articulate what he feels. Sami says he can because he’s an artist and a poet. He says they have a bond that nobody would understand. They perceive each other, they’re two sides of the identical coin. From here on out, Nakamura doesn’t have to experience that ache. If he needs to talk to Nakamura, he has to talk to him.

The Miz seems at Nakamura and begins to speak as Nakamura factors to Zayn. Sami says he doesn’t get it but they categorical themselves in a language even he can understand. Nakamura hits Miz from behind. Nakamura starts to stomp on Miz as Sami holds him off however Nakamura goes after Miz once more. And once extra Sami pushes him off.

-Business Break-

Daniel Bryan and Rowan sit in the ring with the captured individual. Bryan says Roman is coming to see them.

Shane McMahon is on the telephone and in comes Kevin Owens. Shane says the primary purpose he referred to as him in the first time is nicely, you’ll be able to’t put your palms on a WWE official. And Kevin has yet to apologize for doing that. Kevin says he’s right and he apologizes. It’s truthful. Shane says he is reconsidering what they talked about. His judgement and lifting the superb. But if he ever intentionally places his hand on a WWE official, Shane will hearth him. Kevin says they’re clear and extends his hand for a handshake and Shane says they don’t seem to be there yet. Owens walks away.

King of the Ring Match – Kevin Owens vs. Elias

The bell rings and we are beneath approach. A shoulder block by Elias. He goes for the duvet however Owens kicks out. Both males runs to the ropes and Owens clothesline Elias to the surface. Kevin runs to the ropes but Elias escapes. Owens with a right hand and a chop to the chest. Owens goes to ship Elias to the barricade but Elias reverses it and Owens hits the barricade.

Elias throws Owens back in the ring. A chop to the chest by Elias but Owens hits Elias with a German suplex. Owens with a cannonball. He goes for the duvet however Elias kicks out. Shane McMahon’s music hits and out comes Shane.

Shane points to the throne and walks down.

-Business Break-

Back from business, Elias has Owens in a headlock. Shane McMahon is a ringside. Owens gets out of it but a knee to the face by Elias. He goes for the duvet however Owens kicks out. Elias throws Owens in the nook and Elias with proper arms. A knee to the face on Owens who is down within the corner. Elias with a bodyslam. He goes for the duvet however Kevin Owens kicks out.

A right hand by Owens and a DDT by Kevin Owens takes Elias out. An elbow to the face by Owens. Kevin climbs the second rope and hits Elias with a drop kick. The senton by Owens onto Elias. Kevin sends Elias to the ropes but a kick to the face by Elias. An elbow to the face by Owens. He climbs the second rope however Elias slows him down and a powerbomb by Elias. He goes for the duvet however Owens kicks out.

Elias locations Owens on the highest rope. He climbs the highest rope however Owens with a right hand as Elias falls. Owens with a senton but Elias will get his knees up. Elias runs to the ropes however Owens lowers the top rope and t o the surface goes Elias. Owens with a cannonball off the ring apron onto the surface.

Shane McMahon breaks it up and Elias will get within the ring. Shane takes off his shirt to reveal a referee shirt. He begins to rely and Owens is indignant. He will get in the ring and as does Shane. Elias hits Owens from behind but Owens goes for the stunner, Elias pushes him and Owens stops in front of Shane to not hit him. Elias goes for the pin and Shane with a quick rely.

Winner: Elias

Roman Reigns walks within the room with Daniel Bryan, Rowan and the person sitting down. Bryan says he needed to go to extreme lengths to exonerate Rowan. He discovered the man. They take the mask off and it’s someone who appears precisely like Rowan, bald with a large orange beard. Reigns appears confused as Smackdown goes off the air.