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WWE SnackDown 08 13 2019

WWE Smackdown Outcomes
13. August 2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Remark: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Outcomes: Roy Nemer, WW 19659004]. Smackdown Reside starts when Kevin Owens comes out. Sound pop for indigenous individuals in Canada. He gets a ring and a "Kevin Owens" from the gang in Toronto. Owens finally gets to talk and says yesterday was the 5th anniversary of the day he signed the WWE Settlement. And in these years, he created reminiscences and skilled issues he by no means thought he would. He entered into a circle with the individuals he looked at, the most effective within the business. And on Sunday he was in the ring with somebody who calls himself the most effective on the earth. And as far from reality as potential, Summerslam counts at night time, which he will keep in mind ceaselessly.

Owens says that one of many causes he remembers is because his complete household was sitting on the ring and gaining experience and sharing the sold-out area with individuals begging to see him kicking the back of Shane McMahon. And best of all, that's precisely what he did. What he remembers probably the most is the beautiful Shane followers, he remembers that moment for the rest of his life.

Kevin says it's achieved and he's planning one thing else to see, and it's the King's Ring Event. Owens says as a result of he's been a WWE fan all his life. And that event was one of many issues he liked watching probably the most. He's enthusiastic about bringing it again, and he's pleased about it. Profitable a event would mean as much to him as profitable a title he has already gained. See an inventory of previous winners. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Edge, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Owen Hart and so many others. He provides his identify to this record.

Shane McMahon Music Hits. McMahon comes out and Owens asks why. Shane says it's a nice second for Kevin, who enjoys his ruined victory and declares the King of the Ring. Viewers voice "asshole". Shane says there's no cause to name Owens. Shane says she has footage to point out how low Kevin's life is. We see an image of Kevin Owens' low-blow Shane during their match at Summerslam.

Fans sing "You deserve it". Shane asks if it's referred to as a contest. What makes Kevin Owens a man? Owens says if he is; lecturing on being a person is just not completed by someone who was part of the Mean Road Posse. Making a person does anything to win, especially in case your job is on the road. Fights for what you consider in and what he has carried out for weeks. And on this case, being a person means closing Shane's "stupid face". Shane calls Kevin a weak life and he is all the time referred to as a cheater.

McMahon says Kevin Owens is a cheater. Shane says he's shocked as a result of Owens must be on the unemployment line. It makes him need to walk down the ring and hit the shit on him. Kevin tells him he's sporting combat boots. Shane says he doesn't, but Owens competes. Shane says that the primary cause he needed to speak was because he needed to wrap up another piece of material. We see clips of Kevin Owens hitting Elia on a steel chair in Summerslam.

Shane says Elias was so traumatized that he gave him an evening and the 24/7 title was suspended at present. But he needs Kevin to assume what he has seen. What did Elias put on when Kevin Owens hit him? The precise WWE referee in Jersey. Elias was an organization official. They usually have to protect their officers, you possibly can't deliberately assault an official. Shane notes that Kevin Owens is a nice $ 100,000 from america. Owens cheats and says it's a joke. He says a hundred Grandes is probably not anything for Shane, however for him, it's a down cost for a house, university tuition. And if Shane is a person, he will rethink as a result of he is aware of it's crap. Shane seems to be at her, says Velocity, drops the microphone and leaves.

– Business break-

Kevin Owens walks behind and storms into Shane's dressing room. Their two defenders, and Shane says he's not a rival, he's in official place and if Kevin hits him, he'll sue. Owens sits in anger when Shane says it had to be carried out. Owens gets up and says we make $ 105,000 once we throw the lamp on the TV.

Charlotte Aptitude vs. Ember Moon

The bell rings and we're on our means. Flair's two squares off and the shoulder blocks, but Moon stays in place. Aptitude's rear elbow as Ember fell on the carpet. The glow teases as Ember kicks him and the Moon's head scissors followed by a drop. He leaves to ship Flair to the ropes, but Aptitude holds on and slides out.

Aptitude teases Toronto crowds from outdoors. Aptitude will get the ring on the apron, however Moon's drop kick sends Aptitude again outdoors. Moon jumps from the second rope and over the top rope and splashes on Aptitude outdoors. Moon throws Aptitude again into the ring and goes to the shelter, but Aptitude kicks out and rolls outdoors. Ember goes outdoors as Aptitude throws him into the ring place and the barricade.

-Business break-

Again to the shop and again to the ring. Aptitude goes 4 within the picture, however Ember kicks Charlotte off. Aptitude returns to Moon and the Boston crab used by Aptitude. Moon will get to the decrease rope, however Aptitude continues to be engaged on the moon's left foot. Moon fights back with a kick, but breaks into the chest by Aptitude. He goes to another when Moon geese and hits Aptitude. Moon drop kick and kick to Aptitude.

Moon with proper hand, adopted by kick. He goes for cover, but Flair kicks. The moon hits Aptitude with a double knee. He goes for cover, but Aptitude kicks. Moon climbs to the top rope, but Aptitude pulls her underneath her hair. Aptitude goes in the direction of the spear, however Moon strikes out of the best way and Flair hits the pole. The moon goes into protection, however Flair kicks it. Moon kicks in as he goes back into safety, however Aptitude kicks out.

Ember Moon with proper palms followed by a kick. He runs over the ropes, but Aptitude in an enormous boot. A glamor with a quantity 4 and bridges to eight when the moon cries out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

– Business Break

We see clips of what has occurred to Roman Reign in current weeks. [19659013] In line with Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Bryan, there isn’t any doubt that someone goes to get a Roman authorities. However that they had nothing to do with the automotive accident or the horrific backstage accident. Despite Buddy Murphy's flawed accusation of Rowan, Bryan calls Murphy a liar. However he wouldn't blame Buddy Murphy, because if it was somebody within the crowd, they might all lie and cave if Roman attacked them. Bryan says he doesn't blame Murphy because he needed to give his identify. The issue is, Buddy gave the flawed identify.

Fans sing "It was you" when Bryan yells on the audience. He asks them in the event that they assume they’ll, and the followers sing. Bryan says they are all flawed and society is flawed. Someone tells a lie, it spreads on social media and instantly it becomes the reality. He hates disappointment, but he and Rowan had nothing to do with the events. And in the present day they’re going to show it. Bryan drops the microphone as the 2 depart behind.

Shane is within the background when asked who Kevin Owens's opponent is. Samoa Joe comes in, who says Owens walks around like just a little dangerous ass, but she needs to point out her that the one dangerous ass is her. Shane says Joe is going to show Kevin Owens a lesson, and Owens learns that you need to respect authority.

– Business break-

Aleister Black is behind the room and says he wonders who owes. Who seems to be at their internal demons in their eyes and says they have been made. For we all need to pay the debt and he have to be in distress. But in time, he should discover a function for every member of the dressing room and for himself. All they should do is knock.

Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy

The bell is ringing and we're within the process. Roman gets him within the nook and in the again. Roman's right hand as he throws Murphy down. Murphy runs and hits Roman with a blow. He goes to the shelter, but Roman kicks. Murphy will get a Roman nook and stumbles upon him. Rome is gliding outwards. Murphy throws him at the barricade.

Buddy Murphy together with his right hand and he throws him into the barricade once again. Murphy gets within the ring and back out to break the quantity. Roman's right hand and he throws Buddy on the bulletin board. Roman throws Murphy back into the ring, but Murphy rolls outdoors. Roman passes by, however Murphy gets out of the best way. Buddy throws Roman into the metal stairs. Buddy Murphy with double knees on the face.

-Business Pause-

Commercially, each males are within the ring. Rome with the bomb. He goes for cover however Murphy kicks the ball and both males are within the ground. Each males swap their right arms, however with an enormous clothesline. Murphy in the corner and a Roman clothesline within the corner. Roman runs over the ropes and Murphy goes in an enormous shoe and goes down. Roman goes for a Superman punch but Murphy goes off the street. Roman goes for a spear, but Buddy will get out of the best way when Murphy goes for the duvet. He has each legs on the ropes, but Roman kicks. Roman runs in the direction of Buddy, but Murphy moves off the street and out of doors of Roman.

Murphy runs to the ropes and turns over the top rope outdoors with Roman Reigns. Murphy throws Roman into the ring. Murphy climbs the top rope, jumps and doubles his knees to Roman. He goes to the shelter, however Roman kicks. Murphy punches and kicks Roman. He goes to his knees, but Roman will get out of the best way. Murphy kicks, however Roman Superman kicks. He goes to the shelter, however Murphy kicks it.

Roman will get up and goes to the spear, but Murphy beats him and knees to face Murphy. He lands on the Brainbuster and goes into shelter. He will get one, two, however Roman kicks in at the final second. Buddy Murphy climbs to the top rope, but Roman slows him down and Roman's right hand as Murphy falls outdoors. Roman goes outdoors and Superman beats as he throws Murphy into the ring. Roman with a spear. He seems to be for the duvet and gets the pin.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Kayla is behind The Revival. He asks them about their match with the brand new day at the moment. Revival stated in final night time's Raw match the match was interrupted 24/7. And it was a blow to their face. They point out how the new day destroys the tag tee division and the brand new day by no means gained The Revival.

– Business break –

Kofi Kingston is behind and talks to Woods and tells him it's okay. Woods says sure, but he needed to be King of the Ring. A brand new day might be requested from Revival's comments. Massive E says they didn't spoil anything. Woods says they didn't spoil anything except once once they opened their Christmas presents in November. The one factor they do in tag staff distribution is handle. Kayla asks Kofi why he attacked Orton after their match. Kofi says that when someone's nickname is a legend killer, he seems at your loved ones crossing the line. Kofi says he's attacking her once more and it's about the entire family.

Kofi says he is with them in the present day as they take on Revival they usually present precisely why they are the WWE Smackdown Stay World Tag Group Champions.

Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe

Earlier than the bell rings, it’s reported that Elias is the particular moderator of the match. The bell rings and we are on our means. Owens kicks Joean in kick. Owens proper arms, but Joe fights back. Joe together with his right hand within the nook. Owens fights back on the clothesline. Joe slides out. Owens goes off the apron, however Elias stops him. Joe shoots Kevin Owens.

-Business Pause-

Back from business, Joe's pistol takes Kevin down. Joe runs in the direction of Kevin, however with Kevin on his elbow. He climbs the top rope and drops the kick in the direction of Samoan River. Posted by Kevin Owens. He goes to the shelter, however Joe kicks. Kevin runs in the direction of Joe, however Joe grabs Kevin and drops him on the carpet. He goes over to the deck, however Kevin kicks it.

Joe sits in Kevin's higher rope, however Kevin fights back. Kevin and senton out of the highest rope. He goes to the shelter, however Joe kicks. Kevin goes to the stunner however Joe pushes him and goes to the Coquina change, but Kevin will get out of it. Kevin, who has a bomb on Joe. He goes for cover, but Elias pulls the referee outdoors. Elias arrives on the ring and Joe takes Kevin up and Elias delivers the fastest invoice ever.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Daniel Bryan and Rowan are behind. They stroll into the Smackdown locker room and inform everyone to return out apart from Buddy Murphy. He sits. In response to Bryan, they know they are lying once they say it was Rowan. They know why he lied, but they need him to acknowledge his lies. And tell him that. Bryan will get indignant. Rowan assaults Murphy and throws him across the locker room. Rowan throws him within the trash. Based on Bryan, Murphy damages Rowan's fame as well as his. Murphy says he lied. Bryan says he hates liars when Rowan throws Murphy again.

– Business break –

Roman Reigns walks in the background and asks the place Daniel Bryan and Rowan are. He’s pointing straight forward.

We see a video clip displaying the ring concerning the king's history.

New Day vs. Alarm

Randy Orton comes out holding the microphone. He asks how it is that Kofi can come out and cheerlead to the aspect as he fled the battle of Summerslam. Orton says he is aware of why Kofi fled, all these individuals, and he knows why. He knows he can't be Orton. He couldn't beat him, he couldn't beat him 11 years in the past, and he couldn't beat him. In response to Orton, Kofi fled the battle in front of his spouse and two sons. Orton says that in the future Kofi's youngsters will grow up and ask him why he has taken the straightforward street? Why did he escape that massive dangerous scary man? And Kofi tells them he can't beat Randy Orton.

Orton says, but provides Kof one other probability to show him improper. As an alternative of being on the ring about how they might be a part of and make it a six-man tag.

-Business Pause-

New Day vs. Revival and Randy Orton

The clock is ringing and we're right down to the behavior. Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston kick off the match. Orton shortly tagged Scott Dawson. Kofi with a drop. He goes to the shelter however kicks out. Huge E is marked. They’re doubling Dawson. Massive E goes to the counter however Dawson kicks out and Woods is booked They double Dawson. Woods goes for cover, however the different one kicks out.

Both men are up and Dawson pushes Woods into the nook and delivers the shred to his chest. Wilder is tagged with a number of prime cuts in the Woods. He is sent to the ropes, but with Woods' head scissors adopted by a drop. He goes for cover, however Wilder kicks it. Dawson is tagged. When Woods doesn't look, Wilder assaults him from behind.

Dawson works within the arm of Xavier Woods. Wilder is tagged in and stumbles on Xavier Woods' arm. Wilder with the stem. Woods lowers the forearm and follows the elbow to the face. Dawson is tagged and Woods can't tag. Dawson pushes Woods into the nook as Orton is tagged. Woods is thrown outdoors. Orton throws Woods on the bulletin board.

-Business break-

Back from the business stand, Woods is within the ring with Dawson and Dawson's abdomen is on his back. He goes to the shelter, however Woods kicks. Dawson on the handlebar. Woods tries to make a tag and throws Dawson's face up first. Both males down. Wilder is labeled the identical as Huge E. On the large stomach, massive E on the abdomen, followed by one other for Wilder. Huge E with an enormous splash.

Huge E goes to hit Dawson, but Wilder grabs Massive E and goes over the deck, however Huge E kicks. Kofi is tagged in and she or he cleans the home by taking Revival. Kofi with the growth drop to Wilder. Orton goes to Kofi's RKO, but Kofi drops the kick. Woods is tagged. Kofi flies out, taking Orton out. Woods takes the alarm. Woods within the ring with Wilder when Dawson is tagged. Shatter machine in Woods. They search safety and get a pin.

Winners: Revival and Randy Orton

Assault on Revival A new day after the match, but Kofi takes Revival. Randy Orton hits Kofi Kingston on RKO. Orton grabs Woods and hits him with RKO. Revival raises massive E and Randy Orton hits him with RKO. Orton grabs Kofi Kingston and hits him with one other RKO.

Daniel Bryan sits within the background with Rowan. Is available in Roman Reigns. He stares at both of them when Bryan forgives him. Bryan stated he would apologize to Samoa Joe final week and till late within the night he thought Rowan can be with him and apologize. Roman Reigns shakes his head when Bryan says that earlier than this turns melancholy and he gets harm, they did their very own analysis. Bryan says he has discovered who did it and they’ll tell him subsequent week.